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150,000 march in Tel Aviv for Israel to leave Gaza

19.05.2004 21:58

On the 15th of May between 120,000 and 200,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv at Rabin Square under the slogan: "The Majority Has Decided. Leave Gaza. Start Talking". While there were many contradictions between those speaking at the rally, Israel's "state terrorism" in Gaza continues.

Latest atrocity: Wednesday, May 19, 2004. At least ten people were killed, including two children, and at least 60 wounded when Israeli forces fired tank shells and helicopter missiles on about three thousand people demonstrating peacefully in the Rafah refugee camp against the incursion of Israeli military forces. An Urgent call has gone out to Protest Israeli war crimes against civilians in Rafah, Gaza.

While many on the left are calling for the withdrawal of Israel from the occupied territories and the establishment of a state of Palestine, Israeli anarchists and others question a two state solution.

[Israel Indymedia | Electronic Intifada | Rafah Today]

Povo Guaraní defende o gás

19.05.2004 18:37

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O povo Guaraní da região do Chaco boliviano se encontra realizando um bloqueio de fato às plantas provedoras de gás que se encontram nas mãos das empresas petroleiras transnacionais como a Maxus, Repsol, Petrobrás e TGS.

A primeira exigência do povo Guaraní é a revogação da Lei de Hidrocarbonetos aprovada pelo ex-presidente Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada em 1996, cuja finalidade foi abrir as portas aos ganhos das empresas entregando os poços petroleiros com livre disponibilidade de produção e comercialização do recurso natural.

“Estamos cansados de morrer de fome”, disse Nelly Romero vice-presidenta da Assembléia do Povo Guaraní, desde Camiri —onde começou a mobilização social no 30 de abril passado— e foi categórica ao afirmar que “uma negociação só será possível com a presença do presidente Carlos Mesa”.

Nestes dias em que se realizaram tomadas simbólicas e até o bloqueio das atividades das petroleiras, a APG rejeitou por completo qualquer aproximação com autoridades de menor porte devido a uma longa lista e história de convênios não cumpridos enchendo os arquivos das organizações dos movimentos sociais.

[ Guaraníes amenazan | Indígenas toman campos petroleros | Media luna de Repsol y Petrobras, hecha pedazos | Nota de prensa marcha Santa Cruz ]

May 20th marks attack on Democratic Icon

18.05.2004 17:55

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese Opposition leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 for non-violent activism, remains under house arrest in Rangoon as she has been for most of the past fifteen years.

In May 2003, Suu Kyi and her supporters set out on a road tour of Burma. Everywhere she went, huge crowds gathered in testament to the passion she still generates among Burmese people. On the night of 20th May 2003, thousands of men armed with sticks, clubs and rocks attacked a convoy led by Suu Kyi and supporters from her National League for Democracy (NLD). As many as 70 people may have died in the violence, according to exiled opposition groups, who blame the attack on the ruling military junta. Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was detained that night along with several party colleagues. Many more have since been put under house arrest or taken into custody.

[ Daw Aung San Suu Kyi | Shan Women's Action Network | Burma's Black Friday ]

Flotilla 2004 Voyage Launches

18.05.2004 06:18

Flotilla of Hope The Flotilla 2004 voyage is embarking on a 4000-kilometre trip to Nauru [the tiny 21 square kilometre Pacific island nation of 12,000 people, & the world's smallest independent republic] to draw attention to asylum seekers jailed in Australian-made detention centres. The nine activists who will be sailing in two boats, under the banner Flotillas of Hope, will go to Nauru with teddy bears and toys for the detained children and an electricity generator for a hospital on the island. They hope to give the asylum seekers hope, compassion and to highlight their plight.

According to a recent MEDIA RELEASE, the Flotilla's crew believe that "those confined in Australia's concentration camps have put the question of 'freedom or death' starkly before us. Therefore, it is necessary for the rest of us to make the voyage beyond symbolic indignation and act. It is possible and necessary to refuse the monopoly of governments over action, space and the valuing of lives."

{ Flotilla UPDATES: [ 1 | Other media reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Howard a Dead-hearted "Zombie" ]

Possible Rumsfeld Green Light To Torture

17.05.2004 15:10

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said that US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and one of his top aides authorized the expansion of a secret program that permitted "harsh interrogations". Hersh's account, derived from "several past and present American intelligence officials," said the expansion of the "special access program" allowed authorities in charge of Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq to engage in degrading and sexually humiliating practices. The Pentagon strongly denied that they had sanctioned the interrogation program.

Activists from the DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) converged on the studios of CBS, at 2020 M Street NW on Sunday, 16th May, to demonstrate against the war and against the prison abuses directed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Activists applauded New Yorker writer Seymour Hersh while holding signs before press cameras. After CBS, individuals marched on Rumsfeld's House.

[DC Indymedia | Melbourne Indymedia ]

Monsanto para de produzir trigo geneticamente modificado

Report, 12.05.2004 17:21

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"Nós não queremos" - Uma mensagem tão simples que está finalmente sendo ouvida.

Monsanto, o maior produtor mundial de colheitas geneticamente modificadas (GM) e herbicidas relacionados, recuou por razões econômicas. Contra os desejos dos consumidores e fazendeiros, não há nenhum mercado para o trigo GM na Europa: os compradores estrangeiros começaram a procurar fontes alternativas na Austrália e na Europa Oriental, e fazendeiros Estadunidenses e Canadenses não estavam preparados para correr o risco de alguns poucos benefícios, de muitos problemas futuros, e a perda de um mercado mundial de um dia para o outro. Anteriormente neste ano, a Monsanto já tinha acabado com recursos para a pesquisa dos grãos na Europa. Duas áreas de cultivo de trigo GM da Syngenta foram destruídas na Alemanha. [2]

Durante o ano passado na Europa, as grandes companhias de biotecnologia têm jogado projetos de organismos geneticamente modificados (OGM) um atrás do outro: A beterraba açucareira GM da Monsato e da Syngenta, enquanto a Bayer decidiu não introduzir no mercado o milho GM no Reino Unido mesmo tendo conseguido a permissão, e a Espanha retirou o milho Bt176 do mercado: a única colheita GM cultivada comercialmente na União Européia. Regiões inteiras se tornaram livres de transgênicos [1 |2]. Finalmente, isto está refletindo nas opiniões de acionistas e dos mercados dos EUA.

[Reclaim the Commons 3-9 June San Fransisco, USA |Corporate Watch|GM Watch|etc group|Boycott Bayer|anti-GM slam poetry]

Violence, intimidation and fraud exposed in Philippine elections

11.05.2004 17:37

As the May 10 national elections turn out to be a tight race between administration and opposition candidates, some people already warn for an impending credibility crisis in case the administration would win. Moreover, the list of human rights violations against progressive candidates during the campaign period is long and militant partylist representatives might be barred from taking office at all.

Also election day had its controversies with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo campaigning beyond the prescribed campaign period and numerous reports of deliberate violations of COMELEC rules including missing names on the voters lists and flying voters as the most commonly reported.

Meanwhile, Arkibong Bayan's look behind the scenes reveals why the election process is prone to cheating and must be computerized as soon as possible.
RELATED LINKS: indymedia QC | indymedia Manila | Eleksyon 2004

Bush's Timber Czar chased out of Oregon

09.05.2004 20:37

mark rey The meeting of the Society of American Foresters ended last week with special guest Mark Rey fleeing the conference and protesters temporarily blocking his escape. Rey was the top timber industry lobbyist in the US before becoming the top of Bush II's public lands timber program.

Two days prior to his arrival a tour by industry leaders of the Biscuit timber sale - the largest logging proposal in US history - was forced to turn back due to unexpected road conditions. The following day students and community members set two tree-sits high in the branches of a tree near the conference.

Hundreds of activists are expected to make Cascadia's endangered forests their home for the summer with logging season just beginning.

BACKGROUND AND NEWS: Rogue Valley IMC | Portland Indymedia | Cascadia RiSiNG! | Native Forest Council

RELATED GROUPS: Oxygen Collective | Back to the WALL | KS Wild

US Torture Exposed, The People Respond

imc-global, 08.05.2004 04:00

In response to a report of prisoner torture and murder inside prisons across Iraq, which was leaked to the media recently, people are standing up across the globe to decry the US and UK's use of torture. The graphic images have been shown on media outlets across the country, but some are still claiming that they're being censored.
As the evidence of torture grows, many are calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. In a senate hearing where Rumsfeld was questioned today, a group of concerned people stood up and chanted "Fire Rumsfeld" while holding a banner saying the same.

Full text of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the treatment of prisoners of war by coalition forces in Iraq, Feb. 2004 (PDF format).

Apoya el Centro de Medios Independientes de Guadalajara

07.05.2004 04:51

Guadalajara será sede de la 3a Cumbre ALCUE de mandatarios de América Latina, el Caribe y la Unión Europeaa finales de mayo (28-29). Los no invitados, ONG's y activistas, asistirán para presentar sus propuestas alternativas y movilizaciones contra estas políticas económicas del neoliberalismo. Es indispensable contar con un Centro de Medios Independientes que forme parte de estos programas de alternativas y resistencia para dar cobertura a la contracumbre y romper las barreras de información de los medios masivos. Necesitamos de tu ayuda para hacer este CMI Guadalajara posible.

Llamados a la movilización:
Coordinadora Apoyo Mutuo | Colectividad de Acción Directa | Caravana Libertaria "Carlo Guiliani" | RMALC | OtroMayoGuadalajara

mexico.indymedia.org/guadalajara | aire | chiapas.mediosindependientes.org

pdfs: I, II

El Conflicto de ECOPETROL, Irak y el TLC

06.05.2004 16:37

La calculada destrucción de ECOPETROL no es invención de sus trabajadores ni un embeleco de unos privilegiados 'oligarcas de overol', constituye el mayor atentado que se ha cometido contra la más importante propiedad pública nacional. No en vano ECOPETROL suministró al Estado en transferencias e impuestos más de 10 BILLONES DE PESOS en los dos últimos años, fruto de producir directamente 115.000 barriles diarios y 295.000 en asocio. Tras ese botín van los socios de los Bush (padre e hijo) y de Cheney.

Quienes han expresado su indignación con lo que sucede en Irak no pueden mirar con lente distinto lo que pasa en Barranca y en la geografía petrolera colombiana. Es asunto igual, con los mismos actores sólo que acá la Resistencia es Civil. Finalmente si se entiende que el ALCA y los TLC's son , ante todo, reglamentos que garantizan condiciones y seguridad a las inversiones, por encima del mero ejercicio de intercambio comercial, a las petroleras les cae muy bien la tarea que Uribe ha adelantado y que consumará con la suscripción de estos tratados en los cuales, capítulos como los de Inversiones, Políticas de Competencia y Solución de Controversias, les prescriben más prerrogativas y garantías que las que brinda la Constitución a los ciudadanos. Nada las detendría, estarían como Pedro por su casa o , dicho de otra manera, como Halliburton en Irak, a sus anchas. [ seguir leyendo... ]

Central obrera colombiana prepara paro nacional contra ALCA y TLC | Jornada Andina contra el ALCA y el TLC | Acuerdo Colombia-EEUU: canje de deuda por naturaleza | Huelga de la USO en Ecopetrol, Colombia | indymedia colombia, seccion economia

&quot;Uma outra Europa é possivel&quot;

zampano, 06.05.2004 13:18

Diferentes acções e manifestações tiveram lugar em Dublin, Varsóvia e Berlimdurante vários dias para protestar contra a “Fortaleza Europa".Os protestos em Varsóvia inseriram-se nos protestos que decorriam já contra o Fórum Económico Mundial. Barcelona e Milãoonde desfilaram cerca de 100.000 pessoas, foram os pontos centrais do “Euromayday”deste ano, contra a precariedade e a exclusão social. O fim-de-semana começou no Reino unido com uma massa critica em Londres, na sexta-feira, que celebrava o 10º aniversário da Massa Critica de Londres Em Berlim, a “segunda manifestação” teve lugar para evitar uma manifestação do partido de extrema direita NPD. Em números cidades alemãs manifestações do “1º de Maio revolucionário” ocorreram com o lema “Tudo para tod@s, e tudo isso de graça” Nota do escritor “desisto…há demasiados sites indymedia com demasiadas reportagens e videos em todos os tamanhos e de várias fomas…percorre tu mesmo os sites” Dublim: "Why we pushed through police lines" | Berlim: Kinderzimmer aufräumen | todas as ligações para os CMI locais ]

May Day Commemorated around Oceania/ East Asia

Melbourne IMC, 04.05.2004 06:01

South Korea: 20,000 march in May Day demonstration In Sydney a May 1st Reclaim the streets was attacked by the cops in Erskineville. (Legal Observers Report) A Sunday May day rally attracted 1,000 people. In Melbourne anarchists held a picnic at the eight hour day monument, and attended a march by 500 workers on May 1st, while the traditional Sunday march attracted 400 people. On the Friday night Melbourne Critical Mass Ended With A Reclaim The Streets Party at the busy intersection between the eight hour day monument and Trades Hall. Wollongong and Adelaide had Sunday marches of about 300 people each. (Source: Green Left Weekly) In Perth 50 activists Reclaimed the Streets (Photos), while 15,000 trade unionists attended the Labour day Public Holiday rally and festival in Brisbane on Monday.

Across the Tasman, May day protests were reported in Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. In the Philippines the Arroyo Administration offered freebies to workers, while workers and activists celebrated Labor Day with militant rallies including thousands attending a rally in Manila. In South Korea 20,000 workers, mostly members of the militant Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, gathered at a downtown Seoul park, demanding the government retract its promise to send more than 3000 soldiers to Iraq.

According to Corporate Media reports (1, 2) about 20,000 workers and labour activists marched in Bangkok; 50,000 participated in May day events in the Vladivostok region; and about 50,000 people demonstrated in Japan.

[MayDay 04: Against Borders and Precariousness! | Global May Day links ]

Activists shame Iraqi Governing Council minister, derail Iraq business

Manila IMC, 04.05.2004 04:16

Manila Antiwar protest MANILA (May 3) - Filipino anti-war activists disrupted the presentation of a visiting Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) minister in a business forum, calling her a "collaborator" and an "illegitimate" representative of the Iraqi people. The forum, entitled "Rebuilding Iraq: Challenges and Opportunities for Business," was organized by the Asian Institute of Management, a graduate school for business, and the German foundation Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. It was attended mostly by academics and businessmen. As IGC minister for municipalities and public works Nesreen Berwari stood up to approach the rostrum, four women members of the newly formed anti-occupation coalition Iraq Solidarity Campaign - Philippines held up placards saying "IGC Illegitimate" and "IGC = American Puppets." [ Full Story ]

Photos of protest: 1 | 2

Philippines: Manila IMC | QC IMC

North Atlantic Right whale in deep trouble

imc, 30.04.2004 04:00

Right whale save As the planet's oceans are depleted of fish by the growing human population, the deadly remnants of the fishing industry and increased ship traffic continue to threaten life in the sea. Along with the renewal of once outlawed hunting by nations like Norway and Japan, the ocean's whales now suffer from collisions with ships and humanity's waste as well.

Cimeira Alternativa começa enquanto a polícia faz rusgas em casas

Kya, 29.04.2004 22:36

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Enquanto activistas em Dublin (en), Italy (it) e Barcelona se preparam para o EuroMayday 2004 no 1º de Maio, eventos construtivos como o the "Sensitivity Theatre"[1] [2]e aCimeira Económica Alternativa [1] [2], começaram em Varsóvia, apesar do constante acosso governamental e policial e a intimidação aos activistas e anfitriões das iniciativas (en) (pl) (fr) (castel). No entanto, a policia continuou a usar as tácticas repressivas e, em 28 de Abril, pelas 22h00m, levou a cabo rusgas do género dos filmes de Hollywood (en) (pl) (es) à casa de um activista anti-repressão, de armas em punho e a gritar "Filhos da puta", etc, algemaram toda a gente, e revistaram a casa ilegalmente e sem nenhuma testemunha independente. A casa de um jornalista também foi revistada. Mais notícias multilingues, acerca dos eventos de Varsóvia, (incluindo links para fontes de média alternativa Polacas) incluem Um dia antes da cimeira (en) (pl) (fr), Relato de uma cidade cercada(en) (pl) (fr), e uma Relação das ruas de Varsóvia em 28-04-2004 (en) (pl) , mais fotos [1] [2] [3]. Vê também relatos da manifestação de 29.04.04 (en) (pl) (es) (fr)

Reclaim the Commons

29.04.2004 00:40

Thousands of activists and organizers around the Western US will converge on San Francisco from June 3-9 to shut down the corporate takeover of basic life needs. While Savannah, Georgia will be the focus of G8 protests on East Coast, the West Coast G8 demonstrations will target the biotech industry's largest meeting of lobbyists and executives happening concurrently in San Francisco. However, this mobilization is much bigger than biotech.

Organizers have put out a call to not only target the meetings, but to reclaim the city of San Francisco from the corporate oligarchs and return it to the people. They plan actions that will create free local food sources and community gathering spaces, as well as actions that will bring together groups working for global, environmental and racial justice.

One million march for women's lives

27.04.2004 13:43

One million March for Women's rights In reportedly the largest Women's Rights March Ever of over one million people, a new generation showed up in the hundreds of thousands, in a ratio of five women to one male, because it is obvious church and state want ownership of our vaginas, again. We all know who is on the Supreme Court, who is the Attorney General, and who's trying to dominate the planet and half the population, again. [more]

Photos: 1 2 3 4 5
Best Contingent: Medical Students for Choice: We Are the Future Abortion Providers - 400 medical students dressed in white coats. Many of the people on the Radical Cheerleader and Black Bloc feeder march on Sunday had also participated in the 2,500 strong IMF/World Bank meeting the day before.

[Washington DC IMC | Rich mond IMC | Bay Area IMC Women's News | IMC Germany ]

Guerra Riservata

Italia Indymedia, 27.04.2004 03:08

Merceneries Eroi nazionali? ? La televisione Al Arabya ha mostrato il 26 aprile un video delle Brigate verdi nel quale si chiede agli italiani di scendere nelle strade a protestare contro ilgoverno per la presenza in Iraq se vogliono che i quattro ostaggi vengano liberati, puntando il dito sul ruolo degli italiani rapiti in Iraq. Gli ostaggi appartengono in realtà a una categoria particolare di nuove figure della guerra, il cui numero sta progressivamente aumentando rispetto a quello dei soldati di ruolo. Come loro, ce ne sono decine di migliaia. Lavorano per oltre 400 aziende che vengono utilizzate sia per gli eserciti, sia per privati. Molto spesso sono ex militari e la loro esistenza viene resa nota solo nel momento in cui sono vittime di attentati o rapimenti. Sono le guardie private, un esercito semi-sconosciuto di guardie del corpo sceso in campo all'indomani della dichiarazione di Bush che sanciva la fine della guerra in Iraq. Provengono da decine di Paesi diversi e alle loro spalle hanno un plotone di multinazionali che, nutrendosi di appalti e contratti vinti, pone la sua longa manus sul futuro dell'Iraq.

[L'universo delle guardie private in Iraq
.: Abusi e violazioni dei soldati americani in Iraq
.: Indagate le italiane Presidium International e IBSA]

&quot;Dauerkolonie Togo e.V.&quot; - Deutsche Kolonialgeschichte in Berlin

24.04.2004 08:16

Togo ist ein kleiner Staat in Westafrika (Karte). Es war zeitweise auch bekannt als 'Togoland', denn es war, was vielen heute nicht mehr bewußt ist, von 1884 bis 1919 deutsche Kolonie. Togo ist heute eine Diktatur, zu der allerdings die deutsche Regierung gute Beziehungen pflegt, von wenigen kritischen Tönen kaum gestört. In der BRD leben heute viele togoische Flüchtlinge, von denen viele von der Abschiebung bedroht sind. In Togo erwarten sie Verfolgung, Gefängnis und Folter, aber auch Armut und Perspektivlosigkeit.
In den nächsten Tagen (am 24. und 27.4.) gibt es einige Demonstrationen in Berlin und Hamburg, um auf die Situation in Togo und der togoischen Flüchtlinge aufmerksam zu machen, und auch um auf die Rolle Deutschlands hinzuweisen. Die deutsche Kolonialgeschichte wird zwar mittlerweise gern und schuldbewußt erwähnt, aber selten mit der heutigen Situation in Afrika, den Beziehungen Deutschlands zu afrikanischen Staaten oder der Situation der Flüchtlinge in Europe oder Afrika in Verbindung gebracht.

Die Ausländerbehörde Berlin hat in einem Brief vom 22.03. an das Amtsgericht Schöneberg (in Sachen Abschiebehaft) einen bundesweiten Großcharter (Abschiebflug) nach Togo in der 20. Kalenderwoche (= 10.- 16. Mai) angekündigt.

[ Hintergrundbericht auf Indymedia Deutschland | Fluuml;chtlingsrat Berlin | Anticolonial Africa Conference Berlin 2004 ]

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