Occupy Rochester Wins 24 hour access to Washington Square Park

Occupy Rochester won a major victory Thursday night when the City of Rochester granted Occupy Rochester 24 hour access to Washington Square Park.
The Contact which was drawn up with the help of the NYCLU, allows tents, banners, and amplified sound. The city does have the ability to withdraw the permission after 2 months if it can show the conditions of the contract weren't met by the occupiers

Mayor Richards and Police Cheif Sheppard attended General Assembly, Thursday around 6:30pm, to sign the contract.

Jack Spula, a longtime Rochester Activist and supporter of the Occupy Movement was at Washington Square park during the General Assembly "I think the city did the right thing, I feel there is something building between officials and the grassroots in terms of aims of this movement. We're actually shaking the foundations of things and people are listening.."

Contract Text on Occupyrochester.org

homepage:: http://rochester.indymedia.org/ read more: http://rochester.indymedia.org/feature/display/20109/index.php

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