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Oct 22 US National Day of Action Against Police Brutality

23.10.2002 04:15

Police Brutality Protest in Oakland As media representations following Sept. 11 have tried to indelibly mark police officers as national heroes, the issue of police brutality has been largely taboo. Tomorrow afternoon, however, the Oct. 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation (NDP) will hold marches and rallies across the country to officially break the silence, and to let the world know that Sept. 11 was not "D-Day" for law enforcement abuse.

According to organizers, at least 140 people have been killed by law enforcement nationally since Sept. 11, 2001, including at least 34 in the New York-New Jersey area.

Every year there is also an international day of action against police brutality on March 15th.

Read more about the O22 protests with coverage from imc's in Baltimore, Chicago, DC, Greensboro, Houston, LA, New York, New Jersey, Phoenix, Portland Maine, Portland Oregon, San Francisco, Seattle, and the Twin Cities.

Protests at UN and Pentagon Ahead Of National Day Of Action

23.10.2002 01:35

getting arrested at the UN Early Monday morning, a group of activists with No Blood For Oil! occupied the UN building and made certain demands. 13 student activists were removed from the General Assembly in the United Nations and 6 people were arrested in front of the US mission. Over the weekend, pastors and churchgoers gathered in Poe Park in the Bronx for an anti-war rally.

In Washington, DC, over 100 women and Quakers held a peace vigil at the Pentagon to mark the beginning of International Disarmament Week.

These actions come as cities around the country prepare for a national day of protest this Saturday, October 26. The largest crowds are expected in San Francisco and Washington, DC. In Los Angeles, anarchists will be holding an anti-war conference while anti-capitalists feeder marches are planned for DC.

Resisting Algerian Deportations in Montreal

22.10.2002 19:10

On Saturday October 12th hundreds of people took to the streets of Montreal to support the near 1000 non-status Algerians being threatened with deportation. To date 29 people whose political refugee claims have been denied by Immigration Canada have been deported to Algeria, a country where civil war in the recent years has taken the lives of over 150,000 people and where thousands have gone missing.

Read more about the campaign to stop the deportations at Montreal Indymedia

Workers: Coca Cola Is Not The Real Thing

21.10.2002 05:33

protesting coke On October 17, dozens of HIV/AIDS activists, many students from area universities, demonstrated outside the Coca-Cola Corporation's Washington, DC, office. The demonstration was one of many taking place in major cities across the country and the world to pressure Coke to live up to a 2001 agreement to give adequate and accessible health coverage for HIV/AIDS-infected employees in Africa. They also pressured Coke to include children and other dependents in the plan, not just spouses.

Questions Linger Around Bomb Attack

20.10.2002 04:20

On October 13, two bombs were set off in Kuta Beach, Bali, destroying the Sari nightclub and damaging serveral other buildings nearby. It is currently estimated that over 180 people died as a result of the blasts. While international media has focused on the 60 percent of the victims who were foreign tourists, little has been said of the Balianese victims or of the impact this will have on Bali (and Indoneasia) itself.

While the blame for the attack has largely been placed on the Indonesian fundamentalist muslim organisation Jemaah Islamiyah, there remain many questions about who is responsible. Australian Prime Minister John Howard and the Indonesian government are using the attack to press for harsher anti-terrorism laws.

[ See the feature from the Melbourne IMC. ]

Communication is a Human Right

18.10.2002 16:36

media democracy day logo Today, October 18, is International Media Democracy Day, with events in over 25 cities across the world. Creative actions, protests, film screenings, discussions, lobbying, print publications, subvertising and spoofs are all playing their part in the beginnings of a new global movement around media issues.

Post information on media democracy and reports of celebrations here.

First Nations Celebrate Resistance to Genocide

18.10.2002 11:42

roadblock in Chiapas While some celebrated the 510th anniversary of Columbus's arrival in the western hemisphere, many others protested his legacy of genocide and enslavement. In Chiapas, more than 50 peasant and civil organizations organized 12 roadblocks. In Colorado, the birthplace of the Columbus holiday, nearly 2500 people marched from the four directions with red, black, yellow and white flags to the state capitol to end all things that the Columbian legacy has come to represent for first nations peoples. In Arizona and Sonora, 250 people marched on the U.S./Mexico border to show their opposition to border policies, the takeover and seperation of indigenous lands, and the subjugation of indigenous people. Native Americans and others converged on Washington, DC where someone defaced a statue of Columbus.

Ireland to Vote on EU Treaty

17.10.2002 11:36

EU? Voters in Ireland will be going to the polls on Saturday for a referendum on the Treaty of Nice. The Treaty deals with the expansion and militarisation of the European Union and the flexibility of its institutions. Ireland is the only country where the people are allowed to ratify or reject the Treaty; every other member of the EU has had their parliament make the decision. The same referendum was held in Ireland a year ago and was defeated. Those calling for a Yes vote include the majority of the political parties, the national and multinational business community in Ireland, and pro-liberalization forces from all over Europe. They are outspending the Irish opposition by a factor of 9 to 1 in their desperation to change the minds of Irish Voters.

The Ireland IMC website is hosting a lively discussion of the issues, even though no one has posted an argument in favor of the Treaty. One charge against the referendum is that the treaty will grant anti-democratic fast-track powers to the unelected European Commission to sign the EU as a whole up to International trade agreements.

Conference Sparks Fierce Debate Over Israel-Palestine

17.10.2002 04:25

The Second National Palestine Solidarity Conference, hosted at the University of Michigan by Students Allied for Freedom & Equality has come to an end. The focus of the the conference was the use of "divest from Israel" campaigns as a means of supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people. The conference attained national attention and scrutiny as some pro-Israel groups, seeing the conference as an indication of new battle lines being drawn between themselves and their adversaries, launched campaigns aimed at denouncing the conference and its organizers.

[ See the entire feature ]

One Dies as Global Forest Defense Actions Continue

16.10.2002 03:05

Residents briefly shut down operations

While mourning Naya, the courageous youth who died last week while defending a stand of trees outside of Santa Cruz, California, global forest defenders and environmental activists continue their actions to save a planet that is under constant attack from capitalism and corporate terrorism.

[ See the Entire Feature ]

Will The WTO Cancel Their Sydney Meeting?

16.10.2002 02:56

the NOWTO network When in August this year Australian Finance Minister Mark Vaile announced he was hosting the World Trade Organisation's meeting in Sydney over the 2 days of November 14 and 15, no one could foresee the huge amount of community pressure that would be placed upon him to cancel the meetings and cancel the WTO invitation.

As soon as he announced the meeting, the Australian community rallied together to do all in its power to stop the meeting from going ahead. Activists responded immediately and have formed groups in sydney, melbourne, canberra, brisbane, adelaide and wollongong with the single intention: saying no to the WTO.

Ta'ayush in Abu Dis

15.10.2002 09:26

Saturday, Ta'ayush's Israeli activists joined their Palestinian counterparts in Abu Dis for a peaceful demonstration against the separation wall. In the name of security the wall restricts freedom of movement for thousands of Palestinian residents of Eastern Jerusalem Al-Quds. Their travel to school, work, and worship are left to the whim of whichever Israeli Defense Forces' soldier happened to be ordered there. The much reported security fence is nowhere near completion. Vast areas where crossing is possible exist but have proven far more dangerous than the checkpoint crossings.

In the early morning the Israeli Defense Forces declared curfew on the area in spite of having promised to allow the march which resulted in ongoing clashes between soldiers and youth throughout the day. The overwhelmingly peaceful demonstration was initially successful at negotiating their way past the line of soldiers towards the separation wall. But suddenly things turned violent after a single demonstrator threw a rock at a soldier who in turn rushed the crowd to arrest him; but grabbed a peaceful demonstrator instead. Several activist attempted to un-arrest the man. The soldiers beat them off, but by then it was raining rocks, and the soldiers responded with tear gas and sound bombs. Several people were injured.

Within minutes the demonstrators calmed and were returned to negotiate with the soldiers. The march was allowed a few meters further but never made it to the wall. A small rally was held and the Israeli activist made their way home… as they did several tear gas canisters were fired at Palestinian demonstrators who continued to break curfew.
See pictures.

As Congress Caves, Activists Rise Up

12.10.2002 14:24

Put the peace sign in the air This week, as the unelected Commander-in-Chief gained approval from Congress for his war, the people of the United States fought back with a wide range of tactics. In San Francisco, some 500 activists moved quickly to lay siege to a federal building. Around 1000 Students and faculty at the University of California, Santa Cruz, walked out. In New York, people occupied a senator's office while anti-war students crashed the party at MTV's Total Request Live. Portlanders redecorated a billboard to deliver an anti-Bush message.

Add your comments here.

Celebrating Resistance to a New Era of Corporate Colonialism

11.10.2002 19:51

This Saturday, October 12, dozens of demonstrations will be held all over the US, Mexico and Central America to protest Columbus Day. Thousands of indigenous activists and supporters from Canada to Panama will block borders, close highways and conduct various direct actions to demand basic human rights for all native peoples.

[ See the entire feature. ]

Bush and Big Business Go After Longshoremen, Invoke Taft-Hartley

11.10.2002 18:44

Government Off the ILWU In what is viewed by many union leaders and grassroots members as a coordinated attempt by the Pacific Maritemers Association (PMA) and the Bush administration to break the powerful ILWU, Bush has invoked the Taft-Hartley Act to force an end to PMA's lock-out of union labor. This allows for federal supervision of the workplace for 80 days.

[ Read the entire feature. ]

Citizens Use Sit-Ins For Peace Push

10.10.2002 14:00

&quot;Herb Kohl wants to hear from you&quot; While Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl decides whether to vote yes or no on war in Iraq, people are sitting in at almost every one of his offices throughout the state. An ongoing picket for peace outside Kohl's Madison office began yesterday, along with sit-ins and other constituent visits to his offices in Madison [ 1 ], Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Appleton, and La Crosse. The delegation intends to remain in the office until Senator Kohl agrees to vote no on war on Iraq.

Citizens are using this tactic in other communities. Please post reports of sit-ins of the local offices of other representatives here.

Peace Actions Escalating Across Country

10.10.2002 00:06

Protestors at the Federal Building in Minneapolis on October 7 The nascent U.S. peace movement continues to build following the 'Not in Our Name' protests during the first weekend of October. Sit-ins at congressional offices across the country are mounting, while protests both against war in Iraq and at Bush appearances continue. Due to continuting constituent pressure, reports indicate that "some Senate staffers have been 'in tears'" over the prospect of war.

[ Read the entire feature. ]

Read another tally of the protests across the U.S. on October 5 and 6.

More information is available in past global Indymedia coverage [ Oct 9a | Oct 9b | Oct 8a | Oct 8b | Oct 8c | Oct 7 | Oct 6 | Oct 5a | Oct 5b | Oct 3 | Sep 28 | Sep 27 | Sep 26 | Sep 17 | Sep 14 | Aug 21 | Aug 16 | Jul 30 ].

1.5 Million Say No To War

09.10.2002 17:26

Protesting against war in Napoli Throughout the world, people are going into the streets to say no to any military action in Iraq. More than one and a half million persons protested war across Italy on Saturday, October 5. This came a week after demonstrations by a half million in London, and on the same weekend as the 'Not in Our Name' actions across the U.S. The marches were sponsored by the European Social Forum, and titled "One Hundred Towns Against War."

[ Read the entire feature. ]

Across the world, the breadth of opposition to war in Iraq is widening, with protests in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

War Ministers Summit Protested in Rethymnon

09.10.2002 15:40

Protestors and police in Rethynmon, Crete On October 4 and 5, a EU Summit convening national Ministers of Defense was held in Rethymnon, Crete. Greece is taking the leadership of the EU for the first six months of 2003, and this was the first preparatory meeting.

Local activists opened an initiative (gr) against the ministers' summit, and on Saturday, a protest was held outside of the Creta Hotel where the meetings were held. More than 250 persons demonstrated, and there were altercations with police [ 1 ] (gr), with one protestor sustaining a serious injury to the head.

Read a detailed report.

Corporate and 'Public' Media Marginalize Dissent

09.10.2002 04:03

'Liberated' newspaper boxes in Portland, Oregon

If your only source of news in the U.S. happened to be the corporate media, such as the big city dailies, the tv networks, PBS, or National Public Radio, you might be under the mistaken impression that few if any people were protesting the Bush administration's war machine and its ongoing disinformation campaign. As sometimes happens in the U.K., peace demonstrations in the U.S. regularly go unreported in the dominant media. There are some indications, though, that criticism is beginning to take effect, while independent media continues to grow.

[ Read the entire feature. ]

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