Portland Metrozine Debuts Online- Global literary journal anchors in Portland, OR



(Portland, OR, May 2019) The Portland Metrozine has published its first online issue: Spring 2019 (  https://portlandmetrozine.com/ ). This literary zine aims to showcase the work of writers, artists, and deep thinkers in a global creative community.

The historic Metrozine was originally published in print format during the economic and social upheaval of the early 1990s.
Debuting in 1991, the original print publication, Poor Joe’s Guide, was designed, developed, published, and distributed by a tightly-knit community of artists and writers. Because of its ever-evolving literary content, original artwork, and positive community vision, the Guide quickly morphed into the literary journal, Portland Metrozine.
From its inception, the Metrozine has promoted positive and constructive voices within the greater Portland metropolitan area. The original publisher, Joseph Corrado, and editor, Basha Krasnoff, have now committed to expanding its reach by taking its mission online. Krasnoff noted that "In keeping with its legacy, and with renewed vigor, we are once again growing the Metrozine community and eagerly supporting its development with deep respect for artistic and socially-conscious expression through diverse lenses."
The Portland Metrozine welcomes submissions in all literary genres and invites the avant-garde, the experimental, and the arcane in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. They also welcome submissions of visual artwork, including drawings, photographs, and facsimiles of paintings. More information at:  https://portlandmetrozine.com/.
Krasnoff summed up: "Our goal is to inspire, encourage and broadcast creative expression. We invite all intrepid, insightful, and innovative creatives to share their visions, voices, and viewpoints."
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