HCAO response to Supreme Court ruling on ACA mandate

The following press release is forwarded by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice. It can also be seen at this website  http://www.singlepayeroregon.org

June 28, 2012
For immediate release
Contact: Joanne Cvar, Chair HCAO Communications  cvar@peak.org 541 563 3615
Mike Huntington, MD, HCAO president;  mchuntington@comcast.net, 541-745-5635 (H) 541 829 1182 (C)

HCAO response to Supreme Court ruling on ACA mandate
Health Care for All Oregon welcomes the survival of important patient protections and rights under today’s Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. These protections include the ban on refusal of coverage for pre-existing conditions, the required full coverage of limited basic primary care, and the extension of coverage of adult children under parental insurance through age 25. These elements move the human right to health care in the U.S. forward.

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