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The Strawman's Revenge

22.05.2001 13:31

The "Strawman" fallacy consists of creating a flimsy caricature of your opponents view, and then demolishing it, rather than arguing against your opponent's actual views. It is overwhelmingly the favorite approach of the corporate media in dismissing the movement against neoliberalism and corporate globalization. Thus, The Strawman's Revenge, a new e-zine of media criticism with an issue devoted to the recent FTAA protests, launched by IMC-LA.

Fighting Intensifies; Imprisonments, Resistance Continue

22.05.2001 01:28

Over the last few days, Israeli attacks on Palestinian villages have continued, resulting in the heaviest death tolls of the occupation. On Friday, May 18, The Israeli air force deployed American-made F-16 jets in a deadly attacks in the city of Nablus. The brutal retaliation for a Hamas suicide bombing ,which earlier killed five Israelis in Netanya, has raised international outrage and may even be moving the morally bankrupt Bush regime towards critique of their Israeli allies. Meanwhile, according to one Palestinian observer, "a culture of resistance to Israeli occupation is taking root, once again."

Alongside military escalation, the Sharon regime continues its reign of political oppression. The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel announced Friday that Samer Arwateni and Mamduh Ibrahim Abu Musa were being held incommunicado in Isreali jails, in flagrant violation of international law. And on Monday, May 21, the Israeli Consciencious Objector Gabi Wolff was imprisoned for the third time for refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories. Activists hope that the 19-year old's defiance will set an example that other opponents of Israeli terror will follow.

Tuesday: National Day of Protest Against WBAI

21.05.2001 14:21

Amy Goodman A national day of protest has been called for Tuesday, May 22 to demand the return of "Democracy Now!" to the WBAI airwaves in New York City and for an overhaul of the Pacifica Foundation national board. The announcement follows WBAI’s decision not to air "Democracy Now!" during the station’s three-week spring fundraiser. Read an article by the NYC IMC on the latest in the Pacifica crisis.

World Bank Cancels Barcelona Summit

19.05.2001 22:26

The World Bank cancelled its summit in Barcelona fearing disruptions from demonstrators. Protesters from around the world planned a convergence there June 25 for the 2001 Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics. World Bank announced that the meeting will take place online instead. Campaign Against the World Bank has sent out a press release.

650 Protest Bush Energy Policy in Minnesota

18.05.2001 22:49

protest in St. Paul, MinnesotaU.S. President-Select George Bush visited St. Paul, Minnesota on May 17 to talk to an invitation-only crowd of business elites and Republican party members about his administration's proposed energy policy. The plan boils down to 'More Oil, More Coal, More Nukes'. According to USPIRG, it is "dirty, dangerous, and doesn't deliver to consumers". Specifically, it would cut funding for alternative energy sources, commence drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, increase the production of global warming gasses, and utilize eminent domain (the power to sieze land from private owners) for new power lines. Sound bad? In reality, the plan is only incrementally worse than the do-little policies of the Clinton administration, and if it passes, will do so only with Democratic support.

A noisy and diverse crowd of over 650 people protested outside the St Paul Civic Center (aka Xcel, Rivercentre). Their refrain: "Alaska? Drill it! Caribou? Kill it! Oil Profits? Swill it!"

Photo courtesy circlevision. [ More Photos ]

[ Full Story | General critique of plan | Specific critique of plan | USPIRG | Hypocrisy of Democrats | truthout | IMC Climate ]

Mumbai Police Announce Plans to Control Log-ons

18.05.2001 10:04

In an effort to make hacking and cyber pornography illegal, the Indian government of Mumbai plans to criminalize logging on without proper identification. Cyber cafes will be forced to require ID cards and passwords, and foreigners will be made to show their passport or flight ticket. To get a card to use, which many are already saying is inhumane, one will need a driver’s licence, ration card or for students, a college ID, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Manoj Lohiya, who heads the city police’s Economic Offences Wing. Police Commissioner M.N. Singh basically made this law last Friday by authorising the Yehi Hai Mumbai Cyber Cafe’s Association to empower cafes to issue the I-D card. Cafe owners and users responded poorly right away, saying the entire community is being targeted to nab a handful of criminals, according to Winston Lee, who owns a cyber cafe in suburban Bandra. "The new system isn’t practical," he says. "It will burden both users as well as cyber cafes." According to newspapers in Bombay, all that stands in the way of this becoming law is fixing the date for implementing the scheme. Citizens say they will fight. IMC will follow this story here as it develops.

Refugees Protest Harsh Immigration Laws

17.05.2001 23:24

About 200 refugees gathered today in Berlin for the first of three days of action against the so-called "Residenzpflicht," a piece of German legislation which critics compare to the Pass Laws of pre-liberation South Africa. Under the Residenzpflicht (which translates poorly as "Obligatory Residence"), asylum-seekers in Germany are confined to the district to which they have been assigned, unless they are given special permission to leave by the local authorities. For many, this is a terrible and deeply unjust burden, especially since it almost always takes at least two to three years for an asylum case to work its way through the rusty teeth of the German bureaucracy. In some cases it can take up to nine or ten years, so that a person who came to Germany in the hopes of escaping persecution, imprisonment, and even torture in their home, might find herself or himself confined for a decade to a tiny village in rural Germany with a strong skinhead contingent.

Against this background of oppression, the hundreds of asylum-seekers who came to Berlin today -- as well as the thousands more expected in the next two days -- have undertaken a courageous act of civil disobedience, and travelled here without permission. In so doing, they have made themselves into the vanguard of the stuggle to turn back the reactionary tide of anti-immigration policies which currently seems to be sweeping through Europe.

Reporters Silenced in Aceh; Exxon-sponsored Killing Continues

16.05.2001 22:36

Three journalists have reported being beaten, and robbed of their film, phones and identification by the Indonesian military after they witnessed conflicts between the military and the indigenous Free Aceh Movement. Like East Timor, Aceh (pronounced, "ah-CHEY") is a region of Indonesia whose people are seeking independence from a government they consider exploitive, racist, environmentally destructive and violent. Aceh is also home to the largest liquid natural gas producing facility in the world, which is owned by Exxon. Exxon has consistently provided financial support to the Indonesian military to guard it, although it is well-known that civilians in Aceh have been suffering atrocities at the hands of the military since 1975. The Free Aceh Movement succeeded in shutting down this facility in March. The U.S. government supports the Indonesian government's campaign against the Free Aceh Movement. Some political activists see this exploitation of indigenous people in the developing world as closely related to the exploitation of the working class in industrial countries.

[ Full Story | aceh.org | Aceh links | Aceh info & discussion | Tapol, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign ]

16.05.2001 01:23

May 15th edition of the indymedia print project PDF broad sheet for you to download, print out, and distribute in your community.

Topics for this week include: Zapatistas demand justice, Quebec City protesters still in jail, Twenty-two dead in deathfasts in Turkish prisons, Ohio Valley IMC served subpoena, NAFTA: Mexico forced to pay $16.7 million to US polluter, Protests planned against financial meetings in Washington, DC.

[ English | Español | Français | Nederlands | Russian | Svenska ]

Maxxam/PL logging Begins Again in Mattole

12.05.2001 00:57

Logging commences. The fight to save the old growth forest, the Mattole river, and salmon that live in the river intensifies. Actions [

Seven Anti-APC Demonstrators Arrested

11.05.2001 02:07

Seven people have been arrested as a result of demonstrations against the Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APC) in Seattle. During demonstrations on May 8th, two anti-corporate globalization protesters were arrested outside the Westin Hotel where APC delegates have been meeting since May 6th.

Three APC Summit protesters were arrested in the evening on May 8th. Several protest marchers say that a young woman was assaulted by the manager of Starbucks when she and a group of protesters entered the building banging on plastic buckets during a march which had started at Seattle Central Community College. Protesters claim that the march was peaceful and that the only violence was committed by the Starbucks employee and police.

Bush Administration Seeks to Increase Intervention

11.05.2001 01:48

As U.S. trained military battalions entrench themselves in the jungles of Colombia where a bloody civil war has raged for four decades, the Bush administration is pushing a plan to provide more money and military intervention to countries in South America.

In the fiscal year 2002 budget request, President Bush has asked for almost $800 million in economic and security assistance for the “Andean Counterdrug Initiative,” which includes Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela and Panama. The initiative is a follow-on effort to "Plan Colombia," a six year, $7.5 billion initiative developed by the Colombian government to officially fight drug trafficking and restore that country's economy. Critics of the plan have argued that the so-called "drug war" is really about supressing political movements in Central and South America.

Coverage for Easy Distribution

10.05.2001 01:13

Print: A PDF broad sheet for you to download, print out, and distribute in your community. This week covering May Day actions around the world; Crisis in Bolivia; upcoming Asian Development Bank actions in Hawai'i.

Radio: IMC Radio Report special half hour feature on Mayday protests around the world. The show starts out with some headlines then an interview with Professor Stan Phipps about the history of MayDay. Then there are reports on MayDay activities in Bahrain; Columbia; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Portland, Oregon; Melbourne, Australia; Seoul, South Korea; San Francisco, California; Moscow, Russia; Bangladesh; Seattle, Washington; Guatemala; Greece; Houston, Texas; London, England; Hong Kong; and Sydney, Australia. Listen in mp3 or real audio.

Ohio Valley IMC Served Subpoena

09.05.2001 23:27

Picture of Subpoena On May 8, the owner of the Ohio Valley IMC domain (ovimc.org) was served with a subpoena directing him to appear before an Ohio grand jury this Friday, and to hand over server log information related to a particular article posted to their open-publishing newswire. This development comes as the Seattle IMC remains burdened with an FBI court order seeking the surrender of server logs, also in relation to newswire postings. [ Story ] Unlike the court order served to the Seattle IMC, the Ohio Valley subpoena was not issued under seal, and the server log request applied to a single post rather than to two days of website traffic.

The posting in question at the Ohio Valley IMC includes what might be interpreted as an implied threat to Cincinnati Police Officer Steve Roach. On May 7, Officer Roach was indicted by a Hamilton County, Ohio grand jury on misdemenor counts of Negligent Homicide and Obstructing Official Business for his role in the April 7 shooting of Timothy Thomas. If convicted on both counts, Roach faces a maximum of nine months in jail. The Thomas shooting, the latest in a string of Cincinnati police shootings of young black men, sparked a wave of protests in the city. The grand jury's decision is widely seen as a mere slap on the wrist, and has provoked further protests.

The owner of the ovimc.org is currently in consultation with lawyers and activists who have been dealing with the recent federal request for logs from the Seattle IMC site. According to a post at the Ohio Valley IMC, the request is for naught, as the 'custom written software [for the site] doesn't keep IP logs, or ANY tracking information for that matter".

For updates to this story, check in with the Ohio Valley IMC.

Activist Barnett Still in Jail, With Germinal 5

09.05.2001 19:36

Fredericton resident Vaughn Barnett is still in jail for activities in Quebec City -- but his case has received relatively little attention from either mainstream or alternative media.

Letter from Tasha Barnett (excerpt):

... I spoke with Vaughn last night and he is concerned about the issue staying alive now that Jaggi has been released. Vaughn's situation seems to have subtly changed. He has been unable to find out what his status is in terms of being released. The only way he can communicate is through memos and they have only responded to one of several memos that he has sent. At this point it seems that he cannot get out even if he wanted to, because he has been unable to communicate with anyone. Full Story

[Phone/Fax zap info from the Quebec Legal Defense Collective | Quebec Legal Defebse Collective]

Mother of Murder Victim Calls Indictment a

08.05.2001 20:36

CINCINNATI - (6:15 pm EST, May 7) Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen announced that a "racially-diverse" grand jury has indicted Police Officer Stephen Roach with two misdemeanors, Negligent Homicide (first degree, 6 months jail sentence possible) and Obstrucing Official Business (second degree, 90 days jail possible) in the death of 19-year-old Timothy Thomas.

The late Mr. Thomas' mother, Angela Leisure, called the charges "a slap on the wrist" and is feeling "borderline rage" at the indictments. she called for calm in the city. more

A call for a March For Justice for a anti-police brutality convergence in Cincinnati June 1-3.

Listen to an audio report by John Zeh, Cincinnati Independent Media Center. Audio and updates from Cincinnati last month.

More from the Ohio Valley IMC

The Ever Encroaching Big Brother

08.05.2001 16:04

With the rise of the anti-globalization or anti-capitalist movement, concerns about COINTELPRO, surveillance, and information gathering on people who are politically active has been increasing. With the recent FBI issues around Indymedia, many more stories about governments' activities against their citizens have been coming to light.

Exerpt from: Face it: They're watching you
Modern information technology, especially artificial intelligence, has redefined forever the economics of surveillance. No longer is the tedious, expensive, and intrinsically subjective work of the human mind required. The days of three shifts a day, 24-7, trench coat-and-sunglasses-wearing teams working for scale are over. Today, even as innocuous an expression of one's objection to the tyranny of our rulers as kvetching over the Internet, is not too expensive to investigate...The powers that be not only admit to using covert surveillance on innocent citizens, they brag about it. They are justifiably proud of themselves. But that's not why they are bragging. They are bragging to send us a message...more

CLAC Activist &amp; Organizer, Jaggi Singh Has Been Freed on Bail

08.05.2001 15:20

Jaggi, speaking to the press after being released on bail Jaggi Singh, an activist, writer and an organizer for the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC), has been freed on $3000 CD bail after being held for 17 days in jail in Orsainville, Quebec (a neighboring city to Quebec City). Singh is still prohibited from leading or organizing any demonstrations or from possessing a megaphone.

Jaggi and supporter, pictured here following his release Singh's trial is slated for June 4, where he will face charges including possessing a weapon and inciting a riot. The weapon in question is a catapult that was used to propel teddy bears over the 3.9 kilometer wall that was erected in Quebec City for the Summit of the Americas. Click here to read an in-depth report about Singh's bail hearings and his arrest. [Full Story]

Mumia Breaks Silence on Police Shooting

07.05.2001 10:37

In a stunning development in the death row case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, on Friday Mumia for the first time publicly denied killing Philadelphia cop Daniel Faulkner in 1981. Jamal's attorneys also released an affadavit from the man who says he shot Faulkner -- because the mob and crooked cops wanted Faulkner executed for impeding police corruption. Text of affidavits from Mumia, his brother William Cook and Arnold Beverly -- who alleges he shot Faulkner because the mob and crooked cops wanted Faulkner executed for impeding police corruption.

130+ Cities Protest Drug War

05.05.2001 03:28

2001, the Space Odyssey...for legalization The first Saturday in May has become a traditional day to protest the continuing War on Drugs. This war has many aspects, from police brutality and racist application of unjust laws to the destruction of cropland in Colombia to the recent case of a mother and child being shot out of the sky, mistaken for drug traffickers.

Everybody wants to know: when will the insanity end? Check back throughout the day for updated coverage of the protests, and please upload your photos, audio, video and stories about the protests near you.

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