Why Western New Yorkers Should Occupy Wall Street on September 17th

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All of us have a reason to go to New York City on September 17th: to occupy Wall Street. As of October 2008, over two million quality jobs were outsourced between 2004 and now; racial economic disparities mirrored policing disparities; as of 2001 we have a 700 plus strong (and expensive) network of military bases and a Global War on Terror; and pollution has firmly established itself as a cause of disease among poor communities. This one action will not resolve all of these problems at once yet, like Egypt it will be a political breakthrough moment, or like in Spain tens of thousands of citizens did begin a direct-democratic process to build a new movement for social justice. Where the earlier alter-globalization (a.k.a. anti-globalization) movement left off, we will pick up the slack with a flourishing new movement of movements.

The demands are numerous and over reddit, facebook, twitter, and via email, activists and disenfranchised people are having a virtual assembly 24 hours a day to cite each abuse of this economic system. In this conversation, every progressive measure that is neccesarry to fix our county- and our world is on the table: ending corporate personhood, community control of localized economies, collecting corporate back taxes, community banking, progressive taxation, and a new deal-style stimulus plan. Read More at buffalo.indymedia.org

homepage:: http://nyc.indymedia.org/ read more: http://nyc.indymedia.org/or/2011/08/115838.html

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