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Water Activists Confront Conlog in Durban

05.12.2002 03:22

Sign at the Conlog headquarters in Durban, South Africa As part of their continued efforts to document and fight water privatization worldwide, three Michigan Sweetwater Alliance activists delivered an international letter of protest on December 3 calling for the abolition of pre-paid water meters in South Africa. The letter, signed by over 150 international organizations, was delivered to the Durban headquarters of Conlog [ 1 ]. The company's privatization policies have led to water and electricity shutoffs for more than 20 million South Africans.

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More information is available from the Sweetwater Alliance, the Anti-Privatisation Forum, and previous global Indymedia features on water [ Nov 17 | Sep 17 | Sep 9 | Jul 25 ].

Movements for Labor and Peace Build Across Korea

04.12.2002 15:15

Protests against U.S. military and economic policies in Seoul Protests against World Trade Organization policies, violent police, attacks on labor organizing, and the presence of the U.S. military in South Korea are growing. For more than a week, protests have been held throughout the country following the acquital of two U.S. soldiers involved in the deaths of two young girls in June. This comes with an increasing rejection of U.S. military presence in South Korea with a desire for reunification among Koreans.

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Campaign for Southern Hebron Mountain Bedouins

04.12.2002 15:07

A Ta'ayush visit. Land confiscations, house demolitions, well destructions, and violence by the Israeli Defense Forces and settlers have already convinced many Bedouins to abandon traditional herding and move to near by towns. Such moves ensure better access to education, healthcare, and safety. But often, they result in deeper economic dependency that clashes with the Bedouins' cultural values of independence. Israeli activists have responded with a successful support campaign by setting up an information packed internet site, organizing direct actions (in the form of aid caravans by Ta'ayush), and more.

Watch a video of a recent visit, this time, by Ta'ayush.

Homeland Security Act Includes 'Corporate Unaccountability' Clauses

03.12.2002 20:10

Offical logo of the Information Awareness Office headed by convicted felon John Poindexter There is yet another reason to criticize the much-maligned Homeland Security Act, the largest government restructuring in 50 years.

The act includes special interest bonuses such as reductions in corporate accountability, partial exemptions from FOIA requirements, and protection for pharmaceutical companies - large GOP contributors - against class action lawsuits.

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Riot Police Attack Peaceful Protests With Teargas, Rubber Bullets

03.12.2002 19:44

Protests against privatization in San Salvador In an unprovoked act of aggression, riot police attacked a peaceful protest in front of a Maternity hospital in San Salvador on November 27. More than a thousand protesters, including hospital patients, children and retirees, were rallying when police officers on the scene opened fire with rubber bullets, teargas, and water cannons. More than 35 people were seriously injured by rubber bullets and over 100 newborns and infants suffered effects from inhalation of teargas.

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Immigrant Workers Struggle for Rights in Koreatown

03.12.2002 12:58

Marching for immigrant workers' rights in Koreatown, Los Angeles On Saturday, November 16, about 450 people marched through the Los Angeles neighborhood of Koreatown [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] in solidarity with the call to boycott Assi Market and Forever 21 clothing retailers, and to stand in solidarity with immigrant workers. Supermarket workers in Koreatown are fighting for better treatment and have organized the Immigrant Workers Union (IWU) for workers at Assi Market. The owner has refused to recognize the union and has retaliated against union organizers.

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Protests Hit CBI Meeting

03.12.2002 10:22

Fake blood splashed on BP exhibit at Confederation of British Industry meetings

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual conference for employers, named the 'Fat Cats Conference' by Globalise Resistance, began on November 24 in Manchester. It was greeted for the first time with a union-organised protest that was joined by anti-capitalist and anti-war demonstrators.

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Watch video of the action: high bandwidth | low bandwidth

Widspread Solidarity Shown with NoGlobal Prisoners

03.12.2002 02:09

Protesting the NoGlobal arrests in Italy

In a turnout exceeding all expectations, 60,000 people demonstrated for the freedom of the NoGlobal prisoners in Cosenza on November 23 [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]. Participants included many people who had traveled far to the southern tip of the country, but also many local people, including the mayor. Local citizens welcomed the demonstrators enthusiastically, with people applauding from the balconies all along the demo route. IMC Cosenza noted, "the whole city is embracing and kissing the movement!"

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Round Two of the Firefighters Strike

03.12.2002 01:30

Picketing for the firefighters strike in South London Despite continued threats from government, employers, and big business, firefighters continued their second round of strikes for better pay and protection from job-cutting modernisation. This strike was an eight day action that began on November 22. Pickets were held outside of every fire station in the country [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], with spirits high among professional firefighters, despite their wages of only £6 per hour. Read an in-depth report about the conditions and strike.

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From Woomera to Baxter - The Relocation of Hell

02.12.2002 20:29

Fenceline at an Australian detention centre for refugees

Violence upon detainees at the Woomera Detention Centre north of Adelaide is increasing. Detainees fear it may be closed down earlier than expected, with all of the detainees relocating to the new Baxter Detention Centre. Baxter, near Port Augusta in South Australia, is the newest refugee detention centre. Opened in September of this year, Baxter is described by detainees as worse than "the hell-hole that is Woomera."

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More information is availble from the Refugee Media Space, and from past global Indymedia features [ Nov 4 | Sep 3 | Jul 22 | June 28 ].

Hemispheric Meeting Against the FTAA Ends With Call to Mobilization

02.12.2002 19:57

Over a thousand delegates from more than 41 countries participated in the Hemispheric Meeting II against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) from November 25-28 in Havana, Cuba. The four days of the conference included lectures, political meetings and thematic workshops with participants from diverse social movements. The event concluded with approval of a Calendar (es), a Plan of Action Against the FTAA (es), and a a Call to Mobilization (es).

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Roma Face Deportation from Germany, Persecution in Former Yugoslavia

01.12.2002 14:38

Having escaped the wars which ravaged the former Yugoslavia by seeking safe haven in Germany, Roma now face deportation and return to ethnic persecution in the former Yugoslav states. The Roma are fighting for their right to stay with demonstrations and other protest actions, however.

Begining in April, about 500 refugees protested in a caravan through the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, opening a protest camp in July in the capital city of Dusseldorf. From November 18-20, 40 Roma from Berlin occupied the central office of the 'Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus' (PDS), the coalition partner of the Berlin Government. Another group occupied the party offices of the Green Party (German Federal Government partner) in Dusseldorf on November 27, and were evicted by police while supporters were beaten.

Read: the Roma Statement: [ de | en | fr ] and ongoing coverage (de)

Support the International Campaign for a Right to Stay: [ ct | en | de ]

Kissing Activists Spin Bottle Inside and Outside Australian Parliament

01.12.2002 03:44

Getting ready to spin the bottle Militant anti-capitalist kissing activists hailed as a great success simultaneous games of spin the bottle held inside and outside the State Parliament of New South Wales on November 21. "Some would call it civil disobedience, but civility had nothing to do with it," boasted Spin The Bottle Bloc member Morris Day. "We have taken direct action to defend our democratic right to snog where and when we like!" Dozens kissed happily on the pavement while four committed cadres put their mouths where the money is, snoging in Parliament's public gallery until security guards removed them. Protestors were happy to chalk up a total of 154 kisses.

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Happy Un-Holiday: Buy Nothing Day 2002

29.11.2002 05:03

Buy Nothing Day logo - escaping the bar code As shoppers gear up for the holidays, people around the world are questioning the corporate insistence that we can buy comfort, love, companionship, happiness and community with money.

Friday, November 29 will mark the eleventh year of the anti-consumption holiday, Buy Nothing Day. The "un-holiday" has become increasingly popular over the years, with upwards of thirty different countries participating. This year, a variety of thought-provoking events will take place locally and internationally with the ultimate aims of encouraging consumer education and awareness, and curbing consumption overall.

Read the entire feature and post links to reports of BND events throughout the world.

Various IMCs preview BND 2002, including Germany, Houston, Italy, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Twin Cities, Victoria, and Washington D.C..

Lavalas Movement Rallies Thousands to Support President Aristide

28.11.2002 22:45

Crowd of Aristide supporters in front of the Presidential Palace Seven thousand supporters of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's "Lavalas" ("cleansing flood") movement filled the national theater in downtown Port au Prince on November 25 and marched to the national palace in a tremendous show of strength and unity.

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American Indians Hold Thanksgiving Day of Mourning

28.11.2002 12:44

Day of Mourning plaque The myth of Thanksgiving in the U.S. has been exposed annually for the past 33 years by United American Indians of New England (UAINE) and other American Indian activists. On Thanksgiving Day at high noon, native people and their supporters gather above Plymouth Rock on Cole's Hill beneath the statue of the Wampanoag chief, Massasoit, for an annual Day of Mourning.

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Looking Closer at Iraq, Inspection, and Polls

27.11.2002 17:46

Children in Iraq In a November 24 interview with WORT community radio in Madison, Wisconsin, documentarian Jacquie Soohen discussed her experience in Baghdad reporting for IraqJournal.org. Joe Quandt, a resident of upstate New York, also recently returned from Iraq, and has shared his experiences there with his community.

Meanwhile, on November 11, the DC IMC interviewed Scott Ritter, former Marine and UN weapons inspector. He said that the U.S. government has no intention of allowing new weapons inspections to succeed in Iraq. At the same time, the New York City IMC reported on new research which shows that people who believe in a link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda - as suggested by the Bush administration - support a war by a margin of two to one. Those who do not buy the connection oppose it four to one. According to Retro Poll, which conducted the research, this shows that "support for the war is a result of government propaganda."

Police Capture Murder Suspect

27.11.2002 04:15

In a situation that is still unfolding, a man named Andrew Hampton McCrae was arrested in Concord, New Hampshire on November 26 for the murder of David Mobilio, a police officer from Red Bluff, California. Police claimed they found McCrae soon after that name was used in publishing an article to the San Francisco IMC newswire claiming responsibility for the murder, though the article was posted to numerous newswires, including the Seattle IMC hours earlier. The open publishing Indymedia newswires allow for anonymous contributions, so the identity of the author cannot be confirmed. However, a post on the right-wing FreeRepublic.com website indicates the article was sent to many media outlets besides the IMC network.

The author explained that the murder was in protest of police brutality and corporate impunity. While some believe the article is a set-up, a local newspaper in Concord, NH, reports that McCrae offered the same explanation shortly before his arrest. McCrae is from Olympia, Washington, but had once trained in the U.S. Army at the infamous Fort Benning, Georgia.

There is a long tradition of criminals using mass media to get a message out. But the fact that this was such a brutal murder, and that the confession depicts the crime as anti-corporate, mixed with the anti-corporate stance of Indymedia and its emphasis on empowering people to become the media raises concerns that the line will be blurred in this case. This only serves to distract from corporate media's complicity in murders and violence committed for the benefit of corporations.

David Mobilio was shot once in the head on November 19 while he was refueling his police cruiser. Mobilio, 31, was remembered Tuesday by his family, fellow police from around the state, and community members at a memorial service in the small California town outside of Sacramento. He was the first Red Bluff police officer killed in the line of duty.

Discuss this feature | SF IMC interview with AP regarding coverage

&quot;People's Colonel&quot; Gains Power

26.11.2002 14:22

"In Ecuador, democracy has been reduced to elections. The candidates deceive the people with all types of promises that they never fulfill. Once they are in the power, they forget the people and they use his power for their own benefit." - Colonel Lucio Gutierrez, May 17, 2000

Lucio pronounced these words two years ago, after leading a coup that unseated an unpopular president who was widely suspected of corruption. Yesterday he was elected president of the Republic of Ecuador, propelled to power by a network of Indigenous groups, campesino organizations and mid-ranking military officers. Lucio won 54.3% [ en espanol ] of Sunday's two-way runoff vote, defeating billionaire banana magnate Alvaro Noboa.

As cheering supporters filled Quito's Centro de Exposisiones last night, one question remains: Will Lucio's own prophecy, his damning epithet for politicians, haunt his own administration?

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Weapons Inspections in Britain and the Netherlands

25.11.2002 15:00

British nuclear sub inspectors released on bail As the U.S. war machine gears up for action, civilian weapons inspections have been taking place across Europe. On Friday, November 15, two peace protesters entered the HMS Vanguard undetected. The sub is one of four U.K. Trident nuclear submarines and is currently undergoing a refit at Devonport docks in Plymouth. The two broke into the base and wandered through the sub for almost half an hour before setting of a fire alarm in order to draw attention to their presence. They were released on bail having been held over the weekend and appeared in court on November 18. The action took place at the start of an International Disarmament Camp [ 1 ] based at a squatted MOD complex near the docks.

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