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March to Stop Global AIDS On Saturday

21.06.2001 12:50

Stop Global AIDS logo To coincide with the start of the United Nations Special Session on HIV/AIDS, a new coalition of U. S. religious groups, militant AIDS activists, African organizations, students, human rights groups and Jubilee anti-debt activists will join forces in a mass demonstration and rally at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 23, in New York City. For Third World nations suffering the AIDS epidemics, march organizers demand immediate relief from debt and expensive AIDS treatment. Read Myths vs. Reality: AIDS Drugs & The Developing World Of the 27 million people infected with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa at the end of 2000, 4.8 million are in immediate need of treatment, the UN estimates.

Unemployed Protests Turn into Standoff with 1000 Gendarmes

20.06.2001 06:01

Argentina/Salta/Gomeras There is currently a state of civil unrest in the town called General Mosconi in the Salta province in the north of Argentina. On June 17, police responded using teargas and bullets to a protest of unemployed people. The unemployed were protesting for jobs and against persecution by employers. Services have been cut to the town, including electricity, gas, water and communications, but the government is sending in a negotiator. There were solidarity strikes in the Federal Capital (foto e informe). Earlier in the week, the capital of Argentina was rocked by transportation strikes

Two people were reported to have been killed the the morning of the 19th, but the situation is confusing because police are blocking the media from entering the town. Many protesters are heavily wounded and are in hospitals now. Other reports include the possibility of people from Tartagal coming to support the protest. According to people in the town, police are going home-by-home searching for protesters. More heavily-armed police are expected to go to the mountains near the city to block other protesters.

Walk for Farmworker Justice Organized in Oregon, USA

19.06.2001 20:16

In Oregon, USA on June 18th, a broad contingency of people began a five day walk to raise awareness for the right of farmworkers to organize and have voice in their workplace. Called the "Walk for Farmworker Justice", it is a unique experiment of immigrant, labor, religious, human rights, community, small farmer, environment, and youth organizations and individuals collaborating together for farmworker justice. The walk is a general call to all parties, including consumers, to seek a more sustainable and just agricultural industry for all -- farmworker, farmer and consumer -- and to build the coalition necessary to make it a reality.

<a href="http://www.engagetv.com/gbg2001/">IMC Sweden Radio</a> Reports of People Shot During Protest

14.06.2001 12:34

Update: IMC Radio reports the activist shot in stomach is still alive, in critical condition. Separately, a journalist reportedly died of a heart attack yesterday.

Reports from people calling in from the street to Sweden IMC Radio: As many as 3 people have been shot: at least one person in the leg and one in the stomach, with live ammunition, not rubber bullets. Police have confirmed shooting three demonstrators and that one of the gunshot victims was in serious condition and is undergoing surgery. Here is a video of shots being fired and injured demonstrators on mass media website.

  • Police and protestors have clashed at various locations.
  • Police are using dogs and some are on horseback.
  • Reports that 2 horses were injured, but none were euthanized.
  • Reports are that some protestors are throwing stones, and police are throwing them back.
  • There is another report that a man had been dragged from his car by police and severely beaten, breaking his leg.
  • Report that a 6 year old girl was arrested with her mother, in a large group.
Elsewhere, people are Reclaiming the Streets, playing music, dancing. Yesterday, there were reports from a Bush "mooning" demonstration. Sweden IMC has set up a radio studio in Gothenburg, broadcasting live radio June 14-16, 2001.

KPFA Flashpoints did an interview with the Sweden IMC about the protests and shootings (14 min).

Statement by organizers: "We protest against the undemocratic EU and we say 'No' to giving neo-liberal politics, in the form of the European Monetary Union, the dignity of constitutional law. We oppose the transformation of the public sector and our environment into nothing more than market commodities. We oppose the militarization of the EU, racism and the construction of a 'Fortress Europe'."

More info: no-racism.net, j15.org, gbg2001.org, sweden.indymedia.org. Listen to live IMC radio broadcast (requires winamp or other audio player -- trouble with stream? Re-broadcast is here). Discuss the situation on irc.indymedia.org, channel #sweden. Video compilation (realvideo).

FBI Drops Court Order as IMC Considers Challenge

14.06.2001 03:57

Louis Freeh Today, in a case involving internet press freedom, the US Government withdrew a previously-issued court order directing the Independent Media Center in Seattle to hand over computer server logs. The April 21 order instructed the IMC to hand over logs and other records pertaining to the IMC's coverage of anti-globalization protests in Quebec City. The government's retreat represents a victory for the IMC, where volunteers and a national legal team had been preparing to challenge the order in court.

The IMC is undecided about further legal action. IMC counsel Nancy Chang of the Center for Constitutional Rights comments: "Although the court order has been withdrawn, the IMC's concerns over the government's ability to use internet technology for surveillance of political activists continue to linger."

'Africa's World War'

12.06.2001 19:26

From Guerrilla News Network: "...[T]he refined extract of Columbite-Tantalite (coltan for short) is... used in everything from mobile phones made by Nokia and Ericsson to computer chips made by Intel... The Congo supplies 7% of the world's tantalum, and demand is only growing. Almost all the Congolese tantalum comes from rebel-controlled coltan mines where they maintain brutal control over the local population... rebels have earned millions of dollars from western technology companies... [S]ome call it Africa's World War. Since 1999, according to some reports, 3 million people have died. The war has destabilized the entire region, involving troops from Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Namibia.

From Project Underground: "The World Policy Institute (WPI) documents that out of the US$19.5 million in U.S. arms and training that was delivered to African armed forces in 1999, US$4.8 million went to nations directly or indirectly involved in the Congo war. ...The U.S. has been involved in the Congo since before the country's independence from Belgium in June 1960... Most notable was the CIA's role in the overthrow and assassination of Congo's first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, immediately following independence. He was replaced by an unknown Congolese officer who was on the CIA's payroll... Mobutu Sese Seko... [More recently,] U.S.-based Bechtel Corporation worked closely with Kabila [leader of the ADFL]... According to WPI, an executive from Bechtel became a close advisor to Kabila traveling the country at his side assisting him with information to determine his war strategy. 'It is capitalism in its purest form,' said [another businessman, the] president of Eagles Wings Resources, a U.S.-based company that began buying Congolese col-tan two years ago."

[ Mobuto Was Chaos | Remilitarizing Africa for Corporate Profit | congo.indymedia.org ]

Colombia Rocked by Protests Against IMF

09.06.2001 23:01

60,000 protest in Bogota Tens of thousands of workers and students in major cities throughout Colombia have organized massive protests against policies imposed by the International Monetary Fund as war in their country escalates and a fragile peace process is stalled.

Despite severe repression and intimidation, teachers, state workers, students and rebels organized marches this week in major cities, against budget reforms (in spanish) that are being enacted as a result of agreements between the IMF and the Colombian government.

Nepal Erupts After Royal Family Massacre

09.06.2001 18:55

The Himalayan country of Nepal has experienced several days of unrest following a brutal massacre of several members of the royal family, including King Birendra. Confusion continues to reign the capital city of Katmandu; the military has just lifted a strict curfew that had been in place since the June 1st slayings. The international commercial media have reported that the Crown Prince was responsible for the murders, most likely as a result of depression due to his parents‚ disapproval of a romance. They have portrayed the ensuing riots as a result of the general confusion. Many Nepalese would disagree with this characterization, disbelieving the government's account of the incident and viewing the civil unrest as a reaction to what some feel has been a palace coup. In 1990, after massive pro-democracy demonstrations in which 500 people were killed, King Birendra signed a new constitution establishing Nepal as a constitutional monarchy. Many view the new king, Gyanendra, as an opponent of that change, and fear he will try to reestablish the monarchy's dominance, especially in the face of a Maoist insurrection and continued poverty -- over 80% of the 22 million Nepalese support themselves through subsistence agriculture.

The government moved quickly to squelch accounts of the massacre that did not agree with its official version. "Let no news and opinions that affect the nationality and mislead the people be published," said Shiva Raj Joshi, the Minister for Information and Communication. The government has since arrested the editor of Kantipur Daily in an effort to enforce that proclamation.

Rumblings of the Possible War and International Protest

05.06.2001 16:33

Yet Another Housing Destruction in the Occupied Territories Though a tentative cease-fire (of sorts) on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides is in place at the moment, the Israeli government has persisted in its refusal to freeze or remove any settlements, and the Israeli army has been put on high alert and readiness for a quick offensive action in the coming days. Janes Foreign Report predicts that Israel may expel or assasinate Arafat. Meanwhile Israel's system of Apartheid and Collective Punishment of the Palestinians continues. Charmaine Seitz discusses the ways in which this very system of daily oppression has brought people to commit actions such as the terror attack on a Tel-Aviv discotheque which killed twenty on June 1st. Professor Tanya Reinhart, recently interviewed by IMC-Israel, discusses not only the incidents which brought the situation to the present state, but ways to activate a sustainable and effective international movement against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Homeland. Also, June 8th, will be an international day of solidarity with the Palestinians on the anniversary of 34 years of occupation.

Listeners Occupy New York Radio Station

04.06.2001 15:36

Amy Goodman At 9:00 a.m. on Monday, 18 irate WBAI (99.5 FM) listeners marched into the station's studio to read a statement on air demanding a reversal of the sharp, rightward political turn and selective censorship of programming, as well as an end to attacks on workers' rights. An Indymedia reporter covering the event was allegedly assaulted by WBAI staffer Paul DiRienzo, who later compared the Indymedia and Save Pacifica movements to pro-lifers who kill abortion doctors. Listen here. Read a report from 2600.com on the protest.

Right to Protest G8 on 21 July Asserted

03.06.2001 01:48

bombe...alla crema contro io G8 A hundred supporters of the Global Network symbolically occupied one locomotive near the central station of Naples, protesting against the state of militarization of the city of Genoa in preparation for the protests next July against the G8. Genoan organizations are trying to get a meeting with the Ministry of the Interior, in order to discuss the more than 100,000 demonstrators expected on July 21. Photo: a 'tasty' press conference 2 June of R.A.G.E., the Roman Economic Antiglobalization Network.

After Police Violence, Solidarity Remains Strong

02.06.2001 17:02

cinci protest UPDATE: Supporters of the protesters that were arrested, two of which were just released on bond, during Saturday's Cincinnati Radical Action Group protest in Mount Adams, (audio), a wealthy part of Cincinnati, have set up camp at the Hamilton County Justice Center and established the Cincinnati People's Autonomous Commune. 15 people slept outsided the Justice Center Saturday night. Read a report from jailed protesters.

A broad coalition of people from the community, human rights activist groups, and the radical anti-authoritarian bloc protested in Cincinnati on Saturday to fight back against rampant police corruption and violence. In April, widespread unrest broke out in Cincinnati after a white police officer shot an unarmed black youth to death. Get breaking news from the Ohio Valley IMC and live audio updates from San Francisco IMC's Police Brutality & Prisons feature.

Employees Strike, Take Over Buildings and Blockade.

31.05.2001 18:53

Aereolinas Argentinas employees have been striking for 20 days. Spain's SEPI (State Society for industrial participation) is threatening to close, leaving around 7000 families in the street and the country without its only national airline. Workers took some buildings and are blocking the landing-field, delaying and cancelling flights. Since the protest began the workers have been setting up some "Worker Camps" in both the metropolitan and the international airport. The Spanish Government was demanding that workers accept a reduction of salaries and flexibility of their working conditions. The workers are saying "no."

Treesitters Attacked by Lumber Company

30.05.2001 16:22

Treesitters in the Mattole Forest in California, USA, were attacked again on Saturday morning by Lewis Logging employees who scaled Douglas Fir trees and assaulted the non-violent activists who were occupying them. The Lewis Logging employees climbed the trees that the activists were occupying, cut out all their gear, and left one woman dangling with her arms clipped into a lockbox. They took these actions despite company policies that require they alert law enforcement when encountering protesters. 33 arrests have been made in the Mattole since logging began on 9 May 2000. Listen to Maxxam/Pacific Lumber's Resources Manager who directs the company on what and where to cut within their holdings.

WTO, the Video Game

29.05.2001 23:15

"State of Emergency" a new game coming out for the Playstation 2 from Rockstar Games has gone too far. This video game claims to be an "urban riot game set in the near future, where the oppressive American Trade Organization (ATO) has declared a state of emergency. ... It is up to you to smash up everything and everyone in order to destabilize the ATO." It has riot cops whose disturbingly familiar storm trooper battle gear says "ATO" instead of WTO. A quote from their website reads, "citizens ... react realistically to violence by cowering, running away, or calling to the nearest Peacekeeper for help" And if that weren't enough to trivilize the anti-globalization movement, what about blurring the lines of understanding, "The missions [range] from assassinating ATO leaders to avoiding Peacekeeper death squads and rescuing Resistance sympathizers" Peacekeeper DEATH squads? If that weren't enough you can also play a scantily-clad combat- boot wearing riotgrrl, sigh...

Far-right Sparks Three Days of Rioting in Oldham

29.05.2001 14:55

The Asian youth of Oldham, near Manchester, have responded to months of provocation by far right groups marching in their community. Three days of rioting began on Saturday after a clash between white and Asian youths. Many are pointing to the media reporting of alleged no-go areas and police handling of racist attacks as the underlying tension. Petrol bombs were thrown at riot police throughout Saturday evening and fighting continued over the next two nights.

The 2002 Winter Games: A Triumph of Globalization

26.05.2001 21:33

Despite the pending trials of infamous ex-Salt Lake Olympic Committee (SLOC) bosses Tom Welch and Dave Johnson, SLOC and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have emerged fundamentally unscathed by the bribery and scandal surrounding Salt Lake City's selection as the host of the 2002 Winter Games. Thus, we can only prepare for the picture of what is coming: a diverse yet affluent Olympic crowd in Utah surrounded by a landscape of global commodities and corporate media marketers. Yes, Salt Lake City is going to become a "world class" city, or as suggested by critics, a tragic reminder of the "triumph of globalization".

25.05.2001 19:09

May 22nd edition of the indymedia print project PDF broad sheet for you to download, print out, and distribute in your community.

Headlines: Reporters beaten by Indonesian military, Activists deal blow to World Bank, Ethiopians protest violent regime, UK: Activists spend week demonstrating against Trident missile factory, Resistance is global (analysis)

[ English | Español | Français | Nederlands ]

26 Imprisoned; New Direct Action Arrests During Sentencing

24.05.2001 02:04

The SOA 26 were sentenced today getting a total 11 years and 7 months in prison, $11,650 in fines, and 5 years of probation were imposed. Three defendants are in custody tonite and beginning incarceration; the rest will begin serving their sentences in 2 to 3 months. 11 more people were arrested today for direct action on Fort Benning while the SOA 26 were being sentenced, including the wife of one man sentenced today, and the daughter of another. They remain in custody at this time.

Peoples' Summit &amp; Cooperatives Present Alternative Economic Models

22.05.2001 14:49

Protester Points the Way Activists opposed to corporate globalization have alternative economic models to propose. A recent Peoples' Summit in Santiago, Chile brought together people from many walks of life to discuss economic issues and create a document called the Alternatives for the Americas. [Read More]

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