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Setting up CAMP in St. Louis

09.05.2002 21:59

CAMP building Seven local organizations in St. Louis, including the St. Louis IMC, have come together under the banner of the Community Arts and Media Project (CAMP) in an attempt to purchase a 9000 square foot building. Their goal is to create a comprehensive community center that focuses on art, media, and popular education as tools to connect and activate local and global struggles in a space that is accessible and comfortable for the community. [Learn more about possible uses for the space.]

The partnership has been approved for a mortgage, and has raised over half of the down payment. But they need your help to raise an additional $15,550 by May 21 or this opportunity will be lost. To find out how you can support CAMP, please visit their website. Or you can make a donation online by clicking here:

Thank you!

10 ISM Volunteers Sneak into Church of the Nativity

02.05.2002 23:41

A group of 10 international activists sneaked into the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem Thursday to deliver food to the besieged Palestinians inside. This marks the first time anyone has been able to bring aid into the church since the standoff began on April 2. Read More || Listen to Kristen Schurr's Report on Democracy Now || Listen to report on Flashpoints || Listen to Free Speech Radio News report.

New productions from ATL-IMC

And a Philly IMC update about the volunteers who walked into the Church

In other related news, the U.S. House and Senate have defied international sentiment and voted overwhelmingly to back Israeli's war on the Palestinians; House Majority Leader Richard Armey called for the full removal of Palestinians from Palestine. Read Interview.

May Day Reports From Around The Globe

02.05.2002 00:18

Melbourne celebrates in style France [FR] Les fachos au second tour *** San Francisco [EN] Police Provocation Disrupts Mayday Festivities *** Melbourne [EN] Thousands in Mayday Actions and Celebrations Across Melbourne *** Uruguay [ES] 1° de Mayo: En solidaridad con las luchas de los trabajadores *** Italy [IT] I say: Mayday Parade *** Argentina [SP] Radio 1° de mayo y algunas noticias del dia de hoy *** Germany [DE] den 1.Mai *** Belgrade [DE] 1. Mai in Belgrad *** l Barcelona [CA] 1 de maig ... tot*s a CAN MASDEU [ES] 1 de mayo ... tod*s a CAN MASDEU [EN] May 1 ... come to Can Masdeu! (A squat that the police are trying to evict) *** Glasgow [EN] May Day in Glasgow *** Argentina [ES] Primero de Mayo *** Portland, Eugene and Ashland [EN] May Day *** Sweden [SW] Första Maj

Please post reports of other May Day events here.

The World Prepares to Celebrate Workers' Holiday

30.04.2002 13:36

May Day is upon us once again, that time of year when we celebrate the workers who built and sustain this world, and those Anarchists, Communists and Socialists who fought to make their lives better. Begun in the United States in 1886 as part of the struggle for an eight-hour work day, May Day is now celebrated around the globe. [Read a history of May Day. | Lesen sie eine Geschichte auf Deutsch | Histoire du premier mai]

From the beginning with the Haymarket massacre in Chicago and subsequent raids by police, May Day celebrations have been the target of state repression. Last year in England, officers beat many celebrants and detained a group of nearly 500 for over eight hours by surrounding them in Oxford Circus. Already in 2002, police have raided a radical dairy and community center, siezing computers and other material without explanation, and assaulted a street theatre reenactment of the police attack against the Womble 7 that occurred last Halloween.

In spite of this intimidation, people in England will try to make their voices heard on May Day.

Listen to radio here? (done for the day)

Across the channel in France, a massive conflict is brewing. A march through Paris by the National Front (NF) Party in support of their presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen will pass by a ;memorial gathering for an Brahim Bouaram, an Arab man killed by NF skinheads in 1995. There will also be a separate mass show of unity by various unions and left wing groups.

In Chicago, the birthplace of Mayday, the past week has seen a Critical Mass ride, a conference called "From Local to Global: the Midwest on Fire" and a carnival against capitalism, and more events are planned.

Boston will be holding a "Festival del pueblo." • San Francisco's May Day events began with a hundreds-bicyclists-strong Critical Mass ride last Friday and are continuing with a "Festival of Resistance." • Various events are planned in /a>New York City, including the opening of an art exhibit featuring the work of NYC IMC photographers. • Also: Minneapolis/St. PaulItalyBarcelonaPortugalPortlandArizonaBuenos AiresOntarioMelbourne (where the focus will be on the government's terrible treatment of refugees) • and Brisbane

Do you have a May Day report or background information that is not included in this feature? Post it here.

The Mobilization Continues

28.04.2002 14:26

banging on the 'corralito' Sigue la movilización: cobertura en castillano

Sticking to their rallying cry of "Que se vayan todos" ("They all must go"), the Argentine people are continuing to press against the fences protecting the country's institutions of power. At the Plaza de Mayo, piqueteros banged on the fence around the President's home, the Casa Rosada, as part of a mass demonstration that also included workers, participants in the Popular Assemblies, and students.

Protests against the "corralito" (little fence) policy that restricts bank withdrawals have intensified, after President Duhalde ordered banks to close. As the nation's cash supply runs out, businesses are now refusing to accept credit cards and other deferred payments, bringing the economy to a halt.

Last week, Finance Minister Remes Lenicov resigned after Congress would not pass the administration's proposal to convert citizens' bank deposits into low- interest bonds. The resignation of then-Finance Minister Domingo Cavallo in December was the harbinger of the popular insurrection that ousted President de la Rua. Current President Duhalde has tried to maintain his position by cooperating with the country's 24 provincial governors, but this has also meant a sacrifice of his political authority. "He has to accept that from now on a type of collegial power" will govern the country, observed the corporate Argentine daily, Clarín. Duhalde and the governors, who see a new loan package as their only salvation, have pledged to the IMF to continue cutting the national and provincial budgets.

In the interior of the country, the situation is as severe as it is in Buenos Aires. In Neuquen, Rosario, Misiones, Rio Negro, and San Juan provinces, large mobilizations of unpaid workers and hungry residents are being met with police force, escalating the crisis. The governor of San Juan, where police and residents have clashed nearly every day for the past week, has said he will submit himself to emergency elections in 45 days.

While the world's corporate media continues to ignore the story or paint it as an issue of concern only to economists, the Argentina IMC is providing the world with daily updates on their country's continuing revolution through their recently redesigned website.

Mobilisation contre le Pen à Bruxelles

26.04.2002 23:31

!!! RAGE !!! Complete coverage from IMC France.

[FR]Belgium: Mille personnes ont manifesté mercredi après-midi contre la venue de Le Pen au Parlement Européen. Le candidat fasciste à la présidence française, venu faire sa promotion, a été chahuté tant à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur du parlement. A la fin de la manifestation, plusieurs centaines de jeunes ont contourné les barrages policiers pour rentrer sur le terrain du parlement, soulignant les conceptions différentes au sein des anti-fascistes.
Récit complet | Manif anti le pen
+ Derrière l'hideuse extrème-droite | La droite si proche de l'extrême-droite | En plus il est homophobe! | A Paris, le 1er mai | Pas de duel televise Chirac-Le Pen

[NL] Le Pen op taart gertakteerd
+ Actie tegen Le Pen in Gent | En Chirac die hoort in de gevangenis

[EN] View from the Parliament

[photo report] complete | condensed
[cartoons] Le Pen n'est pas tombé du ciel | Prendre le problème à la base | Votez vaseline! | Bal tragique

[ ancien articles | older articles ]

Our World In Peril

25.04.2002 18:20

Cover of The Indypendent The NYC Independent Media Center has just published the April issue of The Indypendent, its monthly newspaper. Titled "Our World In Peril" the paper explores the conflict in Palestine, the growing war in Colombia, battles in the Bronx against incinerators, the corporate coup in Venezuela and much more. Download a 20-page PDF of the paper. The individual articles can also be read online.

75-100,000 March in Washington Against Terror War

21.04.2002 03:13

Chanting "free, free Palestine", 75-100,000 protesters poured into the streets of Washington, D.C. Saturday. Many Protesters linked the struggle for Palestinian self-determination to resistance against global capitalism and the U.S.-led "War on Terror" that now extends around the planet from Colombia to West Africa to Afghanistan to the Phillipines.
[On-the-scene general report of day's activities | en espanol | Another on-the-scene report | Corporate Media Report Card | Video from DC]

Foto de la Solidarity demonstrations have also occurred in Duluth, Hamilton, Houston, Orlando, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, TC, & Everywhere Really.

Zoe's Diary: An analysis of A20 tactics
...I was also amazed by the large A20 Stop the War march--which appeared to be just as large as the Palestinian march. It had a larger theme than the Palestinian march--against all forms of war and terrorism, but was equally powerful. When the two groups linked up at the Mall, it was an incredible display of solidarity and the strength of this social movement. More
Listen to Doyle from inside the Palestinian March "most inspiring march, I have ever been in." (free radio burlington) ~ Listen to Intv. w/ Palestinian college student

No Occupation, by Jordan Silverman Global Resistance - All A20, by peter

Alia's Story

Stories on Today's Arrests

Questioning The Coverage of War

19.04.2002 03:33

Shot protester geting help. Thousands of people are expected in Washington, DC, April 19-22 for four days of demonstrations and events. United We March, the Mobilization for Global Justice, the Colombia Mobilization, Committee in Solidarity with the People of Palestine, the Black Panther Party Reunion, and International ANSWER, have all been mobilizing around a variety of issues, including the endless, ever-expanding war; the International Monetary Fund, which will be meeting in DC this weekend; Plan Colombia; and Israeli occupation of Palestine. There are plans for solidarity actions in Seattle, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City.

4/17: "Greetings to all the organizations who are taking part in the events in Washington, DC this weekend! I hope that we will make a 'big noise' that will be heard throughout the nation! I hope also that we will be safe and non-violent in our approach to possibly the biggest event of public expression in America since September 11th." - Sincerely, Derrill Bodley (father of Deora Bodley, passenger on Flight 93)

Indymedia Expands Format to Highlight News From Local IMC's

15.04.2002 01:34

We've had months of debate, announcements here and on many of the local indymedia lists in several languages concluding with a public vote. The results were unanimous, including both those working on the global indymedia site and the full consensus of 15 local imc's from Athens to Seattle. It was decided to restructure our global (network) website. The new system will combine the continued power of open publishing while highlighting the best of indymedia and drive traffic to the local imc websites. Everyone can still access the open publishing newswire with a click of a button. Only now by default the right hand newswire column on this site will automatically include news which has been featured by local imc's. We are not taking anything away, but are providing a choice of options through which we hope to become a more effective news network for social change.

This is one step in our continued development of open publishing. Please read the proposal and attached documents to partipcate in the discussion about how we can continue to build a radical, open and democratic news medium.

Liberan a Hugo Chavez

14.04.2002 10:40

14 de Abril, 1:37 AM Se confirma que Chavez ha sido liberado y se haría cargo del poder al amanecer. El empresario golpista Carmona está detenido.

14 de Abril, 24:50 Los canales RCTV, Venevisión y Globovisión se encuentran rodeados por manifestantes prochavistas desde aproximadamente las 7 de la noche. El diario pro-golpista El Universal fue evacuado por temor a los manifestantes. Aparentemente, según diarios venezolanos, un grupo de militares iria a buscar a Chavez hasta su lugar de encierro para que retome el poder.

"Damn it," said Sharpdressed Man, "foiled by the people of Venezuela!"

Isn't it ironic that while the Argentinian President left by helicopter to avoid an angry mob Venezuela's Chavez joined one?

Who Wants To Be President For A Day?

13.04.2002 21:10

After a one-day-coup in Venezuela, Pedro Carmona renounced under military pressure. During the entire day there were intense demonstrations in front of the Palacio Miraflores where thousands of people demanded the liberation of ex-President Hugo Chávez. At the beginning of the night Congress was brought back and at 10PM the now ex-President Pedro Carmona was signing his resignation.

The first coup followed days of strikes and mass protests which had been initiated and organised by business councils and business-friendly trade unions. For the past months the local media has been engaged in a strong coercive campaign against Chavez' popular policies, meanwhile Chavez supporters seized the state-run TV station holding more than two hours of TV and radio time.

Just such a power grab was predicted in a February 2002 Narco News article, which stated that "the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Morgan Stanley have come out in support of a 'transitional government' for Venezuela, supporting Chavez's removal from office."

After trying a coup in 1992, Chavez won the Venezuelan Presidency in 1998 and 2000, holding 57% of the votes on the last one. Since then Chavez became an "imposed leader" of the bolivarianos social movement and installed a "democracy" that annoyed not only IMF but also the oil oligarchy and the church. Using an enormous popularity Chavez had planned the bolivariana revolution to last until 2013 and implement an unprecedented number of reforms. He was openly opposed to FTAA and maintained a close friendship with Fidel Castro, assuring that Venezuela sell oil to Cuba at preferential prices. In other words, as "outside the whale" said in a comment posted to Indymedia, "Hugo pissed off the Oil Cos. The Oil Cos. conducted a coup. The Oil Cos. used media propaganda to provoke a civilian opposition. In short The Oil Cos. are in control not the people of Venezuela. Gee, Venezuela sounds kinda like America..."

Radio in Venezuela with the latest news say that thousands of people are in the streets just like the argentinian cacerolazos.


Can you spot the SOA
graduate in this photo?

Up to the minute coverage in Indymedia Argentina. And articles posted directly from Venezuela on IMC Brasil

Indymedia <a href="http://satellite.indymedia.org">Newsreal</a> April Release

10.04.2002 23:17

The April edition of Indymedia Newsreal is now showing on cable and satellite television, on the internet, and at a public screening near you. Newsreal is an IMC video project that features ongoing coverage of local activist struggles. This month, Earth Films/HAVC offer an update on the trial over the bomb attack on environ-mental activist Judy Bari, the Rocky Mountain IMC talks with activists walking across US spreading a message of nuclear non proliferation, the Chicago IMC documents Taco Bell & French McDonald's worker's fight against fast food in Chicago, the New York IMC presents a story about protests against Enron, Somali businessman discuss collaboration with white activists from the Seattle IMC and Pepper Spray Productions, and unions and students mobilize against the regents at University of California, Santa Cruz.

Israel Escalates War, Defies World Outrage

03.04.2002 20:45

Images: Worldwide Solidarity | PalestineChronicle.com

Alert: From the International Solidarity Movement "Call To Action: Come To Palestine"

 B R E A K I N G   N E W S


April 13 Jenin: The Israeli army acknowledged on Friday it had killed hundreds of Palestinians earlier in the week in the Jenin refugee camp...more

April 9 Jenin: More than one third of the camp houses have been destroyed… total destruction…. tens of people died in this way...more

April 8 Ramallah: Read this Urgent Appeal from the 40 internationals inside the Presidential Palace in Ramallah.

April 8 Bethlehem: The Israeli army has been driving around Bethlehem, warning over loudspeakers that anyone in the streets will be shot. details. Today curfew was supposed to be lifted from 1300-1700 but was arbitrarily reimposed on the city of Bethlehem at 1500. People mobbed the bakeries and shops desperately trying to stock up on food supplies... More

April 6 Jenin: Latest news from Jenin: In an unprecedented breach of human rights, Israeli occupation soldiers announced in the afternoon that they would cease their fire in order to allow the women and elderly to get water -- only to arrest them and use them as human shields later on. Since the residents have had no water for days, a number of women and elderly men came out of their homes. However, as they reached the camp's entrance, they were all detained....

The detainees were seen strapped to the tanks and personnel carriers, which resumed their bombardment campaign shortly after that call for surrender.... More
Letters from the Massacre in Jenin.

"I got a phone call from a friend in Jenin, his house overlooks the Jenin refugee camp. He told me that what he counted so far is more than 400 missiles fired by Apache helicopters at Jenin refugee camp." -- From: Letter from Jenin

See also: Flashpoints - Eyewitness Jenin account | Al-Awda report | Palestine Monitor

More at IMC-Palestine...

Alert: Llamado para traductores al español. Necesitamos tu ayuda para que el mundo sepa que está sucediendo en palestina. Nuevas Noticias de CMI-Palestine en espanol.

The historical turning point in the Palestinian intifada and global state of war continues to escalate. Israel has now invaded Ramallah, Qalqilya, Beit Jala and Bethlehem in the Palestinian territories. Palestinian armed and civil resistance is intensifying, international activists in Palestine are taking unprecedented actions to prevent Israeli violence and worldwide solidarity protests are occurring. Continuous updates are being posted to Palestine IMC as the situation develops. Concerned hackers are asked to come to the defense of Jerusalem IMC.

Palestine IMC | Israel IMC | Italy IMC | Alternative Information Center | IMC Newsblast | ElectronicIntifada.net | PalestineChronicle.com | Video: IDF Sodiers Shoot Civilians | Audio: Interview 1 | Interview 2 | Interview 3

Compilado de noticias sobre Palestina en español | Donate online to support IMC-Palestine's coverage (left sidebar link on IMC Palestine).

Zimbabwe Still Tense After Elections

03.04.2002 16:02

Zimbabwe continues to teeter on the brink between violence and political reconciliation over three weeks since Robert Mugabe and the ZANU-PF captured an internationally criticized election. Will the Movement Democratic Change negotiate with Mugabe? Will Zimbabwean labor, students, women, demand fundamental change? The Zimbabwe IMC continues to report on issues there, offering a space for alternative proposals in a time during which alternatives are scarce.

Defending Indymedia Like An Open Fortress

31.03.2002 15:56

We're watching heightened attempts to discredit the newswire. What began at or before military escalation in the Mideast continues while TV viewers' senses are assaulted with pornography jamming their usual shows. Nobody wants propaganda, but we trust you to judge for yourself what's disinfo and what is news.

[More | info?]

There's a proposal being discussed to make the global newswire appear like so in the near future:

Breaking the Cage, Detainees escape

30.03.2002 22:21

Following a year of turmoil in Australian detention centres, the woomera2002.com(mune) have had much success over the last 48 hours.

Last night at 5:45 pm a call by detainees was made for joint action inside and out of the Woomera detention centre. The protestors outside the camp broke through at least two fences to actually reach the refugees. At this point, 41 to 46 detainees escaped. Since then 37 (possibly 39) have been recaptured in the last 20 hours.

Read the full story from last night by a desert.indymedia representative. Photos from the action are available here.

The Government concedes that at least 8 detainees are still at large, though they are having trouble determining numbers because those in the camp will not allow the counting process to occur. Sixteen protestors have been arrested for "habouring escapees", a charge that carries up to five years in jail. They will be appearing at the Port Augusta Magistrate court on Tuesday. Bail has been refused by the top levels of government.

Last night the protestor's camp, about a kilometre from the detention centre, was surrounded by police and the Australian Protective Services (APS), and no one was allowed to leave the camp without a thorough ID check.

Today, protestors were trying to to take teddy bears to the detainees, when they were confronted by APS, but apparently were able to deliver their gifts.

Actions of Solidarity have happened in Scotland and Berlin

The Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Phil Ruddock, recently issued statement that largely laid the blame on bungling police and splits between police on the Federal and State level and with APS.

There are still two more days of action. Analysis from those on the ground and those watching the news is strong and inspiring.

Palestine Braces for All-Out War with Israel

29.03.2002 09:33

imc-palestine photo, IDF soldier takes aim UPDATE 30 March 2002: As you are seeing in the news the Israeli military is promising to storm the Presidential compound. Irish national Caoimhe Butterly is still inside the compound! Those in Ramallah are incredibly concerned and are asking everyone to call their respective governments to request the Israeli military cease the destruction and carnage. In Ramallah, over 100 foreign civilians accompanied a medical team to Arafat's besieged compound. The group's persistence eventually got a team of 2 doctors, 2 medics and 4 foreign civilians inside. The injured have now received treatment but remain inside the complex. Five Palestinians were reported executed by Israeli forces earlier this afternoon and fierce exchanges of fire have continued. Power and water supplies have been cut or damaged in many areas. In Bethlehem, tanks and APC's (armored personnel carriers) are deployed inside Beit Jala with some areas having had their power cut off. Reports are coming in that the Israeli army has increased troop presence at the base near Beit Sahour and people are fearing an invasion. There has been sporadic gunfire during the last 3 hours. Palestinians and over 50 internationals marched to Beit Jala this morning, protesting the occupation. The Israeli troops responded with gunfire over the group's heads and lobbed one percussion grenade at the crowd. Approximately one hundred internationals are staying with families in the refugee camps of Deheisheh, Aida and Azza (Beit Jibrin) in an effort to protect these civilians in the event of an invasion. In addition, there are also internationals accompanying Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances throughout the region. This action has been taken in preparation for the expected Israeli military invasion of the Bethlehem district. Solidarity actions are taking place around the world, including Cairo, London and across Europe, Baghdad, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Netherlands, Philadelphia, Stockholm, Dublin, Houston, Rome
More Details For complete coverage, watch Palestine IMC, AIC, Italy IMC and Israel IMC.

March 30 2am in Bethlehem: The Israeli army seems to have stopped at Beit Jala for the evening, and are moving closer to Gilo to provide defense for the settlers.

March 30 12:15am in Bethlehem: IMC-Palestine is experiencing intermittent mortar shelling from the vicinity of Beit Jala. IDF forces have invaded Beit Jala, and their tanks are moving down the hill towards the center of Bethlehem.

March 29 10pm in Palestine: The situation in Palestine continues to become more urgent. International observers are now riding with Red Crescent ambulances, which are being targeted by IDF. In Ramallah, electricity and water has been cut as IDF continues their re-occupation. In Bethlehem, tanks have surrounded the city and the best estimates are that they will arrive in the city & Deheishe refugee camp around midnight. Demonstrations are being planned across the world in solidarity. Indymedia reporters in Deheishe will continue providing updates as long as it is possible.

Sharon's mad push for war during the Arab Summit in Beirut and the following days of troop movements around Ramallah has now accelerated, following a suicide bombing in Netanya and today in Jerusalem.

Israeli aggression against Palestinians at checkpoints and in Arafat's headquarters has been growing the last few days reaching its climax this morning with an increased military occupation of Arafat's headquarters, Ramallah and all Palestinian-controlled territories. This afternoon, the situation has escalated further when a 18-year-old woman suicide bomber from Deheishe refugee camp in Bethlehem struck in Jerusalem. Arafat has said he is ready to be a martyr and is calling for all Palestinians to take up arms against Israel.

International activists who have traveled to Palestine for direct actions are now spreading throughout the territories to act as interposition teams and "human shields." They are calling for all internationals in Palestine to prepare to confront IDF soldiers, as well as movements throughout the world to show solidarity.

Thousands on the Move to Close Refugee Camps

27.03.2002 18:29

prime minister and immigration minister puppets

The Woomera2002 autonomadic caravan is on the move, heading for the festival of freedoms being held in Woomera (March 28 - April 1), located in the South Australian desert. Tens of thousands marched at the Palm Sunday Rallies on March 24 around the country, this year focussing on the demand: 'Free the Refugees'. Woomera is best known as the site of Australia's largest onshore internment camp, the result of an Australian government policy of imprisoning those who move without papers.

A wide range of groups and individuals are converging from all over Australia and as far away as Japan and London. Concurrent actions are being held in other Australian cities, as well as in London, Scotland, Berlin, the Netherlands in response to a global callout.

Online participation in Woomera2002 is made possible courtesy of the Virtual People Smuggler. An online action has been called against ACM/Wackenhut Corporation (the global incarceration company which runs all the onshore detention centres in Australia) to coincide with Woomera2002 on April Fools' Day (April 1).

Stay tuned to Melbourne Indymedia for complete coverage.

2 Million people march against liberalisation of Labour Laws

25.03.2002 18:45

On Saturday March 23, up to 2,000,000 marched in Rome against the proposed abolition of art.18, an article of the labour law preventing workers from being fired without valid reasons. The demonstration went ahead despite calls from the Berlusconi government to suspend it in the wake of the killing of Marco Biagi - adviser of the Minister for Welfare - on Tuesday 19th in Bologna.

Although the "Red Brigades" have been named responsible for the killing of Biagi, the official line has been questioned by trade unions, Disobbedienti and the social centres movement, which have condemned the murder as a 'pro-regime homicide'. The timing of the murder, and the way in which it was quickly linked by the Berlusconi government to the Left, raises memories of the 70's and of the 'strategy of tension' which saw state sponsorship of terrorist acts which were then blamed on the left. A general workers strike against the reforms of the labour law will go ahead at some point during the month of April.

Demo report

Statement by COBAS on the attack

Statement by Luca Casarini on the attack

Background on the 'strategy of tension'

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