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Development Conference Emphasizes Aid Over Trade

23.03.2002 00:07

Uncle Sam skull mask The United Nations-sponsored International Conference on Financing for Development was held in Monterrey, Mexico, this past week amid growing awareness that globalization is not alleviating world poverty. Representatives of 171 countries, including 52 heads of state; the World Trade Organization; the International Monetary Fund; the World Bank; and dozens of non-governmental organizations met to discuss how to meet the United Nations\' stated goal of cutting global poverty in half by 2015. Acknowledging that the trade policies that were supposed to bring economic development to poorer countries have failed to do so, wealthy nations agreed to increase direct development aid.

Continuing the pressure that helped shift the agenda away from globalization, the Mexican Social Forum held a counter-summit to espouse alternative strategies, saying more money within the old system would not address the fundamental causes of poverty. Many Mexicans also took to the streets to protest the policies of the wealthy nations and financial institutions in attendance.

Watch video of the protests.
See photos: set1 | set 2

Activists from Meso America Meet in Guatemala to Fight New Dams and Neoliberalism

22.03.2002 23:58

From March 20 to 24 at the conference "Foro por la vida", representatives of indigenous communities, local civil society and non-governmental organizations from Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and the USA will be meeting in a small village near the Mexico/Guatemala border to plan how to resist dam projects in the Plan Puebla Panama (PPP). The dam projects will displace Mayan communities of resistance to provide workers and electricity to maquiladoras.

Two Protesters Shot at International Protest in Ecuador

20.03.2002 19:23

Shot protester geting help. The closing protest of the Campamento Internacional in Ecuador has been marred by police violence. Cops teargassed the demonstration even after informing their superiors of the protest's nonviolent nature. Two protesters were shot with live ammunition by a security guard at the World Trade Center in Quito. Neither one is seriously injured.

The Campamento Internacional saw a week of protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas and Plan Colombia, as well as forums and workshops for activists to network and discuss viable alternatives to neoliberalism and capitalism. More coverage and information is available at Indymedia Colombia.

The repression brought quick denouncements from APDH del Ecuador and other groups.

Media Democracy &amp; Questioning War Coverage

19.03.2002 14:58

Six months have passed since Sept. 11, and the corporate media continues producing news and commentary on a "war against terror" that is questionable in both form and intention.

Racing to increase profits, the world's six biggest media conglomerates have won another battle in the United States. The Federal Communications Commission has repealed a longstanding ruling that limited the size and scope of media outlets that a company can own. This opens the door for a new wave of mega-mergers in an industry already characterized by its massive largess and self serving cross ownership -- a problem that threatens the publication and distribution of information about justice and struggle in a world gripped by war and capitalism.

In response to:

"Angels" will be descending on the FCC on March 22nd in Washington DC, to remind the FCC--established as a tool for the promotion and management of commercial radio--that information and the airwaves are in fact public property, and not a commodity to be traded on the market or sold to the highest bidder, and demand an end to corporate controll of information and the airwaves.

Hundreds of thousands challenge EU in Barcelona

17.03.2002 02:41

Up to half million people protest the EU in Barcelona Up to 500,000 people marched through the streets of Barcelona on March 16 to protest the summit of European leaders. The protest began peacefully but ended in violence as the police attacked protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. Groups of protesters escaped onto side streets, and many protesters were beaten by the police while trying to seek refuge. It is unknown at this time how many were seriously injured. More breaking news in English from Barcelona indymedia. See also UK IMC

Campamento Internacional Permanente por la Justicia Social y Dignidad de los Pueblos

15.03.2002 00:25

banner with a dove that says Campamento Internacional Permanente A mobilization is underway in Ecuador to protest two of the largest neo-liberal programs in the western hemisphere -- Plan Colombia and the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.

From March 14 to March 20, people from more than 20 countries are converging in Quito, Ecuador, for the International Permanent Camp for Social Justice and the Dignity of People to protest Plan Colombia and the proposed FTAA agreement. Both Plan Colombia and FTAA are being heavily pushed by the U.S. government in the western hemisphere but are being met with increased resistance.

Organizers say the objective of the camp is to show the correlation between free trade agreements like FTAA and military intervention, like that which has come along with Plan Colombia.

As part of the camp, protests and direct actions will be held this weekend at the U.S. military base in Manta, which is a central base for Plan Colombia, and in Lago Agrio, where the oleoducto de crudos pesados oil pipeline is located. Organizers say the military base represents the military intervention of Plan Colombia, and the oil pipeline -- plus a second one that is being proposed -- are symbols of the exploitation and environmental devastation that come with "free trade" agreements.

The camp includes educational forums, workshops on building sustainable alternatives, networking between campesinas, indigenous, and international activists, and will conclude with a major demonstration in Quito on March 19.

Schedule of events in: Quito, Manta, and Lago Agrio

Organizers for the protests in Washington, Equador, and Barcelona have released a joint declaration against Plan Colombia.

IADB Ignites Demonstrations

13.03.2002 19:22

Brazilians in the streets Since the weekend, the Interamerican Development Bank has been meeting in Fortaleza, a beach town in northeast of Brasil. From NGOs to unions to direct action groups, the full spectrum of Brazil's left-wing turned out to protest while Brasil´s president Fernando Henrique Cardoso and over 40 ministers of finance from countries around the world attended the official IDB activities. Complete coverage is available from IMC-Brasil. Read a report in English.

The state government deployed over 3,000 police officers on the streets, plus 1,500 military in a security operation coordinated by the army, leading to violence and injuries during the protests. But the night ended up with a Manu Chao acoustic performance organized by People´s Global Action.

The IADB has been funding social projects in Brazil without taking into account the social and environmental impacts, motivating protests that began months ago.

The Taco Bell Truth Tour

13.03.2002 04:25

&quot;yo quiero derechos humanos&quot; On Monday, March 11, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' (CIW) Taco Bell Truth Tour reached its apex with a march and rally at Taco Bell World Headquarters which attracted more than one thousand participants. For the first time, representatives from Taco Bell met with members of CIW to discuss the farmworkers' demands.

Tomato pickers in Immokalee, Florida's largest farmworker community, have been organizing since 1997. They are demanding the right to join in talks with the state's corporate tomato growers to improve farm labor conditions and raise the crop picking piece rate, which remains nearly unchanged from pre-1980 levels. They must pick and haul two tons of tomatoes to make $50 in a day.

The Taco Bell Truth Tour, which began on March 1 and will continue to criss-cross the country until March 17, was organized to call attention to the struggle of farmworkers who pick Taco Bell's tomatoes and their demand for a living wage. Taco Bell has the power to double the price paid to farmworkers by paying a single penny more per pound of tomatoes. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), which organized the Truth Tour, is a non-hierarchical organization of farmworkers united together to fight for their right to fair pay.

Read about the Truth Tour's visits to the following cities:

Report from Atlanta .
Report from Chicago.
Report from Madison.
Report from Utah.
Report from San Francisco.
Report from Los Angeles.
Report from the Rise Up 2002 Conference.
Report from the meeting with Taco Bell.


New Yorkers mark six-month anniversary of September 11 attacks

12.03.2002 01:56

At dusk tonight in New York City two shafts of light shone from Ground Zero, filling the gap for the next month that the destruction of the World Trade Centre left in the New York skyline.
The remains of 749 victims from the attacks have been identified and 273 complete bodies recovered from the debris. Though the final death toll remains unknown it is likely to be somewhere above the 2,672 death certificates issued, as 158 people are still unaccounted for.
In Kabul, the stars and stripes flew at half-mast outside the US embassy. The city came under assault from US-led strikes less than a month after the attacks on Washington and New York. More than 3,000 civilians died in the war, which still continues as U.S. forces and their Afghan allies battle al-Qaeda and Taliban holdouts in the east of the country.
The acting US ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, said: "We've won the war. We have to win the peace." Read more from The Guardian.

In calls for peace, New Yorkers will gather at Union Square tonight at 6:00 p.m., as they did every night for weeks after the attacks, to mourn the victims of September 11, and to ask the Bush Administration to stop the spread of this infinite war on the world.

* NYC coverage archive of 9.11
* After Shocks - Indypendent special issue #1
* Picking up the pieces - Indypendent Special Issue #2
* War Without End - Indypendent, October Issue
* Losing the War at Home - Indypendent, December Issue
* Listen to archives of the War & Peace Report on Democracy Now!
* Read the archives of Bill Weinberg’s World War III Report

9.11: Another World Is Possible
Produced entirely in NYC in the days following September 11, 9.11 listens to the voices of New York City in mourning, a city coming to terms with the aftermath of events on September 11 and the potential violence of a protracted war. This program is streaming at the website Free Speech TV or can be ordered online.

Voting Continues in a Tense Zimbabwe

11.03.2002 01:10

voters in Zimbabwe Voting continues in Zimbabwe for another day as frustrated voters, many of whom stood in line to vote for 14 hours yesterday, only to discover that they had been removed from the voting roll, continue to insist on casting a ballot.

In the international and Zimbabwean press, the choice facing voters is between Robert Mugabe’s continued tyranny, and the liberation of Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change. The politics are not so simple. For workers, youth and others, the dilemma is between the devil and the deep blue sea, between fascism and neoliberalism. That there might be another sort of politics has escaped the attention of the international media, which poses neoliberalism as the only alternative to tyranny.

The outcome of the votes is uncertain. Even if MDC wins the vote, it’s far from clear that the ruling party will announce a win for the opposition. Both sides have mobilised militias, and it seems clear that the decisive battles will be fought on the streets of Harare. Keep up with events in Zimbabwe as reported by people in the streets through the Zimbabwe IMC.

Fortaleza, Brasil, Bracing for Inter-American Development Bank Meetings/Protests

11.03.2002 00:55

From March 7 to 13th, Fortaleza, Brazil will host the annual meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank. The IDB and the World Bank are the two largest multilateral banks funding social projects in Brazil. They've been heavily criticized for not taking into account the social and environmental impacts of their projects and for driving decision making from the already non democratic instance of state government to the farthest and even less democratic instance of multilateral institutions. Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso and over 40 ministers of finance from countries around the world will be at the meeting. Ceará state government announced that over 3,000 police officers will be on the streets plus 1,500 military in a security operation coordinated by the army. Different left groups from NGOs to unions to direct action groups are planning protests which will focus on March 11, opening day for the main event. NGOs will meet the parliament's human rights commission to assure that civil rights are respected during the protests.

Follow up-to-the-minute coverage in Português, English, Español and Esperanto from the CMI Brasil/IMC Brazil.

Is The Occupation Killing Us All?

09.03.2002 18:03

Yesterday was already the deadliest of this deadliest month so far since the beginning of the October 2000 Palestinian uprising, with more than 60 Palestinians killed (according to La Jornada) and hundreds more wounded.

Recently, Israeli forces have set up extensive closures and curfews thoughout the West Bank and Gaza, bombed heavily and invaded several refugee camps. In return, Palestinian militant attacks on Israeli military targets, settlers, and civilians have increased. There are calls for international solidarity and action with the Palestinian people, and many international groups and individuals have come to witness and protest.

In past weeks (and ongoing), there have been several large Israeli demonstrations stating "The Occupation is Killing Us All", but a more significant movement here may be the growing number of Israeli soldiers who refuse to aid the occupation. Over 300 officers have signed a letter of selective refusal. Trying to protect the human rights of everyone caught in the conflict, the Alternative Palestinian Agenda has proposed an "alternative configuration" in Palestine-Israel.

Conscientious objector organizations:
New Profile: Movement for the Civil-ization of Israeli Society
Yesh Gvul: There is a limit

La journée internationale des femmes / Día internacional de las mujeres

09.03.2002 17:58

mujeres creando en Bolivia Photos
from England: 1 - 2 - 3
from New York City: 1
from Argentina: 1 - 2

Reports in French from Belgium
La journée internationale des femmes. De la vie familiale au niveau politique en passant par les médias, nos sociétés entretiennent dans leurs visions comme dans leurs fonctionnements les schémas de domination masculine. C?est pourquoi des associations et des individus luttent chaque années pour l?égalité des droits mais aussi des chances entre hommes et femmes. Parmi les initiatives de cette journée, les Femmes en noir invitent à un rassemblement silencieux à Bruxelles et une grève internationale des femmes recevra, ci et là dans le monde, un écho favorable.

Cobertura en castillano de Chiapas
Día internacional de las mujeres 2002:
* CONVOCATORIA Este 8 de Marzo, celebramos nuevamente las luchas que las mujeres de diferentes sectores, hemos emprendido por el reconocimiento a nuestra participación activa y justa dentro de la sociedad...
* Comunicado oficial del 8 de marzo, entregado a las PGR en San Cristóbal de las Casas.
* Intervención de Natalia Arias en frente de la Procuraduría General en San Crist&oacute;bal: Este día, en todo el mundo, desde 1975, cuando la ONU reconoció la importancia de nuestra lucha, se celebra el Día Internacional de las Mujeres. En Chiapas las mujeres independientes u de diversas organizaciones exigimos una vez más solución a nuestras denuncias y demandas. [lee todo el articulo]
* Entrevista con una mujer indigena, sobre mujeres y la cultura indigena.
* Programa de radio - La lucha de las mujeres Zapatistas RealAudio | MP3 (Mujeres indigenas en todo centroamerica se enfocan en temas de globalizacion neo-liberal y sus derechos como mujeres. En este programa, mujeres zapatistas y mujeres que trabajan en Chiapas nos platican sobre su trabajo.

De Argentina,
Feministas contra la corte: Fotos y comentario
Mujeres dignas
Entrevistas con varias mujeres Argentinas.

Reports in English
* Report from New York City
* Report from Barcelona
* Report from Utah
* Report from England
* From Chiapas, an interview with an indigenous woman, about women and the indigenous culture. And the March 8 Radio Program on the situation for women and women's struggle in Chiapas - from the Women's Desk of radioproject.org.
* Video from Washington DC 1 2 3 (comment)

More Information
* Background on International Women's Day
* Interview with Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan
* Interviews from 2000
* Beijing Conference on Women
* International Gender and Trade Network
* Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era

The Taco Bell Truth Tour

09.03.2002 14:11

C I W cartoon Since 1997, tomato pickers in Immokalee, Florida's largest farmworker community, have been organizing. They are demanding the right to join in talks with the state's corporate tomato growers to improve farm labor conditions and raise the crop picking piece rate, which remains nearly unchanged from pre-1980 levels. They must pick and haul 2 tons of tomatoes to make $50 in a day.

The Taco Bell Truth Tour rolled out of Florida March 1st, stopping in selected cities across the country, to call attention to the struggle of farm workers who pick Taco Bell's tomatoes and their demand for a living wage. Taco Bell has the power to double the price paid to farm workers by paying a single penny more per pound of tomatoes. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), which organized the Truth Tour, is a non-hierarchical organization of farmworkers united together to fight for their right to fair pay.

Already, colleges, mutual funds, and unions have joined to pressure Tricon Global, Taco Bell's parent company to press their agricultural contractors to change their practices. The Taco Bell Boycott leverages young people's increasing antipathy to global coroprate domination of human nutrition. In addition to CIW's Taco Bell campaign, many different groups are focusing on Starbuck's labor and environmental standards and Pizza Hut's failure to pressure their Pictsweet mushroomers to pay living wages. Pizza Hut is also part of the Tricon Global megalith.

The Truth Tour's ten day trip west culminates in Southern California with two days of major action. On the 10th, Rise Up 2002 (a national gathering called by CIW) will unite LA-based organizing struggles and the global justice movement. On March 11 the Tour arrives in Irvine, CA where organizers anticipate a huge demonstration at Taco Bell's World Headquarters. After Irvine, the tour continues back to Florida.

Mayan K'iche Fight For Their Land &amp; Against PPP

03.03.2002 14:49

The Plan Puebla Panama is a major factor behind a life and death struggle for the Los Cimientos Maya K'iche in Guatemala. The K'iche are a group of 230 impoverished families who hold clear title to a large tract of land, half of which their ancestors used for farming while protecting the other half of the land as a sacred natural preserve. Oil and mineral interests make the land worth far more than its current estimated value of 8 million dollars.

Driven from their land during the genocidal civil war they returned to find the army had placed a paramilitary group on the land. The K'iche, determined to maintain their legal claim to this fertile land, returned in 1994 only to be driven from their homes in June 2001 in an attack that included kidnapping, rapes, and death threats.

The government, while confirming the legality of the K'iche titles has refused to take legal action against the known perpetrators. The attackers received support for many years from a fundamentalist Christian missionary group closely associated with a mining corporation in Dallas, Texas. It is no accident that the K'iche land is included in the PPP economic development zone that facilitates oil an mineral explorations.

A this time the 1080 K'iche people are living as refugees in a freezing mountainous area without shelter, food, water, or blankets. They have been driven increasingly further from their land in a violent effort to prevent their return and are urgently in need of support.

About Guatemala Today:
Guatemala ended a 35 year civil war in 1996 with negotiated peace accords. During the civil war the there were over 200,000 people killed and according a study 98% of the killings were the responsibility of the government. Since the end of the war the government has done little to implement the peace accords and there continue to be over a 1000 extra-judicial killings a year.

For an in-depth article on the history of U.S. involvement with Guatemala and a media analysis of past and present U.S. mainstream coverage on Guatemala, click here to read "Remembering the Silent Genocide: U.S. culpability and mainstream media coverage of one of the worst human rights atrocities of the 20th Century," a report written by a México City IMC reporter.

The Chiapas IMC will be covering an anti-PPP conference in Guatemala at the end of March.

U.S. Court Ruling Paves the Way for New Round of Media Mergers

25.02.2002 17:05

Imagine a 21st Century company town where a single corporation owns several TV and radio stations, the local cable system, major news weeklies and the hometown paper. That future may soon be at hand as the U.S. media system faces another massive round of consolidation following a February 19 federal appeals court ruling that weakens two of the last major regulatory barriers that limited the power of media moguls. The decision in the lawsuit--which was filed by four of the largest media giants, AOL Time Warner, NewsCorp, NBC and Viacom--declared the ownership restrictions "arbitrary and capricious" and not in the public interest.

Even before the latest court ruling, activists had begun planning actions and educational events designed to protest corporate media consolidation and advocate for the democratization of the communications industries. On March 22nd, a protest will be held outside FCC headquarters in Washington D.C. Mid-October will see a series of media-related events culminating in Media Democracy Day, an event largely based out of Canada in 2001 and expected to grow in 2002. Planners of the various media-related events in 2002 hope that global justice activists will increasingly see media reform and the growth of the independent media movement as integral components of their agenda.

Center for Digital Democracy
Broadband and the Future of Internet
Media Tank
The MediaChannel's Action Guide


23.02.2002 14:55

The Bush Administration's so-called "War on Terrorism" has had Iraq in its sights for some time. Propaganda efforts by the Pentagon and PR spinners are on the rise. The threat of war against Iraq seems more iminent since Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech in Washington. But, is it an Axis of Evil or an Axis of Oil? Reportedly, Iraq has more premium oil than even Saudi Arabia. Multi-national oil and gas corporations, well represented in the Bush Whitehouse, already stood to gain in a re-structured Afghanistan
A friendly government in Iraq would be a boon for Big Oil...
But, potential U.S. allies for an expanded "War", such as European nations like Germany aren't buying it. As it is, international opposition to sanctions and "no fly zones" is growing and alternative solutions to a U.S. invasion are being proposed.

Government Bombs Demilitarized Zone

21.02.2002 16:39

President Andrés Pastrana announced yesterday the end of peace talks with the FARC revolutionary armies and the beginning of a military operation in the Caguán area. The so called "Tanatos" (death) operation has mobilized 13000 Colombian army soldiers. Massive aerial bombardments are being carried out by planes and helipcopters provided by the United States government and manufactured in places like Sikorski in Connecticut, USA to help with the "war on drugs."

With this operation the Colombian government shows that it no longer recognizes the demilitarized zone and FARC spokespersons as legitimate political representatives. In January, a very important meeting between the government and the FARC pointed to an enduring peace agreement. However, this process has had a backward slide following a rise in the polls for right-wing presidential candidate Alvaro Uribe and the kidnapping of a member of the senate committee for peace, senator Eduardo Gechem Turbay. The FARC denies any part in the kidnapping.


Chronology of Peace talks (portuguese):

Presidential speech about the attack (spanish)

FARC comments on the attack (spanish)

Full story (portuguese):

Police Operation against Italy IMC

20.02.2002 06:13

Press Release: Italiano, English, Castellano, Français, Deutsch


7.00. am
Firenze. Torino . Bologna. Taranto. On Wednesday morning, Carabinieri ( paramilitary police) raided several social centres allegedly housing indymedia centers. The nation-wide operation was due to an order from Genova's attorney, who tried to seize audio and video material referring to the anti-G8 actions in Genova last summer, focusing on what could deal with the police raid at the Media Center and the Diaz school. Police have seized computers, archives, and equipment needed by hundreds of italian activists for daily cultural and political activities. From a statement by Indymedia Italy: "This morning, an attack has been struck against freedom of information. A few places have been targeted, to exercise a political pressure on a complex and manifold subject as Italy Indymedia."

Join Italy IMC for a demo in support of free speech and independent information on March 16th in Rome or organize a support protest in your own city!!!

Updates 21.02.02
Hundreds of solidarity messages and planned actions have happily flooded italy IMC mailbox and newswire
Today we came to know that also the Democratic Lawyers Association office has been searched yesterday by Police, within the same operation. Here the translation of their statement.
This association helped during the summer italy imc to gather and structure a dossier on police brutality and violation of human rights that was presented both in the european parliament and in several human rights related organizations.

[ search warrant for Gabrio (Torino): 1 | 2 ]
[ report of the search in the GSA Cecco Rivolta (Firenze) ]
[ report on the search in TPO (Bologna) ]
[ Radio Interviews ]

[ Collection of solidarity statements ]


ore 7.00.
Firenze, Torino, Bologna, Taranto. Carabinieri con numeri da cortei danno la sveglia in un po' di spazi individuati come sedi di indymedia.
Si cerca materiale Audio e Video dell'Indipendent Media Center (Indymedia). Operazione nazionale. Ancora in corso.
Scajola non si limita a chiaccherare. E genova torna all'ordine del giorno.

L'informazione nelle sue forme indipendenti paga il prezzo del pensiero unico. E il dopo genova inizia ad assumere contorni chiari, dopo fumose, parziali e non facili indagini in cerca di prove per le violenze della polizia, si passa in modo evidente alle operazioni di repressione.
In cerca di nuove scuse.

[ Aggiornamenti del 21.02.2002: Perquisiti gli uffici dell'Associazione Giuristi Democratici ]
[ Documento Coordinamento Nazionale Giuristi Democratici ]
[ english ]

[ Intanto si moltiplicano comunicati e attestazioni di solidarietà ]

[ Lanci agenzie stampa 1 | 2 | 3 ]
[ Rassegna stampa del 21.02.2002 ]

[ Comunicato Stampa ]
[ Comunicato stampa in versione PDF ]
[ volantino da distribuire ]

[ ordinanza perquisizione al Gabrio (Torino) 1 | 2 ]
[ resoconto perquisizione alla Casa Occupata GSA Cecco Rivolta (Firenze) ]
[ resoconto perquisizione al TPO (Bologna) ]
[ Interviste Radio sui fatti ]

Direct Democracy Evolves From Economic Crisis

16.02.2002 01:27

photo by Andy Stern [La versión española traducida por CMI México]

Tens of thousands of Argentines are converging this weekend in Buenos Aires to forge alliances and develop alternatives to the economic and political crisis that is gripping their country.

Through public meetings and protests, people from virtually every sector of Argentine society are taking matters into their own hands to come up with solutions to problems that their government and economists have failed to resolve.

On Friday, thousands of people converged in downtown to occupy Plaza de Mayo for a cacerolazo and to camp out overnight. On Saturday, an unprecedented gathering of workers and piqueteros will occur downtown. On Sunday, local asambleas from around the country will converge in Buenos Aires for a national asamblea. And, in some parts of the country, workers have taken over and are running factories that owners have abandoned.

Once a model student of the International Monetary Fund and promoted as a model for the rest of Latin America to follow, Argentina fell into crisis under the weight of about $140 billion in international debt and has instead become a model of an imploding neoliberal economy.

One observer described Argentina as "a laboratory of struggle."

Durante el fin de semana, mientras se produzca el cacerolazo en Plaza de Mayo y la vigilia en espera de los piqueteros, CMI Argentina tendra corresponsales en cada barrio, en la Plaza y en el piquete de Dock Sud frente a la planta de Repsol.

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