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Massive Protests Ready Against US War Plans

18.01.2003 07:08

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As the January 27 report from UN weapons inspectors approaches, the Defense Department is positioning troops in the Middle East for an immediate military campaign. Pentagon sources state that there will be possibily as many as 250,000 troops fighting in Iraq.

The protests were called to coincide with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, invoking his legacy to mobilize people from all walks of life to take action. People are planning to turn out to march in across the world on January 18.

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Further coverage is available from a SF IMC webcast on Saturday, and a documentary [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] from Paper Tiger TV.

Peace Camp Established at Shannon Airport

18.01.2003 07:05

US military at Shannon Airport in Ireland On one of the coldest nights of 2003 thus far, a Peace Camp was established [ 1 ] in the evening of 4 January at Shannon Airport. The camp kicked off with a twenty-four hour Women's Peace Camp, and quickly began to draw a huge amount of attention from the dominant Irish media.

From 7 January to 12 January, up to thirty arcraft belonging to or chartered to the US military have passed through Shannon airport, and many of these have been observed and photographed by peace activists at the Shannon Peace Camp. Flights have been continuing, through the eve of protests planned on Saturday, 18 January. The Irish government has admitted that no searches are being carried out to ensure that these aircraft are not carrying weapons or war materials, thus breeching the country's constitutional status of neutrality [ audio ].

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Day of Civil Disobedience on War Aniversary

18.01.2003 01:33

Anti-war protestors were arrested in Times Square on January 16

On the twelfth anniversary of the first Gulf War on January 16, 1991, peace activists across the US held civil disobedience actions on Thursday against US plans for war. Organizers also emphasized that the war on the Iraqi people has not ceased, with regular aerial assaults by US and British fighter jets and over a decade of crippling sanctions on the people of Iraq.

Coming on the heels of a mass rally in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 11, the actions were part of a national week of action called by the Iraq Pledge of Resistance, the American Friends Service Committee, and major peace groups all over the country to resist the drive for war. The actions were a follow-up to the many anti-war, civil disobedience actions that were held across the US on December 10, International Human Rights Day, and also in preparation for the demonstrations this weekend.

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Midwinter Actions for Peace in Britain

17.01.2003 06:11

Protesting for peace at USAF Menwith Hill on 7 January

Following a series of actions, blockades and 'civillian inspections' of military bases across Britain last year in protest against war in Iraq, the trend is continuing, with more civil disobedience expected in the coming days and weeks. On Sunday, 26 January, the Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors (GWI) will hold a mass citizens weapons inspection at at the US Fairford airbase in the Cotswolds. On 15 February, a mass demonstration where upwards of one million persons are expected will be held in central London.

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Black Tides Tragedy Continues in Spain

17.01.2003 01:30

Anguish continues on the Galician coast about the environmental (es), economic (es) and social disaster caused by the collapse of the oil tanker Prestige. Two months after the incident, people speak about another black tide arriving along the Spanish and French coast, including Asturies (es), Cantabria (es), Euskal Herria (es), and Bretana, France (es).

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More information is available in a chronology (es) of the disaster, Nunca Mais, Platform Burlanegra, Nodo50, Asturies, Greenpeace, and Ecologistas en accion.

Thousands Protest Against Test Bombings

16.01.2003 17:06

Puerto Ricans march on Sunday, January 12 against US Navy shelling on Vieques More than three thousand people marched [ espanol ] in San Juan on Sunday, January 12 against US Navy tests on the island. The march was lead by a contingent from Vieques that had started marching on the previous day from Fajardo. People marching on San Juan Island waved flags and chanted "Peace for Vieques." The latest round of shelling began on Monday.

While the recent news seems to confirm the rumors that the Navy has decided to depart from Vieques by May 2003, this is not seen as a complete victory for Vieques residents and activists. There is much doubt that the Navy will clean up the area, leaving an environmental disaste filled with toxic contaminants.

Demonstrations of Solidarty for Immigrants Across Country

16.01.2003 07:22

Concerned citizens gathered outside Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) offices in cities across the US on Friday, January 10 to protest the latest deadline for non-citizen men and boys from fourteen countries to register with the INS under the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS).

Protests ranging in size from tens to hundreds of persons were held across the US, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago [ 1 | 2 ], Cleveland, Detroit, Houston [ 1 | 2 ], Los Angeles [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York City [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ], Passaic County (NJ), Philadelphia [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], Portland (OR) [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], San Diego, San Francisco [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ], Seattle, and elsewhere.

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Bolivians Block Streets, Deaths Reported

16.01.2003 00:00

Campesinos confront the military in Bolivia Mass mobilizations began [ espanol ] across Bolivia on Monday, January 13 as a wide range of social movements (coca growers, peasants, workers, students, pensioners, women's groups, anti-privatization groups, and others) register (es) their opposition to the disastrous neo-liberal economic policies (es) of the government. These actions have been met [ espanol ] with severe repression and state violence.

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Fight is Just Beginning, Says Pardoned Death Row Inmate

15.01.2003 20:13

Aaron Patterson, pardoned from Death Row Aaron Patterson swept out of Illinois' Pontiac state prison like a hurricane last Friday, January 10, and he barely slept in the next seventy-two hours, choosing a last-ditch lobbying effort over rest and celebration in a furious campaign to win full pardons - and freedom - for some of the death row inmates he left behind.

"I made a promise to the guys that I would not stop until every innocent man on death row, and every innocent person in prison, is freed, and I aim to keep that promise," he says. "And it's not just about getting innocent people like Ronald Kleiner, Ronald Kitchen or Mario Flores out of prison. It's about shaking up the whole corrupt system."

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Jaggi Singh Vs. Israel's Closure to Journalists

14.01.2003 02:03

The arrest and deportation of Canadian activist and journalist Jaggi Singh highlights the ongoing closure of access for journalists in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Restrictions on first Palestinian and later international journalists have been considerably tightened by the Israeli Press Office, while Israeli journalists have been discouraged from reporting from Palestinian-controlled areas. Singh, who was deported from Israel on 11 January, had overstayed and ignored geographic limitations on his visa.

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Tens of Thousands Oppose Bush's Wars in LA, Twin Cities, Chicago

12.01.2003 23:12

The march and rally on Saturday, January 11 in Los Angeles was the largest anti-war demonstration in Southern California in decades. Non-LAPD crowd estimates range from 15,000 to as high as 45,000. The mid-day march stretched ten city blocks in downtown LA.

In sharp contrast to Northern California, the Los Angeles area has never been known as one of the centers of American activism. While this has begun to change in recent years (e.g., the Justice for Janitors struggle in the late 1990s, and then the D2K mobilizations), SoCal still lags behind its northen neighbors. Thus Saturday's massive demo, the largest in the US since October 26, suggests the movement to stop the war on Iraq is growing exponentially.

Two thousands miles away, smashing organizer's expectations, over 2400 people attended the anti-war rally held in Uptown Minneapolis, while another 2000 persons protested against war in Chicago's Federal Plaza.

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Second Round of INS 'Special Registration'

10.01.2003 02:12

Lock Up Herr Ashcroft; Not Immigrants

January 10, 2003 is the second deadline imposed by the Immigration and Naturalizaton Service (INS) for the fingerprinting, interrogation and 'special registration' of immigrants from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Civil liberties advocates charge that the new national security measures being implemented have nothing to do with preventing terrorism. Instead, they serve to demonize immigrants - particularly those from predominantly Arab, Muslim, and South Asian countries - and provide a pretext for accelerated repression and future mass detentions.

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More information is available from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) 'Know Your Rights' pamphlet, available in English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Punjabi, and Portuguese, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Question & Answer sheet.

Evictions and Protests Build in Sebokeng and Mandela Park

10.01.2003 01:46

An Anti-Privatisation Forum activists protests in Cape Town On Wednesday, 8 January, a woman was shot by police in the Mandela Park area of Cape Town after a protest of about 2000 people. The protestors were supporting the Mandela Park Anti-Eviction Campaign which has come under fire for its programme of supporting mass direct housing against evictions. The woman was shot after a crowd protested outside Pambhile Nombane, a private electricity provider in Mandela Park. The protest protest was the latest in a series of actions since the arrest of 17 people on Monday night.

Meanwhile, 7000 residents of Kwa-Masiza Hostel in Sebokeng are preparing for the possibility of eviction as negotiation with property owners is expected to be met with the 'Red Ants' and armed police. The properties, held by private company Vicva Investment Trading Twenty Company Pty. Ltd. (VITCC), are partially owned by three local ANC councillors. The community faced a brutal eviction on 11 September, 2002, which, according to residents, is still pending in court.

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Queensland Nuclear Facility Occupied

08.01.2003 17:09

Occupation of the Narangba nuclear facility on Monday, 6 January On Monday, 6 January, protestors opposing the construction of Queensland's first nuclear facility at Narangba occupied the premises [ 1 ]. The facility, maintained by the Steritech corporation, is intended for the widespread introduction of food irradiation in Australia. Protestors performing a media stunt outside the fences of the facility, assuming some agreement had been negotiated, were let in by a lone security guard. They continued their theatre performance, and then occupied the nuclear material containment pool room.

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Asian Social Forum in Full Flight

08.01.2003 02:23

Over 15,000 people have descended upon the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India over the last week representing social movements, non-governmental organisations, trade unions and activists under the banner "another world is possible" for the Asian Social Forum (ASF).

The ASF began on Thursday, 2 January with an encouraging call for the struggle against neoliberal globalisation to continue to be deeply rooted in Gandhian values of non-violence, despite the landslide election of a fascist government in Gujarat following the crimes against humanity committed there in early 2002.

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Uncovering the Diaz School Raid

08.01.2003 01:26

Diaz School in Genoa

On the evening of 21 July, 2001, Italian police raided the Genoa Social Forum and the Indymedia center following the second day of protests against the G8 summit meetings in Genoa. Sixty-one persons were injured in the raid, suffering broken bones and internal damage. After eighteen months, public prosecutors in Genova are closing an inquiry into the raid, keeping the case open. Facts that have been denounced for over a year and a half by witnesses are finally entering official record.

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New Michigan Governor to Meet with Water Activists

06.01.2003 17:48

Water activists rally at the inauguration of Michigan's new governor Responding to a sizable demonstration by Sweetwater Alliance activists at her gubernatorial inaguration, newly elected Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm extended an invitation to meet with members of the water rights group to discuss the future of the Ice Mountain/Perrier water bottling plant that has been profiting off of Michigan's water since early last year. Sweetwater Alliance is a statewide network of activists dedicated to preserving water as a right, not a commodity, and have been using direct action to make their point.

Citizen opposition to privatized Great Lakes water has been growing since early last year, and has recently taken on added significance as Detroiters face shut-offs of water and other utilities because of DTE Energy, another company whose interests are solely determined by the desire for profit.

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Two Thousand Families to be Evicted

05.01.2003 04:44

The camp in Osasco Two thousand homeless families in Guarulhos, Brazil are facing the risk of eviction on Monday morning, January 6. Your international solidarity may be decisive.

Their story begins on mid-July 2002 when a group of a few hundred families squatted an abandoned urban area in Osasco, near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 50 hectare area in a fancy neighborhood used as a clandestine garbage field was soon occupied by ten thousand poor people living in simple tents. The city government and the rich neighbors immediately started a campaign accusing them of stealing land and bringing thiefs and drug dealers to the neighborhood. After a five month long campaign, they were evicted. The owner of the area and the city government brought bulldozers protected by riot police who violently destroyed people's houses. One could see workers, women with children and the elderly crying over their destroyed houses filled with poor furniture and their personal possesions.

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Detention Center Backlash as Mandatory Detention Policy Burns

04.01.2003 21:11

Detained asylum seeker in Australia In the last two weeks fires have ripped through five of Australia's immigration detention centers including Baxter, Woomera, Port Hedland, Christmas Island and Villawood, along with trouble at the Perth detention center. DIMIA, police and detention center staff have been seen to be excessive in their responses.

There are reports [ 1 | 2 ] that on January 1 all detainees at Woomera were indiscriminately teargassed and handcuffed, and subsequently herded to basketball courts where they were held all day under the desert sun without water. There is also a report that Baxter detainees were prevented from evacuating burning compounds, and teargassed.

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Twenty-Five Thousand Zapatistas Break Silence, March on San Cristobal

03.01.2003 14:47

Zapatistas say NO! to the racism of the Mexican government on January 1 in San Cristobal More than 25,000 women, children, and men of all ages, wearing masks and brandishing machetes, came streaming into the city of San Cristobal on January 1 [ espanol ]. They called on the indigenous people of Mexico to maintain their autonomy without the permission of the government, to express publicly that the Zapatista communities will not accept the forced removals of people living in the zone of Montes Azules, and to emphasize the importance of a global resistance to imperialism.

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