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Peace Movement Growing Deeper Roots

11.12.2002 18:01

Peace activists gather in St. Louis on December 8

The anti-war movement is growing. By the first week of December, 24 cities had passed resolutions against War in Iraq, ranging from Carrboro, North Carolina to Detroit to Oakland. On December 2, Ann Arbor became the twenty-third city in the United States to approve a resolution opposing war on Iraq. The City Council meeting was well attended by members of the Ann Arbor community, including activists, students, and residents. On December 9, Baltimore passed an anti-war resolution to become the twenty-fourth.

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Die-in Blocks 'Warzone Whitehall'

11.12.2002 17:13

Die-in at Whitehall in London on 2 December On Monday, 2 December, about 250 people, including comedians Mark Thomas and Rob Newman and European MP Caroline Lucas blocked off [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | video ] part of Whitehall in London. The die-in was held from 11 am until 4pm as a non-violent action against the war and sanctions on Iraq. Entitled 'Warzone Whitehall,' the action included persons dressed as war victims 'die' in the road in several places with banners, sound effects, and supporters. As the action ended, police moved more forcefully to arrest around 35 protestors for obstructing the highway.

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More information is available in a report from ARROW and in a CamSAW press release.

Demonstrations, Countersummit Planned in Copenhagen for Another Europe

11.12.2002 02:03

Denmark has been the host nation for the European Union in the second half of 2002. On 13 and 14 December, the final EU summit of the nation's term will be held in Copenhagen. The meetings will give differnt social movements an opportunity to show what they think about Denmark's and the EU's neo-liberal economic and closed borders policies [ interview ].

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More information and current updates are available at the Scandinavian IMCs, the English language Denmark IMC, TV Stop (TV og radio) (dk), the Danish Modkraft portal (dk), the Swedish Motkraft portal (se), la haine (es), and la haine english.

Welcome to New Indymedia Centers

10.12.2002 22:19

We'd like to extend a welcome to the new indymedia centers who have joined the network in the last couple months. With this latest round of new imc's the indymedia network has grown to over 105 imc's in just three years. That's a rate of one new imc being started every 10 days. Please take a moment to check out the new indymedia centers:

Ambazonia, West Africa; Andorra; Chile; Croatia; Idaho, USA; Istanbul; Nice, France; Peru; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Poland; Prague; North Texas (Dallas), USA; Sonora, Mexico; Tallahassee, FL, USA; and Winnipeg. (IMC's without links are still setting up their websites.)

If you're interested in starting and indymedia center go to newimc.indymedia.org for instructions and help in dutch, french, spanish, portugese, and english. Despite the sucesses, there are still major debates about the future direction of indymedia as a radical media project.

Youth Drive Organizing Against War

10.12.2002 16:45

Students march down Broadway on November 20 Over the last three weeks, New York City students in college, high school, and middle school have been building anti-war organizing efforts. Students have organized and led events ranging from holding a forum discussing school administrators' hypocritical support for war to leading a two thousand person-strong march for peace down Broadway.

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Struggles Continue Amid Coup Plotting

10.12.2002 14:39

On the night of December 6, snipers firing on a demonstration in Caracas opposing the Chavez presidency killed three and wounded more than twenty people. Venezuela is at fever pitch following a week of striking, demonstrations and rhetoric. Right-wing alliances and the private media are working 24/7 to motivate Venezuelans into a revolt, with or without cause. This follows months of tensions in the country after the failed April 11 coup attempt.

A "civic strike" was organized and held for days by the opposition, targetted particularly at PDVSA, the national oil company and one of the world's larget oil extractors. As this has progressed, tensions between the pro and anti government factions, concentrated in east and west Caracas, respectively, have been growing. Amid the tension, there have been rumors [ espanol ] of an impending coup attempt. By early morning on Tuesday, December 10, mass protests were held outside of the commercial television stations, and the coup threat subsided [ espanol ].

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More information is available, including Crisis en Venezuela (es) from the Argentina IMC, Venezuela: State of Unrest (fr/nl) from the Belgium IMC, Military Coup in Venezuela Attempted from the SF IMC, Chavez Hangs On from Znet, a December 8 NarcoNews update, an analysis [ espanol ] from Rebelion, a report [ espanol ] on the shootings, and a December 2 report on the "strike."

Thousands March in Glasgow Following Refugee Stabbing

10.12.2002 01:06

About 2500 people marched in Glasgow on Saturday, 30 November, in the annual anti-racism demo organised by the Scottish Trades Union Council. The night before the annual event, an asylum seeker was attacked and stabbed by a gang in Sighthill, Glasgow. Refugee issues were a theme of the day, as Scotland's and the U.K.'s refugee communities so often bear the brunt of racist government policies and media campaigning.

In the U.K., these policies include the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act, which was passed in early November and will come into force on 8 January 2003. Much has been made of the controversial plans for forcing asylum seekers and their children to live in remote Accommodation Centres, but the most serious infringements of human rights have been sidelined by the mainstream media.

Hundreds March Demanding AIDS Treatment Funding

09.12.2002 19:37

A die-in in front of the White House on November 26 Over 500 people marched in Washington D.C. on November 26 to demand funding for AIDS treatment instead of funding for war [ 1 | 2 | video ]. Thirty-one activists were arrested for lying down in front of the White House. The demonstration, organized by Health GAP (Global Access Project) and ACT-UP, drew attention to the Bush administration's lack of initiative to combat the AIDS epidemic. Currently, 40 million people have AIDS, with that number expected to grow to 100 million by the year 2010. Most people with AIDS are too poor to afford the prices charged by US pharmaceuticals for lifesaving AIDS medications.

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Police Kill Two Students in Anti-Government Riots

09.12.2002 16:16

A grocery burned in riots in Dili, East Timor on 4 December Two students were shot dead by police in Dili, East Timor, on December 4 last week, during anti-government riots. People torched the house of Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri and attacked foreign businesses, such as the Australian-owned Hello Mister Supermarket, Chubb Security, and Harvey World Travel. One group also attacked and attempted to burn a mosque.

Students accused the government of corruption of living an extravagant life at the expense of the poor. The misappropriation of aid and the large wealth gap between UN workers and local Timorese were also major factors in inflaming the passions of the people. Students in East Timor have also been fighting the introduction of university fees.

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More information is available in a report by the Asian Human Rights Commission, a joint statement of East Timorese civil society organisations, and La'o Hamutuk.

Philip Berrigan, Anti-War Activist, Dies at Home

08.12.2002 17:08

Phil Berrigan Legendary anti-war activist Philip Berrigan died of cancer on the night of Friday, December 6 at the age of 79. From burning draft files with napalm at the height of the Vietnam War to pounding nuclear missiles into plowshares, Berrigan, a former Jesuit priest, had been involved in non-violent direct action against the U.S. war machine for nearly four decades. He spent eleven of those years in prison, and was the author of numerous books. He also co-founded the Jonah House, a Baltimore resistance community, where he passed away surrounded by family and close friends.

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More coverage is available from the December 4 edition of Democracy Now!, archived Berrigan interviews, his autobiography, the Disarmed and Dangerous biography, a 1989 interview, a 1997 profile, his Baltimore Sun obituary, corporate media coverage, and in a video interview with Berrigan.

Growing Calls for More Democracy in Iran

08.12.2002 14:13

Iranian Students As the world is focused on Iraq and Palestine, there is a growing democracy movement in Iran that is diverse and widespread. As conservative clerics, Mullahs, have recently sentenced to death the leading modernist Muslim scholar Hashem Aghajari, students have taken to the streets in protest to call for a people's referendum on the future of the government.

A group of Iranians are forming an Independent Media Centre in Iran to further the goals of a truly free and democratic Iran. Join their mailing list to get involved and support greater freedom in the Muslim world.

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Protests, Arrests Erupt in Oporto

08.12.2002 13:27

Beginning of the protests against the OSCE in Oporto, Portugal on 6 December The tenth ministerial meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is being held in Oporto, Portugal on December 6-7. Porto Social Alternative (ASP ) has (pt) called for protests to denounce the role of the OSCE in European affairs.

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Bush and NATO Protested in Vilnius

07.12.2002 23:27

SSD officers remove a banner in Vilnius Long-time forgotten Lithuania - a small Baltic country in eastern Europe - was at the center of world affairs for a short time two weeks ago. The nation was formally invited to join NATO during its meetings in Prague, and was visited by U.S. President Bush two days later following meetings in Prague and with Russian President Putin in St. Petersburg.

On November 21, the day of the official invitation, activists in Vilnius organized protests against Bush and perpetual war. The protests included stickers, posters, banner drops, and street theater. Police presence and action was pervasive, as persons were arrested for illegal postering and surveilled by the State Security Department (SSD).

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Fresh Wave of Political Arrests; Protests Reply

06.12.2002 20:25

Protesting the new round of arrests on December 5 in Catania

The wave of repression (it) in Italy is continuing under the Berlusconi regime. On the morning of December 4, investigations against 23 people (it) in different cities throughout Italy were initiated by magistrates. This was followed by 45 raids in houses as part of the same campaign.

Once again, everyone in Italy is speaking about Genova - the new arrests are related to the protests in July 2001 against the G8 summit. Following reports of the arrests, there were protests throughout Italy (it), including the cities of Pavia, Milano, Catania, Palermo, Genova, Firenze, Roma, Trieste, Pisa, and Messina.

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Unions Take on Wal-Mart

06.12.2002 16:12

Watch out for falling benefits A National Day of Action against Wal-Mart sponsored by U.S. labor was held on Thursday, Nov. 21 across the country. The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) held rallies in front of Wal-Mart "big box" stores, protesting the corporation's anti-union stance and its refusal to pay its workers living wages. In fact, two days before the rallies, Wal-Mart sent a memo to employees warning about the protests.

Reports to the IMC network from these rallies that included union members, activists and concerned citizens came from Nassau County on Long Island, New York; Burlington, New Jersey; Talent and Portland [ 1 ], Oregon; and Seattle.

Animal Activists Sentenced to Prison and Fine

06.12.2002 12:37

Dicht! Ten animal activists were sentenced (nl) to seventeen days in prison and a blanket fine of 20,000 Euros for squating the office of the Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) in Rijkswijk on Sunday 24 November. The activists locked themselves in the building to protest against the tests done there. They were arrested and spent ten days in prison before their trial on 5 December. The additional seven days were given as probation.

The BPRC currently holds about 1500 primates for medical research, as shown on a 40 minute video. The BPRC, its owner TNO, and the their financial adviser, ABN Amro, one of the biggest banks in the Netherlands, are regularly targets of protests. Most of them are carried out by the Campaign Koen, named after the recently deceased chimpanzee Koen. Koen was infected with HIV twenty years ago, and was kept in solitary confinement until his death.

Thousand Say No to War Across Country

06.12.2002 02:45

Protests in Sydney against perpetual war

Tens of thousands of people around Australia protested against the proposed war with Iraq on November 30 and December 1. 15,000 persons rallied [ 1 | 2 ] in Melbourne. Some fifteen to twenty thousand rallied [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] in Sydney, while 1500 gathered in Adelaide and thousands more combined demonstrated in Canberra, Darwin, Taree, Brisbane, Launceston, Ipswich, Alice Springs, Perth and Hobart.

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More information is available from the Victorian Peace Network and Walk Against the War.

CNN Protested for Warmongering Stance

05.12.2002 20:22

Free Press For Sale On Sunday, November 24, about 100 people, led by the "Drop Bass not Bombs Anti-War Drum Corp and Flagettes," marched on CNN Center to protest corporate media bias [ 1 ] regarding coverage of war. The march was organized by the Georgie State University 4910 collective. Citing a list of demands, they called upon CNN to "de-emphasize up-to-the minute coverage which perpetrates a 'culture of fear'" and provide adequate and accurate coverage of anti-war campaigns happening across the country.

Read: entire feature | Nov 17 feature on corporate media protests in Twin Cities

Eight Thousand Homeless Evicted in Osasco

05.12.2002 17:23

A bulldozer destroying homes at the Osasco camp On December 5, about eight thousand homeless workers were evicted by riot police from a land occupation in the city of Osasco [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]. The workers had occupied a large unused urban area of 50 hectares near a golf camp in a middle class neighborhood of Osasco since mid-July. After months of negotiations with the state government of Sao Paulo, a peaceful eviction was agreed.

However, on early Thursday morning, December 5, bulldozers arrived and destroyed tens of houses until the residents managed to get a deal [ 1 ]. At this point, buses and trucks arrived to transport their stuff to a provisory area. During the eviction, women and elderly were crying over the destruction of their homes. The state government will send them to a new location thirty miles away. Protest messages to the Sao Paulo state government can be sent to: saopaulo@sp.gov.br

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Oil Spill from Sunken Tanker Covers Iberian Coast

05.12.2002 14:06

The oil-slicked Galician coast of northern Spain There is chaos along the Galician coast (northern Spain and Portugal) as a black tide of oil beaches. This is the result of an oil spill from the Prestige, an oil tanker which foundered and sunk on November 19. This is potentially the largest oil spill to date, in which 3,000 tonnes were spilled, with another 70,000 tonnes (18 million gallons) remaining in the wreck. Six hundred kilometres of shoreline on the northwest corner of Spain have already been blackened by the spill, with more areas threatened. Meanwhile, the people of Galicia are protesting the actions [ en espanol ] of the Spanish government in exacerbating the disaster.

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More information is available from Nunca Mais! (a citizen and organizational platform against the black tide), Plataforma Contra a Viera Negra (Community Against the Black Insult), Galiza Libre (a separatist, radical left organization), Galiza Libertaria (a Libertarian site), Egunkaria (an English version of the Basque "Egunkaria" daily newspaper), Environmental Media Services special coverage, and GreenNature.

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