Give Nonviolence A Chance

This article discusses some things that can help you help the world become a less violent place.

There is hope for a nonviolent world, but humans have a choice to make. Society is run by fear and anger, and those who hold power are not doing much to change that. Movement needs to be made, and most of the movement occurring is going in the wrong direction. Immigrants and racial minorities are rarely heard, and are often met with severe opposition. The voices of these, and all people deserve to be heard. Capitalism does not lead to justice. If we truly want to change the violence in the world, we have start with changing ourselves.

Finding the right environmental angle is key to making social change. We see changes made when money is taken away from a situation. Many hearts reside in wallets, so use economic pressure as an advantage. Without money and funding, authorities do not have the means to oppose you.

Bringing peace to the world does not happen quickly and easy, but something that helps in this movement is building up numbers. Working with people is necessary for change because a large group is more likely to be heard. These groups need to be modeling what it is that they want to see and set an example for others to follow. It can start by recognizing that everyone is human, just like you. Skepticism is important, but empathy and compassion will go a long way. Understand that people are not always in situations by choice, but because that is where life has taken them.

Change will not be made without key information and good publicity. Present your knowledge in ways that can heard and understood by all. Do you own research, and know the difference between real and fake news. Having knowledge leads to activism. Social activists like Gandhi, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr. are a few among many who have shown us that nonviolence can help lead to change.

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