Solidarity with the Three from the park bench

During the night of 8 July 2019, three of our friends and comrades were arrested and after that several apartments were searched.

After the prison examination two of them are now in custody, the third person got released on parole. According to the press, they are accused of preparing an arson attack in connection with the anniversary of the riots against the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017.

Show solidarity and show them that they are not alone!

If you want to write to them you can send letters:

Libertäres Zentrum

Karolinenstraße 42 (Hinterhaus)

20357 Hamburg

Keyword "Die Drei von der Parkbank"

We are furious!

Whether guilty or not, solidarity with all those affected by repression!

Freedom for all prisoners!

Burning hearts cannot be locked up!

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*Update Adress*

BurningHearth 13.Aug.2019 09:48

The Correct Adress is:

Libertäres Zentrum

Karolinenstraße 21 (Hinterhaus)

20357 Hamburg

Keyword "Die Drei von der Parkbank"

it is 21 not 42. Hope you don't send letters to this adress...

Freedom for everyone!