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In the Shadow of the Olympics: Themes of Global Justice

07.02.2002 19:22

This Friday, February 8th the 2002 Olympic Games will commence in Salt Lake City. Already present, however, in response to the current "War on Terror" is approximately 300 million dollars of federal and state funded security, including local police, secret service, FBI and thousands of national guard troops. Yet, given recent admissions that there is likely no Al-Qaeda network operating around the Games, security focus has been placed upon the subversion of peaceful activist demonstrators and civil liberties in general within Utah. In the shadow of this circus, what has become one of the largest and least controversial ongoing development projects in the world, a variety of local and national activist organizations have successfully organized a global justice conference, demonstrations and marches to confront what is increasingly seen as the code of hypocrisy within the Games. Although advertising itself as the peaceful international pursuit of sport, culture and the environment, local hosts of the Games find their communities subject to rampant corruption, commercialization,environmental degradation, human and animal exploitation, and over exposure to an expansive multi-national corporate Olympic network.

For More Information on the Olympics and Surrounding Demonstrations, go to:
Breaking News- Five Homeless and Welfare Rights Advocates Arrested at March for Our Lives
Utah Animal Rights Coalition
Reebok Human Rights Hypocrisy
Olympic Protest Calendar

Alternatives to Corporate Globalization

02.02.2002 15:27

Is another world possible? Those who were in New York over the last several days to criticize the World Economic Forum, in Munich to challenge NATO and in Porto Alegre at the World Social Forum (read features below) believe so. Critics of the so-called "anti-globalization" movement often say to activists, "We know what you are against, BUT WHAT ARE YOU FOR?" To help answer this question Indymedia debuts a permanent and developing feature, "Alternatives to Corporate Globalization." Post your own ideas and suggested links to the Alternatives open publishing newswire, and join us to develop the feature into an exciting and inspiring resource. Stay tuned for multilingual versions.

Thousands Gather in NYC, Brasil for Global Summits and in Munich to Challenge NATO

30.01.2002 18:19

While New York City hosts the World Economic Forum, the second annual Fórum Social Mundial will take place in Porto Alegre, Brasil. In Munich, Germany, thousands of protestors challenge the NATO security meeting happening at the same time, Around the world, cacerolazas and other demonstrations spring up in solidarity with Argentina and the WEF/WSF/NATO events, including San Francisco, Lausanne, Zurich and Bern, Switzerland, London, UK, Amsterdam, Livorno, Italy, Monaco, and in Greece on Monday. Friday, an online netstrike crashed the WEF website around 10 a.m.

Catch Indymedia audio coverage at http://radio.indymedia.org.

Cobertura en español:


Feb 1 overview in en français en espagñol

puppets on parade in NYC Thursday morning, amidst massive police security, the World Economic Forum opened in midtown Manhattan. Seven ACT-UP activists were arrested that morning as they prepared for a banner drop. Two were released the same day and the rest were released Friday morning.

On Friday, the national Students for Global Justice conference continued to educate attendees. Many more activists gathered at the Public Eye on Davos summit near the United Nations (photo).

Activists rallied for fair wages at the GAP (photos 1, 2, 3) and heard labor leader Joe Sweeney, among others, address a Working Families Economic Forum (photos). Starhawk and others are holding nightly vigils in the city.

On Saturday, an estimated 15,000 protesters marched against the WEF with "almost celebratory energy." The main "Reclaim the Streets" march went from Columbus Circle through Central Park, to Grand Army Plaza. (photos; article)

Although the day saw a distinct absence of violence on the part of protesters, the National Resistance Organization reports that New York City police attacked the march and made over 40 arrests. witnesses say the police appeared to be targeting people dressed in black. Just prior to the start of the AWIP march, police stormed a crowd of peaceful protesters. (listen to report; view photos of police charging)

Police videotaped protestors, who continued to hold scattered protests as afternoon turned into night.

Protest organizers include Students For Global Justice, Another World Is Possible, and the New York Anti-Capitalist Convergence.

For more background info, Download a special 24-page of the Indypendent, the monthly newspaper of NYC Indymedia.




Intoructions in English -- February 1 (before the Forum), February 8 (after the Forum), Français in pictures

Marcha do FSM Entre os dias 31 de janeiro e 4 de fevereiro acontece na cidade de Nova Iorque a reunião anual do Fórum Econômico Mundial. O Fórum Econômico é um encontro dos representantes das principais empresas, veículos de comunicação e órgãos governamentais do mundo. Enquanto isso, em Porto Alegre, será realizado o Fórum Social Mundial, uma reunião de delegados de sindicatos, partidos de esquerda, ONGs e movimentos sociais. Tanto em Nova Iorque como em Porto Alegre estão previstos protestos contra as políticas liberais promovidas pelo Fórum Econômico. Em Porto Alegre, parte da esquerda questiona a legitimidade do Fórum Social. Isso levou alguns ao boicote e outros á criação de fóruns paralelos.

The World Social Forum, an international gathering of over 60,000 activists, agitators, free-thinkers, philosophers and self-proclaimed "instigators for a better world" is now taking place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and will continue until February 5. Started in 2001 as an alternative to the World Economic Forum, which is meeting in New York, last year's World Social Forum attracted substantial international attention as it asked the question, "Is another world possible?" This year's Forum will consist of literally hundreds of workshops, seminars and conferences. Some activists criticize the primay voices behind the World Social Forum for being too interested in reforming the current system and not dedicated enough to replacing it. To this end, several "counter-conferences" are planned to provide other models of reintenting society, through direct action and fudamental revolution.

Indymedia reporters from around the world will join the Brasil IMC in providing multimedia coverage of the World Social Forum. Stay tuned to the www.indymedia.org and brasil.indymedia.org sites for multilingual updates throughout the week.

World Social Forum official site][CIRANDA (the WSF´s information exchange site)] [World Social Forum "Youth Camp"]


Overview in italiano nederlands français svenska

Munich protestors--700 arrests Trotz Verbot aller Versammlungen demonstrierten heute etwa 7000 Menschen gegen NATO und Krieg. Insgesamt mind. 700 Festnahmen.

Despite prohibitions against gatherings, 7000 protesters marched in Munich Saturday. Police surrounded groups of protestors, arbitrarily arresting some. (breaking news for the day [en]) The protesters converged on Munich for a NATO-sponsored "Conference on Security Policy." Solidarity protests sprang up in other German cities, such as Chemnizt and Kiel.

As every year, government members from all NATO states, including most defence and foreign ministers, are meeting with 200 high-ranking army officials and war experts to discuss "security" and "peace" issues. This means they will lay out plans for future military interventions, invent new enemies, discuss costly military programmes etc. - in short: plan the next war.

[Germany IMC] [Read more... (English)] [Carnival against NATO]

Hunger Strikes Continue as Resistance Grows in Australia´s Woomera Detention Center

29.01.2002 10:31

A report from the Melbourne IMC

UPDATE JAN 27 - Protests outside Melbourne's Maribyrnong Detention Centre. Pictures/Debate

Asylum seekers at the Woomera detention centre in South Australia are continuing their resistance to the Liberal government's policies. Many detainees have sewn their lips together and are refusing food, several drank shampoo and 15 have attempted suicide. This comes after 3 days of rioting last December and the death of a women at the Villawood detention centre in Sydney. More than 30 detainees at the Maribyrnong detention centre in Melbourne are also on a hunger strike in solidarity with those at Woomera.

On Thursday hundreds rallied and occupied the Department of Immigration in Melbourne. See pictures here.

Members of the Refugee Action Collective continue a nationwide tour to raise awareness about the suffering of those interned in the camps. A coalition of groups is preparing to converge on the opening of parliament in Canberra on February 12 and major protests are planned in Woomera at Easter.

Listen to a Woomera report on Democracy Now

Bearing witness to Australia?s immigration policy

[ Read an open letter by George Papanastasiou, Lecturer at Victoria University + Woomera 2002 + Anarchist perspective on indigenous sovereignty and immigration]

The Fired And The Banned Return

20.01.2002 20:11

Last weekend, meeting in front of a cheering, standing-room-only crowd of over 500, the Interim Pacifica National Board (I-PNB) voted overwhelmingly to "reinstate" 37 former WBAI staff and management who were fired, banned, suspended, or driven from their former positions beginning on December 22, 2000. Citing WBAI Interim General Manager Robert Daughtry's refusal to broadcast "Democracy Now!" the board removed Daughtry because he "flagrantly defied the I-PNB directive."

Queen's University Students Occupy Buildings In Protest of Tuition Hikes

17.01.2002 22:16

In protests against deregulation which will lead to unchecked tuition increases students in Kingston, Ontario, Canada have occupied the principals' offices. Their three main demands are:

  • A tuition freeze in all faculties for the academic year 2002-2003.
  • Principal Leggett publicly rescinding his current proposal that Queen's be made the test case for deregulation in Ontario.
  • That any future proposals be agreed upon by a majority of voting students in a binding referendum.
UPDATE - The occupation finished yesterday with a final communique from the occupiers,
thanking their supporters and declaring their campaign against tuition deregulation will not end
with this action. Principal, William Leggett, never responded to their demands. The university cut
off power halfway through the action, and a door between the principal's office and another office
was nailed shut.
Read the final communique at IMC Ontario.
Further information about tuition deregulation in Ontario can be found at
OPIRG Kingston and the Queen's Coalition Against Corporate Globalization.

Goto: Ontario Indymedia for the full story

NYC Protests Planned Against World Economic Forum

14.01.2002 10:41

Poster for anti-capitalist convergence in NYC Over 1,000 of the world's corporate leaders, along with top political and media representatives, will meet behind closed doors in New York City from January 31 to February 4 at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting. Meanwhile thousands of students, union members and activists plan to protest in what is expected to be the largest American anti-corporate globalization demonstration post-9/11.

Read our Guide to the World Economic Forum (Text) (PDF)

Formed in 1971, the Davos-based WEF is viewed by critics as the architect of corporate globalization and the catalyst for the formation of the World Trade Organization. Although the Forum is a private affair, the meeting's clout has begun to rival that of the United Nations as the world's leading global body.

"Should a Forum that is dominated by corporate interests be encouraged to take on the role of mapping out future frameworks for global governance?" asked scholar Peter Goodman in his piece "The WEF: Capital's First International?"

For protest organizers such as Students For Global Justice, Another World Is Possible and the New York Anti-Capitalist Convergence the answer is clearly no.

At the same time protesters pour into New York to protest the global elite meet-and-greet, activists in Porto Alegro, Brazil, will attend the World Social Forum to discuss alterative social and economic models to prove "Another World Is Possible".

Enron, &quot;Big Oil&quot; and the New World Order

14.01.2002 10:15

Recent revelations in the mainstream U.S. media linking the failed energy giant, Enron with the Bush Whitehouse is no news to corporate watchdogs or media activists. In the past, talk of "Big Oil's" capture of the Whitehouse and its ongoing influence on Capitol Hill were, for the most part, ignored by the corporate media. But, now that the bottom has fallen out of Enron and the financial press has reported the damage, the mainstream media are beginning to smell blood and find fault in the Administration's positions, while pundits of various stripes take pot shots. But, how far will the corporate media venture before coming up against self-censorship? Will the Bush dynasty's New World Order go the way of Nixon or will civil liberties in a "time of war" be further curtailed to silence dissent?

Meanwhile, news, analysis, and speculation of Enron/U.S. Government connections continue to surface in the alternative media. At the same time, Enron's international dealings are coming under increased scrutiny. Where will this story go?

Discuss this feature.

Ecuadorian Rainforest Threatened By OCP Development

12.01.2002 11:27

Treesitter ascending to protect forest from mega development project in Ecuador While activists in Ecuador take to the trees to defend the fragile Mindo cloudforest and other ecosystems and communities affected by the new OCP (Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados) pipeline, the German Bank and Federal Government of the NWR Province are holding a hearing Monday, JANUARY 14th, 2002 to debate their $900 million dollar loan to the project. While activists have been climbing trees and building platforms, others are chained to the base to keep construction crews for the 300-mile pipeline out of the protected area. Road building crews have reached the edge of this globally significant ecosystem forcing activists to begin an encampment of tree sitters. Unconfirmed local reports indicate that the police may try forcibly evicting the demonstrators in the next several days.

Click for full story and more pictures. --------> ( ( ( i ) ) )

Questioning The Coverage of War

06.01.2002 18:18

Shot protester geting help. Do you believe a better world is possible? Have you participated in or do you know of projects that present viable, sustainable alternatives to society's current institutions? Do you have ideas for how a different world would work and/or practical examples of how different societies have succeeded in ways most have forgotten? Now is your chance to participate in building the www.indymedia.org/Philadelphia IMC permanent "Alternatives to Corporate Globalization" feature. You may suggest your links by posting to the "alternatives newswire" and/or join the team that's compiling the feature by joining the "www-features-ongoing@indymedia.org" e-mail list. The feature will "officially" debut at the end of January.

2002 Olympics Protest: Acting &quot;Outside the Box&quot;

06.01.2002 17:56

By now, most people are aware that on February 8, the gates of Salt Lake City's Rice-Eccles Stadium will swing open to welcome an Olympic torch-bearing runner inside, signaling the beginning of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Perhaps the largest event ever held in Utah, the Olympics will attract tens of thousands of sports fans from around the world to the City of the Saints for a two week period. Most people think the Olympics are about sports, but that is only part of the story. Behind the brightly glowing television lights, there is a dark side of the games. Today it's a global industry that is increasingly intertwined with the interests of multinational corporations. [Full Story]

>For more information on the Olympics and its opposition, go to:
-- IMC News: Idea for February
-- IMC News: A description of Olympic protest areas and a question to the police
-- www.saltlake2002.com
-- www.burntheolympics.org
-- www.anti2002.org
-- www.breadnotcircuses.org
-- www.uarc.org

Argentina IMC Reports From the Streets

29.12.2001 19:33

"Hurried report while we continue to breathe tear gas."

What time is it? -- It's 2:15 a.m. [ filed by IMC argentina ]

Yes, we look at each other and we understand that we had to remember that time for the rest of our lives. We were standing in the gates of the Government House, an ornate pink palace also known as the Casa Rosada, symbol of Argentinean power. Never in the past had a mobilization gotten there. And in that way. Where to start if not there?

Click here to get to the earlier features on Argentina for more updates. Or, go directly to the Argentina IMC for the latest.

Acteal Honors its Victims &amp; Continues its Struggle for Justice &amp; Survival

24.12.2001 03:04

About a thousand people walk towards Acteal for the commencement of the ceremonies marking the fourth anniversary of the massacre that took place there Acteal, Chenalhó, Chiapas, México: As many as one thousand people from dozens of countries came to Acteal this past Saturday, attending a commemorative ceremony that marked the fourth anniversary of where the worst massacre in Chiapas took place, since the Zapatista uprising in 1994.

Celestino Vasquez lights a candle in memory of his sister Juana Vasquez

The massacre took the lives of 45 indigenous residents of Acteal, the majority of whom were women and children (21 women, 15 children, and 9 men). Since that time, Acteal and neighboring communities have continued to struggle with poverty, refugees and the return of them therein, and a host of a lack of basic needs such as electricity, basic education and health care.

Indigenous girl holds a candle during the ceremony

The commemoration, which began at about 10:00 in the morning, was rife with religious proceedings and prayers. Additionally, there was music from child choirs and a small brass band. The themes of the services ranged rather widely, as they varied from political denunciations of the Fox administration and somber prayer proceedings honoring the dead from the massacre, often accompanied by either festive or mournful music.

Indigenous girls carry image of the Virgen of Guadalupe

[Reports and Background from the México City IMC: Click Here for Full Story, as reported on-the-scene by a México-IMC Reporter | A detailed in-depth article backgrounding further, the context and situation in Acteal | A map of Chiapas which is located in rural southeastern México | Chiapas IMC]

[Reports and Background from Global Exchange (a human rights group working in Chiapas): A News Update on the release of previously convicted paramilitary members resonsible for the massacre in Acteal | GX Page on Indigenous Autonomy | GX Report on a call from some political parties to live up to "Indian Rights" Bill | US Government's $2.5 Million Biopiracy Project in Mexico Cancelled: Victory for Indigenous Peoples in Chiapas | GX Chiapas News Archives]

[Grupos de Derechos Humanos de México y en Chiapas (español): Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de las Casas | Enlace Civil]

El país estalla: declaran estado de sitio

19.12.2001 21:05

Saturday 29th December 2002: LATEST updates
Tonight the people of Buenos Aires has taken to the street!!
Direct Report and images, [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

En el día de hoy se produjeron saqueos en todo el país, y enfrentamientos en La Plata y Cordoba. El gobierno ha decretado el estado de sitio, suspendiendo todas las garantías constitucionales, incluyendo el derecho de reunión. La policía ha sido acuertalada y hay rumores de que el ejército también podría estar preparado para reprimir. Los comercios están cerrando por temor a nuevos saqueos y se preparan movilizaciones de comerciantes como las que vivimos durante esta semana. El país mira por las ventanas como la Argentina estalla. (... y haga click aqui para mas en Español)

Primeras fotos de ayer, desde la 9 de Julio:
aquí | aquí | aquí | aquí | aquí | aquí | y aqui

Argentina's president resigns as Argentina explodes in looting and protests

UPDATE: Argentina's President Fernando De la Rua resigned on Thursday after two years in office, fleeing from the government palace in a helicopter to escape throngs of protesters who were clashing with riot police outside.

At least 22 people have died and several hundred have been injured in Argentina as anti-government demonstrations escalated due to an economic crisis that has crippled the nation. On Wednesday, a nationwide strike led to the resignation of the Finance Minister who oversaw the liberalization of the national economy. Argentina now faces $155 billion debt and a soaring unemployment level, in part due to its implementation of International Monetary Fund policies.

Looting was reported today in many parts of Argentina while confrontations were reported in La Plata and Cordoba. The government has declared a state of siege, thereby suspending all constitutional rights, including the right to assemble. Police forces have been called in and it is rumoured that the army might be preparing to aid in the repression of the people. Businesses are closing for fear of more looting and more actions like those seen earlier this week are planned by them. Protesters have stormed supermarkets in 'food riots' in direct action against IMF imposed austerity measures. The people in Argentina look out of their windows to see their country fall into chaos.

Other source for news on Argentina in English:
* Buenos Aires Herald
* Yahoo News: Argentina

Background on Argentina and the IMF. Argentina and US Militarism

Argentina Indymedia Needs Donations!

The banks are closed and Argentina Indymedia's broke. They aren't going to stop their coverage but they need your help to cover this historic collapse of neoliberalism and popular resistance. They need money for net connections, video tape, and other supplies.

Mumia Abu Jamal's Death Sentence Overturned

18.12.2001 16:44

Mumia Abu-Jamal's death sentence was overturned by a federal judge in Philadelphia today marking a major victory for his supporters. But the world's most famous death-row inmate was denied a new trial.

In a 272-page ruling, Judge William Yohn determined that Mumia, a celebrated journalist and Black Panther, deserved a new sentence hearing within the next 180 days. If the hearing does not take place Abu-Jamal will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

But Mumia's conviction still stands for killing a Philadelphia police officer on December 9, 1981 and he can still be sentenced to Death Row again.

Demonstrations Questioning the European Union in Belgium

14.12.2001 03:10

Photo From Demonstrations in Belgium Belgium, whose capital is also the capital of the European Union, currently holds the EU's six-month presidency. Between December 13-15 it is hosting a crucial inter-governmental conference at which the EU's grand ambitions are : draft a European constitution, enlarging the Union to the East, public services and privatisation, arranging a common asylum, unemployment, education, immigration, and repressive policies. [Full story, Background and events.]

Saturday, December 15: A peace march with approximately 5,000 participants and a 2,000-strong "anarchist demo" culminated in a street party. There was some pressure from police but in general the mood was jubilant.

Friday, December 14: There were a reported 25,000 people at the day's demonstration. In the morning at the Aachen-Brussels collective border crossing hundreds of demonstrators crossed the border, surprising police, who were waiting at the border, by squatting a train. This border-crossing followed several days of several days of action, protest and discussion about the E.U. in Aachen. [Full story]

Thursday, December 13: On the 13th there was a demonstration of nearly 100,000 trade unionists, with marchers participating from all over Europe.

Wednesday, December 12: On Wednesday activists promoting a different globalisation occupied Brussels headquarters of CEFIC, the European lobby group of the chemical industry. [Full story and photos.] The occupation ended with the arrest of 50 protesters. [Read more]. That evening a solidarity demo with the prisoners of this morning's occupation took place. [Full story].
For up-to date information and reports see Indymedia-Belgium

Practical details - travel, weather etc / Your rights at Belgium's borders. See the below feature for information about independent radio coverage of the protests.

Radio Bruxxels Reports on Laeken Summit

13.12.2001 13:22

0n December 13, 14 and 15, the Laeken Summit will close the Belgian presidency of the European Union with important discussions between the leaders of the 15 member states in Brussels.

Major protests are planned to demonstrate for democratic education and housing for all. Radio Bruxxels will bring you the voices of the street, in-depth coverage of the issues and updates on events to come.

FM Radio in Brussels: 87.7 + 105.4 + 106.5 + 107.2

d.r.o.p. Relays Bruxxel Radio on the Web - Select a link to stream or paste one in an mp3 player:

16k stream for 56k modem users!
Also: live.dds.nl/1.ram
RealVideo streaming TV

chat: for listeners (#radio) and for participants (#d14)

[ broadcast schedule | radio.indymedia.org ]

Court Backs Free Speech Rights For Online Journalists

11.12.2001 14:22

Narco News Publisher Al Giordano In a case involving the Mexican-based muckraking news website NarcoNews, the New York State Supreme Court hasruled that Internet news sites "are entitled to all the First Amendment protections accorded a newspaper-magazine or journalist in defamation suits."

The ruling marks a landmark decision for press freedom for independent online journalists especially international reporters. Read NYC Indymedia's interview with NarcoNews' publisher Al Giordano (pictured).

Fast Track Passes United States House Vote

05.12.2001 21:50

The "Presidential Trade Promotion Authority" or Fast Track bill passed through the United States House of Representatives Thursday, winning approval by one vote. The bill clears the way for President Bush to have unprecedented power in determining trade treaties, which many of critics of globalization believe will allow the FTAA to deepen NAFTA and the international effect of the World Trade Organization.

For more information on Fast Track, see People for Fair Trade, the AFL-CIO, Public Citizen, the Sierra Club and Oxfam.

Israel Escalates War on Palestine

04.12.2001 19:34

Israeli missiles target palestinian civilian populations. In the last weeks, there has been a terrifying escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The Sharon government is reaching the end-game of its strategy to increase the occupation, provoke retaliation and finally culminate in its hoped for elimination of the Palestinian Authority. In response to the assassination of ultra-right wing Israeli politician Rehavam Zeevi, the Israeli Army laid siege to most of the major Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for several weeks. After increasing pressure from the E.U. and U.S., Israel began a slow pull out, city by city.

In the days before the visit of U.S. General Zinni, Israel escalated its assassination policy in order to derail any chance of progress on the peace-front, and culminating in the death of five Palestinian children in Gaza and the assassination of Hamas leader Abu Hannoud.

The expected retaliation by Islamic militants took place a week later, when several bombs went off in Jerusalem and Haifa, killing 26 and wounding hundreds.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has used these attacks to declare a war against Palestine. The Israeli military has made the Palestinian controlled areas into virtual prisons while American made Apache helicopter gunships and F-16s have been used by the Israeli military to bomb several targets in both Gaza and the West Bank, killing several and wounding hundreds.

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