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Radio For Peace International Shutdown

08.11.2003 10:12

RFPI supporters Radio for Peace International (RFPI) was shutdown Wednesday at 4pm CST according to the website established by supporters. The station is located on the campus of the University for Peace in Costa Rica, an affiliate of the United Nations and its buildings were erected through donations from listeners. The shutdown was preceded by campus police erecting barbed wireand shutting off utilities.

Last summer Indymedia reported on hostile efforts by Maurice Strong, Chairman of U of Peace, to close the station down. The irony of U of Peace officials using aggressive tactics to shutdown a radio station that seeks to "create peace in hearts, homes, communities, and all nations of the world" is lost on no one. Facts appear to dictate that Strong and other officials have disregarded the historical relationship RFPI has had with the university. On Tuesday, Democracy Now! interviewed station CEO James Latham who stated "We have no way to leave or enter. There is -- there are guards posted outside. Our water has been cut, as I think you mentioned to the listeners, and the phone lines as well were cut yesterday about midday."

Supporters are asking people to contact the UN Secretary General and U of Peace officials to demand the station be reopened. In addition, a petition has been on-line since the harassment first began.

Thessaloniki Hunger Strikers' Health Deteriorating Rapidly

08.11.2003 07:58

Five of the Saloniki 7 - jailed since mobilisations against the EU Summit in Thessaloniki last June - are currently on hungerstrike protesting the circumstances of their arrests and imprisonment. One of them, Spiros Tsitsas, has been without food since Oct. 7th. Another three, Simon Chapman, Fernardo and Carlos, have been without food since October 5th, whilst Suleiman "Castro" Dakduk has already been on a hunger strike for over 40 days.

Update November 6th: Fernando and Tsitsas went to Papanikolaou hospital, as a result of being on hunger-strike and went back to prison as they did not accept any food or medical treatment.

Update November 5th: Carlos Martin has been returned to prison after having spent one day in two different hospitals. His lawyer reports that on arrival at the hospital he was put in a chair with his hands tied behind his back, and was continually beaten and kicked by police throughout the night. The other prisoners are developing into a critical condition. Sulieman Dakduk is unable to move from his bed. Simon Chapman is unable to sleep, and Fernando Perez is passing blood. Report here.

Update November 3rd: Carlos Martin Martinez was admited to hospital on Monday evening after 30 days without food.

The main IMC-UK Thessaloniki Solidarity page is updated regularly and contains many links to background articles and other media.

Read more at Indymedia UK.

West Papuans Terrorised by Indonesian Special Forces

07.11.2003 12:38

Last picture of Yustinus Murib A videotape that details allegations of the burning of villages, schools and churches in West Papua by the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) has recently been smuggled out and shown on Australian SBS television. Repression by Indonesian military and special forces (Kopassus), is resulting in many deaths and of people being driven into the jungles without food.

News is emerging of the TNI/Kopassus murdering 10 Papuans on November 5 including independence leader Yustinus Murib. (AAP report). A community radio Interview with Mark Davis, SBS Dateline presenter, reveals the full horror story of West Papua.

See Melbourne Indymedia previous feature, and reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) of the ongoing military atrocities in the Highlands region in 2003.

Read Entire Feature and more Background

Students Sue Electronic Voting Company

05.11.2003 10:05

Two Swarthmore College students and a nonprofit ISP are seeking a court order on Election Day to stop electronic voting machine manufacturer Diebold Systems, Inc., from issuing specious legal threats. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Center for Internet and Society Cyberlaw Clinic at Stanford Law School are providing legal representation to Nelson Pavlosky and Luke Smith in this important case to prevent abusive copyright claims from silencing public debate about voting.

Diebold has delivered dozens of cease-and-desist notices to website publishers and ISPs, including Indymedia, demanding that they take down corporate documents revealing flaws in the company's electronic voting systems as well as difficulties with certifying the systems for actual elections. Pavlovsky and Smith have published an email archive of the Diebold documents which contain descriptions of these flaws written by the company's own employees. Swarthmore student groups Why War? and the Swarthmore Coalition for the Digital Commons have launched an electronic civil disobedience campaign, using file-sharing to ensure constant public access to the documents.

Southern California Fires

05.11.2003 06:30

Massive fires swept all across southern california this week. As one poster put it, San Diego is on fire. Large portions of San Diego county were evacuated, and people are now returning to their homes. For days, the air was orange and the skies were black, as people only left their homes with face masks on in an apocalyptic scene.

The story you won't hear in the corporate media is that increased wildfires are a consequence of global warming. Last week, San Diego had a record breaking heat wave, but this week, newscasters can't seem to put the facts together.

Scientists and environment activists see a very obvious connection between the fires, global warming and the decision of the United States to not sign the Kyoto Agreement in 2001 (International reactions). Only last October twelve states, several cities, and over a dozen environmental groups joined forces to challenge the Bush administration?s continued failure to confront global warming.

According to an investigation to the Observer White House officials have undermined their own government scientists' research into climate change to down the impact of global warming. At the same time the US Senate was expected last Thursday to cast its first-ever vote on whether to limit emissions of heat-trapping gases by power plants, factories, and automobiles. As expected the bill was not accepted by the majority: The Bush Administration's Global Warming Policies).

Intimidation tactics mount against Sweetwater Activists

03.11.2003 22:07

Marie Mason and Frank Ambrose, two Michigan activists in the fight against water privatization, have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury and give fingerprints and DNA samples to the FBI.

The subpoena comes six weeks after the Earth Liberation Front claimed responsibility for planting incendiaries at the Ice Mountain Bottling Plant in Mecosta Co, MI. The FBI is using its investigation of these events as a pretext for harassing activists in the above-ground water rights organization, the Sweetwater Alliance.

The Ice Mountain plant poses serious ecological threats to Michigan water resources. It does little for the local economy of Mecosta County, having imported almost all construction materials and labor, and sets a precedent commodification of Great Lakes water by by privately-owned water-bottling corporations. The legality of Ice Mountain plant is also being challenged in a lawsuit by the Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation.

Since the beginning stages of Ice Mountain's extraction of Michigan water, The Sweetwater Alliance has been central in orchestrating boycotts, mass protests and civil disobedience at the plant. The trial of the MCWC lawsuit against Ice Mountain took place last summer and is still awaiting a decision.

Access to water is an issue of international significance [1 | 2 | 3] . Approximately 1 billion people around the world lack access to sufficient clean water.

Read: Full Article

Victory over Brukman / Triunfo en Brukman

03.11.2003 17:18

After struggling for one and a half years, the textile factory Brukman was disowned by the legislature in Buenos Aires. The project of the workers was completed after the enterpreneur went bankrupt and the factory was handed over to the cooperative founded by the workers.

The workers occupied the factory building on the 18th of decembre 2001 after a secret strike of the employer and a day before the day , which started to change the history of the country. The workers are predominantly female who show how to minimise unemployement , who positioned themselves against the brutal oppression by being a dignified example and then the workers of Brukman became a symbol for Argentinga and the world.

They resisted three eviction attempts, the first two were stopped by demonstrations and the latest a brutal oppression of more than 10 000 unemployed comrades, members of assemblies and workers , who mobilised to support the workers. The last attack unleashed a struggle with massive demonstrations, road blockades, "maquinazos" and cultural activities.

Cyclists Take to the Streets for Halloween Critical Mass

31.10.2003 20:20

Storming Times Square Bicyclists in over 300 cities around the world are taking to the streets today to participate in Critical Mass, a monthly bike ride that allows people to briefly savor a post-automotive world. Critical Mass began in San Francisco in 1992 and spread rapidly. In New York, turnout for Critical Mass rides leapt this past summer from a couple hundred to 1,000-1,500. Tonight, colorfully costumed riders will also be celebrating Halloween. || August NYC Critical Mass || July NYC Critical Mass || July NYC Critical Mass Photos || June NYC Critical Mass || Past Global Indymedia Coverage || Perils of Biking || Safe Cycling

Anarchist People of Color Conference a Success

31.10.2003 14:20

Descending on Detroit, Michigan, from all parts of the nation and the globe, nearly 150 people attended the first ever Anarchist People of Color Conference from Oct. 3 to 5. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians drove over 20 hours from Texas, flew in from Seattle and rode the rails from the Northeast. Over a dozen activists from Canada made their way across the border, while others hailed from Brazil, Colombia, Bhutan, Jamaica and Korea.

One conference attendee wrote: "The event was by far the single most inspiring and moving conferences in 12 years of anarchist organizing I have attended...The decision to create a People Of Color (POC) only space for these discussions around experiences, and around building bonds in a movement where most of us feel isolated, was brilliant and moving."

Read more: [APOC Conference Reportback | APOC rocks Motown | Illegal Voices APOC website | previous coverage]

Brazilian Indigenous Movements Fear Political Bargain Over Land Demarcation

31.10.2003 06:28

Movements and NGOs fighting for indigineous rights in Brazil are very concerned with conservative Roraima state governor Flamarion Portela who recently joined Partido dos Trabalhadores, the Workers' Party, supposedly demanding a change in the project for demarcation of land of indigenous people Macuxi. Concern arrived after Brazilian mainstream magazine "Isto e" published a note, last January, saying that the transference of the governor from Social Liberal Party to Workers Party was pre-conditioned on the federal government (controled by the Workers Party) changing the original plan for land demarcation of Macuxi land. The indiginous people demand the demarcation of their contiguous 3.95 million acres territory called Raposa Serra do Sol but local land owners and politicians want to restrict as much as possible both the extension of territory and its contiguity. Land owners and local businessmen say the territory is too vast and should impact on Roraima state revenues as part of the indigineous area has been invaded by miners and farmers who would have to cease production.

The indigenous movement asks for international solidarity to pressure Brazil's federal government to approve contiguous 3.95 million acres territory for the Macuxi people. You can write Justice Minister Márcio Thomás Bastos (gabinetemj@mj.gov.br) and Brazilian President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva (pr@planalto.gov.br)

NI UNA MAS! Online-Demo against the Mexican government on 31.10.

30.10.2003 19:47

'Operacion Digna' demands: "More than 300 women have been murdered and more than 500 have disappeared in Chihuahua since 1993.
Stop the femizide!
Not one more!"

An online demonstration against the Mexican government and the Supreme Court of the state of Chihuahua will take place from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November, 2003, together with "JUSTICIA PARA NUESTRAS HIJAS" [Justice for our Daughters]

The demonstration, called " Operacion Digna"is being called because more than 300 women have been murdered and more than 500 have disappeared in Chihuahua since 1993.

"Since 1993, 370 women have been murdered in the Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua. At least one-third of these women were sexually abused before being murdered. 75 bodies have still not been identified." According to a press release from Amnesty International (de) from August of this year, "the majority of these crimes have not yet been resolved. According to local human rights organizations, another 400 women have "disappeared" without a trace. Many of the victims worked in factories near the U.S./Mexican border, where they were being exploited by foreign companies in search of cheap labor."

Read Entire Feature in English, German, French

Workers March at Cape Town University

30.10.2003 16:44

Last Wednesday a group of about 300 workers marched together with some students, academics and other supporters to the offices of University of Cape Town management to protest against oppressive outsourcing practices.

The marchers met on the steps in front of Jameson Hall, which is the central and most visible space on campus. They then started a fast-paced, high-energy and very noisy toi-toi that took them through one of UCT's main streets, off campus onto a public road that leads to a nearby freeway, and back on campus on a winding route to the administration office block.

Read: Entire Feature

Get in SHAPE

30.10.2003 04:37

500 activists arrested at the NATO headquarters in Belgium

Thousand "civil inspectors" participated in the "Get in SHAPE action". They tried to enter the military base of the NATO headquarters in Belgium. Most of the activists were arrested by the federal police before they even got on the military ground, but 55 activists got through and were later arrested inside the base. In total, nearly 500 persons were arrested. Get in SHAPE is the 6th edition of Bomspotting.

These are non-violent actions of civil disobedience with the purpose to get arrested for an illegal entering of the NATO base. In this way the activists want to denounce the illegal situation of the presence of weapons of mass-destruction on Belgian territory. In an international treaty, the Belgian government agreed not to accept them.

Be the Media! at the National Conference on Media Reform

29.10.2003 17:09

Madison Indymedia, The Madison Infoshop, and WORT 89.9 FM community radio, invite you to "Be The Media!" at the National Conference on Media Reform (U.S.) in Madison, Wisconsin, November 7-9.

Moving beyond critique to action, the National Conference on Media Reform is a groundbreaking forum to democratize the debate over media policymaking.

As part of the weekend, however, there will be a number of workshops and events, free and open to the public, with the theme "Be the Media!" These DIY workshops, including an Indymedia caucus, are designed for people who want to learn more about how we take the media into our own hands to start spreading truth to affect social change.

Oct. 25-Nov. 11 Issue of The Indypendent Now Available

29.10.2003 01:47

The Oct. 25-Nov.11 issue of The Indypendent, the New York City IMC's award-winning biweekly newspaper, is now online at www.indypendent.org. Read all about why the U.S. occupation of Iraq is failing, the Democrats unabashed support for the occupation, the growing outcry from military families inside the U.S., and how the inner logic of the state leads to war. There are also articles about the recent overthrow of Bolivia’s corrupt president, government repression of social movements in the U.S., reflections on the kamikaze radicalism of the ‘60s era Weather Underground and how contemporary activists can be more radical and less extreme at the same time, and more…

NYC IMC | Donate to The Indypendent

Ramadan Offensive Rocks Baghdad

27.10.2003 21:55

ghost of Vietnam "Look, it can't be fun to be occupied." - U.S. viceroy Paul Bremer on increased attacks in Iraq

On the heels of peace demonstrations in the U.S. on Saturday [1], [2] and the attempted assassination of U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense (sic), Paul Wolfowitz in Baghdad on Sunday, the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan brought the bloodiest day in the Iraqi capital since US-led forces in invaded last spring. The BBC reported that at least 34 people have been killed in a series of apparently coordinated suicide bomb attacks in central Baghdad today. One of the attacks was on the headquarters of the International Red Cross.

Advocates for corporate globalization are descending on the remains of Iraq to divide up the spoils of war even as the body count grows higher. But the Bush regime's "good news" media offensive, its blatant censorship, and fake letters to home from GIs can't obscure the realities on the ground. U.S. military morale is low and the Iraqi occupation is starting to be reminiscent of Vietnam.

40,000: We Don't Want Your Stupid War

27.10.2003 19:42

&quot;bring them home now!&quot; On a gorgeous fall day, about 35-40,000 people rallied and marched for an end to the Iraq war in a protest called by two big coalitions, United For Peace And Justice and ANSWER. Photos, reports from various feeder and breakaway marches, and complete analysis from the participants are all up on the DC IMC site.

Read the entire feature.

Hunger Strikes Pass One Month Mark

27.10.2003 11:48

Free the Saloniki 7! 7 people are still being held since their arrest during the June 21 demonstration against the EU summit in Thessaloniki, Greece. Five of them have gone on a hunger strike: Suleiman Castro, a refugee from Syria facing deportation, began on September 21 and has now been on hunger strike for over a month. Castro has since been joined by Simon Chapman, a Briton framed by the greek police (video evidence); Carlos Martinez (letter on the hunger strike); Fernando Perez; and Spyros Tsitsas. Mainstream media has refused to mention anything on the case, despite the series of solidarity actions aiming to publicise it [1 | 2 | 3 | 4]

Greens Bushwack USA President in Canberra

25.10.2003 09:41

While thousands protested in Melbourne (Photos: 1, 2) and Sydney, two murderous Presidents, Bush of the USA and Hu of China, arrived in Australia to address the Australian Parliament. Canberra was under massive security alert for President Bush. Three thousand people protested his visit in Canberra (Reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Inside parliament, Greens Senator Bob Brown interjected during Bush's speech to release two Australian citizens detained without charge in Guantanamo Bay. Later Greens Senator Kerry Nettle interjected to urge Australia not to sign a free trade agreement with the United States. (Bushwacked in Canberra by the Greens)

Indymedia fights Diebold's legal attempt to silence discussions about e-voting

23.10.2003 05:24

Documents are publicly available that detail vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines manufactured by the Diebold Corporation. Diebold has been sending cease and desist letters to internet service providers (ISPs) that host the documents or links to them. Numerous Indymedia servers have been targeted by Diebold in its campaign to suppress this critical information.

Indymedia will defend its right to post internal memos and documents detailing vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines manufactured by the Diebold Corporation. The documents were made publicly available, and subsequently reported by writer Bev Harris on her websites blackboxvoting.com and blackboxvoting.org.

The vast information contained in these documents is still being investigated by top computer scientists and researchers, but a set of widely circulated internal memos detail Diebold's flippant disregard of test runs, accuracy audits, and security for its voting machines. System tests (much like a dress rehearsal) are often required by local election laws--Diebold memos mention how they simply changed the name "memory test" to "***System Test Passed***" as if the machine performed a self audit. The memos also say how Diebold installed new versions of the voting software that were left untested.

Their election results are not secure, as evidenced by this comment in one email regarding the "contents" (i.e. the votes) of the e-voting machines: "Now, where the perception comes in is that its right now very *easy* to change the contents. Double click the .mdb file." Diebold's Republican executives have touted e-voting as a solution to the punchcard voting systems that scandalized Florida in 2000. In fact, this evidence and recent breaking news of security and reliability flaws raises serious questions about this "solution" to election woes in the US.

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