This is an 8 part video set from Occupy Jamison Park midnight to 3 am on 10/30/11. It shows the protesters sitting / standing peacefully in Jamison park. It show the police come in and using force, controlling the parks like gun toting thugs<BR>

<b><a href=" ">Part 1. "Make No Arrests A Moment of Peace"</a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 2. "You're Breaking The Law - Turn Your Camera On"</a></b><BR.><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 3. "Don't Poop in Our Park - We Are Here For You"</a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 4. "Shame On You - The Horses" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 5. "Public Property - Who Are You Protecting" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 6. "We Don't Have Guns - Riot Team in Park" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 7. "Why is the Police Filming - Move Back A Foot" </a></b><BR><BR>
<b><a href=" ">Part 8. "27 Arrested - Livestream on Computer" </a></b><BR><BR>

I will be filming on Saturday evening ...when this insanity starts again as police bring guns back into the park. <BR>
As the title states... "we don't have guns" <BR>
As the mayor said when this first started... the police can use desecration, regarding to arrest or not. <BR>
So now he wants to see the arrests.... I think that's a bad decision ...and the wrong decision <BR><BR>

I don't want to film anybody getting hurt<BR><BR>

Solidarity = Love

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