DC pirate radio coverage of 9-24 police attack on Occupy Wall st -and macing cop

We broadcast this audio coverage of Occupy Wall st to date, starting with an overview of the protests and the Sep 20 police attack. The main focus on the 80-100 arrests, the orange RNC style nets, then NYPD officer Antony Bologna's macing of five women and what Anonymous managed to dig up on him. We close with the fact that the protests are still going on-and that the calender for Occupy Wall st extends well into next year. Followed up by reading Communique #10 from Sep 27 on-air

Occupy Wall st and the Sep 24 police brutality
Occupy Wall st and the Sep 24 police brutality
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WSQT Sep 24 Occupy Wall st coverage as broadcast Sep 27:


WSQT reading of Communique #10 from the 99%:


Here is the transcript of the main audio covering Sep 24:

If you get your news from the mainstream media, you might not have heard yet of Occupy Wall Street. In New York City, protesters descended on the area around the New York Stock Exchange on Saturday, the 17th of September and have been there ever since, just like the occupation of Tahrir Square in Egypt! Protesters have been based out of a nearby park which has been renamed Liberty Square and is being held 24 hours a day. The police have responded by closing the portion of Wall Street around the primary target, the New York Stock Exchange. Now the banksters have to pass through police checkpoints to go to work there, just like during an IMF meeting here. The difference is, this could go on for weeks, months, the schedule goes well into next year.

The first few days saw some ugly police brutality, including a cop sitting one someone's chest while an asthma attack nearly choked him to death on Tuesday, the 20th of September.

(audio clip of that police attack)

Saturday the 24th of September, however, saw the worst police brutality against protesters in New York in years, as the NYPD tried and failed to stop the protests

At one point, as the New York Pigs were in the street marching in a line carryinfg the orange construction fence they were going to use to pen up protesters, and protesters didnb't realize right away what was about to happen, suddenly you could hear one of the senior cops yelling "Hey guys, everybody lock someone up."

(audio clip)

A little hard to hear, so here it is again

(REPEAT audio clip)

That was just before the New York pigs on the 24th of September stretched out orange construction netting around a bunch of women in the Occupy Wall Street protest and arrested everybody inside, any bystanders would be trapped with the protesters, just like they did during the 2004 Rebublican National Convention is which George W Bush was renominated.
Between 80 and 100 people were arrested in all for nothing more thanbeing in the area of the protest.

Next, a New York cop named Antony Bologna suddenly opened fire with pepper spray or mace, hitting at least five women in the penned up area.

(audio clip of the attack)

Anthony Bologna, you are a stinking piece of New York pigshit!

Here is Antony Bologna's personal information, found by the hacker group Anonymous: Name, Anthony V Bologna, Phone (518) 989-9051, Lives at #5 Sawyer Ave, presumably in New York. Repeat: Name, Anthony V Bologna, Phone (518) 989-9051, Lives at #5 Sawyer Ave, presumably in New York.


None of this police brutality and just plain "Bologna" has been able to stop the protests. Despite the brutality you just heard, despite buckets of rain last week, police attacks trigged by using tarps to protect equipment, and over $1,000 worth of electronics this destroyed by "rain, concrete, cops," protesters are still out there, Wall Street is STILL occupied, and the banksters still have to show ID to pass through massive police barricades to get into the Stock Exchange. The published schedule for Occupy Wall Street extends at least to March 2012, and protesters show no signs of giving up.

As long as "Liberty Square" is occupied, as long as protesters stage marches on the Wall Street perimeter, the Ney York cops have to keep up the baloney at the checkpoints and that has got to be bad for a stock trader's psychology. Their number one worry is that Greece, Portugal, and Ireland will default on their so-called depts under pressure from protesters. Having to run the gauntlet of both protesters and police barricades just to get to the Stock Exchange has got to be a strong reminder of that probablily. It is any wonder the Stock Exchange has their worst week in three years last week?

Occupy Wall Street will go on, the banksters making billions in untaxed cash and bonues will not!

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