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Following Deportation, Questions Remain

25.07.2003 17:53

Rabih Haddad Rabih Haddad, a prominent leader in Michigan's Muslim community, was secretly deported on Monday, July 14, to his native Lebanon. John Ashcroft's Justice Department had detained Haddad for 19 months on charges that he overstayed his visa. Now the Ann Arbor Bill of Rights Defense Committee wants to know the extent to which local law enforcement cooperated with federal authorities in Haddad's arrest and persecution. And US Representative John Conyers has said that he is investigating the matter.

Two Mobs Against Global Capitalism

22.07.2003 21:59

As anti-capitalists and others prepare for the WTO protests in Cancun in September, others in North America are taking action From July 27th-Aug. 1st in two different mobilizations against the same capitalist globalization infrastracture. A anti-WTO protest is being held in Montreal and an anti-CAFTA mobilization is being held in New Orleans.

In New Orleans, the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA, will have a negotiating session in New Orleans, Louisiana between Monday, July 28 and Thursday, August 1st.

CAFTA is an expansion of NAFTA to include Central America, as well as a broadening of influence of trade agreements to interfere with a wider range of social policy. This includes agriculture and biotechnology, intellectual property rights and the right to affordable medicines, privatization of public services, and the right of foreign corporations to sue governments over health, safety, labor or environmental regulations. [Anti-Capitalist Bloc Call]

In Montreal, building on common ground shared in struggles against capitalism, imperialism, and war, the Popular Mobilisation Against the WTO in Montreal is planning five days of education, creative resistance, mega-demonstrations, and direct action in order to expose and to resist the profit-driven WTO, and to promote an alternative vision which prioritizes self-determination, dignity, and global justice.

[IMC-Nola | Stop CAFTA] [IMC-Montreal | IMC-Quebec | Anti-WTO Mob]

WEF shut down

22.07.2003 05:20

The Competitiveness Summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) due to take place in Dublin (Ireland) in October has been cancelled. It has been rescheduled to run in conjunction with its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Accoring to the WEF the meeting was cancelled because the Global Competitiveness Report would not have been ready in time.

Since months preparations have been going on and public pressure against the meeting was mounting. Thousands of anti-capitalists had planned to stage blockades and a massive march against the organisation which has been dubbed nearest thing that globalisation has to a world headquarters. It is unprecedented for a conference of this magnitude to be pulled at such short notice.

Opposition to, and resistance against, the WEF meetings has been growing for several years, with protests and counter-conferences seen in the mountain tops of Davos (switzerland)and Salzburg (austria) as well as Melbourne (Australia), New York, Mexico and South Africa. Ahead of the Dublin meeting the Gardai police have been receiving special training in the use of their new telescopic batons, while groups opposing the WEF have called for the Gardai to use restraint after their disgraceful attack on a peaceful Reclaim The Streets party on Mayday last year.

Discussions are ongoing in Ireland about which actions and demonstrations should still go through. The first Irish Social Forum is still scheduled to take place as planned.

Read more on IMC Ireland and IMC UK.

Carlo Vive!

20.07.2003 13:48

Carlo Giuliani July 20 marks the second anniversary of the murder of Carlo Guilani by the Carabinieri (Italian paramilitary police force) during the protests against the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa. In those remarkable days, where Berlusconi's goverment gave orders to stop protesters by "whatever force necessary", the independent media centre was brutally attacked by police, resulting with the arrests, tortures, assaults and beatings into coma of many protesters.

Meanwhile the criminal proceedings refering to events in Genoa still continue. Updates [1, 2] can be found on IMC Germany

The parents of Carlo Guilani are now calling for people from all over to come to Genoa once more for the 20th of July.

Read entire feature.

Resisting Palestinian Deportations in Canada

20.07.2003 13:42

A march has been called for Saturday, July 19, in Montreal to build concrete solidarity for Montreal's Palestinian refugees as they fight against Canada's attempt to deport them to Palestine, which is under illegal and deadly military occupation by neighboring Israel. Currently in Montreal there are over 100 Palestinian refugees who are facing imminent deportation. Most are from the refugee camps of Lebanon and from occupied Palestine. They have claimed refugee status in Canada over the last couple of years, but their claims have been systematically rejected by Immigration Canada since September 11th.

In the United States, Rabih Haddad, a prominent leader in Michigan's Muslim community, was secretly deported on Monday, July 14, to his native Lebanon after having been detained for 19 months by the Justice Department.

First Casualty of War Returns to Haunt Bush Crusaders

18.07.2003 19:34

The man who said "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam.." may be a religious extremist bent on revisiting the Crusades, but George W. Bush and his neo-conservative handlers are far from invulnerable. Finally, the mainstream corporate media is waking up to what independent journalists have been saying all along:The Bush regime is out of control and their rightwing agenda is a threat to the nation.

The Whitehouse's global crusade appears to have turned into Bush's vietnam as the occupation of Iraq turns into a quagmire with soldiers denouncing their commanders on national TV and the regime's lies [1], [2] to justify the invasion returning to haunt them. Neo-conservatives in the U.S. Senate may have squelched an independent investigation into the regime's deceptions for now, but the tide appears to have turned against the Whitehouse crusaders. It's said there are 76 patriotic reasons to impeach Bush/Cheney. Perhaps the the gate is open.

Border Camping in Puglia

18.07.2003 09:56

From the 21st to the 27th of July, activists from around Europe will converge in Puglia, on the heel of Italy, for an international anti-racist and no border camp. The initiative for the camp is promoted by Tavolo Migranti and the noborder network, in co-operation with other anti-racist and migration groups. [Background]

Constructed around the themes of border controls, migrant work and citizenship rights, it will be the first noborder camp in Italy. Puglia has been chosen due to its location as a major point of arrival and exit for migrants originating from the Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Puglia is also the site of two administrative detention centres and the location of thousands of migrants, who work under conditions of total exploitation, especially in the agricultural sector.

Read Entire Feature

Philippines Workers on strike - Nestle workers call for boycott

18.07.2003 08:33

In the Philippines, Nestle starves its own employees in a bitter industrial dispute with workers on strike since January 2001. On June 26 Nestle called in the Philippines National Police which hospitalised 50 workers in a violent attack. The Maritime Union of Australia reported the call for a boycott of Nestle in solidarity.

Nestle has long been the subject of boycott action over its irresponsible marketing practices of infant formula, and also has been the subject of protests about the theft of water resources in the USA.

For more reasons why you should boycott Nestle products read the entire feature.

Community TV Illegally Shut Down in Venezuela

17.07.2003 16:49

The Caracas metropolitan police raided and shut down Community Catia TV this week. The police are controlled by mayor Alfredo Pena, an enemy of democratically elected President Hugo Chavez. Catia TV is an alternative media project from a poor neighborhood which denounces the continuous conspiracies of the Venezuelan oligarchy, allied with the US and Spanish Governments, to overthrow the democratic regime. Their reports on corruption scandals and the fascist methods of the oligarchs angered mayor Pena and prompted him to brutally raid and silence this alternative media without a judicial order.

Pena - who happens to be the owner of a major Venezuelan newspaper, El Nacional - was one of the leaders of the failed, CIA-backed military coup that overthrew President Chavez for only one day in April 2002. The following day, the Caracas poor, who enthusiastically support Chavez, descended from the shantytowns located on the hills, defeated the plotters with the help of loyal troops and saved the President's life.

Messages of protest can be sent to mayor Pena.

Union Using Courts and Consumers to Stop Political Killings

17.07.2003 03:22

On July 22, the Colombian union Sinal Trainal will officially launch a worldwide boycott campaign against Coca-Cola. In the last few years, paramilitaries have killed ten men and kidnapped and tortured dozens of union activists. 90 percent of all union leaders reported killed worldwide die in Colombia.

Last year, the union, which organizes workers employed by Coke Colombia as well as by Nestle Corporation, along with supporters in the US filed a case in US federal court accusing Coke of crimes against humanity for their involvement in the repression of workers by paramilitaries. On March 31, 2003, the judge determined that the court case against Coke can proceed.

The union has called for a worldwide boycott campaign parallel to the legal action, with rallies in Rome, Euskal Herria, London and Melbourne to launch the campaign.

More info: english | italian
Photos of past actions against Coke: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Life in a Traveller Camp

15.07.2003 18:05

"The right of Travellers in Ireland to basic facilities such as water and electricity can still not be taken for granted apparently. To find out more I called over to the Traveller's Site in Ballyfermot for the first time recently. I was a bit nervous walking in but was immediately made to feel very welcome by the residents. I met sisters Breda and Tina who told me their stories... "

Read Entire Interview

As Locals Plan to Fight, They Ask the World to Join Them

15.07.2003 12:33

rncnotwelcome metro card Although still over thirteen months away, New York City has begun organizing in earnest to oppose George Bush's Republican National Convention (RNC), which will be held in the city from Aug 30 to Sept 2, 2004. United For Peace and Justice has issued a call for worldwide protests, in the spirit of F15, to coincide with the opening of the convention on Sunday, August 29, 2004. Two independent websites [ RNC Not Welcome and Counter Convention ] have been launched to facilitate the mobilization. Organizers of the New York City Social Forum and other local groups are considering various conferences for the coming year to strengthen the community ahead of the fight against the RNC.

The conventions in the US are big spectacles designed to portray the party nominees as powerful leaders of a willing people. There were large mobilizations at the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2000 that launched two of the first IMCs.

Breaking the Silence: US Marine Speaks Out Against War in Iraq

14.07.2003 22:28

Soldiers take an oath to obey their commander-in-chief but that doesn't mean they keep silent when they disagree with the actions of their government. As the U.S. occupation of Iraq extends with no end in sight and the death toll for both U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians continues to mount, more voices of dissent from military personnel and families are surfacing by the day.

One Marine who was recently killed in Iraq never allowed himself to be silenced. He studied and promoted peace, and believed the Bush administration was not justified in going to war with Iraq. The night before he was deployed, he gave an interview with Pacifica Radio's Peacewatch program in which he discussed his strong commitment to peace and said the Bush administration was violating constitutional principles and misleading the country into an unjust war. Because the interview was given under the condition of anonymity, and out of respect for the current wishes of his family, the Marine will not be identified in this story. However, his words and writings, as well as interviews with his friends, leave a legacy of his beliefs. Full Story

Bush, Blair, Howard: Who's lying?

13.07.2003 17:06

In February a poll was taken asking Australians if they supported George Bush's war on Iraq - over 80% of Australians did not support the war as it was unjust and unneeded. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest Howard dragging Australia into the war and it quickly became evident that the Australian Prime Minister did not care one iota about what the electorate thought. The people who he is paid to represent were insignificant and to be ignored.

And to be lied to.

Read: Entire Feature

Invasive Bush Discovered in Africa

12.07.2003 05:25

10 000 gathered in Pretoria to protest against George W. Bush's visit to South Africa. [1 | 2 | 3] Carrying posters saying 'A village in Texas is missing its idiot' and 'George Bush - war criminal', protestors made it clear they don't see Bush as the saviour of Africa. Bush's agenda in SA is partly economic, and partly political. On the economic front, co-operation is the practical face of the common policies of neo-liberalism pushed by the American and South African governments. His trip is also to promote the US HIV/AIDS relief bill.
Criticism also comes from individuals and NGOs in the US ( 1 | 2) and from anarchists.

Bush comes while the US government is trying to influence the internal politics of Liberia by yet another ultimatium and the threat to send forces.Some expect that again the reasons for a possible intervention in Liberia is not humanitarian but access to oil and diamonds.

Blood diamonds, used to finance war, are an ongoing problem in Congo, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, and other countries.

Noborder Camp and Women on Waves in Poland

10.07.2003 03:27

End of June, several demonstrations as well as activist conferences took part in Warsaw, Poland and drew attention to the increasinly repressive situation of the EU (European Union) border regime that concerns the borders between Poland and its Eastern (non-EU) neighbors.
At the same time the Dutch ship of Women on Waves visited Poland where abortion is illegal, to give Polish women the possibility to choose for an abortion in international waters.

Read: Entire Feature

Reflecting on Independence From Corporate Media Week

08.07.2003 19:52

Perhaps every week should be Independence From Corporate Media Week. As the effort in the U.S. Congress to reverse the FCC ruling on corporate media monopolies continues, media activists are turning up the heat on their senators and congressional reps. Even former president Clinton is taking a position against the ruling. However, FCC neo-cons like Michael Powell remain arrogant and continue fronting for the corporate media while harassing and shutting down micro broadcasters. At the same time, media corporados continue business as usual, consolidating their oligarchic death grip on the news, and touting the Whitehouseparty line, most notably on Faux News and through the Networks. Many say it's part of the global media oligopoly.

But media activists have come up with creative actions as well as encouraging people to recycle or turn off their TV, or check out what's available on their local public-access channel and on pioneering alternatives like Free Speech TV, Indymedia Newsreel and WorldLink TV ,or on radio stations like Pacifica affiliates or the IMC Radio Network. Alternative newspapers are on the rebound as well. Here at Indymedia many IMCs are publishing such papers, most of which are noted on their websites.

More such efforts at alternative independent media, as well as grassroots direct actions confronting the corporate takeover of the public airwaves will be needed to successfully beat back the neo-con attack on freedom of the press. Let readers know what media activists are doing in your region here.

Jury refuses to convict anti-war Activist for Damaging War Plane

08.07.2003 12:04

Irish Anti war activist, Mary Kelly, won a non-conviction for the charge of criminal damage to a U.S. Naval aircraft that had landed at Shannon Airport in Ireland for refueling. The jury found her guilty on the much less serious charge of trespass, with the judge adjourning sentencing until October. The Jury could not come to a 10 to 2 majority to convict her for the damage to the aircraft. [More...]

Five more activists, the Pit Stop Ploughshares, are still due in court on criminal damage charges in October. This includes Irish Australian Ciaron O'Reilly. Read an interview with the parents of Ciaron O'Reilly. In May, actor Martin Sheen, who plays the USA President in the series 'West Wing', "pardoned" the activists charged with doing 2.5 million euros (AU$4.5 million) criminal damage to a U.S. war plane in the lead up to the recent Gulf war.

Activists Confront Riot Police, Tent City Evicted

06.07.2003 21:38

Riot police evicted hundreds of participants at Montreal's Tent City inside Parc Lafontaine shortly after 12:30am this morning. At least 40 riot police were already placed inside the large park, and using floodlights in the dark, they proceeded to push back Tent City participants with shields and batons. Many people scrambled to gather their belongings, including their tents and tarps, while others maintained a line in front of the riot police, chanting defiant slogans in defence of the Tent City. At least four people were arrested inside the park. According to one legal team member, at least 12 people were arrested in total.

The Tent City is in response to Montreal’s housing crisis, increasing gentrification of formerly low-cost working class areas, and increasing homelessness. The Tent City Activists have three demands: Decent housing for all; the end of the criminalization of poverty and homelessness; and the repossession of empty buildings for community use. They are stressing the anti-capitalist nature of their action, critiquing the root causes of the housing crisis in Montreal.
(Full Article (en) (fr) | Video)

International Day of Cooperatives

05.07.2003 17:28

July 5 is International Day of Cooperatives. Co-ops build community and promote grassroots economics. They have a history rich in social and economic justice. The Mondragon cooperatives in the Basque region are often-cited as a large-scale success of this model. These co-ops allow for direct worker ownership which leads to an often radical definition of what working in them means to the individual involved. They sometimes succeed, as do other successful co-ops in places around the world, such as Kerala, India's, Kerala Dinesh Beedi, even though they face difficult challenges when forced to remain sustainable while competing to survive in capitalist economies.

Unlike predatory corporations that focus solely on the bottom line and ego gratification, co-ops tend to take the health and welfare of the planet and its inhabitants into account. They are part of the struggle against living corporate. On July 14 in the eastern U.S. a conference on Democratic Workplaces: Effective Strategies for a New Economy will be held in Massachusetts. So, tell us how things are at your local co-op here.

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