In Wake of Violence, Veterans Join Occupy

The video of Scott Olsen being shot by tear gas projectiles at Occupy Oakland on October 25, looks and sounds like it is happening in the middle of a war zone. The camera is held by shaking hands as the crowd is screaming and shots are fired. Smoke from several explosions fill the darkened early morning air. Without some visual clues, this could be Baghdad, not the port of San Francisco Bay. A terrified voice screams “Medic, medic” after we see half a dozen protesters carrying Olsen’s body, which is draped with a Veterans for Peace flag, towards safety. Olsen, a 24 year old Marine, served two tours in Iraq only to be wounded on his home turf by peace officers who wore riot gear to break up Occupy Oakland protest before sunrise on that fateful day. Olsen’s injuries included a skull fracture for which he is still being treated for. What happened to Olsen has provoked veterans all across the country to join the Occupy Movement in droves.

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