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Thessaoliniki 7 Free!

26.11.2003 12:20

All 7 of the Thessaloniki prisoners are to be released immediately. Only condition of their release so far is that they remain in Greece until the trial.

Earlier today, a new picture by Reuters was published that proves Simon's innocence

Thessaloniki 7 update

23.11.2003 19:36

Update 26 Nov The district attorney in Athens issued a statement that the 5 hunger strikers will be forced fed and any doctors who refuse to do this will be "charged with homicide". On 24 November the public prosecutor had issued a negative proposal against a release on medical grounds.

Update 23 Nov The authorities continue to move the weakened hungerstrikers around, without informing their doctors and lawyers [Legal Team Press Release 23 Nov]. Suleiman Dadkuk "Castro" was moved to a civilian hospital because he may need a surgical operation [doctors statement] Parts of Athens University are occupied in solidarity with the prisoners.

Five of the Saloniki 7 have been on hungerstrike for between 47 and 64 days in protest against their imprisonment. Simon Chapman is pictured in his 44th day without food. Following a detailed medical report, a third application for release, and a broadcast of the Greek state TV, a Supreme Court prosecutor ordered an investigation into claims that Simon Chapman was framed. The hungerstrike "includes now most certainly the risk of causing irreversible health damages".

Solidarity actions, benefits and occupations are happening all over the world.
The main IMC-UK Thessaloniki Solidarity page is updated continuously.

At The Gates Of Fort Benning

23.11.2003 15:29

At least 6000 people gathered at the gates of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly the School of the Americas, Saturday afternoon at Fort Benning in Georgia to call for a close of the school and draw attention to the atrocities committed by graduates of this US Army institution. Later, protesters held cultural celebrations into the evening.

Read the entire feature.

Indymedia Reporters Among Those Attacked, Arrested At Peaceful Rally

21.11.2003 23:37

UPDATE: At least seven journalists were arrested on Thursday and Friday. All have reportedly been released, but they still face charges. Contact Miami authorities and demand that those charges be dropped. Details. Legal observers were targeted and beaten. Complete updates are available at FTAA IMC.

update: Ana Nogueira has been released on bond, in part due to outside pressure. Justin Lipson, of NYC IMC, is being held on $10,000 bond and charged with three felonies. Jeanette Lee and Michael Medow of Michigan IMC are charged with misdemeanors and are still being held.

Miami police have violently attacked a peaceful jail solidarity rally [photos]. As many as 75 people were arrested, including at least five independent journalists. Three legal observers were also detained. Many people were assaulted and arrested as they were following police orders to disperse.

People can register their views with Miami Mayor Manuel Diaz by phone at 305-250-5300 and by free fax, and with Police Chief John Timoney by phone. When you call, make specific mention of the independent journalists that have been detained.

UK Protesters Topple Bush (In Effigy); Miami Police Weaponized and Violent

21.11.2003 14:23

An estimated 250,000 people took to the streets of London, disrupting George Bush's state visit and toppling a statue of the US ruler (above). In Miami, police used tear gas, wooden batons, concussion bombs, pepper spray, tazers, rubber bullets and their power of arrest indiscriminately to assert their control of city streets. Many people were injured as a result despite attempts to construct defensive barricades (below). The FTAA ministerial closed early after producing a watered-down agreement. Information on how to support those arrested can be found here.

Many activists are now heading to Columbus, GA to confront US militarism at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly the School of the Americas. The organizers of the three mobilizations have issued a joint statement explaining how their struggles are linked.

Resistance to US Imperialism

20.11.2003 15:59

Massive street demonstrations in London and Miami are attempting to halt George Bush's aggressive foreign policy. The ruler of the United States is on a state visit to the United Kingdom, where an expected 100,000 people are attempting to confront him over the invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq. Meanwhile, his trade minister is in Miami, pushing for a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) that would exploit workers and the environment to the benefit of the wealthy throughout the western hemisphere. Despite state repression, tens of thousands of people are expected to rally there in opposition to the FTAA.

Stay tuned to the local IMCs for continuing coverage.

Bush Not Welcome!

19.11.2003 10:00

The State Visit of George Bush to Britain is getting underway (running from 18-21 Nov - see itinerary) with several planned engagements cancelled due to worries over protests and possible terrorist attacks.

Amidst a massive security operation, several days of rolling protests are planned throughout the country with the main focus on London where 14,000 Police will be deployed. A huge public debate over security versus the right to demonstrate has been reflected in the corporate media. Not just restricted to the anti-war message, the protests also deal with issues ranging from genetically-modified (GM) food to climate change to globalisation (see reasons to protest) - many protesters have stressed that the protests are anti-Bush, as opposed to anti-American.

Wednesday, 19 Nov, is a day of civil disobedience and direct action with people taking to the streets for events and actions running throughout the day including an alternative state procession, a critical mass, a street party, school walkouts, the Resist Bush Tea Party mass direct action, and many more smaller actions. Thursday will see the massive Stop the War Coalition National Demonstration, finally given the go ahead by Police to march past Parliament and Number 10, which will culminate in the toppling of a huge statue of George Bush (see statue topplings in Yorkshire and Slough).

Campaigner Lindis Percy in 2hr Protest on top of the Gates of Buckingham Palace | 100,000 Anti Bush Petition Handed into Downing Street
| Naked NO GM AMBUSH Outside Parliament | Corporate Media Poll - "what britons really think about bush" | Sheffield Stop Bush Demonstration - reports [1] [2] [3] [4] | Virtual March on US Embassy (20th Nov) | Sedgefield Protest Announced | Muslim Association of Britain (national day of fasting) | Section 44 Terrorism Act info (authorised for use)

Also See: Bare your Bum at Bush 1 | Bare your Bum at Bush 2 | Scrap-Bush Women's Collective | NOT WELCOME Pretzel Campaign | Main Online Petition Against Bush Visit (7000+) | Petition 2 | Stencils and Stickers

Anti-FTAA protests begin in Miami amidst police harassment

18.11.2003 03:18

Root Cause march Monday kicked off the week of negotiations and protests on the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Miami, Florida. Business leaders gathered Monday for the American Business Forum in the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami for three days of planning how to pressure the FTAA toward preserving corporate interests. Police from all over the country have arrived to supplement the already massive presence of city police, sheriffs, homeland security agents and the FBI. Before the protests even began, activists and reporters have been singled out, targeted, and followed on a regular basis, both by bicycle and by vehicle. In addition, at least 12 activists have been arrested for being on city sidewalks.

But despite the intimidation campaign by the police and media in Miami, support for the protest has been growing, and activists have created a non-hierarchical organizational and logistical structure that emulates the society they say they would like to create.

Meanwhile, inside the walled-in fortress of downtown Miami, trade negotiators have already hit bumps that may disrupt or even de-rail this week's talks. While the US had hoped to avoid controversy by pushing for a scaled-down version of the FTAA that avoided contentious issues like agricultural dumping and intellectual property, officials from Canada, Chile and several other nations disapprove of this idea, said negotiators on Sunday.

Wal-Mart Trying To Overturn 'Big-box' Regulations

17.11.2003 18:50

Wal-Mart is recruiting people to convince voters to get rid of a law that limits the size of so-called "big box" stores in unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County, California. Wal-Mart pays these people at a higher hourly rate than they pay their own workers. That's according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that was posted to the progressive news and information site Alternet . Contra Costa Board chairman Mark DeSaulnier told KCBS Radio that in passing this ordinance, the county is just following its plan for controlling suburban sprawl. "This is very consistent with everything we've have done as far as a smart growth action plan, everything we've done during my time on the board trying to rein in sprawl development and large big box retailers." The City of Oakland California has a similar ordinance on its books. Oakland city council member Jane Brunner, told Reuters News that Oakland took this step, because, "Oakland has a lot of neighborhood stores." Brunner also says that the city wants to stop such stores from depressing area wages for workers.

. Community Activists, like Al Norman, have been fighting Wal-Mart for years. Norman written a book for activists to use in their Wal-Mart Campaigns. However, as a posting to the Western Massachusetts Indymedia points out, more radical organizations like the Massachusetts Earth First! were on the scene long before Norman, initiating the campaign against the urban sprawl caused by "big box" stores like Wal-Mart.

Struggle for rights and freedom of refugees in Belgium

17.11.2003 07:27

Most Iranian refugees in Belgium don't have papers and have no rights. For two months, Iranian refugees organised a broad range of actions in several Belgian cities. They demand recognition of the human rights abuses in Iran by the Belgian government, and the right to stay in Belgium. Now, after 8 weeks of struggle, after 25 days of hungerstrike, the Iranians reached an accord with the Belgian authorities. They can start a new asylum procedure, with a new twist (the Iranian ambassador accused the activists of being terrorists). This should give the Iranians the rights and protection for which they were fighting. The hungerstrike is finished, but the refugees remain vigilant. [Read more > ]

In Zeebrugge, refugees were arrested and put in closed refugee centres after they were denied shelter in a church. This happened after their squat was evicted, so they had to live in the open air. [Read more > ]

[Full article] [Article overview > [En] [De] [Fr] [Nl]]

It's CASTOR time again...

16.11.2003 18:29

Multi-faceted, colourful and determined resistance was put up against the 8th transport of atomic waste from France to the so called "interim storage hall" in the northern German rural village of Gorleben. The vague promises of the Social Democrat-Greens German government to abandon nuclear power production have hardly weakened the resistance or the need for it.

Every year thousands of people are engaged in stoping the transport of the train and trucks that transport the so-called Castor storage tanks as long as possible, so that these transports can only be undertaken with massive police forces over several days. Again this year some 13,000 cops were needed in the provence of Wendland alone, while more were needed along the whole transport route from France to Germany. The aim of the demonstrators is to make the transports as expensive as possible, and to make nuclear power stations even less economically viable.

Read Entire Feature in German or English

Our passion for freedom is stronger then your prisons

14.11.2003 19:18

More than four months after the EU summit in Thessaloniki, 7 people remain incarcerated within the Greek prison system. Simon Chapman (English), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spanish), Carlos Martin Martinez (Spanish), Souleiman "Kastro" Dakduk (Syrian), Spyros Tsitsas (Greek) and two Greek juveniles are continuing to be denied justice, despite overwhelming evidence that they have been framed and despite solidarity protests around the world.
Kastro and four others have now been on a hunger strike for over a month [updates 24 Oct | 30 Oct | 05 Nov]. The Hunger Strikers are being joined in solidarity hunger strikes [Greek | Espanol]. Demonstrations continue in Greece [Athens 1|2|3|video - Thessaloniki 1] as well as elsewhere [see below]. The legal team reports that the 3rd appeal has failed [Legal Team update 07 Nov].

Hungerstrikers Latest News | Reports | Letters | Evidence | Support | Solidarity Actions | Mainstream Media Reports | Links | Banners

Full article here.

FTAA approaches Miami as activists mobilize

14.11.2003 12:50

Seven days before the mass march and Direct Action against the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) the city of Miami is bustling. The police are mobilizing against protestors, while activists mobilize against the FTAA.

The convergence space is a vibrant mix of diverse peoples setting up aid for those converging in Miami. There are several working groups, including housing, food, legal, and action medical/wellness, set up to make sure that all needs are covered. The FTAA-Miami IMC space is also located in the Convergence Center.

The city, state, and county police have been actively harassing protesters; three activists were arrested Monday November 10 without provocation.

Today, November 13, the "Protest Ordinance" passed unanimously, giving the police a supposed upperhand. However, their trainings have focused on the things that they have made illegal, and the global justice movement has creativity in their pocket. The police may be facing tactics that they have never trained for.

Local, grassroots groups representing communities of color have been taking an active role in resisting corporate globalization. The Root Cause is releasing a Community Impact Report, outlining the impacts of free trade policies on poor communities and communities of color in South Florida.

Overall, the air is buzzing with excitement. New people arrive everyday and immerse themselves in organizing, learning new things and meeting new people working to create a wonderful community. Florida activists have set up a Free Carnival Area of the Americas, building puppets for the protests and using education, art, and action to create positive change. Two streaming IMC radio projects have been set up, and print and video working groups are also active.

Read: articulo en espanol

Veteran's Parades Are Over But Bush Regime Disregard Lives On

12.11.2003 20:31

Now that the Veterans Day Parades and speeches are over many war vets and their families continue to ask why the Bush regime gives nothing but lip service to U.S. vets while at the same time slashing their benefits and those to their families. 750 vets sent an open letter to their "commander-in-chief" asking just that, as well as questioning the validity of the regime's occupation of Iraq. Even the commander of the conservative veterans group, the American Legion, is upset about the travesty of Whitehouse disregard of veterans benefits.

With the recent publication of Pvt. Jessica Lynch's own version of the story of her capture in Iraq and her dismay about the Pentagon's fabrications of that event, as well as some other war heroes asking hard questions of the Bush regime and demanding that Washington stop passing the buck on veterans issues, the Bush regime is facing growing opposition from the veteran community. The fact that neither Bush, nor any other high-profile neo-cons are attending funerals for the growing number of U.S. military casualties in Iraq, speaks volumes about the regime's priorities.

Asylum Seekers - No One Is Illegal

12.11.2003 14:38

In Britian, many asylum seekers are left homeless and destitute by the current government policy. Yet support is expressed at many occasions. No One Is Illegal published a manifesto.

National Coalition for Anti-Deportation Campaigns | Asylum Rights | Asylum Support | Asylum Policy | Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants

Read the full article on Indymedia United Kollektives and listen to audio reports on Imc Scotland.

Cutting the Fence in Palestine

12.11.2003 10:14

As part of the International Day Against the Wall around 150 activists cut the separation fence near the Palestinian village of Zbube. The activists, a mix of internationals, Israelis and Palestinians, marched towards the fence, calling slogans and holding signs against the fence and its destructive effect on tens of thousands Palestinians, living in the area. When they arrived at the fence, the activists took out cutters, cut the barbed wire and then the electronic fence.

15 minutes after the activists began cutting, border police arrived and started shooting live bullets in the air and tear gas towards the activists, who continued until they have created an opening of about 10 meters. Then, the activists retreated and for the next 30 minutes called the soldiers to refuse to protect the apartheid wall, that separates farmers from their land, mothers from their children, sick from medical care, workers from their workplace and pupils from their schools. The activists promised to continue fighting against the fence.

This action took place as part of a universal protest day against the separation fence being built in the occupied territories. During this day, demonstrations and rallies are taking place in dozens of countries around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Melbourne. Throughout the globe people have called for the dismantling of the fence and to stop the land theft and the quiet transfer to which the fence is the means.

[ more | photos | video 1, 2 ]

Southern Ozone Hole Resurgent

11.11.2003 11:16

After two years of a reduced ozone hole over the Antarctic largely due to statospheric turbulence, the Ozone Hole is resurgent this year almost matching its record size in 2000. Southern Hemisphere peoples, particularly children, have been warned to take care outside with increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Changes in UV radiation can be expected from a smaller ozone hole which forms above the arctic region. There are important connections between ozone depletion and climate change.

Ozone destruction by manufactured chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and bromine- containing halons has been studied since the early 1980s, which led to the Montreal Protocol in 1987 - which started phasing out use of chemicals which destroy the ozone layer. Recent evidence indicates that ozone depletion may be slowing , which is attributed to the success of the Montreal Treaty. This treaty is currently under attack by US President Bush demanding exemptions for the USA to maintain use of the ozone destroying pesticide, methyl bromide.

Business in Iraq Conference to Take Place in Maine

10.11.2003 19:09

Some of the biggest corporations in the world are due to meet to discuss "Doing Business in Iraq" at the Black Point Inn, in Scarborough, Maine Thursday, November 13th. This all day conference is co-sponsored by the US-Iraq Business Alliance and the William S. Cohen Center for International Policy and Commerce of the UMaine-Orono College of Business. The conference's primary attendees are expected to be representatives from Fortune 500 companies, as the registration fee is $850.00. Some of topics for discussion at this conference are said to include "investment opportunities, the privatization of the country's rich oil fields, security needs and priority development" and more.

More information:
Concerns About UMaine's Sponsorship of 'Doing Business in Iraq'
Firms Get Ready for Business in Iraq
Gold Rush and analysis from the "Deep Blade" blog
Stop the War Profiteers and End the Corporate Invasion of Iraq

Anti-War Activist Subpoenas Ashcroft and Rove

09.11.2003 21:50

Long-time anti-war activist Brent Bursey, 55, sent subpoenas to Attorney General Ashcroft and Karl Rove to appear at his trial next week, in a case that has come to epitomize the contentious battle for free speech emerging under the Bush Administration.

The controversy dates to October 2002, when local authorities in South Carolina arrested Bursey at Columbian Metropolitan Airport, where Bush was scheduled to arrive that day, for holding a sign that read "No More War For Oil." He was charged with trespassing, although he was on public property, because he had not been standing in the "free-speech zone" specially designated for protesters. Consistent with similar policies surrounding Bush's appearances across the country, the protesters were confined to an area over half a mile from the airport, where their message was unlikely to be seen or heard by the President. Bursey told police he had been under the impression that the whole of America was a free speech zone.

Special Coverage of the 2003 Presidential Elections

09.11.2003 18:01

On Sunday november 9th, Guatemalans will vote for its next President. Latest polls indicate that the conservative GANA candidate Oscar Berger leads followed by Alvaro Colom of the National Unity for Hope party. The third place contender is General Efrain Rios Montt who managed to forcibly overturn article 169 of the Guatemala constitution upheld by a Supreme Court decision in July, prohibiting ex-dictators from running for president.

Indymedia Chiapas in collabortation with Indymedia Mexico, HIJOS Guatemala, ComunicarTe, Derechos en Accion and other independent media outlets and human rights organizations in Guatemala will be covering the highly contested and conflictual 2003 Presidential Elections as the people of guatemala struggle to preserve collective memory.

Indymedia is also streaming low power Radio Mujb'ab'lYol 106.5 FM in Concepción Chiquirichapa Quetzaltenango. The station has a rich history, at one point forced to hide in a volcano in between shortwave transmissions during the horrific civil war in the 1980s, the former La Voz Popular transformed after the 1996 Peace Accords into a community radio station. [ more ]

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