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Boston Janitors Win!

07.11.2002 18:44

Boston Janitors Win! Boston-area janitors and cleaning contractors reached a tentative contract settlement Wednesday, October 23rd, that will dramatically improve janitorial jobs. Four weeks of walkout, nightly parades, civil disobedience, and mass demonstrations contributed to the trend of labor disputes on local campuses between janitors and contractors. The victory has ended the current round but histo ry shows more is sure to come. Although the agreement with the Maintenance Contractors of New England seems to achieve all of janitors' goals, including extending employer-paid health insurance to more janitors, boosting pay significantly, and improving benefits such as sick leave some supporters feel it shorthands the janitors.

FTAA and Civil Society

06.11.2002 13:35

puppets against FTAA At the end of another round of FTAA negotiations, country representatives have emerged with yet another document emphasizing the need for civic participation in the processes of dialogue and formulation of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. Some of the more fundamental problems with the FTAA were raised by a large delegation of Social Movements and NGOs last Thursday, both on the streets and in an exchange with trade ministers later that evening. By completely ignoring their input in this document, negotiators have shown that their desire for civil society participation in the process is only so long as the society agrees (with 'civility') to the process of trade liberalization itself.

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Final Document of the Anti-FTAA Days Given to Governments (es) (en)

Manifesto of the Women of the Americas to the FTAA Ministerial (es) (en)

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11 Arrested at UN

06.11.2002 05:30

no blood for oil Eleven activists with the New York City antiwar group No Blood for Oil were arrested outside of the United Nations Monday while trying to hand deliver a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Signed by 1,300 people from around the world, the letter calls upon Annan to uphold the principles of peace upon which the UN was founded. Originally sent last month, no reply or acknowledgment to the letter was ever received.

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To Vote or Not to Vote?

05.11.2002 02:47

regime change begins at home. Vote! The 2002 elections will be held across the U.S. Tuesday, amid predictions of sparse voter turn-out and, until this past week, scant media coverage. Among progressive and radical Americans, a debate has been percolating between those who believe voting will not make any difference in the political landscape and those who feel that strategic voting can help push the pendulum away from the Republican and corporate right.

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Violent Repression at Australian Detention Centers

04.11.2002 16:18

Baxter Detention Center Update Nov 7: Baxter Detention Centre Update

Update Nov 5: Letter from Baxter Detainees

"Trouble at Baxter last pm. Whiskey 2. Many officers. Riot gear. Beatings. Awaiting update." This is an SMS message from refugee advocates who are currently on the road visiting the Baxter, Woomera and Port Hedland detention centres.

Baxter, near Port Augusta in South Australia, is the newest refugee detention centre. Opened in September this year, it is surrounded by high powered electric fences. Many detainees in Woomera are resisting being moved to Baxter, fearing the conditions will be even more respressive.

Thousands Participate in Antiwar Demos Across Greece

03.11.2002 18:58

Freedom to Yiannis Serifis October 31 found the whole of Greece in an anti-war fever. More than 10.000 people participated in a demonstration in Athens. The demonstration was aggressive against U.S. imperialism and the support that the Greek Government has extended to the U.S. during the attacks on Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. The mass of the demonstrators were peaceful; however, outside the heavily guarded U.S. embassy, a group of anarchists attacked the police forces with cobblestones, and the police responded with tear-gas. Later on the police arrested 10 students as they were heading home. They were later interrogated and set free with no charges.

In Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, more than 3.500 people participated in the demonstration. Apart from the demonstration's basic purpose, there were many voices of solidarity to the Palestinian people, as well as Yiannis Serifis, a well known militant organizer who is now detained for his alleged membership in the November the 17th group. Simular actions took place in Patras, Iraklio (Crete), Rethimno, Kalamata, Serres and many other major cities.

10,000 Demonstrate Against the FTAA in Montreal

02.11.2002 18:02

At least 10,000 protesters demonstrated in the streets of Montreal on October 31 against the FTAA, as part of a hemispheric student strike. The festive protest occupied several city blocks, as it wound its way thru downtown Montreal, including the stock exchange and other parts of the financial district on St-Jacques street. The demo ended in an open-air party in a major park downtown.

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Pope Squat Evicted While Global Fight for Space Continues

02.11.2002 01:19

Squat Action in Victoria While the world's corporations continue the onslaught and demand for privatization, one of the most privatized commodities formerly held in common trust by all, land and shelter, has become a focal point of struggle for social justice. In Toronto, the OCAP Pope Squat was evicted. In Switzerland, a social centre used as shelter by Ecuadorean immigrants was also evicted. In Athens the struggle for space continues as a Squat maintains itself. In Argentina the unemployed have taken over a supermarket and shared spaces have replaced the market in former middle class neighborhoods. In South Africa the anti-eviction campaign continues. The fight back against the privatization of space and shelter was given a push last week with actions throughout Canada. In Montreal, a march and squat was held, in the Maritimes a squat was opened and in Vancouver the struggle for social housing has grown. In Victoria a building was taken over by the Victoria Anti-Poverty Coalition.. And in DC the newly formed MayDay Collective promoted a Housing Forum.

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Protests Continue as Meetings Begin

01.11.2002 21:19

Protesting the FTAA/ALCA in Quito Frustrated by the lack of actions today - during the first day of the Seventh Ministerial meeting about the FTAA, a group of young people and students, Ecuadorians and foreigners, held an impromptu meeting in the hallway of the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana and decided to organize some type of spur of the moment action. A few minutes later they took to the streets.

[

Police Repress Student Protests

01.11.2002 00:22

Protestores in Ecuador On Wednesday, October 30, 500 students from the Central University of Ecuador marched on the corporate businessmen of the Americas Business Forum, who were preparing their FTAA wish list for the closed-door FTAA Summit with government trade ministers. The student demonstration was attacked with tear gas and bullets. Police arrested and beat some students; two students were hospitalized. [ View photos ]

Kensington 87 Case Continues

31.10.2002 18:30

On Wednesday, the 87 members of the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee & the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) made their fourth appearance in the Jeppe Magistrate's Court in Johannesburg. Popularly known as the "Kensington 87," these activists were arrested on April 6 for protesting water and electricity cut-offs in their communities, linked to the ANC government's programme of privatisation of these basic services, outside the house of Amos Masondo, the mayor of Johannesburg.

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Debate At The UN; Resolution In The Streets

30.10.2002 13:51

behold the peace horse Following a global day of action against the war, the United Nations Security Council continues its discussions of a resolution on Iraq. But activists are not resting. 2500 marched to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's house in New Mexico on Monday and left a list of charges for war crimes on his gate. And a protest against the corporate media blackout is planned for today in Minneapolis. The New York City IMC's monthly newspaper, The Indypendent, has a new issue focused entirely on Iraq and the coming war.

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Journal of the Anti-FTAA Actions

29.10.2002 06:57

Andean Indegenous Flag At the seventh forum of the Americas and the seventh ministerial meeting of the FTAA in Quito, the future of the FTAA (es) is being defined. Social movements of Ecuador and of all the continent are organizing diverse anti-ALCA activities, including direct marches from the borders, watches, actions, ring and walls, street theater and much more.

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Critical Mass Under A Harvest Moon

29.10.2002 03:14

critical Critical Mass is a monthly festival of public space, with groups of cyclists taking over the streets of cities around the world. This past Friday, some CMers in the United States donned costumes in a combined celebration of the pagan holiday, Halloween. In Ashland, Oregon, a partly costumed ride received cheers from the sidewalks and citations from police.

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The Left Gains Power in Brazil

28.10.2002 05:08

street party in sao paulo

For the first time in the history of Brazil, a leftist candidate, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has been elected President. After running for the presidency three times previously, Lula, the candidate of the Workers Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT), finally won this Sunday the 27th. As Jose Serra, the defeated Social Democratic Party candidate, conceded, PT supporters were celebrating in the streets (photos).

Controversial alliances with the Liberal Party and with opponents of the conservative PMDB and PFL allowed the formation of a coalition that created the promise of a sustainable politics to take the PT to the power. It is an open question as to what extent the politicians will compromise the proposals of the PT party. Fifteen days after assuming the position, Lula will have to make a decision regarding the FTAA. This decision will not only affect Brazil, but all of the Americas.

When Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the current president, transfers the position to Lula, it will be the first time in forty years that an elected president transfers the government to the president-elect of another party. The uniqueness of the transition demonstrates the previous absence of democracy in Brazil, a country immersed in social and economic problems. While there are promises of economic growth and social justice advances, the next government faces serious challenges: external debt (pt) of US$216 billion, a social welfare deficit, and 8 million unemployed Brazilians.

Previous features on the Brazilian elections: October 7 | October 4

Anti-Nuclear Actions Face Repression in Argentina

27.10.2002 20:17

Police charge protesters and fire rubber bullets Yesterday police arrested 30 [es] [en] activists with Greenpeace Argentina outside the national congress in Buenos Aires. The activists were protesting actions by the government which is trying to alter the constitution to allow for the importing of nuclear waste.

Police attacked activists from the neighborhood asambleas, piqueteros, and student groups who had gathered outside the police station in solidarity with the arrested activists [en] and to demand their release. Hitting the crowd with batons and firing rubber bullets in to the crowd at close range, the police tried to disperse the crowd. Three indymedia activists were injured in the attack.

Although all the greenpeace activists have been released [es] [en] this attack on the peaceful jail solidarity protest marks a scary increase in the violent repression of activists in argentina.

Photos: [ the action, arrests, repression at the police station ]

Update: Argentina indymedia has put together an overview piece in engish which puts the repression in context.

More coverage from Argentina Indymedia in English & en Espanol.

Global Actions Against Bush's War for Oil Markets

27.10.2002 03:10

Protestors in Berlin

In a pre-emptive strike for peace hundreds of thousands marched throughout the world to protest George Bush's ill-conceived war against the people of `Iraq. Over a hundred thousand marched and surrounded the White House in Washington, DC while on the opposite coast in San Francisco a like number marched through the streets of the city. Including a breakaway contingent of 500+ anti-capitalists which laid seige to the local Armed Forces recruiting station. In Europe, demonstrations were also held in Berlin, as well as Rotterdam, Belgium, Barcelona and several cities in Italy. Smaller protests also occured in other towns throughout the United States. In Los Angeles Anarchists continue their anti-war conference as they prepare for what may be an inevitable war led by global capitalism. Clearly the fact that these marches are happening before a war begins can only mean that if a war breaks out street conflicts in the US and elsewhere will follow.

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Major Coverage: IMC-DC | IMC-SF | IMC-Germany | IMC-Italy | IMC-Barcelona

Z-Mag 's Ten Questions and Answers on Anti-War Organizing

From The Front Lines Of The Environmental Struggle

26.10.2002 14:00

Tree Sit in Brisbane Australia Activists in Brisbane conducted tree sits to defend an urban bushland. A tree sit in Oregon is threatened by helicopter logging. At the Sydney IMC there is a report on World Food Day. In Mumbai, South Asia, and Santa Cruz, California, there are reports on local struggles against water privatization. Pollution has hit the front pages of the Italy IMC and the St. Louis IMC, where an oil-refinery has poisoned the local environment. In Belgium activists are taking action to protect a woodland from a military radar installation. Recently in Los Angeles, activists and artists staged lockdowns and used artwork to combat fossil fuel consumption. In New Mexico, indigeneous activists and their supporters tried to block bulldozers constructing a road through a national park and sacred ground. In London, activists targeted the consumer economy at the largest Car Expo in the UK. Also in England, police raided the animal rights group, SHAC. Stay tuned to Indymedia for regular earth defense updates.

Earth Defense Newswires: Basque | German | Dutch | English: IMC-Victoria, IMC-PDX | IMC-SF

Animal Rights Newswire: IMC-PDX

[ Read the full feature here ]

Movement Grows, Despite Differences

25.10.2002 17:31

get your anti-war on This weekend, major demonstrations against war on Iraq are expected to attract many thousands in San Francisco, Washington DC and across the country, despite a corporate media blackout. Simultaneous anti-war protests will take place in many countries, including Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, India, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, and Puerto Rico. International ANSWER, which is organizing the DC event, has been criticized as Stalinist by some liberal and anarchist anti-war activists. Nonetheless, many groups unaffiliated with ANSWER are planning "creative solidarity" with the October 26 march.

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'Indymedia on Air' this Week

23.10.2002 14:55

Indymedia on Air is a compilation show of IMC and allied audio from around the world, and is uploaded weekly to the global Indymedia newswire. The show is produced from the Los Angeles IMC. For the week of October 21, 2002:

Part One of the Show (9.7mb, approximately 30 minutes):
-Scott Harris of Between the Lines with Narco News' Luis Gomez on what Brazil's Presidential election means for the world.
-DC-IMC on water privatization in Nicaragua
-InterWorld Radio on the destruction of food fish stocks in Zambia
-WINGS on female genital mutilation in the Sudan

Part Two of the Show (8.3mb, approximately 30 minutes):
-Bronwyn Maldin of the Los Angeles IMC on organizing against the debt in the global south
-EFRN on threats to the Red-legged frog and hope for endangered whales
-The IndyMedia Europe NewsFlash from Netherlands Indymedia
-Commentary from Steven Starr of the LA-IMC

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