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Massacre in Guatemala: 9 Killed, Dozens Wounded

www-features, 04.09.2004 05:31

Guatemalan military

On August 31 at 5:00am, a contingent of 800 armed government agents, backed by 1200 heavily-armed military personel, arrived at Nueva Linda Finca in the Champerrico department of Retalheu, Guatemala, with orders to evacuate over 1500 campesinos. For the past year Nueva Linda community had become the scene of a resistance movement of local union members, the "Coordinadora de Communidades Indigenas y Campesinos del sur de Occidente (CICCSO)". These men and women are demanding the return of their friend and organizer Hector Rene Reyes Perez, who had been kidnapped almost a year earlier, and have also been protecting the children from the suspected kidnapper. At least nine campesinos were killed and over two dozen wounded in the bloody raid.

Background Information: Massacre in Guatemala posted on Austin-IMC | Intimidation Against Landless Movement in Guatemala | Taking Back the Land
Guatemalan Media: Prensa Libre | El Periodico | Siglo XXI Updates from Chiapas-CMI

Ecowarriors lock on for the Ludlow Tuart forest.

03.09.2004 06:46

Demonstrators took to the trees and the ground on Friday morning in an effort to halt work at the Ludlow Titanium mine, in the southern Tuart forests of Western Australia. The 215 hectare site is in the centre of the only Tall Tuart forest on earth, of which less than 2000 hectares remain. The company plans to destroy 1228 of these endemic trees.
Adrian Trivett and another protester locked himself to two barrels filled with concrete and steel across the entrance to the mine site to prevent access. He was joined by a fellow demonstrator who locked himself to the car of Collis Thorp, head of Cable Sands. Several protesters are also locked onto bulldozers and mining machinery in the compound. Others climbed up tree platforms in the ore body to prevent the further destruction of up to 500 years of Tuart growth. Camp residents previously in the tree village within the lease occupy their platforms in continued protest. Concerned community members came to the site to show their support for the demonstrators and disgust at the approval of the mine by State Government.

[ Perth Indymedia | Discuss this story | Save The Tuarts | Update #1 : 9.40am | Update #2: 1.45pm ]

Venezuela, Texaco and Microsoft

03.09.2004 06:38

Despite all the efforts from the popular movements to deepen the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, the government, with the approval of president Hugo Chavés Frias, made 2 partnership with the multinational companies Chevron-Texaco and Microsoft (more contracts with Repsol and other corporations have also been signed) . Both agreements were signed before the referedum took place, but with the focus on the electoral process, criticism from the popular movements was minimal.

After the victory in the referendum, the popular movements are now trying to accelerate the process they call "Revolution within the Revolution", precisely to fight against deals like these and the abuses of the power-hungry "bolivarian" political parties. The balance of forces is still very tight in Venezuela, and in many ways Chavez is trapped between the revolutionary currents and the neoliberal elements within the government that could bring the country down if they join forces with the counter-revolution. Venezuelan popular movements must engage in revolutionary offensive; the processes of joint popular rebellion in the continent must accelerate; and international support for the autonomous movements of the Bolivarian Revolution must grow, because Microsoft, Texaco and the global bourgeoisie have no real problem in negotiating with the "revolutionary bureaucracy" of Venezuela.

Links :
Indymedia Brazil [pt]
Rebeldia magazine [es]
Venezuela: gasoduto binacional e Chevron Texaco [pt]
More than any where else, the schools should use free software [pt]
IMC-Puerto Rico [es]

International Day in Solidarity with Palestinian Poltical Prisoners

02.09.2004 09:01

Since August 15, more than 3,500 Palestinian prisoners have joined the strike protesting conditions that are contrary to both international as well as Israel's own military law. Another 4,000 prisoners are expected to join the strike in the upcoming days, including women, children and prisoners.

Israel's official response was expressed on August 13th by the Israeli Public Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, who told reporters that the prisoners "can strike for a day, a month, even starve to death, we will not respond to their demands."

This approach condemns all Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails to a slow death sentence.

In contrast to this callous Israeli reaction, the prisoners seek only their basic human rights. The prisoners are demanding an end to the excessively harsh treatment of Palestinian political prisoners and their families and to ensure that the conditions under which they are imprisoned are consistent with international norms of human rights and basic decency.

We call on the international community to take action to demand Israel abide by international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Mobilize and Organize for September 4 in Solidarity with the Hunger Strike!

The International Solidarity Movement | Families of Palestinian Prisoners Website
For more information on the situation contact escanda :info@gmx.net

Prigionieri in sciopero della fame

31.08.2004 22:05

Venerdi 27 agosto, di ritorno dalla manifestazione contro la costruzione del muro di Abu Dis a Gerusalemme [dove fra gli altri "illustri" personaggi era presente Arun Gandhi], Peter un ragazzo statunitense viene fermato dalla polizia israeliana, "colpevole" di impugnare' una bandiera palestinese. Vicino a lui una telecamera riprende la scena, e' imbracciata da Giordano un giovane turista veronese. Dopo pochi minuti si scatena il putiferio e sia Peter che Giordano sono violentemente tradotti in carcere: da quel momento per i due comincia l'inferno. Da subito vengono percossi violentemente. Al processo, il giorno seguente, sono visibilmente "segnati". Il video girato da Giordano li scagiona completamente e il giudice non puo' che rimetterli in liberta' sotto cauzione. Quando gli avvocati si presentano per prelevarli, pero', la polizia si rifiuta di lasciarli andare, aggrappandosi ad inconsistenti cavilli.
Vengono di nuovo rinchiusi e trasferiti. Un trattamento che trasgredisce ad ogni regola: un pericoloso precedente che scandalizza gli avvocati ma non trova eco sulla stampa. Ricordiamo, inoltre, che i due sono al loro quarto giorno di sciopero della fame.

Aggiornamenti: 18-30 agosto
Approfondimenti: Report: Terra Rubata - la politica di Israele negli insediamenti in West Bank


31 de Agosto Dia da Ação Direta na Cidade de Nova Iorque

Alexandre, 31.08.2004 22:35

Hoje, 31 de Agosto, é o dia da Ação Direta contra a Convenção Nacional Republicana em Nova Iorque . Vai haver Coberturas e Atualizações todo dia CMI-NYC e CMI-Portland e CMI-Porto Rico (Atualização Espanhola).

Também, escute a rádio ao vivo em: A-Noise Radio e PDX Web Radio

Gov't Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs - Service Provider Refuses

imc, 31.08.2004 21:00


BREAKING NEWS: The FBI and the US Secret Service is again engaging in a fishing expedition to route out dissenting viewpoints, harass people who are simply exercising their free speech rights, and intimidate others from exercising their right to protest in connection with the Republican National Convention. To quote one indymedia volunteer, regarding New York Indymedia:

"It has come to my attention, that our hosting provider, Calyx Internet Access, has been under harassment and scrutiny by the United States Secret Service in a blatant attempt to disrupt our relationship. Furthermore, it has been revealed to me that my contact information, was required to be disclosed to the government, presumably to begin directly harassing me. The SS did not contact the IMC directly in relation to this matter, but instead felt it prudent to put a strain on a place which we do business with. The agents attempted to circumvent Indymedia by contacting Calyx by phone, originally without a warrant or subpoena, in order to obtain user connection logs regarding a particular post on an Indymedia site. The post in question is a repost by an anonymous person containing information that is already available all over the Internet, and publicly available in other forms."

[Subpoena (US law): to order someone to go to a court of law to answer questions, or to order the appearance of documents in a court of law ]

The subpoena is for information leading to the posters of a list of RNC Delegates.

Photo Summary of A29 in NYC

30.08.2004 12:49

Today in New York City, 500,000 people marched in solidarity with the rest of the world, denouncing policies of the U.S. government from every possible angle. After a 6-hour long march, protesters did not just pack up their signs and go home. Various autonomous contingents sprawled out across the city, doing everything from a "kick the heads of state" soccer game in Central Park, to jail solidarity demonstrations for those arrested, to a relentless verbal assault campaign on Republican delegates trying to hide out in Broadway theaters. "Republican scum! Your time has come!" was a chant that could be heard up and down the avenues this afternoon.

Photos and commentary:
UFPJ march [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]
Dragon fire [ 1 ] [ video ]
Times Square [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Kiss-in [ 1 | 2 | ]
Misc [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ]

Cobertura dos Protestos na Reunião da RNC em Nova York

pp, 30.08.2004 02:55

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As mídias independentes estão reportando as mobilizações de protestos contra a Reunião Nacional Republicana em Nova York - veja: CMI - Nova York

MAIS INFORMAÇÕES: [ CMI - Nova York | Cobertura do CMI - Portland | Grassroots Media | CounterConvention | RNC não é Bem-Vinda | RNC Watch | Transportation | Housing | Team Cascadia | No RNC! - survival ]
AÇÕES: [ Calendário do Evento ]
ÁUDIO: [ A-Noise / NoRNC Sound Coalition | Critical Mass Radio Network | Portland Indymedia Webradio ]
VÍDEO: [ Paper Tiger.org | Manhattan Neighborhood Network ]

REPORTÁGENS EM ESPANHOL: Dois voluntárixs do CMI - Porto Rico estão em Nova York e reportando em espanholaqui | Mais Infos(ES) aqui

Linha-Info phone number: (212) 400-7458
Live Call-In number: 800-939-7973

E' arrivato un vagone carico di...

30.08.2004 02:15


A Trenitalia le critiche, soprattutto se espresse in forma satirica, non piacciono proprio. E un sito di satira sulla complicita' di Trenitalia nella guerra in Iraq e' stato eliminato dalla rete per ordine del tribunale. Le pagine in questione erano senza dubbio critiche nei confronti di Trenitalia, le critiche erano espresse in maniera satirica attraverso un detournament della home page del portale delle ferrovie, ironizzando con sarcasmo sulla collaborazione offerta alla guerra in Iraq attraverso il trasporto di armi sul territorio italiano. Si trattava dell'opera artistica di un collettivo di designer presente in uno dei circa 400 spazi web che il server di Autistici ospita. Al di la' del caso specifico pero' e' il paradigma in se' che risulta veramente preoccupante.
Trenitalia potrebbe essere tranquillamente sostituita con le lobby del cinema e della discografia che hanno pesantemente influenzato la legislazione sui diritti d'autore e determinato la stretta repressiva sul file sharing a cui stiamo assistendo, o con il potente paranoico di turno, che ritiene la liberta' di espressione, la privacy, il diritto all' anonimato elementi trascurabili, da sacrificare in nome di un non ben definito bisogno di sicurezza, ed affogare nella paura del proprio simile.
Autistici/Inventati potrebbe essere un fornitore di servizi qualunque, e per questo sono stati ritenuti responsabili, ed anzi autori materiali, di tutto quanto ospitato sul loro server. Si tratta di un modello inquietante, lo stesso che tutte le persone che si sono battute in questi anni per la conservazione delle liberta' in rete hanno cercato di evitare, ma che a dispetto di tutto si sta affermando con prepotenza.

[ comunicato di autistici/inventati | approfondimento sul rapporto controverso tra trenitalia e internet [ferry byte] ]

Leggi la documentazione legale:
denuncia di Trenitalia | memoria di Autistici/Inventati | replica di Trenitalia | controreplica di Autistici/Inventati

Elenco dei mirror del sito presenti in rete

RNC Protests Begin With Largest Ever NYC Critical Mass

29.08.2004 03:32

Times Square

Following the festive arrival of the DNC2RNC "Democracy Uprising" march, protesters against the Republican National Convention staged the largest ever New York City Critical Mass bike ride. Well over 5000 riders filled nearly 4 kilometers of city streets before breaking into smaller groups. [Read minute-by-minute reports.] Critical Mass is a direct action that takes place in cities throughout the world on the last Friday of every month as a way to reclaim urban streets and promote oil-free transportation.

The ride lasted about 2 hours (full audio), performed its traditional occupation of Times Square and rode past Madison Square Garden, site of the RNC, shutting down traffic in Midtown Manhattan. Approximately 800 Critical Massers ended up at St. Mark's Church in lower Manhattan, sanctuary for the protest and home to much of the organizing for the counter-RNC mobilizing. Upon arriving at the church, the Critical Mass riders hoisted their bikes into the air, waving them overhead as they unleashed a long unified victory cry.

However, the police arrived 15 minutes later and violently arrested many people. There were a total of 264 arrests over several locations; at least 6 Indymedia journalists were arrested.

RNC coverage:
A.Noise webstream
pdx web radio live
Infoline phone number: (212) 400-7458
Live Call-In number: 800-939-7973

Crônica do Despejo da Casa Ocupada no País Basco

pp, 28.08.2004 20:27

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Euskal Jai é o mais famoso espaço ocupado do País Basco. Situado na parte velha de Iruñea - Pamplona, tem sido um lugar onde se faz presente muitos projetos. Em 16 de agosto três forças diferentes da polícia chegaram para arrombar a porta da frente com uma máquina de demolição. Cerca de 50 pessoas resistiram dentro da casa. Mesmo assim a máquina conseguiu derrubar a porta. Algumas pessoas tentaram se esconder da polícia que foram ao encontro das pessoas que estavam lá dentro. Outras pessoas que se manifestavam contra o despejo receberam balas de borracha e detenções indiscriminadas. Además, não havia nenhuma ordem legal para a demolição e o despejo.

Veja as fotos: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 ]

p>Links relacionados: euskalherria.indymedia.org | www.euskaljaigaztetxea.net | gara.euskalherria.com | www.euskalherria.info/

Tune in Today - Massa Crítica Internet Radio

pp, 28.08.2004 20:51

Tune in today é uma coordenadação nacional de rádios pela Critical Mass Radio Network. Isto é uma nova rede autônoma, anti-corporativa, uma comunidade de estações de rádio on-line em todo os Estados Unidos. As rádios são Kill Radio, Radio Active Radio, Freak Radio, A-Noise, Enemy Combatant Radio and Portland IMC Web Radio.

Todas essas rádios estão coordenando suas transmissões pela internet hoje, para ouvir o stream acesse LA, San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Portland e New York. O stream será simultâneo em todas as rádios participantes. Mais informções para ouvir www.criticalmassradio.net.

Critical Mass Radio Network é uma rede descentralizada da comunidade independente de estações de rádio e que coordena uma transmissão internacional. O tema geral de hoje é a Convenção Nacional Republicana em New York e a resistência contra a polícia e a Administração Bush. O plano da CMRN será uma co-ordenação de streams de rádios durante um mês.

DNC2RNC Marches On

23.08.2004 08:38

The DNC2RNC march is a 258 mile movement from the Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA, USA to the Republican National Convention in New York City. The march started on July 31th and is 24 days into it, having gone over 200 miles so far. In that time span the march has connected with many local communities, learned more about working and living as a community, and experienced together many new and wonderful things.

Regular updates [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] have been posted to various IMC's, and an impromptu Indymedia team has produced daily video journals [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ], a commercial and a preview of the march. They were also subjected to heavy rains while a tropical storm breezed through the area and stood strong, marching through it all.

The march will enter New York City on August 26th, three days before the United for Peace and Justice march. They have prepared a theatrical entrance in the spirit of Zapatismo and have issued a statement about it. To find out more on the march watch for regular updates at DNC2RNC, NYC IMC, St. Louis IMC, and Portland IMC.

PHOTOS: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]

Back to back direct actions for Cascadia's forests!

21.08.2004 09:02

This week forest defenders across Cascadia united to expose the link between the politicans and corporations that profit from the destruction of US public lands. On Tuesday, 40 Cascadians occupied US Senator Ron Wyden's office. The following day, a protester dressed as a spotted owl locked to a 250 pound stump while others rallied, shutting down Umpqua Bank's flagship branch for several hours.

Both Umpqua Bank and Senator Wyden greenwash their images, depicting themselves as environmentally friendly while supporting and profiting from the destruction of Oregon's native forests. Senator Wyden presents himself as a green politican, and yet of all US politicans he is the fifth highest recipient of campaign contributions from the timber industry. Meanwhile, he sponsors earth-destroying legislation with eco-friendly names like the "Healthy Forest Restoration Act."

Similarly, Umpqua Bank markets itself as a new, hip, eco-conscious bank. In reality "StUmpqua" Bank is run by the dinosaurs of Oregon's ancient forest logging industry. With the past two days of forest actions, local activists are gearing up for the upcoming Earth First! Direct Action Rendezvous in Southwest Oregon the final weekend in August, near the massive Biscuit logging project. The National Earth First! Rendezvous will be held in Oregon in Summer 2005.

VIDEO: Office takeover; Bank lockdown
PHOTOS: Office takeover; Bank lockdown

BACKGROUND AND NEWS: Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Infosite | Native Forest Council | Portland Indymedia Forest Page | Cascadia Forest Defenders |

RNC Roundup

20.08.2004 23:31

As the RNC rapidly approaches, New York City continues to heat up. United for Peace and Justice, organizers of the large August 29 march, and the National Council of Arab-Americans are both suing the city to be allowed to protest in Central Park. Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg and tourism officials are offering "well-behaved protesters" baby blue buttons saying "peaceful political activists" that will give them discounts at restaurants and museums and the NYPD is "shadowing" 56 activists from around the country.

A Life After Capitalism conference is going on August 20-22, Time's Up is holding a Bike National Convention from August 20 to August 29, an Immigrant Worker Speak Out is happening on August 27 and a Books not Bombs Youth Convergence is being held on August 28. Numerous calls for (direct) action have been issued, including one for a day of direct action on August 31. This is not to mention the rallies and marches being organized by United for Peace and Justice, Still We Rise, the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign and other groups.

The Indypendent, NYC IMC's paper, has printed 200, 000 copies of the latest issue of its paper, believed to be the largest printing by a radical grassroots newspaper in decades, and is planning to print at least 100, 000 copies of its August 25 paper while 25, 000 copies have been printed of the People's Guide to the Republican National Convention. An Indymedia Infoshop and photo exhibit have just opened and a Convergence Center is soon to follow.

| RNC Watch | RNC Not Welcome | counterconvention.org | NYC IMC

Miami Model Screening Raided in NYC

19.08.2004 07:42

The Miami Model In the lead up the the RNC, the state has already begun intensifying their indimidation tactics, starting with a police raid on an Indymedia film screening and benefit show last night in New York. A multi-agency task force shut down a NYC Indymedia video team benefit late Saturday night, sparking complaints that the action was politically motivated.
"I don't think every single department showing up here was a coincidence," said Brandon Jourdan, a video team organizer. "But maybe it was or maybe it was not. People will have to decide for themselves."

Collectively, Indymedia activists and friends shot hundreds of hours of video footage documenting the FTAA protests in Miami. This footage has been edited by the FTAA Miami Video Working Group into a documentary that cuts through the mass media blackout to reveal the brutal repression and assault on civil liberties that took place, as well as the life-affirming and inspiring alternatives to capitalist globalization that were also in full effect in Miami.

[ NYC Indymedia | NYC IMC Video Team | FTAA IMC - The Miami Model | film order online at The Miami Model website ]

Videos From the Resistance

19.08.2004 07:01

For the past 6 months portland indymedia has been distributing videos produced from the portland indymedia video collective online. There are currently 30 videos available covering a wide variety of issues, topics, and actions. What distinguishes this current distribution from past efforts is the reliance on the latest in peer-to-peer technology to distribute the films. The films are only availble through various peer-to-peer networks which provides the benefit of promoting sharing of content and bandwidth. All videos are free to download, distribute, and use so long as it's not for profit.

Popular videos include the coverage of various protests in Portland, OR such as the "Day X" day of bombing protests and the 2 Bush protests "A22 Bush Protest" (August 22, 2002) and "A Million Dollars Later" (August 21, 2003). But perhaps more important to the indymedia community are the videos offering criticism on the biases of the corporate media coverage as reported and analyzed in videos including "Fuck The Corporate Media" and "Li2U News". A 2 minute introduction to indymedia developed for video releases titled "A Call to Media Arms" is also available and may be useful to media activists around the world.

To view all available videos visit portland indymedia's videos from the resistance page. To learn how to download and watch these videos read the portland indymedia online video guide.

Cobertura especial sobre o Referendo na Venezuela

Chico da Matilde, 16.08.2004 12:51

Chavez Vence o Referendo

Julia, 18.08.2004 15:09

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O controverso presidente esquerdista Hugo Chavez derrotou seus oponentes políticos num plebiscito feito para retirá-lo do poder. A Comissão Eleitoral Nacional venezuelana (CNE) anunciou o resultado preliminar às 4:03 em 16 de agosto na cidade de Caracas: Chavez estava com 58% da opinião pública. Centenas de milhares de pessoas começaram no mesmo momento a festejar nas ruas enquanto esperavam as próximas ações das forças anti-populares.

O resultado foi confirmado pelo Carter Center localizado nos EUA e pelos monitores de eleição da Organização de Estados Americanos, mesmo que a oposição da direita - apesar da falta de evidências - sustente que houve fraude massiva e que tenha chamado para uma manifestação no meio de Caracas... conseqüentemente, afirma-se que os "apoiadores de Chavez" abriram fogo na demonstração e não foi verificado, mesmo com um registro de 8 pessoas feridas. A oposição na Venezuela tem uma história de dissimular ataques em demonstrações: [ 1 ] [2 ][ 3 ][ vídeo ]

Atualizações do Indymedia: CMI-UK | CMI-Porto Rico | CMI-Colombia | CMI-Austria | CMI-NL | CMI: direto das ruas! | CMI-Brasil [pt]
Outros links: Análises sobre a Venezuela [inglês] | Aporrea.org [espanhol] | El Libertario [espanhol] | El Libertario [inglês] | Contrapoder [espanhol]

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