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Son of &quot;Patriot&quot; Act Lurking

28.02.2003 13:32

The Center for Public Integrity reports that the Justice Department is going to propose a drastic expansion of the Patriot Act for 2003 entitled the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, or Son of "Patriot" Act. The leaked document is based on a confidential paper from the Justice Department.

When the USA Patriot Act of 2001 was passed in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, critics were assured by proponents that many of the most damaging provisions of the act would "sunset" in 2004, meaning that they would be automatically repealed without further action by Congress. Unfortunately, the new legislation would not only re-enact many of the most damaging provisions of the Patriot Act, it would drastically expand those provisions.

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Solidarity Actions Support Grassy Narrows Forest Blockade

28.02.2003 12:15

In an unprecedented act of the defense of their lands, the First Nations communities of Aroland, Hornepayne, Constance Lake, and Mishkeegogamang have erected blockades [ 1 | 2 ] of foresty operations across northern Ontario in solidarity with Grassy Narrows First Nation, who have been blocking a forest access roads near their reserve since December. In the meantime, about 40 indigenous women and children from Grassy Narrows protested the clearcutting of their land at the Abitibi-Consolidiated Inc. pulp mill in the city of Kenora. This mill processes the millions of trees removed from the Whiskey Jack Forest, which is also the reserve's traditional land use area, to make newsprint for the Washington Post and the New York Times. Men from Grassy Narrows and a few members of Keechita Warriors Society stood vigil on the sidelines during the demonstration for support and protection. "You can not separate us and the land, we need it for our way of life," said blockader Joe Fobister, "the destruction of this land effectively amounts to cultural genocide, the destruction of us."

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No Tanks: Trainstopping in Europe

26.02.2003 14:27

A week after millions took to the streets, transports of material and soldiers from US military bases in Europe to the Gulf region continue, as do actions against them. In Italy (it) hundreds participate in trainstopping. Actions are also taking place in The Netherlands (nl) and Belgium (nl/fr)

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Veterans Organize Against War in Iraq

26.02.2003 00:34

Vets in NYC for F15 Many U.S. military veterans are demonstrating against the Bush regime's rush to war against Iraq. Veterans for Peace were present at both the large J18 and massive F15 demonstrations. They are urging top U.S. military commanders to Remember Nuremberg and have demanded the resignation of U.S. Secretary of War, Rumsfeld. Likewise, the Vietnam Veterans Against War have made their case against another Gulf war.

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Among Giants: Forest Defense Actions Continue

24.02.2003 11:27

A war is being waged against the earth by corporations such as Maxxam/Pacific Lumber which is currently engaged in a protracted fight against communities in Northern California which see the corporation raiding natural resources, destroying mountains, watersheds and forests in the quest for profit before nature. The communities are resisting through forest defense actions from interfering with logging, blockading of logging roads and tree sits in planned timber harvests. Pacific Lumber also claims to have come under attack recently from what they describe as eco-terrorists and others call liberators. An independent call for mass tree sits has been put forward for Earth Day. The new Humboldt County District Attorney has issued a $250,000,000 lawsuit against Pacific Lumber for fraud in relation to it's concealment of mudslides and clear cutting.

Beyond F15: AntiWar Movement Turns To Direct Action

24.02.2003 03:23

Italian activists block a U.S. munitions train near Vicenza. Millions filled city streets around the globe on Feb 15, denouncing Bush's call to war in a day of protest unlike any the world has ever seen. While some are sorting out who organized the whole thing, others are turning to direct action as a next step. Activists in San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Halifax, Montreal and Italy are confronting war profiteers in their communities, blocking military recruitment facilities, walking out of school and cutting the train routes that transport military materials.

Peacemakers flocking to Baghdad as human shields held their first "war council" on Feb 17. In the US, a call has been put out for a National Student Strike on March 5. Bay Area activists are planning a massive day of resistance should the war start and antiwar organizers in Great Britain are increasingly confident that they can shut their country down if Prime Minister Tony Blair leads his nation into war.

Discussion--What More Should Be Done to Oppose the War?

F15: Police Violence Mars Day Of Peace

23.02.2003 14:26

Of the millions of people who were in the streets on Feb 15 and 16 peacefully and joyfully voicing opposition to Bush's war, only a small fraction were the direct victims of police violence. But for those people in Greece, Tunisia and the United States who were beaten with batons, teargassed, maced or stomped on by police-driven horses, the day was a scary and painful experience, confirming why they were on the streets in the first place.

The organizers of Saturday's rally in New York are calling for the resignation of the police commissioner after Indymedia video corroborated people's reports of unprovoked police violence.

Police and protesters battled in the streets in San Francisco and in Athens, Greece. But in Colorado Springs, police used a breakaway march as an excuse to teargas the entire gathering.

Last Basque Newspaper Shut Down by Spanish Authorities

22.02.2003 05:14

For the last seven years, several judicial orders - under the excuse of eradicating terrorism - have targeted legal associations that the Spanish government describes as being "friends of the terrorists". On February 20, the only remaining Basque-language daily newspaper Euskaldunon Egunkaria was shut down and 10 of its staff were arrested for "supporting an armed group". The website was also closed [ DE | ES | IT | FR | Interview (sp) | Public TV (eu)]

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F15: The World Said No

20.02.2003 21:54

Antarctica on February 15

Reports continue to come in of demonstrations on every continent, in every corner of the world. The editors of this section of Indymedia, like all participants in this past weekend's events, are still working to understand the breadth of the protest and its meaning. View reports organized by region, from Oceania, Eastern Europe, Western Europe [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], North America, South America, and the Middle East.

F15: Demonstrations in Western Europe (Part Three)

20.02.2003 06:21

F15 in London (Hyde Park) The biggest demonstrations in Europe took place in Rome and London. People also protested in big numbers in more than 70 cities in France and in a nationwide demonstration in Berlin, Germany, even though in both countries the governments seem to be a on an anti-war course themselves. A demonstration in Luxembourg draw nearly five times as many participants as expected. In Cyprus an international group of protestors demonstrated at the local Nato airport.

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Final Group of SOAW Human Rights Activists Sentenced

19.02.2003 14:27

Attorneys With One Client The last people crossing the line onto Fort Benning's SOA/WHISC in Columbus, Georgia last November 2002 have just been tried and sentenced.

All 85 who were charged were found guilty [ en espanol ] of criminal trespass in the Middle District of Georgia Federal Court. Magistrate Faircloth was much harsher in these judgements than over the ones he tried a few weeks ago. It seems he chose to disregard any legal precedents - many fines for first-time protestors were doubled and more first-time offenders received federal prison time.

44 with three to six-month federal prison sentences, 28 received 12 months probation, 3 got house arrest, while 2 await sentencing.

Read Defendants' Statements: Rachel Montgomery | Joyce Ellwanger | Audio

F15: Demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Beirut

19.02.2003 05:17

About 2000 Palestinians and Israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv [ 1 | 2 ].

In Beirut, Lebanon, thousands demonstrated outside ESQWA, the Middle East headquartes for the UN. A group had decided to reclaim the traditional demonstration, usually strewn with reactionary party flags, and politicians who stand in the front lines until their pictures are taken. They also had decided to create a block free of posters of Saddam Hussein, and simply united by the common slogan "No to War, No to Dictatorship." The block included Palestinians students, Queers, (holding out a great banner that read "Out against the War!"), and a great variety of leftists materializing the links between war and imperialism US militarism and corporate globalization. The evening ended with a concert of local leftist groups.

F15: Demonstrations in South America

18.02.2003 20:35

Well over one hundred thousand South Americans took to the streets to demonstrate against the Bush regime's war machine this past weekend. While people in nations like Bolivia were engaged in struggling against aggression from their own government, activists in other countries like Uruguay were able to add their voices to the world-wide cry for peace. Further reports are available from IMCs in Brasil, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru.

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F15: Demonstrations in North America

18.02.2003 14:19

F15 in NYC From Mexico City, where 50,000 people gathered, to Montreal, where 150,000 did, over a million people filled the streets of North America this weekend to try to prevent a war. While much attention was focused on New York City, where over 500,000 people overcame police violence and bitter cold, scores of other cities held rallies. San Francisco held its antiwar rally on Sunday, February 16, with 200,000 people in attendance.

Read: Total: 1,343,592

F15: Demonstrations in Western Europe - Part Two

18.02.2003 09:04

Several million people demonstrated all over Europe against a possible war in Iraq, and against governments who want to go to war. An overview over events in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

Meanwhile actions (nl) continue against transports of US military equipment from German to the Belgium harbour Antwerpen (fr) and to to the Dutch Rotterdam (nl).

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F15: Demonstrations in Western Europe - Part One

16.02.2003 20:58

F15 in Amsterdam Demonstrations were taking place in all capitals and numerous other cities in Europe. While the governments are divided, millions of people showed that they are all standing for the same goal: No war against Iraq. Numerous US citizens, living in Europe took part as well. Here are first reports, pictures and videos from Portugal, Spain, Basque Country, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece and Turkey.

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F15: Demonstrations in Oceania

16.02.2003 18:12

Anto-war rally in Sydney F15 An absolutely massive and unprecendented level of protest action against war occurred across Oceania from Hawaii to Perth this weekend. It kicked off Friday evening with a rally of 200,000 in Melbourne and ended on Sunday with 250,000 in Sydney.

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F15: Demonstrations in Eastern Europe

16.02.2003 14:21

F15 in Budapest In several cities across Eastern Euope, people took to the streets ranging from several hundreds to ten of thousands in Budapest, Hungary forming a "Peace Chain" accross the River Donau, to 3000 people in Warsaw, or several hundreds in Moscow who also called for a stop of the war in Chechnya.

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Millions March Worldwide To Denounce Bush's War Plans

15.02.2003 21:52

Protest in Germany against the war Rome: 2.5 million
Madrid: 2 million
London: 1.5 million
Barcelona: 1 million
Paris: 800,000
New York City: 500,000
Berlin: 500,000
Seville: 250,000
Melbourne: 200,000
Athens: 200,000
Oviedo, Spain: 200,000
Montreal: 150,000
Baghdad: 100,000+
Dublin: 100,000+
Los Angeles: 100,000
Brussels: 100,000
Lisbon: 100,000
Las Palmas, Spain: 100,000
Cadiz, Spain: 100,000
Amsterdam: 80,000
Toronto: 80,000
Stockholm: 80,000
Los Angeles: 75-100,000
Alacant , Spain: 70.000
Glasgow: 60,000+
Oslo: 60,000
Seattle: 55,000
Mexico City: 50,000
Montevideo: 50,000
Stuttgart, Germany: 50,000
Thessaloniki, Greece: 40,000
Copenhagen: 35-40,000
Berne, Switzerland: 40,000
Sao Paulo: 30,000
Girona, Spain: 30,000
Vancouver: 30,000
Goteborg, Sweden: 30,000
Tokyo: 25,000
Budapest: 20,000
Newcastle, Australia: 20,000
Vienna: 20,000
Lyon: 20,000
Perth, Australia: 20,000
Irunea, Basque Country: 20,000
Montpeilier, France: 15-20,000
Luxemburg: 15-20,000
Buenos Aires: 15,000
Rio de Janeiro: 15,000
Helsinki: 15,000
Canberra, Australia: 10-15,000
Trondheim, Norway: 11,000
Kolkata, India: 10,000
Johannesburg: 10,000
Minneapolis: 10,000
Zagreb, Croatia: 10,000
San Diego: 10,000
Philadelphia: 10,000
Edmonton, Canada: 10,000
Auckland: 8-10,000

And other cities: Tel Aviv: 1500, Adelaide, Bellingen, Bregenz: 1500, Bratislava, Cape Town: 5000, Christchurch, Dunedin, Durban: 3000, Iraklio: 4000, Maine, Patras: 3500, Prague: 1000, Quito: 250, Rethimno: 2000, Rhodes: 2000, Santiago: 3000, Taipei, Tampere: 2000, Tudela: 5000, Turku: 5000, Volos: 3000, Warsaw, Wellington...

Global Count of Protestors Hits Eleven Million
Compendium of Photographs from 100+ Cities

Note: When ever possible we list the crowd estimate from the local indymedia center. As always the cops underestimate and sometimes protest organizers are a bit too enthusiastic.

Look to local IMCs for up-to-the-minute reports on all of these actions. Post reports and crowd estimates here.

Audio: [ Stream from Hyde Park, London
| Piccadilly, London | Berlin | Amsterdam ]

Melbourne Kicks Off F15

15.02.2003 04:07

The World Says No To War action began in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday with the biggest protest in the city's history. Over 200,000 people gathered in the streets in a massive display of dissent to any war on Iraq in the largest protests in the city's history. Read more about the demonstrations.

Over 10 million people worldwide in 603 cities are expected to rally this weekend against a war on Iraq.

Look to local IMCs for up-to-the-minute reports on all of these actions. Post reports and crowd estimates here.

The IMC Radio Network features information about tens of audio webstreams and mirrors from around the world covering the weekend's actions.

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