Rochester's Puerto Rican Festival--Unwelcoming to Other Latinos!

Last month, Ida Perez, who writes for La Voz newspaper, decided to take some shots at me in her column. She called me out on my May debut column, in which I confronted White America's Racism and Prejudice against Latinos. As a filmmaker, who has exposed Police Brutality and Misconduct, here in my hometown of Rochester, I am used to controversy. I'm also known to confront and speak out on issues when most people are afraid to do so. So while I respect this writer's opinion, I think it was a little "out of class", to call me out, another fellow writer and contributor to La Voz.

In her article, titled "Racism Among Our Own" the writer points out how Latinos are very divided within our own cultures. The writer even uses the word "segregation" to describe the division among different Latino cultures. I think it's a little hypocritical of this writer to say these things, especially since the writer sits on the board of the Puerto Rican Festival. A festival who has been around for 42 years! And a festival who clearly, by its name, practices it's own form of divisiveness, and exclusion of all Latino cultures, except Puerto Ricans.

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