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Australia's Secret Nuclear Ambitions Revealed

21.12.2004 10:54

On November 26th, 2004 Greenpeace Australian released a report (pdf) "Secret's Lies and Uranium Enrichment" revealing a 30 year secret nuclear research project at Lucas Heights, Australia's only nuclear reactor, in Sydney.

The Silex laser uranium enrichment project had varying levels of US monetary support over the protected by US-Australia bilateral agreement that hid the project as 'protected data'. Successive Australian governments have supported the nuclear enrichment research. Despite being privatised in recent years the Silex project continues to occupy taxpayer-funded public space and use the resources at Lucas Heights. It has violated the rights of local citizens to know of the danger they are living in the vicinity of.

[ Anti-nuke map of Australia | Greenpeace interview at 4ZzZ102.1fm | Green peace report (pdf) | IMC Melbourne ]

Inter-American Court of Human Rights Affirms Lori Berenson's 20-year Sentence

19.12.2004 17:37

On December 2, 2004 the Inter-American Court of Human Rights upheld the conviction of Lori Berenson, an American journalist and human-rights activist whose case has been championed by Amnesty International as well as the UNHCR's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. Lori is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence in Peru on charges of collaborating with the Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru.

In so doing, the Court reversed the unanimous decision of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights which, on April 3, 2002, had declared that Lori's civilian trial had violated her right to due process, that her rights under the American Convention on Human Rights needed to be completely restored, that she be compensated for her wrongful suffering, and that Peru bring its anti-terrorism laws into compliance with the American Convention on Human Rights. Indeed, the court's decision contradicted its own preliminary decision as of November 10, which Monroy Galvez (the ad-hoc judge representing Peru) stated had called for Lori's release. The decision followed two weeks of intense lobbying by Peruvian officials and does not bode well for enforcement of international standards of human rights in the future.

[ Indymedia Peru I Committee to Free Lori Berenson ]

The crime of filming repression in Palestine

18.12.2004 15:34

Kelly Minio-Paluello (23), a community activist from the USA and a member of Britain's National Union of Journalists, was brutally arrested by Israeli Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday outside Ramallah, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She is currently being held in Hadera Detention Centre awaiting deportation. She has not been told why she was arrested or when she will be deported or informed of her rights.

Earlier this year, Kelly and her partner Mika produced a film documenting life in Balata refugee camp. When Kelly was arrested they had gone back to Balata to train Palestinians in the use of video equipment, to allow them to document their own experiences.

Kelly's arrest while filming the beating of a Palestinian by Israeli police comes only weeks after Palestian Authority presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti was beaten by Israeli troops at one of the 703 Israeli checkpoints on Palestinian territory. [Text | Audio | Video]

[Previous Indymedia coverage by Kelly and Mika:
Cambridge IMC: [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | several reports on the invasion of Nablus in late 2003 [1] | [2] | [3] Madison IMC [1 | 2] Notes From Palestine | Balata Refugee Camp | Audio interview with Kelly in prison (mp3) | Indymedia UK coverage demonstration in Bil’in | Film: The sun doesn't shine in the Camp, also available from IMC Cambridge ]

Oceania Newsreal 2 now online!

18.12.2004 11:41

Oceania Newsreal

The Oceania Indymedia Newsreal compiles short, critical documentaries focussing on social and environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Bringing together stories from independent producers and community media collectives the Oceania Newsreal is distributed on VCD and online via the oceania.indymedia.org website.

The newsreal aims to encourage content and skills sharing between regional Independent Media Centres and video collectives, community TV and independent video producers. Likewise the online component allows works to be distributed easily across the globe and for people to download and screen them in their local area.

The second edition includes pieces on the 2002 Woomera breakout, a critical look at the anniversary of East Timor's independence, the State of Emergency conference and action in Melbourne, corporate media ownership in New Zealand, forest destruction and protest in Tasmania and videos produced by workers organising in the factories of Jakarta.

To download the videos visit the newsreal website. If you have a video you'd like to submit check out the call for edition 3. If you are a tech or video maker and would like to get involved email the oceania video network.

Video Online : v2v | NGVision | Demand Media | Portland Indymedia

Trainstoppers Convicted

16.12.2004 20:18

On Wednesday, a Belgian court convicted 11 people for stopping a train heading to the port of Antwerp. The train was transporting military equipment from Germany bound for American soldiers in Iraq. The Forum voor Vredesactie supported the "trainstopping" action.

The court fined two of the trainstoppers 500 euros each and sentenced them to three months in jail. The other nine received one month prison. But all sentences were suspended pending three years of probation. If they do not do anything against the law in the next three years, their punishment will go away.

On February 16, 2004, in Melsele, near Antwerp, the trainstoppers coverd a track signal and used other red lights to send a signal to the train engineer that he had to stop. After the train stopped, two people chained themselves to the locomotive, two chained themselves to a train car, and one locked himself to an army jeep on a train car. They used their own lives to stop preparations for war. The action was non-violent.

Articles: 1 | 2 | 3
Pictures: 1 | Video of reaction of spokesman of Forum voor Vredesactie

Earlier overviews: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Forum voor Vredesactie(En)

20 Gunns Salute for Tasmanian Environmentalists

16.12.2004 10:37

On Tuesday, a writ was lodged against 20 different groups and individuals, including The Wilderness Society and Doctors for Forests, by Gunns Ltd of Tasmania, Australia. They are attempting to sue for loss of business, to the tune of $6.36 million (AUD).

Within 24 hours, hundreds of demonstrators had gathered in the centre of Hobart, the Tasmanian capital, to protest this attempt at stifling dissent. A silent vigil was held and keys were jangled to represent the desire to open a door to a new and different future. Historical comparisons were made with the dangers of asbestosis and cigarette smoking, both of which were exposed through the dedication of protestors. Acknowledgement was also made that this was an issue of importance to us all - despite the varied political beliefs of those present.

Photos: [ 1 | 2 ]
Videos: [ Vigil | Tasmanian Forests - background]

Tasmania is one of the world's most beautiful environments and home to some amazing areas of forest. These are now being felled at an alarming rate. For what? 90% of the Tasmanian native forests that are felled are converted into woodchips for the paper industry, which are then sold for $15 AUD (approximately $9 US) per tonne. And the profit doesn't even benefit the local community: most of the profits from Gunns - the biggest hardwood woodchipper in the world - leave Tasmania for shareholders on mainland Australia, despite what the industry and government says.

[ Tasmedia story | Discover Tasmania | Background to Gunns | Rape of Tasmania ]

The Trial Will Go On

14.12.2004 18:30

On 12 December 2004, after four months of debate, the judges have decided: the 28 policemen involved in the Diaz school raid, during Genova G8 summit, are worth a trial. During the night of 21 july 2001, 93 people were seized and severely injured by police. In the same occasion the media center and legal team computer were destroyed, and important hardware and files were kept without any legal mandate. The members of the police force have been charged with brutality, defamation and perjury, but the crimes were at first officially confirmed as inconsistent.

The preliminary hearingshave now ended. Conviced by evidences the judges decided to go ahead. The trial, which will open on 6 april 2005, will prosecute many high degree policemen still in their career. Genova legal forum, with Indymedia Italy, is still working to build up a complete database to support the work of lawyers. Support our work.

Following the 'Guantanamo Bay Express'

14.12.2004 06:58

'Guantanamo Bay Express' transports detainees of the US military The scale and significance of US military use of Shannon airport in Ireland has taken on a new dimension with the revelations that Shannon has become part of the illegal movement and torture of prisoners, and the airport's increasing level of use by US military and civil leaders. This begs the question, has the Irish Government done a secret deal with the United States, granting US citizens immunity from arrest and procecution under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court?

It appears the CIA Torture Jet has been sold in an attempted cover up. The Guantanamo Bay Express and another jet used by US military and CIA, have been sold off by the phantom company that 'owned' them.

David Hicks is an Australian citizen handed to the US authorities in Afghanistan in 2001, who has spent the last 3 years in detention in Afghanistan, on US naval vessels, US military aircraft, and at the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. An affidavit he lodged in August 2004, which has recently been made public, alledges that he has been tortured, abused and mistreated, along with fellow prisoners, for extensive periods of his detention.

Links: Ireland IMC | Melbourne IMC | Fair Go for David | Kalla Fakta - Swedish Investigative TV program (se, some en)

Anti-privatisation activist sent to prison for 2 years

13.12.2004 22:59

Anti-privatisation activist Matthews Ndlovu remains in jail today after he was sentenced to 2 years in prison or a R25000 fine for resisting the installation of infrastructure for pre-paid water meters in Phiri, Soweto. The Gauteng Anti-Privatisation Forum has appealed for funds to secure his release.
In September 2003, residents of Phiri, supported by the Gauteng Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF), resisted the installation of pre-paid water meters in the township by destroying the infrastructure that had been laid to allow these meters to be installed. During this resistance, a number of activists, include Matthews, were arrested. On the 1st of December, Matthews Ndlovu was sentenced to a R25000 fine or 2 years in prison by Magistrate du Toit, after a trial which included signs of clear bias, such as the Magistrate coaching the prosecutor on how to conduct the state's case.

The APF has made an urgent appeal for funds to raise money to pay the R25000 fine so that Matthews Ndlovu can be released from jail.

More information on the Struggle against Silent Disconnections can be found here.

&quot;Over with Minatec (before it starts)&quot;

13.12.2004 22:52

Since 8 o'clock this morning, a group is occupying a Minatec's building site's crane, in order to interrupt the construction for a day. The occupiers, supported by demonstrators on the ground, have unrolled 1 banner against nanotechnologies (« here the industry of totalitarianism »), and 2 others have been tied on the crane(« nanotechs=giga-control », « stop everything »). They're distributing some tracts to the passers-by, calling them to join them fast (see the tract beyond). Grenoble is one of the most important french techno-city. They call it a Silicon Valley « à la française ». Numerous projects are being started in construction of electronic chips ans research on nanotechnologies (Crolles 2, Nanotec 300). A struggle against an orwellian nightmare. More infos about techno-scientism in the pièces et main d'oeuvres (french site of radical critique of the techno-scientist system in the ) ( some photos of the action )

Victoria's Dirty Secret of Forest Destruction Exposed

09.12.2004 19:10

Victoria's Secret, a US based lingerie corporation has been experiencing a nationwide string of direct action protests based on their mail-order catalogs.

The company mails over one million catalogs per day, almost all of these catalogs are produced from virgin fiber paper with little or no recycled content. [ more facts ] A forest protection group, ForestEthics has initiated the campaign to expose 'Victoria's Dirty Secret'.

Activists in cities across the United States have taken up the call to protest Victoria's Secret, actions have happened in these cities: Saint Louis, Missouri, Medford, Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Illinois, San Francisco, California, Asheville, North Carolina, New York City and elsewhere.

Exreme Right party got 1.000.000 votes(Belgium, Flanders)

09.12.2004 12:54

Belgium is a country with three regions: Flanders, Brussels and Wallony. There is one Federal government and three regional governments. With the last regional elections, the extreme-right party, Vlaams Blok, got 1.000.000 votes in Flanders, which means one in five people in Flanders voted for this party.

Like everytime after the winning of the Vlaams Blok, iniatives [Reports(Dutch): 1 | 2 , opinions] are taken by leftish groups and persons to stop the Vlaams Blok but until now, no iniative succeeded to stop the Vlaams Blok.

Since 1991, this extreme-right party has had wins in every election(federal and regional)and nobody(other political parties, leftish/progressive groups) appears to know how to stop them.

On November 9, the highest court in Belgium, judged that the Vlaams Blok is a racist party.[The arrest(Dutch)] There have been manifestations and gatherings to "celebrate" this ( Articles: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 ) Most people had mixed feelings on this judgement: "Maybe it will give the extreme-right more votes" and "Maybe they are gonna exploit this".

Indymedia Oost-Vlaanderen | Indymedia West-Vlaanderen | Indymedia Antwerpen | Indymedia Liège | Indymedia Belgium | http://driejuli.skynetblogs.be/ | Blokwatch (lot's of info and pics about the Vlaams Belang)

Thousands face genocide by Indonesian military

09.12.2004 03:24

West Papuans in the jungle with Morning Star flag Since August 17 the Indonesian military have been attacking villages in the heavily forested highland district of Puncak Jaya of West Papua. Dozens have already been killed; either directly by bullets from helicopter gun ships or from starvation in the crowded makeshift camps that now adorn Pancak Jaya the highest mountain in Australasia...

The military assault follows guerrilla attacks attributed to around 50 OPM / T.P.N. warriors in mid October. Six Indonesian construction workers were killed when their vehicle was attacked. This was followed by the torching of government schools and administration buildings.

Latest Reports: Message from the jungle (Dec 6) | Abepura: Images of Flag raising and police brutality (Dec 1)

Links: | Perth IMC | Melbourne IMC | Sydney IMC West Papua News |
| Morning Star flag action at embassy | Friends of Peoples close to Nature | Callout to action!!!|

St. Louis is Bhopal - Remembering a Tragedy

05.12.2004 15:15

December 3rd marks the 20th anniversary of one of the world’s worst massacre in Bhopal, India, the 1984 Union Carbide gas disaster. A runaway reaction inside a subsidiary’s poorly designed and under-maintained pesticides plant released a 27 ton cocktail of lethal toxic gases into the heart of the teeming old city. Within a few days, more than half a million people were maimed for life. At least 8,000 were killed in agonizing seizures and trampled to death in the rush from the factory.

[ After 20 Years, Will Bhopal Finally Get Justice? | Environmental and community destruction | STLIMC article on Stericycle Medical Waste Incinerator June 2002 | Aug. 2002 | International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal | BBC: Bophal in Deapth | The Yes Men as Dow spokesperson]

West Papuan Independence Day

04.12.2004 21:43

VIOLENCE has flared in the capital of Indonesia's troubled province of West Papua as security forces moved to break up a flag-raising ceremony by independence supporters, a Sydney-based human rights monitor said today." (AAP report)

At the same time, the ALP and the Liberals both voted against a Senate motion by the Greens to urge the Indonesian Government to allow West Papuans to have their Morning Star flag of freedom permitted.

In Wellington New Zealand, around people gathered at parliament on December 1st in solidarity with the people of West Papua and their struggle for self-determination. 1st December 2004 marks the forty-third anniversary of the West Papuan Declaration of Independence from Dutch colonial rule. Protesters raised the 'Morning Star' in front of the Beehive.

In the United Kingdom a candle-lit silent vigil was held outside the London Indonesian Embassy, in solidarity with the 15,000 Papuan brothers and sisters who are suffering and dieing on the mountainside of Puncak Jaya.

[ ALP votes against West Papuans | Violence flares in West Papua | Free West Papua ]

Canadians march against Bush

04.12.2004 19:37

George W. Bush's trip to Ottawa and Halifax in Canada was met with mass protests and creative resistance this week.

Protestors from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and all surrounding areas converged on Ottawa on November 30th in the thousands. The rally began at noon in front of Ottawa city hall. Speakers representing Ottawa city council, unions, the Mohawk nation and many other groups set the tone for the massive march: George W. Bush is not welcome in Ottawa. By the time the march reached its final destination the crowd swelled from about 8,000 to about 15,000, blanketing the large front lawn of the parliament with anti-bush banners, placards and slogans.

In Halifax the march began at about 10:30 or so, to the sound of drumming and chanting. The march made its way towards Pier 21, along the waterfront, where Bush was delivering his warmongering message of the need for more Canadian participation in the “War on Terror” as well as the Ballistic Missile Offense system. It was recognized in advance by many of the organizers that Pier 21 was a set-up for trouble, or even a trap...

Ottawa IMC | Maritimes IMC

A week of repression in France and Europe

04.12.2004 19:30

This week should remain in everyones memories, because repression showed its true face: international, capitalist and biopolitical.

Tuesday: Sebastien Schiffres, a Parisian militant, is condemned to four months of jail for his (non)participation in an anti-sedentary action on the campus of Nanterre. This judgment was based on his activist past in Nanterre (he is no longer a student at this campus), and the lies of "sincere people", in the words of the judge. These people (vigils, administrative staff...), who are also responsible for many injuries (1, 2) towards the people of this faculty, and the students, are those which put in place a climate of fear and repression on this campus.

The same day, two militants of the anarchistic federation, Thyde Rosell and Jean-Marc Raynaud, were arrested in an investigation concerned with the war against terrorism. Their crime was to have lodged and provided education for a dangerous terrorist of.... three years old.

Wednesday, in Nice, the collective of the "diables bleues" (Blue Devils) is expelled with a great force of riot police from the building they have occupied for years, to make possible the megalomaniac projects of the mayor of the prefect. In Ghent, in Belgium, a whole district was encircled by the police force who arrested anyone who was in the street. It was the expulsion of the district of " Brugsepoort", a street squatted for many years. More than 24 people were arrested then released ten hours later, including imcistas of Indymedia Liege. While media-activists were prevented from collecting information, the attempt of expulsion of the two streets in this popular district, which is to be replaced with a block of luxury flat and six trees (a park), fails thanks to the resistance of its inhabitants. However, the expulsion will happen in the next few months.

Learn more : http://paris.indymedia.org | http://nantes.indymedia.org | http://nice.indymedia.org | http://lille.indymedia.org | http://liege.indymedia.org | http://ovl.indymedia.org | http://indymedia.nl

Quando a morte é lei, a revolta é legítima

Carol, 07.12.2004 17:30

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Depois da brutal balaceira de um policial contra oito jovens, que provocou a morte de Santiago Yerle, de 18 anos e a posterior repressão violenta contra o moradores do bairro Malvín Norte (em Montevidéu) que se indignou frente a tal brutalidade, a sociedade uruguaia ainda não sai da comoção.

Na segunda, 22 de novembro, às 21 horas aproximadamente (-02:00GMT), um grupo de jovens que estava festejando um aniversário no condomínio de vivendas de Euskal Erría 70, foi interceptado por um dos policiais encarregados da segurança, que tenta dissolver a reunião, dizendo que eles faziam “muito barulho”. Ante a resistência dos jovens, o policial tira sua arma e dispara a queima-ropa, deixando um morto e sete feridos.

Imediatamente chega uma viatura que "resgata" o policial assassino e outros colegas que prestavam serviço (contratado pelos vizinhos) na zona, e deixa os feridos sozinhos. Nesse meio tempo, os policiais mostram suas armas contra todo aquele que se aproximava para assistir os feridos, ameaçando com continuar o massacre.

Depois disso, os vizinhos da zona e do condomínio acudiram para ajudar os feridos. Outros, saem para rua para gritar sua indignação, e se gera a revolta. Os grupos de choque da polícia chegam, rodeiam o lugar, reprimem as pessoas que estavam na rua, impedem a chegada da assistência médica e a revolta se desata: garitas policiais são incendiadas, comércios s#ao saqueados e a raiva inunda as ruas. A resposta das autoridades: repressão e encubrimento.

No dia seguinte – depois da tentaiva dos policiais que intervieram na situação (e da mídia) de encubrir o acontecido- as coisas caem por seu próprio peso. Ante isso, o Ministro de Interior e o Chefe de Polícia da cidade pedem perdão às famílias das vítimas e à sociedade, alegando que o policial era um "alienado mental". Tentando assim livrar de culpa a instituição policial e fazer um segundo encubrimento: o de um sistema de segurança e de um sistema social que requerem da contínua repressão dos jovens e dos pobres para poder funcionar.

Mais informação: 1 - 2 - 3 | Indymedia Uruguay

FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO INDYMEDIA: Voltando cinco anos até a Batalha de Seattle

(( i )), 02.12.2004 23:10

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Nós tivemos uma visão coletiva há cinco anos atrás durante os Protestos da OMC em Seattle. Nós enxergamos por cima das fronteiras que nos dividem. Nós vimos pessoas se unindo apesar de qualquer tipo de diferença política e cultural, e se erguendo de uma maneira que não víamos há séculos nesse país. Nós vimos protestos pacíficos impedir uma das mais poderosas instituições do mundo e nós vimos o sistema amedrontado pelo som de nossas vozes.

30 de Novembro de 1999 representa um triunfo para a resistência civil mundial contra o sistema econômico global, que da a corporações privadas mais poder do que a governos. Nas primeiras horas da manhã de 30 de novembro de 1999, milhares de ativistas de todas as partes do globo convergiram nas ruas do centro de Seattle, para impedir as reuniões da Organização Mundial do Comércio, um fórum governamental internacional e anti-democrático do neoliberalismo globalizante.

O conflito se tornou vergonhoso pelo mundo, em parte por causa da resposta violenta da polícia com os protestos pacíficos. A data também é lembrada pelo nascimento do Centro de Mídia Independente. www.indymedia.org , que desde então tornou-se uma rede internacional com mais de 150 Centros de Mídias Independentes.

[ AUDIO: Esta é a Cara da Democracia ]
"5 yrs on.." - artigo do Indymedia New York | artigo original - Indymedia Santa Cruz ]

Piggery Lock-on : the Largest Animal Rights protest in Australian History

Oceania Indymedia, 01.12.2004 19:19

In the early hours of Monday morning (November 29th) animal activists throughout Australia chained themselves to piggeries. Described as the biggest animal rights protest in Australian history, the protest was part of a major campaign to ban pregnant pigs from perpetual confinement in individual sow stalls, "so small they cannot even turn around".

The "BAN SOW STALLS" actions were being undertaken by animal rights campaigners throughout Australia to highlight the plight of these breeding pigs who are kept imprisoned for most of their lives. Jonathan Hallet of Animal Rights Advocates says the animals are confined in small cages that breach the code of conduct for pigs.

Activists in Queensland,, Victoria, South Australiaand Western Australia locked-on to protest the cruelty of standard methods of pig-raising for Christmas hams.

5 Million Pigs are slaughtered each year in Australia. More than 95 per cent of pigs are kept in intensive conditions for their entire lives, known asIntensive Pig Farming.

[photo's of the protest] [Melbourne IMC Story] [Perth IMC feature story] [Save Babe.com] [Intensive Piggery Investigation unveils illegal activity]

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