Bank Transfer Day Saturday, be a part of it!

On Saturday November 5th, wherever you are, make history lovelies, be a star!
All out to move our money to small local community banks and/or credit unions, all at the same time, ka-POW!. Go to and type in your zip code to find wonderful listings in your area. I was prompted to enter my zip twice. Remember banks close early on Saturdays!

Remember banks close early on Saturdays!

This seems a little off topic, bear with me, thanks...Ever seen the movie classic "It's a Wonderful Life"? May I suggest surprising your republican relatives by putting it on for them "for old time's sake", letting the movie do all the work, while just sitting and watching it with them. Perhaps they'll want to fight. Instead of engaging in that nonsense, I shrug my shoulders, look away and say "Even Sean Hannity's against the bailouts."

I'm researching this - any help would be great, do post your findings in the comment section - I'm having trouble getting any audio to play from his page . I could've sworn he said that, on the day one of his female correspondents interviewed a woman at OWS who got a lot of airtime probably because she complimented him on his looks. Tactical!

So once your average non-billionare republican hears that nugget of info, they're usually so startled, and yes, humbled, that they start admitting to / airing their own complaints; jobs going overseas, credit card fees, foreclosures. I respond with "yup... good point... you're absolutely right. And by sitting and talking about it, everything will continue to stay EXACTLY the way it is, and could continue getting worse." Then I get quiet, so do they, then I change the subject.

When conversing with reformists - people who think the system can be changed from within - I go with the "Name it, it's been tried" dialogue.

Here's a short 4 minute film called Move Your Money to get peeps motivated for Saturday, it includes excerpts from "It's a Wonderful Life." As of today the film has had 589,774 hits. I wonder if YouTube will mess with these numbers too.

The film ends with statements like these appearing on the screen:
If you leave your money with the big banks, they will use it to pay lobbyists to keep Congress from fixing the system.

Please forward (:

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