There are many forms of Non-violent activism that do not get utilized as much as they should

This article is about nonviolent activism and the different ways we can promote our cause. You will read about other forms of nonviolent activism that you might not have known about.

Nonviolence has been the cornerstone for change since the 1900’s. There have been many ways that nonviolent movements have promoted their cause in a positive way. Not many people know of all the different ways you can promote change nonviolently in our everyday lives. These methods are just as affective if not more affective depending on how you use them. Some activists have used Street art to express themselves while others have used music. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways to promote change nonviolently that some of us may not have even heard of.
Some of the more known ways of promoting nonviolent activism is through peaceful protest, walkout or sit in’s. It was used by the great Mahatma Gandhi, the activist that led Indian independence from British rule. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is another great activist that led the civil rights movement to equal rights for all people. These historical figures, amongst many other powerful leaders have made social and economic change through several facets of activism that is nonviolent. As we have seen in history these are very good and affective ways of voicing your opinion in a non-violent way. There are many more ways other ways to promote nonviolence
Voicing yourself through art is a great way that gets your opinion heard. This has been done in the past by graffiti artists like Cornbread and Banksy. Cornbread was a graffiti practitioner from Philadelphia that did graffiti from the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. He helped many youth like himself get their voices heard by the way of street art. To this day he still claims he did not do it for the money but for the recognition of not just himself but the community he came from.
Banksy is another artist that is well known in the street art community, some would say he is more of a representation of this era. Banksy was in the top 11 influential artists back in 2015 in an article by The Richest. The article claims “The street art community in general is in debt to Banksy solely for the awareness of this art he has brought to the masses. Banksy has the power of causing a social media frenzy and has even been nominated for an Oscar; no other street artist has had that power in a very long time.”
Music is also a great avenue for voicing your opinion in a non-violent way. Music artists like 2Pac, NWA, and Eminem come to mind for most people when it comes to rappers getting out of their rough upbringings and into the light of fame. These artists are praised by many because of the truth they speak from where they came from to where they are as a peak celebrity. They rap about the projects that they called home, the everyday violence they had to overcome for a decent living. They gave a voice to the impoverished people that could not speak for themselves. They found their own way to fight back the injustice of the system while simultaneously helping those in need around them.
In this day and age we find it is hard to advocate for ourselves in a system that is built to keep us so busy that by the time we can do what we want, the day has already come and gone. Adversity and persistence is always necessary when we want to acquire what we really want, change always starts with a single voice that can spreads like wild fire in the right hands. We need to keep voicing our opinions in any way we can whether it is through music, art or social media. When we stop trying, that is truly when we have lost.


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