Despair can take you to Total Inaction

Dream is completely vanished to enter total and complete darkness, despair has arrived.

When everything, everything seems getting worse, you try your best possible, and life just slaps you in the face, and that you just think that you can do anything else, no matter what you do. There is nothing that that works, the only that rest is to give yourself to faith and hope that something changes.

But nothing changes. You have reached the last link, you still try the last awkward steps and nothing. Nothing juts more slaps on your face and the time before the eyes as that dream is completely vanished to enter total and complete darkness, despair has arrived.

There is nothing to do, it has penetrated a feeling of immense sadness and want to cry where it leaves the body in a state of immobility or inaction, none positive and negative thoughts no longer have a place.

There is only despair, and you have no other choice but to rejoice in it and really give up. Life has won, and it has been the flag over you, it has been tamed, conquered and trampled completely because there is nothing else in you.

You have lost a dream, a goal and hope has left, there is nothing else, you are empty, there is something you did not count on, your body is still breathing and is still alive.

It seems macabre, but in spite of the fact that life has taken you at that exact point, at the same time, life is it in yourself. And the only thing that life does not accept, is immobility. This is true and palpable fact.

The body continues to breathe and you don’t have any other option than keep moving. You are born again and put something there, it is the cycle of life by itself, once again and again. Is when a dream has born and after disappear, and you put it again, there is no other way. There is no other mechanics in this universe, it is the law of movement itself.

"So people can fall down: it doesn’t mean they can’t get back up again and keep going." L. Ron Hubbard.


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