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Thousands Face Frigid Cold to Protest War

30.01.2003 18:10

On Saturday, January 25, about 1000 people marched [ 1 | 2 ] against a US attack on Iraq in frigid conditions (around 10 degrees Fahrenheit, with a stiff wind chill) in Minneapolis. The march begian near the West Bank of the University of Minnesota, and looped through Southeast Minneapolis. The same day, another 2500 people protested against war 150 miles to the north in the small port city of Duluth. The regional rally was the largest in seen there in decades if ever, and included attendees from North Dakota and Ontario, Canada.

Crunch Time at the United Nations

28.01.2003 08:23

'With us or against us' On Monday, January 27, the eyes of the world turned to the United Nations, where weapons inspectors reported back on their still fruitless search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Ironically, the weapons inspectors' report arrives at the same time the US is actively reviewing scenarios in which it would use nuclear weapons in Iraq.

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More information about the proliferating risks of nuclear weapons is available in the January issue of The Indypendent, the NYC-IMC's monthly newspaper.

Future Strategies Focus on WSF Discussions

28.01.2003 04:21

Attendees exit a session at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre Many events on Sunday, January 26 at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre dealt with media. In a well attended four-hour workshop on "Becoming the Media," members of AMARC (the World Association of Community Radios) dialogued with US-based IndyMedia reporters, Canadian and Swiss labor activists, Argentine documentary filmmakers, Brazilian students of journalism, community radio activists from indigenous communities in the Bolivia Andes, and others about how news production and distribution could be done to counter the pervasive whitewashing of issues in the commercial media.

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Further coverage includes IPS TerraViva reports [ Jan 27 ], and ongoing reports sent to various IMC websites, including South Africa [ 1 ], United Kingdom [ 1 ], West Mass [ 3 | 4 ], Portland [ 10 ], and Thunder Bay [ 3 ]. Feature coverage includes Frutillas y crema para el presidente del PT (es), Otro Foro es posible? (es), Wereld Sociaal Forum in Brazilie van start (nl), World Social Forum 3 (nl/fr), Foro Sociale Mondiale (it), Porto Alegre 2003 (es), WEF in Davos and WSF in Porto Alegre 2003 (de), and previous global features [ January 26 | Jan 25 | Jan 24 | Jan 22 | Jan 30, 2002 ].

Hundreds Protest War in Wenceslas Square

27.01.2003 21:44

Hundreds protest war on Iraq in Prague on Sunday, January 26 Several hundred people met on Sunday, January 26 in Wenceslas Square in Prague to demonstrate against the expected US attack on Iraq. A small group of Sadam Hussein supporters were also present, carrying portraits of Hussein and Iraqi flags. However, the main demonstration seperated from them, and they left quite soon after. The maindemonstration then marched down Wenceslas Square, Narodni Trida, the banks of the Vltava, and across the Charles Bridge to the American Embassy, where an open letter against the war was delivered. This protest was in preparation for the global protests against war on February 15.

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Over Five Thousand March in a Second Day of Protests

27.01.2003 21:27

Antiwar protestsor die-in at the Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh on January 26 Over 5,000 people participated in the Regional Anti-War Convergence in Pittsburgh on January 25-26. Despite the great numbers and shows of direct action, no one was arrested. Sunday's events included a permitted march around the Oakland section of the city, a die-in in front of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), where "smart bombs" are engineered for the US military, and a snake march of about 100 persons through Oakland and nearby Shadyside. The march continued peacefully to more cheers than jeers for about an hour and a half, ultimately returning to the die-in.

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WEF Continues to Walk Backwards

27.01.2003 07:00

Anti-WEF march in Davos, Switerland on 25 January After last year's foray in New York City, the world's wealthiest most powerful persons met for the World Economic Forum (WEF) once again in behind police barricades in Davos, Switzerland. While advocates of global justice are trying to put different issues on the agenda at the World Social Forum, numerous people also came to Switzerland to make their opposition heard through demonstrations and creative actions. A demonstration was actually allowed in Davos itself this year, but later restrictions and police violence pushed things out of hand.

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WSF Continues Amid Differing Visions

27.01.2003 04:36

Attendees at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brasil Events at the third day, Saturday, January 25, of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil were in sharp contrast to the scene at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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| antiwar audio | Lula Goes to Davos

However, the WSF is gradually becoming more like the structures it was envisioned to oppose. Examples of this range from access limitations for independent reporters to the attendance [ audio ] of Brazilian President Lula at the WEF. Concern over this was expressed on Sunday when the president of PT (Worker's Party) was pied [ 1 | video ].

Further coverage includes IPS TerraViva reports [ Jan 26 ] , ongoing reports sent to various IMC websites, including Melbourne [ 1 ], Western Mass [ 2 ], and Portland [ 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ], and previous global features [ January 25 | Jan 24 | Jan 22 | Jan 30, 2002 ].

Twenty Thousand Demonstrate Against EU Labor Policies

27.01.2003 02:39

The labor policies of the EU are protested in Nafplio, Greece on 24 January On January 24-25, an informal summit of the Labor Ministers of the EU was held in Nafplio, Greece. It was the first major event of the Greek term in the rotating presidency of the organization. Dissent was also present - on Friday, January 24, a demonstration [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] was organized by labor unions and global justice coalitions to voice their anger on Europe-wide policies that lead to unemployment and deteriorating workers' rights.

Despite the heavy rain, an unexpectedly large number of people from all over the country converged on the city. The number of demonstrators was larger than expected by organizers as the strees of Nafplio were filled with a colorful and noisy parade of resistance. The same day, some 3000 persons marched in Thessaloniki as well. This was the first of a series of demonstrations and actions that will conclude in a massive counter-summit in Thessaloniki during the EU summit for heads of states in June.

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Haiti's Large Businesses Shutter Doors as the Poor Markets Remain Open

26.01.2003 21:35

Haiti's poor markets remain open as a &quot;strike&quot; is called on January 24 A general strike called in Haiti on Friday, January 24 by 184 "civil society" organizations quickly began to resemble a similar event called by the Democratic Convergence group last December 4, 2002. Businesses that largely cater to Haiti's small upper and middle classes remained shuttered today while the majority of small marketplace women, known as ti machann, were clearly open and doing a brisk business. This pattern is similar to the "strike" that has been held by the upper classes in Venezuela over the same period of time.

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Parade for Peace Draws Thousands

26.01.2003 16:40

&quot;Yinz Shall Not Kill, N'at&quot; Thousands marched through the streets on the South Side of PIttsburgh on Saturday, January 25 in a permitted Parade for Peace. More are expected to hit the streets in the Oakland section of the city tomorrow for a rally and march, followed by autonomous direct actions. The weekendlong Regional Convergence Against the War has also included workshops and concerts.

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WSF Opens with March, Speeches

26.01.2003 04:26

Friday, January 24 was the first full day of the third World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. While the beginning workshops were marred by some confusion over locations and start-times, in general things flowed well. This is especially noteworthy since the forum has doubled in size each successive year, and prior to 2001, the city of Porto Alegre was not a regular haven for foreign visitors.

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Further coverage includes IPS TerraViva reports [ 24 Jan | 25 Jan ], ongoing reports sent to numerous IMC websites, including Portland [ 3 | 4 ], Michigan [ 1 ], Houston [ 3 ], Washington DC [ 1 ], and Thunder Bay [ 1 | 2 ], and previous global features [ Jan 22 | Jan 24 ].

Groups Organize Against War Around the Globe

26.01.2003 04:09

Protestors march against war in Iraq in Yokosuka, Japan on January 19 As the January 27 deadline for UN weapons inpections in Iraq approaches, and the US and other nations, including the UK and Australia, continue to send military forces to the Persian Gulf region, organizing efforts and actions against war are continuing. In the last week, meetings and protests have been held throughout the world, from Japan to Turkey to Australia, in an effort to stop US military aggression.

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Nigeria's Political Crossroads: Which Way?

26.01.2003 04:08

Nigerians are preparing to cast their vote again for a political system many fear will lead them nowhere. The big question, 'which way Nigeria?’ faces all Nigerians, particularly persons in local communities who are forced to face the decaying conditions of unemployment, a poor health system, corruption, poor social services, and an uncertain future.

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Hundreds Protest Utility Cut-offs on MLK Day

25.01.2003 17:58

&quot;Stop squeezing the poor you bastards!&quot; Chanting "No Water, No Peace," and "We fired up! - can't take it no more!" about 200 Detroit citizens and other concerned human beings picketed in front of the Detroit Water Department on Monday, January 20. Those in attendance were protesting utility cut-offs by DTE Energy and the Water Department. Over 8,000 Detroiters currently have their water, gas, and/or electricity cut off, while 40,000 have in the past year. Attempts to privatize water supplies in the US are nothing new. Moreover, those protesting in Detroit were acting in solidarity with those facing similar utility cut-offs in South Africa, British Columbia, and elsewhere.

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WSF III Begins in Festivity

25.01.2003 03:15

&quot;Join or Die&quot; It was certainly a tale of two cities on Thursday, January 23. As members of the Bush administration and other corporate globalizers tried to celebrate the "best of times" in the snowy heights of Davos, Switzerland, representatives of 5,480 organizations from over 126 countries gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil at the World Social Forum to formulate alternatives to some of the "worst of times" being suffered around the globe today. About 100,000 people are expected to come to Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil this weekend. The process is already moving forward, as it has been decided that next year's forum will be held in India.

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Reports about the Forum are being sent to numerous IMC websites, including Western Mass [ 1 ], Portland [ 1 | 2 ], Maine [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ], and Houston [ 1 | 2 ].

Eye on the Contractor's Ball

25.01.2003 02:37

Government contracts are as inevitable as taxes in the US. They are routinely awarded to companies, large and small. Unless we are investing, or work at a company directly affected, we rarely take note. It happens every few days. But perhaps we should devote more attention to government contracts, particularly defense contracts, given the post-9-11 increase in the defense budget.

Meanwhile, eight people attempting to enter the Northrop Grumman Canada (Litton) plant and inspect the site for its weapons of mass destruction work were arrested by Toronto Police on January 20, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US.

Read: detailed report on US military contracting | US Terrorist Infrastructure Map

Further information regarding the weapons industry includes Arming for Armageddon at Counterpunch and a report on US Arms Export Control "Reforms" from the Federation of American Scientists.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Drum Major for Justice

24.01.2003 16:17

Thousands march for peace and justice in Seattle on January 20, Martin Luther King Jr. Day People of many different backgrounds marched across the US on Monday, January 20 to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and vision of a peaceful and equitable world. Crowds were full of anti-war supporters who wished to carry on Dr. King's message of peace and understanding.

There couldn't have been a more fitting tribute to King's activism than the sight of the hundreds of thousands of people who rallied across the nation against Bush's planned invasion of Iraq over the past weekend. Yet King is overwhelmingly viewed in the mass media as a campaigner against Southern segregation. But King saved the best for the last years of his life after the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act by becoming more, not less, radical in his middle age, as he began campaigning for a class based vision of economic equality and justice and against US militarism.

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Northwood Military Base Blocked for Hours on Sunday

24.01.2003 15:33

Civil disobedience at Northwood Military Base in London on January 19 The Permanent Joint Headquarters of the British Armed Forces, Northwood Military Base in London, was blockaded for eight hours on Sunday, 19 January by up to 400 protestors in London [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]. At 9:15 am that morning, six peace activists locked themselves together at the main gates of the base with steel tube 'lock-ons' covered with giant purple pantsbearing the slogan "War is Pants." They were eventually cut out of the locks at the end of the day. This second day of action at Northwood coincided with the twelfth anniversary of the 1991 Gulf War, and came one day after many massive anti-war protests around the world.

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Indigenous Leaders Murdered by Colombian Paramilitary

24.01.2003 11:15

Four Kuna indigenous leaders were murdered in the Panamanian villages of Paya and Pucuro on Saturday, January 18. Also, two US and one Canadian reporter were kidnapped by what seems to be the same Colombian paramilitary group that attacked those towns. The group of 150 paramilitaries whom Kuna leaders identified as belonging to the Autonomous Defense Units of Colombia, assassinated the leaders of the Kuna Paya village: Ernesto Ayala, mayor; San Pascual Ayala, second mayor, and Luis Enrique Martínez, village commissioner. Gilberto Vasquez, mayor of Pucuro, was also murdered. His body was found with a bullet in the back of his head inside his house in the village. The Panamanian government released a statement Thursday and the search is on for those abducted.

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Regional Protests Against War Expected to be Area's Largest Since Vietnam

24.01.2003 00:19

Activists in Pittsburgh have been crafting puppets for a parade Saturday to raise awareness of the injustice of an impending war. Pittsburgh activists have organized a weekend of protest and resistance in response to the looming war in Iraq. Thousands are expected to gather from around the country for a parade Saturday, January 25 and a rally and direct action on Sunday. The convergence, organized by the Pittsburgh Organizing Group and the Thomas Merton Center, supports a diversity of tactics in hopes of stopping a war from starting.

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