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Health Workers Strike Continues

23.01.2003 21:04

Health workers strike in El Salvador against privatization and CAFTA In San Salvador, El Salvador, twenty activists locked themselves inside the national cathedral from January 8-10 in protest against the government's plan to privatize the health care system of El Salvador [ audio]. Beginning on Wednesday, January 8, thousands of demonstrators maintained a constant presence outside of the cathedral. The action was the latest in a series of recent protests against the privatization of health care in El Salvador, including a strike by doctors and health care workers that is entering its fourth month.

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US Corporate Media Coverage of Antiwar Actions

23.01.2003 17:23

Anti-war protests in San Francisco on January 18 The corporate media coverage of the mass anti-war rallies and actions in Washington DC, San Francisco, and elsewhere around the world seems to indicate that some members of the mainstream media are finally waking up to the existance of a growing peace movement. Aside from the usual ommissions, misinformation and underreported turnouts, thousands of news stories and editorials appeared across the nation relating to the demonstrations. Among them was an interesting, though tepid New York Times editorial acknowledging the rapidly growing movement and its power in opposing a possible invasion of Iraq.

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Thirtieth Aniversary of Roe Vs. Wade

23.01.2003 13:04

January 22, 2003 marked the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark US Supreme Court case that recognized a woman's right to choose abortion. Roe gave women the opportunity to plan their families and enabled them to fully participate in the social, economic, and political fabric of life of the US. Thirty years after this important victory, a zealous pro-life minority is working diligently to deny women their constitutional right. There is curently a pro-life White House, House of Representatives, and Senate, and the retirement of just one Supreme Court justice could pave the way for Roe to be overturned.

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As WSF III Draws Near, Mobilisations Intensify

23.01.2003 02:38

World Social Forum 2003 - Porto Alegre, Brasil After the unfolding of innumerable regional social forums, the third annual World Social Forum (WSF) is set to begin in Porto Alegre, Brasil, and run from January 23-28. The WSF is a meeting of unions, leftist political parties, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and various social and political movements from throughout the world to discuss alternatives to corporate globalization and neoliberalism. At the forum, leftist autonomous organizations will conduct conferences, workshops, and parallel events.

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Piqueteros Protest as Argentina Makes Massive IMF Loan Repayments

23.01.2003 01:36

Argentina was required to pay some $2.5 billion in debt payments owed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Inter-American Development bank by Friday, January 17. This comes as a condition before the IMF and US Treasury will reach a short-term financial agreement with Argentina. IMF staff members arrived in Buenos Aires on January 9 to negotiate with the Duhalde administration to come to an agreement of whether Argentina must use it's economic reserves to make the scheduled loan payments.

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Moving Forward Through Civil Disobedience

22.01.2003 20:56

Lt. Harold advises protesters of police intentions to remove them from 16th St. in Washington DC on January 19 Protests for peace continued [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] in Washinton DC on Sunday, January 19, including protests at the Department of Justice against attacks on Arab and Muslim communities, a women's vigil and fast for peace and against poverty by the Code Pink Ladies and Unreasonable Women for the Earth, and a youth rally and march to the White House led by Iraq Pledge of Resistance and United for Peace.

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15 Muertos en la octava jornada de bloqueos

22.01.2003 12:08

Blockade in Bolivia La rebeliÃ3n de los campesinos y jubilados continúa su curso. Los piquetes en distintos puntos del paÃ-s siguen realizándose a pesar de las salvajes represiones de militares y policÃ-as, que costaron la vida a 5 cocaleros. Uno de ellos asesinado en la localidad de San Julián, Departamento de Santa Cruz, y los otros 4 en la regiÃ3n del Chapare en Cochabamba. El resto de las vÃ-ctimas fueron en accidentes de tránsito en los cuales el gobierno también tuvo responsabilidad. El miércoles las fuerzas represivas intervinieron la marcha de los jubilados en Calamarca, los obligaron a subir a micros y uno de ellos chocÃ3: allÃ- perdieron la vida 11 jubilados. Más de 10 mil pudieron escapar y siguieron con su marcha, que hoy en la tarde arribaba a la sede de gobierno en La Paz para pedir la derogaciÃ3n del artÃ-culo 3º de la Ley 2434 que perjudica sus rentas.

in English: The popular uprising by the campesinos and pensioners in Bolivia continues. The roadblocks that have been put up across the country are still in place despite the brutal police attacks on protesters that lead to five deaths more than a week ago. On Wednesday, police repressed the pensioners march in Calamarca where they were forced into buses. One of the buses crashed causing eleven deaths.

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Map of US Terrorist Infrastructure

22.01.2003 02:14

The Indypendent, the monthly newspaper of the NYC Indymedia Center proudly presents "A Threat to Peace" - a handy poster-sized color map of the state-supported terrorist infrastructure of the United States.

Whether you're a budding weapons inspector or just a trivia buff, "A Threat to Peace" can give you the scoop on US nuclear manufacturing facilities, chemical and biochemical weapons facilities, weapons manufacturers, nuclear testing and launch sites, and much more. With the map, you can quickly pinpoint the locations of terrorist training camps and private mercenary companies, or track down your favorite domestic or imported war criminal in minutes.

Download or order copies of the map

Bhopal Survivors Sued for Aniversary Protest

22.01.2003 01:42

Women of Bhopal protest Dow Chemical on 2 December 2002 On 2 December 2002, a peaceful march of about 200 women survivors from Bhopal delivered toxic waste from the abandoned Union Carbide factory to Dow Chemical's Indian headquarters in Mumbai. They demanded for Dow, which bought Union Carbide, to take responsibility for the disaster and clean up the site. The negligent gassing and poisoning of thousands in the Indian city of Bhopal from a Union Carbide chemical plant killed between thousands of persons, and left tens of thousands more with serious diseases and injures.

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Protests in Belgium Continue Anti-War Momentum

21.01.2003 04:16

Anti-war protests in Brussels on 19 January About 10,000 people demonstrated on Sunday, 19 January in Brussels. The protests were against US aggression and its war on Iraq, and against the hypocrisy of the Belgian government that allows US military transports through the port of Antwerpen. It was organised by StopUSA, which mobilised 5000 people on November 10, and was the Belgian contribution to worldwide protests against the war. At the end of the demonstration, the police arrested Karim Hasoun of the Arab European League (AEL), who helped handle security at the peaceful protests.

There were also protests [ nl/fr ] on 13 January against US military transports in Antwerpen, the main harbour used by the US military in Europe for transport to the Persian Gulf region. Currently, some 800 US soldiers are in Antwerpen, and another 2300 are expected in coming weeks, along with about 35 trains containing war materials.

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J18: Hundreds of Thousands Demand Peace at US Capitol

20.01.2003 03:50

Protesting for peace in Washington DC on January 18, 2003

Hundreds of thousands of people rallied in Washington DC on Saturday, January 18 to say no to war with Iraq. Speakers at the event evoked the memory of Martin Luther King in calling for a world without violence, and for a country that seeks to end hunger among all children rather than terrozing those whom the Bush administration opposes. Speakers also said that Bush was killing the American way of life in this war for oil. The event in DC was organized by the International ANSWER coaltion.

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J18: Hundreds of Thousands Converge on San Francisco

20.01.2003 03:47

Multitudes of demonstrators throng the streets of San Francisco on Saturday, January 18 A massive anti-war protest was held on Saturday in downtown San Francisco, calling for no war on Iraq. The crowd stretched continuously from the foot of Market Street and filled the Civic Center to capacity, with estimates of crowd size ranging from 200-350,000 people [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 ]. All age groups were in attendance, and people of all colors were also there in great numbers. The convergence was organized by International ANSWER and numerous community organizations.

Later in the afternoon, one thousand people joined a radical anti-capitalist breakaway march and militantly marched through the financial center smashing windows and graffitting the San Francisco Chronicle building, the British Consulate, CitiCorp, the Immigration & Naturalization Service building [ 1 ], Starbucks and Victoria's Secret [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | audio ]. There were two confirmed arrests.

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J18: Oregonians Gather for Third Major Rally

20.01.2003 00:12

Portland, Oregon on January 18, 2003 On Saturday in Portland, Oregon, at least 20,000 people gathered at the South Park Blocks near Portland State University in solidarity against a preemptive war against Iraq. This was the third Peace rally, after the October 5th and November 17th rallies, each larger than the one before it, mirroring the growing dissatisfaction in our country concerning the Bush Administrations' myopic rush to war.

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J18: Building for Europe-Wide Demonstrations

19.01.2003 19:53

Protests against war in Iraq and US military in Heidelberg, Germany on Saturday, 18 January During the European Social Forum (ESF) in Florence in November 2002, the date of 15 February was selected as the day for pan-European actions against war in Iraq. Ten million people are expected to protest across the continent on that date. Therefore, there were no major demonstrations planned on 18 January. There were scattered anti-war actions in many countries, however.

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J18: Change Begins at Home

19.01.2003 18:40

800 people march in Madison, Wisconsin against war in Iraq on Saturday, January 18 In addition to the massive antiwar demonstrations in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Portland on Saturday, there were solidarity rallies across the United States. The depth and breadth of the opposition to war across the country demonstrated an ongoing decline in support for the Bush administration and its policies. The demonstrations ranged in size from thousandss of persons to several on a street corner.

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J18: Canadians Reject Appeasement of US

19.01.2003 14:06

25,000 people march against war in Montreal on Saturday, January 18

On Saturday, January 18, 2003, tens of thousands of people joined marches, demonstrations, rallies and events in the deep chill of winter across Canada to protest the looming war on Iraq. Events were held in over 30 communities across the country, big and small, from Yellowknife to Fredericton. The larger demonstrations across the country included 15-20,000 persons in Toronto, 20,000 in Vancouver, 25,000 in Montreal, 15,000 in Halifax, and 3000 in Ottawa, with smaller demonstrations in many other places. Canadians called on their government to end its support of US plans for war.

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J18: Civilian Inspectors Enter Military Base

19.01.2003 12:48

Civilian inspectors are removed from Volkel airbase in the Netherlands on 18 January About one hundred civil inspectors gained access [ dutch ] to the grounds of Volkel military air base in the southeast of the Netherlands. They cut through the perimeter fence in several places at once. Some inspection teams even used their own keys to enter several gates at the base. Before the start of the inspections several padlocks were seemingly replaced by new ones. Most of them were arrested, but released later throughout the day. According to the investigations of several peace groups, there are weapons of mass destruction stored there under US supervision.

The AntiWar Committee in Leiden, jointly with local Moroccan organization Moultaqa, held its Dr. Martin Luther King memory march against the plans for war against Irak, against racism, and for civil rights. Another action was held in Rotterdam. The Leiden demonstration included a call to support an all Europe day of action for peace for the people of Irak on Saturday, 15 February, with demonstrations in all capitals of European countries, including Amsterdam.

J18: Thousands Rally in Tokyo for Peace

19.01.2003 11:00

Protest against war in Iraq in Tokyo As part of the worldwide protest against war, thousands marched in Tokyo on Saturday, January 18. On a beautiful and very cold day, more than three thousand people gathered as some of the first participants in the global protest against the war in Iraq. The Koizumi administration is looking to assist the US and UK in the war, and to expand their military presence by dispatching the Self Defense Force (SDF) abroad. This is in contradiction with Article 9 of the Japanese constitution.

Beginning with a music concert, the event included a peaceful march through the Ginza district before returning to Hibiya Park for more music, dance, and speeches by various national and international organisations. The closing ceremony was a surge of emotion as the Daiko drummers beat to the rallying crowd shouting "World Peace Now!"

J18: Britain Prepares for Upcoming Actions

19.01.2003 10:21

'Secret' British military headquarters in Northwood, London on 18 January

In London, anti-war campaigners protested and conducted civil disobedience at the Permanent Joint Headquarters of the British Armed Forces at Northwood, the command post for British rapid deployment forces.

Over 150 activists took photos [ 1 ] of the base where the British military is planning war on Iraq, an action which is forbidden under the OSA, in an action titled Operation Internal Look. Nevertheless dozens of press journalists joined the activists, some of whom carried giant binoculars, cameras and telescopes in capturing images of the highly sensitive base, which is not even marked on street maps. A blockade of the base is planned in the coming days.

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J18: Global Day of Protest Begins

19.01.2003 06:48

New Zealanders march in Christchurch on 18 January In the heart of summertime, more than 2000 people rallied [ 1 ] against war in Christchuch on Saturday,18 January. Demonstrators called on the New Zealand government to take a stand against war and sever its links with the US war machine. This was probably the largest antiwar event in New Zealand since the Vietnam War. Hundreds of persons marched in Dunedin, with many persons joining as it went along. Even twenty people rallied in the small city of Wanganui on Saturday.

On Thursday, 16 January, Peace Action Wellington organised a twelve hour vigil at the US Embassy in Wellington to mark the twelfth anniversary of the start of the Gulf War. This was followed by a rally at the Cenotaph and a march to the US Embassy. About 200 people with banners, flags, and placards marched to the embassy, where red ribbons, flowers, and a US flag soaked in halal blood were tied to the railings.The protest was one of many being held this week throughout the country, co-ordinated by Peace Movement Aotearoa. The last round of anti-war actions in New Zealand were on December 14.

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