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New Grassroots Activist Network Grows Quickly

05.04.2003 15:44

How can activists today transform the structures and cultures that created the invasion of Iraq and that cause wars and injustices today? One answer is wide-scale activist networking, online and off. On March 27, a new grassroots online activist network was launched: The "We Stand for Peace & Justice" (WSPJ) statement. In 9 days, interest in the WSPJ mobilizing statement has grown very quickly. It has already received over 55,000 signatures from activists in 213 countries and been translated into 12 languages...

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New Generation Defends Affirmative Action

04.04.2003 13:37

Well over 50,000 people, including 10,000 from Michigan alone, rallied in front of the US Supreme Court on Tuesday in favor of the University of Michigan's affirmative action policies, now under review by the Court. Students, union members, and other civil rights proponents traveled from all over the country to show their support for the University of Michigan, whose policies for promoting diversity within their community are under fire from reactionaries. Ironically, Bush himself, a benefactor of affirmative action, argued in court that the policies were unconstitutional.
[ "Time has Changed," Affirmative Action March Newsicvideo 4/1/03, Affirmative Action Rally At the Supreme Court

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Making Money From Water

03.04.2003 16:50

World Water Forum Oil fuels war, but the struggle for water is likely to make it worse as states are competing for scarce watersupplies and companies see it as a commodity for profiting from the poor. From 16-23 March at the third World Water Forum, thousands of delegates discussed if water is to be a basic human right or a commodity owned by private companies. While most of the delegates were corporate representatives with vested interests in privatization, there was a separate grassroots presence as well. However, while the end-text could not give a final resolution to this question, water already is a $400 million business.

Consequences of waterprivatisation in the South can be seen in Argentina, Bolivia and South-Africa where prices have risen and quality dropped. But given the recent decision by the world's largest water company (Suez) to pull out of major cities in the South, and the growing opposition to water privatisation in many countries, there are signs that the tide may be turning for the corporate water giants, Corporate Europe Observatory says in one of its recent water-briefing s. However, western countries are also seeking the privatisation of water through the WTO General greement on Trades in Services (GATS). The future of watersupplies, however, will be better off, if maintenance is done in a participatory way by the people themselves, according to articles in the Green Pepper and this briefing.

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Judge orders eviction of IMC Argentina

02.04.2003 17:27

imc argentine logo Today the judge Francisco Ponte has signed an eviction order for the ex-Mayo bank building located in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Barracas. The building was recovered in 2002 by the "Lezama Sur" popular assembly and has since been a major cultural and political center for the people of Barracas. Since June 2002, the Argentina IMC has been operating an open publishing office in the building. A letter writing campaign has begun to put pressure on the Buenos Aires city government and it's mayor Ibarra to stop the eviction. You can find a model letter in both English and Spanish as well as the email of the mayor. Dreams cannot be evicted.

Millions Stridently Protest War, M24-30

02.04.2003 04:04

Anti-war protest in Peshawar, Pakistan, M30 In the week of March 24-30, large protests against the U.S. invasion of Iraq intensified, especially in Islamic societies. Some protests mobilized within radical religious right communities or as combined left party and religious right manifestations. However, as is common now since February 15, many protests around the globe swelled with tens and hundreds of thousands of people, diverse publics who are furious about the brutality of the illegal and imperialistic invasion, the dreadful U.S. bombing campaign, and the increasing number of civilian deaths in Iraq.

Large protests included those in:
Spain - 1,000,000 (many cities, including Madrid - 250,000; Barcelona - 150,000) - M26
Syria, Damascus - 500,000 to 1,000,000 - M25
Indonesia, Jakarta - 300,000 to 500,000 - M30
Algeria, Algiers -200,000 - M27
Morocco, Rabat - 200,000 - M30
India, Calcutta - 150,000 - M30
Iran, Tehran - 100,000s - M29
Italy (many cities, student strikes, 60% schools closed) - M24
Pakistan, Peshawar - 100,000 - 200,000 - M30
Germany (across various cities) - 100,000 - 150,000 - M30
Yemen, Saana - 100,000 - M27
Spain, Rota - 60,000 - M30
Bangladesh, Bazar - 50,000 - M30
France, Paris - 50,000 - M29
Greece, Athens - 50,000 - 100,000 - M29
Australia, Melbourne - 40,000 - M29
Lebanon, Tripoli - 40,000 - M28
Mauritania, Nouakchott - 40,000 - M24
Massachusetts, Boston - 30,000 - 50,000 - M29
South Korea - 30,000 - M29
Ireland, Dublin - 20,000 to 40,000 - M29
California, Los Angeles - 20,000 - M30

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Heat on The Prince of Darkness

01.04.2003 04:11

Richard Perle protest One of the architects of the Bush regime's invasion of Iraq, nicknamed "The Prince of Darkness" for his dark deeds, is Richard Perle. He served as a foreign-policy adviser in Bush the elder's Presidential campaign, as Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan, is connected to a chain of neo-conservative think tanks, and until the other day was chairman of the Defense Policy Board, which advises the Pentagon. He resigned his chairmanship amid controversy over his financial connections to the military-industrial complex and his potential to gain personally from the US invasion of Iraq.

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Police Repression of Anti-War Protests

30.03.2003 20:06

Norway IMC There are many reports of violent police repression of protests following the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Amnesty International released a report condemning such actions recently. Protests became extremely intense in some Islamic societies, especially at the location of U.S. embassies. In Yemen last week, 10,000s marched on the U.S. embassy. Police used live ammunition to defend against protesters, some of whom were reportedly armed. Several protesters were killed, while one policeman was killed and over a dozen were injured.

In Norway peace demonstrators sustained various injuries at the hands of police. Also, there was conflict with the police reported in Spain (where over 130 protesters were injured by the police), Montreal, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Argentina IMC Faces Eviction

30.03.2003 13:52

For over a year,Indymedia Argentina has been more than a simple site on the internet. It is a network, a place to meet, a tool for thousands of people from around the world to inform themselves about what is happening in Argentina - to talk and to get together. Organizing out of a beautiful home, a building that at one time was a bank whose owners had abandoned it, this Indymedia center is now under threat of eviction.

"It is question of hours that will define our situation - we could lose one of our most important spaces, where not only do we keep our few computers and archives - but where dozens of people go to visit us and bring their news. To our friends in all parts of the world - we are looking for the solidarity in whatever form it is best expressed." - Indymedia Argentina.

Streets Reclaimed At a Sydney Immigration Detention Centre

29.03.2003 20:51

Sydney Reclaim The Streets was at Villawood Detention Centre this time to draw attention to the refugee issue that is at risk of being submerged in the huge peace protests recently. Right now there are apparently still 152 Iraqis in camps in Australia, and another four thousand on temporary protection visas. According to DIMIA there were nearly 1200 people in detention centers here as of January, but they don't break that down by nationality.

As a Reclaim The Streets Event this one was smallish and sad rather than celebratory to a large extent. Celebrating outside a concentration camp is a bit hard. We got to see and hear some of the inmates, and they heard and saw us. Which is good. But it was pretty upsetting to see the razor wire and intense security out there, let alone thinking of the people who've died in there.

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Over 5 Million Protest Invasion of Iraq, 3/21-3

28.03.2003 03:20

bike bloc during M22 NYC anti-war protest Under-reported by corporate media, during the weekend after the Bush cartel's invasion of Iraq, March 21-23, over 5 million people protested in anti-war demonstrations around the world. Large protests manifested in:

Greece, Athens - 500,000 - 700,000
Spain, Barcellona - 500,000 - 750,000
Spain, Madrid - 500,000
USA, New York City - 300,000
Turkey, Diyarbakir - 250,000
UK, London - 250,000 - 500,000
Canada, Montreal - 200,000 - 250,000
Italy, Rome - 200,000
Spain, Sevilla - 150,000
Netherlands, Amsterdam - 120,000
Greece, Thessaloniki - 120,000
Australia, Adelaide - 100,000
Canada, Toronto - 100,000
France, Paris - 100,000
Germany, Berlin - 100,000
Pakistan, Lahore - 100,000
Spain, Vigo - 100,000
Portugal, Lisbon - 90,000 - 100,000
USA, San Francisco - 75,000
Sweden, Stockholm - 50,000 - 80,000.
And, many more protests numbered in the 10,000s.

In thousands of communities world wide, direct actions, marches, rallies, and student walkouts were engaged in the week of the invasion. These have been contrasted with the 2/15 protests, which were months in the planning, in which over 15 million people protested. The 5 million attending emergency protests around the globe in the first weekend after the invasion, often in the face of police repression, demonstrated continuing, widespread commitments to active resistance to the invasion of Iraq.

Read: full feature with links to hundreds of protest reports.

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Reports and Resources from Baghdad

27.03.2003 06:10

More than one thousand professional journalists are currently in Iraq. About 500 "at the frontline" who give a very one-side picture of the war, often only concentrating on military tactics.
On the other hand there are numerous eye witnesses who report on the impacts the war. www.peacerace.be collects a list of emails and recorded phone calls from Iraq. www.iraqpeaceteam.org publishes diaries from peace activists in Iraq. From Italy, *Robdinz* is in constant telephone contact with people in Baghdad by telephone, working telephone lines in two hotels where the international press is staying. They are independent information agents, freelance reporters, six or seven human shields and some Baghdad inhabitants who work with them. [Reports from Baghdad, Italian, German]

Berichten uit Baghdad (en, fr, nl) | IraqPeaceTeam | Voices in the Wilderniss | Wade Hudson | Salam Pax | Christian Peacemaker Teams | Human Shields | SOS-Irak (en, fr, nl) | Jo Wilding | Reports from Baghdad
Free radio stations worldwide stay on air to cover events.
Other alternative news sources: english.aljazeera.net | zmag.org | palestinechronicle.com | ipsnews.net | webactive.com | battl.nl (nl) | yearzero.org electroniciraq.net/news/ | Iraqjournal.org

Please find and post alternative news sources here

26.03.2003 17:18

While Indymedia provides extensive coverage of the antiwar movement, good information on the invasion itself can be hard to find. Find and post alternative news sources here.

Resistance Continues In Spite of US Media Blackout

25.03.2003 18:48

The role of the mainstream media as mouthpieces of the White House and Pentagon has become even more blatant since the start of the attack on Iraq. Protests receive scant coverage as many corporate news websites and newspapers shift their focus to coverage of the invasion itself, which the military restricts or manipulates. Despite all this, protests continue to rage across the country in San Fransisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

Reports indicate that the corporate media has been skewing protest size estimates, inflating pro-war protests while underestimating the size of antiwar protests. But the media has been not just been misreporting news, but actively creating it in many cases: ClearChannel Communications, which owns over 1200 radio stations in the US, has sponsored pro-war rallies in Atlanta, Cleveland, San Antonio, Cincinnati and other cities.

Protest Actions Around Oceania

24.03.2003 20:37

Reaction in Oceania against the war on Iraq has been both swift and massive, with huge demonstrations beginning only hours after the first bombs began to fall.
To date there have been emergency anti war demos in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Honolulu, Wellington and Auckland, with more expected. Actions have included workers walking off construction sites, students walking out of class, and tens of thousands of people rallying in the streets. There have been paint bombs and toilet paper thrown at US embassies, paint thrown on State Premier Bob Carr's vehicle, and 15 people arrested so far.

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Local Oceania IMCs : Adelaide | Aotearoa | Brisbane | Jakarta | Hawaii | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney

San Fransisco is Shut Down As Baghdad Burns

24.03.2003 19:04

Emergency protests in San Francisco have been going on since Wednesday night with no sign of slowing down. As soon as the attack on Iraq began, people began gathering in the streets. Resistance and outrage is growing against all of the system that keeps many people in this country homeless and without basic needs like health care and food, while attacking other countries to amass power and resources for the wealthy. Bay Area activists succeeded in shutting down the city on Thursday and a good part of Friday. The police responded inappropriately and, in some cases, brutally on March 21, making unprovoked arrests and beating many city residents. Over 2000 have been arrested so far, provoking a planned class action lawsuit against the city and the SFPD. Activists have called for continuing action in the streets throughout the weekend.

M22 Reports

22.03.2003 22:14

People around the world engaged in massive and peaceful marches today, demonstrating continued resistance to the invasion of Iraq. Post reports of those actions here.

Reports from the Frontlines

22.03.2003 22:05

Rosemarie Gillespie is part of a group of 14 international Human Shields at the 7th of April Water Treatment Plant, on the Tigris River, in the suburbs of Baghdad. She reports: "We had a big raid last nite. Very intense. Some hit close to us. I think they are aiming at the bridges. It seems that I slept through some of the bombing last night. (Thursday) After a while you get used to it. It only wakes you up if it is close or right on top of you. I did an interview with Derryn Hinch this morning and got an idea of the type of bullshit that is being pushed out through the commercial media." Others, including veteran journalist Robert Fisk, are also bearing witness to the US bombardment of Iraq.

Read the entire feature and post additional reports here.

22.03.2003 11:43

Thousands of people across the United States and the world were arrested as part of nonviolent protests and direct actions since the US-led invasion began. Many of these people intended to get arrested to show their level of dissent. Get and add specific numbers, then find one of the March 22nd protests to attend.

21.03.2003 21:08

The US military has escalated its bombardment and invasion of Iraq. Emergency protests continue. Post reports of emergency actions here. Live reports from emergency actions in San Francisco can be heard on Enemy Combatant Radio.

Diversity of Tactics to Stop The War

21.03.2003 21:05

Activists in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Traverse City and Grand Rapids have responded to the United States' attack on Iraq with a clear message: people would not be going about their business as usual during this unjust attack on an impoverished people, a decimated country, our constitutional rights, and international law. But they are using a variety of tactics to convey that message: direct action, rallies, marches, and troop blockades.

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