Thousands occupy Wall Street against wealthy banksters

Here is WSQT Radio (90.5 in DC, 2 hour broadcasts) coverage of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. For the weekend, the central part of Wall Street has been blocked off while thousands or protesters have been swarming everywhere else nearby.If protesters can force the cops to keep the barricades Monday, the resulting traffic could itself severely hobble Wall Street's operations!

WSQT Radio report on Occupy Wall Street, first two days
WSQT Radio report on Occupy Wall Street, first two days
WSQT Audio report on Occupy Wall Street, first two days:

Video overview of Day 1

Video: Wealthy cocktail party confronted at #55 Wall Street

FOX News video: "Days of Rage"

NY 1 Video

Lacy Macaulay's report on Storyful:

Transcript of WSQT Audio Report:

On Saturday, the 17th of September, thousands of protesters swarmed into Wall Street with the intention of occupying it indefinately. Although a march on the New York Stock exchange was blocked by police barricades and cops protecting the immediate area, protesters swarmed the surrounding area. A police closure of the streets surrounding the Stock Exchange will be very disruptive if if continues into the workweek. With Wall street getting ever richer and everyone else getting ever poorer, people have had enough.

(audio clips: Chants, how can corporations have a bigger voice then the American people, Voted fro change and didn't get it!)

The police barricades couldn't be everywhere-at # 55 Wall Street, protesters were able to confront a party full of the rich and powerful!


Those plastic horns are lound and their sound can carry for blocks like it did during the IMF protests last Spring.

Earlier, at about 10 AM on Saturday, as things were starting up, police surrounded a park full of demonstrators as if to try a mass arrest, but they left when protesters stayed!

(audio clip-not disheartend this time!)

Protesters did in fact manage to stay the night and march again on the morning of Sunday, September 18th. Again protesters swarmed the street, again the stock exchange was blocked off, let's see if the cops can get away with all those barricades in workday rush-hour traffic.

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