Criminal Russian officials hide crimes of the gang who killed my daughter

Russia is a country where you can safely kill non-Russians ...
In 2012, in Moscow, they killed their daughter and took shelter
For 7 years, I can not prove anything
All Russia hides the crime of supporting the bandits
because it’s not a Russian killed ..

In June, 2012, in Moscow in my daughter was lost
about what I learned later, to Moscow, I faced
with an act of vandalism from the authorities

The police officer Chetverikov D. S. didn't allow
to me to enter the house of the daughter that became blow,

29.11.2012g. in Moscow for acceptance of inheritance
I addressed to the notary, Yakusheva L.I,

The notary didn't accept documents
having demanded the new

In Moscow I am an oforilena 'power of attorney'
on the representative for conducting my affairs

Having come back to Armenia at me I was
stroke behind that from Moscow the representative
I reported that can't claim
documents by proxy
- the lawyer is necessary

From - for absence of funds for the lawyer to me
it was necessary most of Armenia to request
documents and also to address
To the president Putin V.

In the pozstupivshy answer it was told
- 'considering that successors weren't
measures are taken for acceptance of inheritance,
apartment перешлав property of Moscow
then judgment established fact
acceptances of inheritance of Sharipova Л.которая
is the cousin and
only heir

- Considering that you are
knaslednik of the first stage
You have the right in to challenge a judgment

In case of a fulfillment of the actions connected with
illegal alienations of housing you
has the right to address in the law-enforcement
bodies. Moscow'

Having learned about that inherited housing of the daughter
Sharipova, I understood why at my daughter
I came sudden to the smert.pochy hid
the death fact why to me I didn't allow to enter
to the apartment of the daughter and Sharipoyeoy, resolved

Earlier this family in the same way
took away housing from the daughter's father

In this connection my daughter was many years
in the conflict to this family

At the beginning having arrived to Moscow they lodged
in the apartment of my ex-husband / father of the daughter /
then began to finish it forcing out from
apartments therefore he died
sudden death and its apartment at the live
daughters Sharipova L. parents inherited.

Entering protection of the father my daughter
constantly I was exposed to violence from outside
this family still then complaints to anything
didn't bring that allowed bandits
to finish my daughter

To hide all proofs of a crime of Sharipov of L
I cremated a body of my daughter that gives the grounds
not to trust the conclusion Court honey, исл.,

My long-term complaints aren't considered
crimes disappear, to excite ug.det

Also I can't claim the document on actions
the notary Yakusheva L.I at whom it was made out
the power of attorney in Moscow on the representative
, the notary denies the fact of my address

In proofs I provided Min.
юст the power of attorney certified by the notary Yakusheva
to .vsa equally measures weren't undertaken

The state. the lawyer, refused to protect, why
that I will hint my belonging to the Caucasian
nationalities. I provided the false report
to the chairman of Chamber of lawyers

My daughter fell a victim of gangster group,
I was tortured by murderers, to my address come

My complaints to anything don't lead, and means on
payment to the lawyer for the crime made at
I have no support of the Russian officials
whether I after all this will also be able to trust in the lawyer

Somehow to cover a problem I decided to address
in the press, but the Russian mass media didn't publish

in 2016 I addressed to magazine of Obyektiv',
in Cyprus where the editor it appeared Nadezhda Popova
allegedly I undertook to conduct investigation promising to help

My address was published in the comment
N. Popova wrote that отправилиэ inquiry in police.

It was necessary to wait for the answer from police, passed not
not enough time of the answer from police wasn't published,
there came the long calm, I addressed to
To recognize N. Popovoye in what business, she
I answered that already I moved from Cyprus to Moscow
works in the big newspaper and will continue
to conduct investigation...

On my request, whether I can study the answer
N. Popov answered police, - tomorrow
, again there was time, and the answer from N. Popova not
was, I appealed again to send
I the reply of police but was followed by silence...

I decided to address in 'Obyektiv' having written
the comment then edition answered that from
polices of the answer didn't arrive, will send
repeated inquiry, there was time, and the answer everything wasn't.

My addresses to edition remained without
the answer was are blocked and removed part
comments to my publication, and N. Popova
in general I ceased to answer me

As it appeared me deceived, played for time,
took away three years.

All this is done specifically to take time.
Previously, I turned to Putin V.V.

but no use ..

Against me works Russian
criminal gang

I don't know as me further to fight
with this gangster group...

Help mi



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