Santa Cruz City Council Votes Unanimously in Support of the Standing Rock Sioux

On April 4, the Santa Cruz City Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Citing�€‹ �€‹DAPL's�€‹ �€‹violation�€‹ �€‹of�€‹ �€‹treaty�€‹ �€‹rights,�€‹ �€‹destruction�€‹ �€‹of�€‹ �€‹sacred�€‹ �€‹sites�€‹ �€‹and�€‹ �€‹the�€‹ �€‹threat�€‹ �€‹posed�€‹ �€‹to�€‹ �€‹Standing�€‹ �€‹Rock's�€‹ �€‹water�€‹ �€‹supply,�€‹ �€‹the�€‹ �€‹city's agenda report�€‹ �€‹advised �€‹that�€‹ �€‹Santa�€‹ �€‹Cruz�€‹ �€‹join�€‹ �€‹the many�€‹ cities�€‹ across the country �€‹in�€‹ �€‹officially "Standing�€‹ �€‹with�€‹ �€‹Standing�€‹ �€‹Rock." The Council's resolution was formed as part of a collaborative effort between the city and a coalition of Santa Cruz residents working toward the divestment of city funds from major banks funding the project.

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