Video: "Solidarity With Quebec Students" Action With Speech By Montreal Native 6.11.12

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On 6.11.12, a protest rally was held at Pioneer Square in solidarity with Canadian students who are protesting extreme tuition hikes and interest rate increases in Universities across Canada.

What an inspiring action presented by Occupy Portland in Portlands' living room, Pioneer Square. Around 250 people showed up for the Facebook event created to bring solidarity with the students in Canada who are protesting in the thousands for education reform, as tuition rate increases are three times ours and interest rates are insane. This local rally showed the world and Canada that we are in support of the universal mission to lower the cost of higher education and increase the worth of degrees to actually make the academic investment worth it.

Great speeches were given by students and former students who were heavily affected by the debt they incurred while attending school. A contest was held to see who had the highest student debt, and a woman with 111,0000 dollars of debt took the crown. The frustration was seen in the faces of the many that decided to get up, grab the bull horn and tell their story. A visiting student from Montreal Canada just happened to be in Portland and spoke of how appreciative he is of all the solidarity that Portland is bringing to this issue.

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Quebec Student Solidarity Action - Portland Oregon

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