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Testimony on the Situation in Hebron

01.01.2001 17:30

A conference was held on Dec. 14th at the Tel-Aviv University entitled Testimonies: Reports on the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Testimony on the present situation in Hebron was given by Ms. Kauthar Salaam, a journalist who works for the UN and lives in Hebron. Her report was given in English. Listen to her testimony in Real Audio format.

Prisoners Strike Against FIES

01.01.2001 17:23

On December 1st 2000 more than 50 prisoners in different prisons in Spain have started an indefinite hunger strike. Another 150 prisoners are taking part by solidarity actions. The prisoners have three central demands: an end to the FIES and isolation, an end to the dispersion of prisoners and the release prisoners with incurable sickness. F.I.E.S. (Fichero de Internos de Especial Seguimiento) is a coercive measure of illegal character, which has been unsuccessfully denounced on various occasions, even though it is contrary to the Spanish Constitution as it restricts fundamental rights.

27 Dead, Fasts Continue

25.12.2000 20:20

Turkish security forces stormed 20 prisons on 19 December at about 4.30am, to end hunger strikes by political prisoners. At least 27 prisoners have died in the course of the assult, which is still under way in two of the prisons. More than 1,200 political prisoners have been on hunger strike since 20 October, in protest at plans to move them to new prisons where they will be housed in small cells, rather than dormitories that hold up to 60 prisoners. They think that they will be locked up alone or in small groups in these new prisons, and therefore isolated and at greater risk of assault or torture. Some 200 of the hunger strikers were on death fast- (taking water, but no sugar), and many of them were reportedly close to death at the time of the raids. Personal accounts of the attack indicate it has been much worse than previously reported.

15,000 Protest Against Layoffs

25.12.2000 19:30

UPDATE Police have broken up the sit in by thousands of workers this morning. Unions are calling for more walkouts tomorrow. read more
15,000 union workers at two major commercial banks struck Friday in South Korea to protest plans for a merger of the banks that will result in mass layoffs. The workers camped out in tents and other makeshift dwellings at a bank institute outside Seoul, ringed by 2,000 riot police who let demonstrator's relatives through with food and blankets on Christmas. Ignoring a police helicopter ordering them by loudspeaker to disperse, strikers vowed to continue to fight until the merger, planned for June, is scrapped. Workers wore surgical masks to conceal their faces while guarding the institute's main gate against an anticipated police action charge.

Palestinian Refugees: Israeli Hypocricy

24.12.2000 13:38

by Irit Katriel of IMC-Israel
It is almost ironic that the Israeli demand for a renunciation of the right of return comes up at a time when a new flow of Palestinian refugees is created, and that the alleged offer to evacuate the Gaza strip is made while great efforts are underway to enlarge the existing settlements at the expense of Palestinian homes and lands...

WBAI Lock Out

23.12.2000 21:53

Tensions are rising high at community radio WBAI where a management ?coup? has occurred over the past 24 hours, according to station listeners and activists, resulting in a new interim station manager and the dismissal of the program director. At 1:48 a.m. Saturday morning Utrice Leid, broke into the regular scheduled program to announce that she had become WBAI?s new interim station manager. It was also reported today on WBAI that program director Bernard White had been unexpectedly fired. Allegedly White learned this morning via a letter sent to his home that his personal belongings would be mailed to him and that he would be arrested if he set foot on WBAI premises. Watch Amy Goodman locked out of WBAI this morning as she tried to enter the studios. Updated news as of Sunday afternoon.

Reclaiming History: The Autumn of Praha

23.12.2000 01:35

We all know what the 'official history' will say about protests that happened during last year, don't we? But do they know that we too have the means of media production & distribution! The history will not be one sided story any more. Here's latest from Belgium activists, shouting out loud from the streets of Praha during the protest in September against The World Bank and IMF. Respect! (copyright - copyleft) Watch a web version of the video.

Direct Actions Shake Blair

22.12.2000 00:25

More than a thousand farmers laid blockade to the House of Commons, protesting about their perilous financial situation, forcing Blair to enter the parliament via a back door under police escort. Police lines were torn down, riot squad & cavalry deployed and now a BBC agricultural TV presenter, Robin Page, appears to have been arrested. The government have made clear their intentions to smash the farmers like Thatcher did the miners in 1984

Settler Attacks on Palestinians Increasing

19.12.2000 18:25

Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have been steadily increasing in the past few weeks. These settlers have generally acted with impunity, as the Israeli military and court system historically have been reluctant to arrest, try, and punish settlers for violence they commit against Palestinian civilians. As a result, settlers are virtually free to carry out intimidation, assaults against people and property, and even murder against the Palestinian population.

Prisoners Attacked by Turkish Police

19.12.2000 18:05

UPDATE: More than 20 political prisoners are reported dead
The Turkish security forces, which directed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, have attacked the political prisoners who were on death fast in 20 different prisons in Turkey at 4:30pm local time.Various protests all over the country, mainly in Y´stanbul and Ankara have taken place, the police attacked every protest demonstration, wounding 24 people, and arresting a total of 500. Sevgi Erdogan has been killed by the Security Forces in Usak Prison. Because of this attack, Fidan Kalsan has burned herself to death in an attempt to stop the attacks in the Canakkale Prison. Human Rights Association of Turkey released their demands. The resistance of political prisoners is still continues in 16 prisons. Many statements have been made against these actions.

Cineak Cultural Center Faces Eviction

18.12.2000 23:59

Eight days ago, the inhabitants of Amsterdam squatted the building left vacant for over a year by the departure of the local franchise of the "Planet Hollywood". An autonomous cultural center, Cineak, was established in the newly reclaimed space. Today, the center held the first event of its planned program of free cultural activities, but the public screening of two films was marred by the announcement that Cineak is slated for eviction in the morning.

Polish Police Attack Nurses

18.12.2000 22:07

Today about 1000 nurses, who were blocking one of the main streets in Warsaw, were violently attacked by police. Nurses are fighting for an increase in their low wages. Nurses took to the streets today, forming several blockades, occupying the Ministry of Health, and starting strikes throughout Poland.

Cops Crackdown on Anti Haider Protest

18.12.2000 02:35

Italian riot police fired tear gas late yesterday to dispel thousands of demonstrators protesting a meeting between Pope John Paul II and Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider, who helped light the Vatican's Christmas tree. Haider did little to quell the tension, at one point issuing what some interpreted as an anti-Semitic remark. Ironically, in a season reputed to be about peace on earth, the pope's embracing of proto-fascism sparked one of the most intense physical confrontation with the forces of the police during John Paul's 22 years as Pope.
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Time Drawing Tight for Peltier

17.12.2000 02:53

President Clinton has publicly confirmed that Leonard's clemency petition has reached his office, and that it will be decided one way or the other in the very near future. A decision must be made before Clinton leaves office- with Bush Jr. taking the office, Peltier stands no chance of Clemency. Amnesty International considers Peltier to be a political prisoner who should be immediately and unconditionally released. The FBI demonstrated and worked against his request for clemency. A former FBI agent opposed the FBI's overt politicking. Marches in support of Peltier occurred around the country, including New York City. Listen to a Twin Cities IMC produced audio documentary on the Minneapolis actions here. Supporters are urging every one to call the White House at: 1-202-456-1414
[ freepeltier.org | fbi marches | imc-minneapolis ]

Micro Radio on Clinton's Desk

16.12.2000 08:53

National Public Radio and the National Association of Broadcasters failed to stop the FCC from implementing its modest Low Power FM service. But after months of intensive lobbying, NPR and the NAB convinced Congress to quietly kill the service, and prevent schools, libraries, community groups and local government from operating low watt stations. The extent of Congressional meddling into the technical affairs of the FCC is unprecedented, and proves that the public has indeed lost all control over the "public" airwaves.
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Deaths at the Hands of Chinese Police

16.12.2000 06:53

Paramilitary police have opened fire on a crowd of angry Muslims in eastern China, injuring dozens of protesters and possibly killing some. The clash, in a small town in the province of Shandong, followed riots by several hundred members of the Muslim community there. In Muang district, Hundreds of protesters ended a four-day road blockade yesterday after authorities agreed to consider demands made after the fatal shooting of a teenager by naval officers. On Tuesday, more than 200 angry villagers from the Cape Panwa area began blocking a road in front of the Third Fleet headquarters in protest over the death of Madas Hasap, 16, who they said was shot by four non-commissioned officers from the Third Fleet.
[ road blockades | chinese paramilitary ]

Bush Claims American Presidency

16.12.2000 02:53

After more than a month of election uncertainty, George Bush Jr. has finally announced himself president. With the decision by the US Supreme Court on the vote counting, and Gore's concession, questions about racism and Jim Crow Justices have been pushed aside. Jesse Jackson and other Black leadership are calling for a radicalization of the Black Vote. Others are pointing to this process is the final indicator that, indeed, our notions of just what democracy looks like are becoming clear. The effects of Bush's presidency are far beyond the partisanship that plagues US politics. There is fear that the Green Party might face greater struggles because of this election cycle. Some are calling to look at the bright side of things, suggesting that there may be a silver lining. Mobilization for the inauguration protests has already begun.

Nuclear Accidents Continue

16.12.2000 02:43

The near reactor meltdown aboard Britain's submarine HMS Tireless, its spill of radioactive cooling water into the Mediterranean, and a risky, experimental and possibly illegal repair operation in a densely populated area, have brought thousands of outraged Gibraltar and Spanish residents into the streets. read more

Earlier this week, a leaky valve at the Beaver Valley Power Station, PA, USA, spilled highly radioactive water onto a concrete floor Monday, forcing the shutdown of the plant's No. 2 reactor and prompting a low-level emergency. The approximately 6,500 gallons of water remained within the four-foot thick walls of the reactor containment building, according to a spokesman for the plant's owner. The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump, where all nuclear waste in the US is supposed to be stored, is still on track, despite environmental and safety concerns. All this comes as operators shut down the Chernobyl nuclear power plant with the flip of a switch Friday, closing the facility for good 14 years after it spawned the world's worst nuclear accident.
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Nazis Murder Activist in the Netherlands

11.12.2000 02:53

On Saturday 9 dec. 2000, Turkish human rights activists held a hunger strike next to the town hall of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to protest against torture of political prisoners in Turkey. They were attacked by a violent gang of "Gray Wolves", Turkish extreme Rightists with links to the government of Turkey, who stabbed to death one person and severely wounded another one.
[ read more | belgium.indymedia.org ]

Riot Cops Beat Human Rights Activists

11.12.2000 02:43

The crackdown began hours after King Mohammed VI gave a televised address to coincide with UN Human Rights Day, in which he promised to build a constitutional and democratic monarchy. Batons were used to disperse hundreds of protestors from a banned Islamic group who had gathered outside parliament to mark United Nations Human Rights Day. A BBC correspondent in Rabat is reporting that dozens of protestors were beaten before being herded into buses where they were beaten again. Hundreds of arrests have been reported. This follows on the heels of violence used agaist people demonstrating for democracy on Saturday.

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