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Karl Davies, Presente!

22.10.2003 10:25

Long-time forester and anti-corporate activist Karl Davies died yesterday at home in Northampton, MA/USA. Davies was a tireless advocate for restoration forestry and heavily involved in the struggle to bring sound ecological principles into the politics of forestry. His website abounds with his writings on forestry and conservation issues, as well as his work on the End of Oil,corporate crime and globalization.

Karl was a regular contributor to Indymedia's Global site, both on the newswire and collaborating on global features concerning Big Oil, climate change, and issues of energy depletion[1], [2], [3], [4].

Those who knew him can attest to Karl's love of the New England woodlands and his determination to bring ecological sanity into a culture seemingly bent on self-destruction. Karl could sit in front of a monitor way into the wee hours digging up dirt on corporados or researching new and innovative approaches to forestry or "resource" management. He had the kind of stamina and inquisitiveness that will be sorely missed in the movement to save the planet from human inhabitants who have forgotten their place on Mother Earth. Karl Davies, presente!

¡No CAFTA! ¡Vende patrias!

22.10.2003 03:06

banner drop The 8th round of the Central American Free Trade Area (CAFTA) talks have kicked off in Houston, Texas. CAFTA would extend NAFTA to five more countries: Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador, Niguraga and Costa Rica. As US negotiators up the pressure on Latin American Countires to sign the agreement, activists are stepping up public resistance to it.

On the first day of negotiations Houston activists in white overalls greeted trade delegates with a spirited demo at the meetings. [ Photos | Video | /a> | read a communique ] There were also three large banner drops on Monday, two from a hightway overpass [photos 1, 2] and one from the hotel where the meetings are taking place. On Monday evening, a permitted demonstration drew more than 200 people outside the hotel where the meetings are taking place. [ read report | photos: 1, 2, 3 | listen to audio ] More demonstrations are planned throughout the week.

Protests greet Bush in Manila, Bangkok and Canberra

20.10.2003 16:04

Filipinos on Saturday burned one hundred US flags in protest as Air Force One unloaded the worlds No. 1 terrorist leader, George W. Bush, in Manila for an eight-hour visit to the Philippines, infamously known as an American neocolony. ...10,000 Filipinos have jammed the main thoroughfare leading to the House of Representatives, where Bush addressed a joint session of Congress. [...More] This follows Urban Poor Anti-Bush actions in Manila leading up to Bush's arrival. The Bush State visit was slammed by protest in Manila and across the Philippines.

After the Phippines, George W Bush is attending the APEC summit in Bangkok, Thailand. Thai authorities have repeated the draconian measures that governments commonly employ when the rulers of the world are coming to town: deportation of undesirables, suppression of democracy, and spend lots of money to impress. On Sunday in Bangkok, one thousand people turned out to protest Bush and the crackdown on dissent during Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. Protests are also planned during his visit to Bali. In Australia preparations are hotting up to protest the Bush sleepover and address to parliament in Australia on October 22-23. Chinese President Hu Jintao will also be in Canberra and will address parliament on Friday. Perhaps the purpose of the Bush visit is an off the record meeting between Bush and Hu Jintao to discuss North Korea and other sensitive issues.

The Resistance Intensifies - &quot;Que Se Vayan Todos&quot;

17.10.2003 02:10

BREAKING NEWS: Indymedia Bolivia reports that President Sanchez de Lozada ("El Goni") has resigned. The vice president, Carlos Mesa, is set to fill his space. Prior to this highly anticipated move, the Pentagon announced that it will send a small team of U.S. Military personal to La Paz within the next few days, "to assess the situation." Until more information is available the blockades, protests, and hunger strikes continue.

Despite Sanchez De Lozada's attempts to diffuse the Bolivian uprising with dubious offers of a referendum on gas exports, protesters continue to demand nothing less than his resignation. Fighting has spread throughout Bolivia, with major clashes between police and protesters taking place as far away as Patamacaya, 60 miles west of La Paz. The heaviest fighting, however, has moved from El Alto to La Paz, where barricades and a general strike have ground the economy to a halt. As a tenuous ring of riot police surround the Presidential Palace, protesters are planning to widen their barricades with a network of trenches about the city. Miners from outlying regions continue to stream towards the capital, bearing dynamite and arms, to confront the sections of the military still loyal to El Goni.

There are reports that the military is executing soldiers who refuse to fire upon civilians. Thousands of women of the union Central Obrera Boliviana have gone on hunger strike in Catholic churches, and even traditionally conservative cities such as Santa Cruz have been blockaded by protesters. Especially prominent among the protesters are the swarms of indigenous people that have filled the streets of La Paz, struggling against an apartheid-like government led by predominantly European-descended elite.

Live Radio Stream from Bolivia

Human rights groups and social movements are setting up a fund [en espanol] to help the families of those killed in the protests. They are calling on people to contribute to the fund and express your solidarity with those who have died in the struggle against neoliberalism and for humanity. Indymedia Bolivia is struggling to cover the uprising. They have called on the activist community to also support their work with donations.

For more media see the entire feature and visit Imc Bolivia [spanish] [english], Imc Argentina and Imc Peru.

Dozens Killed in Ongoing Insurrection

14.10.2003 15:50

26 people were killed in El Alto, Bolivia, Sunday, as the army cracked down massively on protests against the sale of the country's natural gas to multinational corporations. [Background]

Protesters in El Alto had been maintaining the most intense road blockades in the country for weeks, cutting off the main route to La Paz, resulting in severe shortages of gasoline, food and other supplies. Escalating government repression against weeks of protests and strikes has killed more than 50 people in the last three days. After the massacre on Sunday the main focus of the fights moved to La Paz where the government is situated. Here again at least 20 civilian deaths have so far occured. [Names of the Dead]

With the whole country revolting the government has been forced to order further troups and tanks to the capital. At the same time ten of thousands of protesters started to march from Oruro and Achacachi to support the rioters in La Paz, and miners have announced the occupation of mining companies owned by the president. The President, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, has postponed a decision on the gas plan but continues to resist calls for his resignation despite the withdrawal of support of three ministers and the condemnation of the Vice-President.

Live Radio Stream from Bolivia / second Server

Human rights groups and social movements are setting up a fund [ en español ] to help the families of those injured or killed in the protests. They are calling on people to contribute to the fund and express your solidarity with those who have died in the struggle against neoliberalism and for humanity.
Indymedia Bolivia is struggling to cover the uprising. They have called on the activist community to also support their work with donations.

For more media see the entire feature and visit Imc Bolivia [spanish] [english], Imc Argentina and Imc Peru.

Earth Liberation Prisoner Free At Last

13.10.2003 14:08

After thirteen years in prison, Raul Zapatos is free at last. A Forest Defender based in Agusan Del Sur, he was accused of killing the town mayor. He was set free after the Supreme Court acted his appeal and found him not guilty last September of this year.

According to reports from 1990, Raul Zapatos killed the town Mayor in a clash while defending the forest from illegal logging. The Mayor was shot dead after Raul fired back at his men who shot first in an attempt to disperse the forest defenders' blockade against a truckload of illegal logs taken from the virgin forest of Agusan Del Sur.

Raul is now reunited with his family in Cagayan de Oro down south of Philippines. Earth First!-Manila and Earth First!-Davao celebrated the freedom of Mr. Raul Zapatos while the group still strongly stands for a NO COMPROMISE direct action against environmental degradation inspired by the forest defender Raul Zapatos.

[ Read more | Raul Zapatos Profile | Earth Liberation Prisoners | Earth Liberation Front | Earth First! | FPCN | Manila Indymedia ]

2 Protesters Killed, Dozens Wounded, in Bolivian Uprising against Gas Privatization

10.10.2003 04:32

bolivia - el alto On October 9, a march of over 500 miners descending upon La Paz, under a general strike for the 11th straight day. The protest was met with violence in the locality of Ventilla, only a few kilometers from the capital. A combined force of state military and police met the protesters with grenades and live ammunition. Protesters responded by hurling stones, firing slingshots and in some cases, sticks of dynamite. 2 protesters, including one miner, were killed in the clashes, dozens wounded, and twelve arrested.

Read: Entire Feature

U.S. Plans for mid-east dominance heads list of year's underreporteed stories

09.10.2003 10:34

The media watchdog group Project:Censored gave a 20-year plan formulated by current members of the Bush Administration its top spot in the year's most under-reported stories. While the corporate media were regurgitating the Bush administration's lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction and giving Saddam Hussein's Human Rights Abuses record prominent play, what went unreported was the fact that people like Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, William Kristol and Dick Cheney have been putting together a plan for American Military Occupation of the Middle East and control of the region's oil for decades. Not only is it egregious that it fell to British papers like the Sunday Herald and smaller circulation periodicals like Harper's and Mother Jones to report this, but the plans of the Bush administration members were on the Internet the whole time and they still failed to get play in the media of record in the United States.

Project Censored also credited reporter Jim Lobe of the Interpress News Service for carrying the ball that the big media dropped.

Top spots were also given to plans by the Bush Administration to suppress domestic dissent under the authority of the Homeland Security Department, and a Democracy Now! radio report on the role that the US Government and US corporations played in arming Saddam Hussein. Project Censored continues to support the work of non-profit and citizens' journalism projects in getting the uncovered news out to the public by citing the Asheville Global Report running an InterPress News Service story on the rewarding of federal contracts to corporations that have been repeatedly cited for environmental and workplace violations.

[Add your comments]

Real Cameroun

09.10.2003 07:02

Real Cameroun is an 8minute presentation of a side of life in what people know today as "Cameroun". It takes a quick look a the life of the three classes in "Cameroun": the Power Class, the ordinary citizens of French Cameroon, and the occupied people of Ambazonia, and describes the political emprisonment.

World rallies against U.S. war and occupation

08.10.2003 14:16

An estimated 20,000 protesters occupied London streets this last weekend calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and for the ouster of Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Bush administrations' war aims.

Smaller demonstrations in Spain called for the removal of Prime Minister Anzar from office as Anzar was also an enthusiastic supporter of the Bush administrations invasion and occupation of Iraq.

On the U.S. front, the cyber-activist organization Moveon.org paid for a full page ad in the New York Times calling for US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to step down [pdf]. A letter from a father with sons in the military ran as part of the ad. The father accused Rumsfeld of leading the US into a quagmire.

In Los Angeles, Agence France Presse, put at about 3,000 the number of people on hand for a demonstration against the war and occupation organized by A.N.S.W.E.R.

Anti-War demonstrations were also held in Paris, Germany, Belgium, Istanbul, Greece and South Korea.

Newly elected California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Enron Connection

08.10.2003 13:55

Protester in CA When Californians went in to vote in yesterday's recall election of Governor Gray Davis, most were unaware of a recently exposed scandal involving candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. No, we're not talking about the many women who stood up to allege sexual misconduct and abuse (of which there were many, and which Schwarzenegger never denied). We're talking about a $9 billion deal made between Schwarzenegger and Enron chief Kenneth Lay. Read more....

Censoring the War on the Basques

07.10.2003 16:21

After the last edition of his book "Eu skadi, the unknown war of the Basques" (sp) has been totally bought by the Spanish Embassy in Portugal (sp), Rui Pereira sees a tv report, on the same on subject, censured (sp). The journalistic piece should have been transmited by the portuguese tv channel SIC.

According to Rui Pereira the interview is about actual subjects regarding the actual Basque Country crisis. SIC is blaimed for suspending the emission at the last minute alledging the subject is sensitive and the matter of broadcasting face covered people is deontologially unceptable. It seems the spanish government has demanded the Pinto Balsemao (the owner of the tv channel) not to broadcast the interview and Balsemao has instrcuted his station to do so.

Read: Entire Feature

Israeli Warplanes Attack Syrian Territory

07.10.2003 07:37

On the heels of the latest suicide bombing in Israel, and as action and controversy continues over The Wall, the IAF launched an air attack into Syrian territory on Sunday. Syrian officials called the act a "grave escalation of tensions", as an emergency session took place at the UN. Condemnation of the attack is coming in from both Arab and European leaders.

While not all IAF pilots may be willing to commit such incursions into sovereign territory, the continued belligerence of the Sharon regime have many observers wondering where the key players will go from here? Apparently, two weeks ago the United States warned Damascus it would be "held accountable" for attempts to acquire or market weapons of mass destruction and its links to extremist groups. Washington said that Damascus was failing to seal off its border with Iraq to militants seeking to attack the US-led occupation forces. At the same time, reports are coming in that the U.S and Iran are having secret peace talks. Why would the Bush regime be making peace with one of the "Axis of Evil" at this point? Interestingly, this ominous crisis comes at a time when the Whitehouse is itself under political attack for its' many questionable actions in relation to the Arab world.

Repression against anti-EU summit protestors in Rome

06.10.2003 14:57

Over 200.000 portestors took to the streets of Rome at Saturday against the EU summit of 25 heads of state who mainly discussed the European Constitution (nl | de), but the protests were also targeted against the Italian government of Berlusconi (de). The Berlusconis adminsitration that at least partly sees itself in the tradition of Mussolini reacted as usually: about 9000 police persons were employed to intimitated the social movement in Italy.

The largest demo with 70-100.000 protestors was to head for the congress centre but was stopped by the police. A block of women tried to break non-violently through the police lines ( high | low | translation nl) In the evening the police were "cleaning up" the demo through continuous charges and teargas-assaults (timeline).
In the morning there were roadblocks that intended to block, or at least disrupt the summit. The European Trade Unions also marched through Rome. There was also an action against the temping office Adecco. From September 29th till November 2nd the squat L38Squat/laurentinokkupato is organizing DIY weeks, workshops and a self managed hostel facility. ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6)

Ex-homeless collective Guliwer resists cooptation

06.10.2003 07:57

Despite the economic catastrophe in Poland (en) (pl) and the cargo cult mentality of Polish politicians regarding the European Union, homeless people in Torun have autonomously organised their own home, "Guliwer", and provide support to other homeless people. The local government response is cooptation, trying to shift the Guliwer residents to a Soros-funded drug-rehabilitation centre installed next-door, imposing top-down, prison-like conditions on would-be residents of the Soros centre. No eviction notice has yet been served on Guliwer residents, but there's a patronising mainstream media campaign (pl) presenting the Guliwer residents as irresponsible and threatening eviction. The Guliwer residents tell their own story and appeal (en), (pl), (fr) for national/international email/fax/tel pressure on local authorities.

Scandal Rocks Whitehouse &amp; Downing Street

03.10.2003 21:19

Bush &amp; Blair It appears as if the chickens of retribution have come home to roost at the Whitehouse and Number 10 Downing Street as scandals grow over those administration's vengeful actions against their perceived advisaries. As noted in a recent Indy Global Feature, Bush regime operative Karl Rove apparently leaked the CIA affiliation of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, to rightwing columnist Robert Novak who blew Plame's cover in the Chicago Sun-Times. Rove's alleged leak was in retribution to Wilson's public repudiation of the Bush regime's claims that Iraq was trying to buy weapons grade uranium from Africa. Wilson was US ambassador to Iraq during the first Gulf War and the person sent to Niger by Washington to find out if there was any truth to the uranium story. Revealing the identity of CIA personnel operating under cover is a felony and, according to George W. Bush's father, a former U.S. president and CIA Director, a contemptuous act.

While the Justice Department, under the leadership of Attorney General John Ashcroft, a Bush cronie and associate of Karl Rove, has initiated an investigation of questionable merit, members of the U.S. Congress have called for a complete independent probe of this growing scandal. Previous calls for impeachment of the Bush regime [1], [2] will probably be magnified in light of this latest outrage; one in a long list of lies and deceptions that began on Election Day 2000.

Si Se Puede! Immigrant workers ride for justice

02.10.2003 19:40

Using the tactics of the 1964 Freedom Summer, busloads full of immigrant workers and activists travel around the country and bring their message to communities along the way. The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride has been traveling across the United States for several weeks, greeted at every stop by local workers, activists, and supporters. The Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride are an attempt to draw attention to immigrant workers' rights and struggles, and to build support for their demands of U.S. Congress, to be presented on October 1 and 2.

video from the Dearborn, MI stop: [Rally Montage (316kb) | Raging Grannies (3.6MB) | Deportation (2.7MB) | Detroit Labor (3.4MB) | Buses and Chanting (3.2MB)]

Read: Entire Feature

Itoiz Dam: The resistance goes on in Artozki

01.10.2003 11:36

Centuries of human heritage destroyed

:::LATEST NEWS [01/10/2003]:::

The remaining "solidarios" who where in the church have been evicted. Artozki is now empty and the buldozers are turning the buildings into a pile of stones. Protests are happening in Zaragoza, Iruñea - Pamplona, Donostia, Bilbo and Gasteiz.

After the eviction of the village of Itoiz, now the building of the dam needs the destruction of the village of Artozki which has been squatted by activists with full support from the local community. In spite of that, the Government of Navarre acts as if the village would have been evicted, but the resistance goes on. Foral Guard (Regional Navarrian Police) took 28 people out from the village and 12 of them have been arrested, under the accusation of resisting to the autority. Last time news say that the Foral Guard is trying to evict the preacher's house, the Foral Guard's officers actuation is being nasty, they have been seen throwing stones into houses where people is being locked. This is why, the supporters "Itoizko Solidarioak", both inside and outside the house, asked to the fire brigade to assist them. But the Foral Guard didn't allow that, argueing that they are the only ones who are responsable and allowed to called the firemen and in this case they decided not to call them.

Global Indymedia feature during the destruction of Itoiz in July

More information on the eviction

Chavez Blasts US for aiding and abetting terrorists

29.09.2003 05:22

The Venezuelan President Chavez canceled his trip to the US citing an assassination attempt by U.S.-supported Venezuelan coup plotters and Cuban exiles living in Miami. Just days before he was to give a speech at the U.N. President Chavez abruptly cancelled his trip to the U.S. citing security threats, which included a potential attack on his airplane.

Cuba's Fidel Castro claims the threat may have come from U.S.-supported anti-Castro exiles living in Miami, working in conjunction with the U.S. supported Venezuelan coup plotters of April 2002. This has prompted Hugo Chavez to lambaste the U.S. for doing nothing to stop the illegal attempts at overthrowing his government.

Read: Entire Feature

Car Free Day Stalls in U.S.

28.09.2003 16:06

Reclaim the Streets The recent Car-Free Day in Canada was apparently wide-spread, while European Mobility Week was observed by 289 participating cities in most of Europe. In the U.S. some driver knocked over a cyclist. Welcome to the 21st century where the richest, most autoholic nation on Earth seems oblivious to the threats presented by the internal combustion engine (an invention of the 19th century, no less) while the rest of the world tries to deal with it.

But not all industrialized nations are so blind and apathetic. Organizing for European Car Free Day/Mobility Week 2003 involved government, NGO's, and activists. The event was broad-reaching and seemingly effective. Though some feel more effort needs to be made in Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic called attention to the harmfulness of car transport in the city, as well as supporting public transportation, bicycling, and walking, and encouraging a more positive relationship between city dwellers and their environment. Meanwhile, In parts of Asia efforts are underway to foster people-centred, equitable and sustainable transportation. While in Bogota, Colombia Car Free Day is celebrated in February where it briefly prohibited to use a private vehicle in Colombia's capital. It seems obvious many people around the world want to Reclaim the Streets, stop new roads, and challenge the exportation of the the auto-plague to developing nations.

Okay, so there were a few Critical Mass bike riders in Portland, Oregon and a few other cities took their Car Free Day actions on their anniversary. Did your city or town have an event? Post it here.

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