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5th Intercontinental Youth Camp of the WSF

14.01.2005 07:45

During the World Social Forum 2005 the 5th Intercontinental Youth Camp (IYC will take place in Parque Harmonia, Porto Alegre. Situated in at the heart of the WSF landscape, the camp will map the alternatives throughout the camp focusing on self-management, horizontality, diversity and creative resistance, experimenting and proposing alternatives that oppose capitalist and neoliberal hegemony. The Youth Camp opens its doors on the 24th January to around 25,000 people from around the world. One challenge of IYC 2005 is to enable the building of new networks of different struggles seeking articulation from local to global levels with the capacity to influence the consequences and causes of global political spheres and also it will be crucial to collect information on all the different practices experimented in the camp for exchange on an international level and to spread the ideas.

Inside the IYC are programmed autonomous activities, such as the Intergalactic Caracol wich will gather autonomous groups at the borders of the Youth Camp. Issues should range from Basic Income to Free Software and should happen all day during the WSF. Another activity planned to happen inside the IYC is the Shared Knowledge Dock, a place that will congregate different collectives working with free software, free radio and alternative media. Indymedia S�o Paulo is hosting a space inside.

Report | Call for activities at the IYC | International Youth Camp | World Social Forum | Indymedia Brasil

Suborno da Saúde e da Alimentação

Report, 19.01.2005 12:13

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Monsanto, a maior produtora de safras GM do mundo foi multada em 1,5 milhões de dólares por subornar pelo menos 140 oficiais do governo da Indonésia e seus familiares em 1997 e 2002. Em 2002, enquanto a Monsanto já estava sob uma investigação interna, um empregado da empresa nos EUA arranjou um pagamento de 50 mil dólares em dinheiro para revogar um decreto do Ministério do Meio Ambiente da Indonésia que exigia maiores estudos sobre o impacto ambiental do Algodão Bt. O dinheiro foi levado, mas o decreto continua.

Após fortes protestos de agricultores, assim como do ministro do meio ambiente, a Monsanto conseguiu aprovação do cultivo de Algogão Bollgard Bt na província de Sul Sulawesi. Foram levados 40 toneladas de sementes GM na África do Sul sob proteção militar. Somente depois de duas estações de cultivo sob protestos de agricultores, queimas de campos e falhas na colheita - e a tentativa frustrada de comprar os estudos ambientais - a Monsanto desistiu do Algodão Bt na Indonésia.

As experiências combinam com aquelas dos agricultores na Índia onde o Bollgard ainda é cultivado, e na Tailândia onde o Algodão Bt foi banido em 2000. A Monsanto está agora tentando introduzir o Algodão Bt na África Ocidental.

[Artigo completo |GRAIN(1|2)|GM Watch|Corporate Watch|Friends of the Earth]

Jewish activist puts Israel's Wall on Trial

12.01.2005 03:43

International documents beating of Palestinian is then arrested afterwards Israel continues to build its Apartheid wall as solidarity activists continue to mobilise against planned illegal settlements. Solidarity activists from the UK report on the fight against the land seizures over the festive season.

In a recent incident in December two internationals were brutally arrested by Israeli Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration outside Ramallah, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Kate Bender, a Jewish activist from the San Fransisco Bay Area filed an appeal in an Israeli Court on 20 December requesting that the order to deport her be revoked. She plans to put Israel's Wall on trial. Kelly Minio-Paluello (23), a community activist from the USA and a member of Britain's National Union of Journalists, was deported to the USA on 24 December.

[Israel IMC | End The Occupation | Electronic Intifada]

Acheh Faces Double Disaster: Tsunami and Occupation

11.01.2005 00:26

Up to 100,000 people may have died in Acheh, from the earthquake and tsunami on December 26. But Acheh Faces Double Disaster: Tsunami and Occupation. Since the tsunami hit the coast there are reports that the Indonesian military (TNI) continues the war in Aceh despite the devestation and a ceasfire offered by the Free Acheh Movement (GAM). (Perth Feature, Darwin Feature, Sydney article)

Nurdin Abdul Rahman from the Achehnese Community of Australia spoke to AID/WATCH campaigner Tim O'Connor about the complexities of delivering aid in Acheh. In New York a teach-in was recently held on the history of Acheh and the present catastrophe.

[ Jakarta IMC | Democracy Now | Indonesia Alert: The Aftermath in Aceh | Laksamana.net | Via Campensia ]

Bank Dunia (World Bank) pimpin konsorsium pendanaan pembangunan kembali daerah korban Tsunami

09.01.2005 16:28

World Bank Masalah konsorsium menjadi salah satu kesepakatan dari Konferensi Tingkat Tinggi (KTT) Luarbiasa Negara-negara ASEAN paska Gempa dan Tsunami. Konsorsium berperan dalam pembangunan daerah korban Tsunami dalam jangka panjang.

Dalam jumpa pers usai penutupan pertemuan yang berlangsung sehari penuh (kamis/01/06), di Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Presiden Republik Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono atau SBY menjelaskan Bank Dunia akan memimpin konsorsium yang dapat terbentuk jika ada permintaan dari negara-negara nasional yang tertimpa bencana. Konsorsium juga melibatkan lembaga keuangan lain seperti Asian Development Bank (ADB), Islamic Development Bank serta lembaga keuangan internasional lain yang akan menyediakan dana bagi rekonstruksi dan rehabilitasi daerah korban tsunami di kawasan samudera India. [Asli cerita]

[Jakarta IMC | Perth IMC: Howard (Australia) shows his heartless hand (en)]

Amid Claims of Torture USA plans Indefinite Detention Camps

09.01.2005 13:16

The Pentagon and the CIA have asked the White House to decide on a more permanent approach for potentially lifetime detentions, including for hundreds of people now in military and CIA custody whom the government does not have enough evidence to charge in courts.

This comes after the International Red Cross made allegations of abuse, mistreatment and torture by the USA. It alleges that US interrogators not only used psychological and physical coercion, but also enlisted the participation of medical personnel in what the report called "a flagrant violation of medical ethics." Doctors and involvement in torture has been raised most recently in the New England Journal of Medicine, (6 January 2005) which claims Doctors aided in detainee abuse.

[Records Released to ACLU | Geneva Convention on Torture | Amnesty International: torture allegations mount for USA]

Agenturschluss Übersicht

07.01.2005 15:55

Übersicht der bundesweiten Agenturschlussberichte von Indymedia und anderswo. In mindestens 83 Städten fanden zum Agenturschluss diverse Aktionen vor und in Arbeitsagenturen statt. Bei de.indymedia erschienen am Montag und Dienstag mehr als 70 Artikel aus knapp 50 Städten.
Viele tausend Menschen beteiligten sich an den Aktionen. Einerseits beteiligten insgesamt weniger Menschen als erwartet, andererseits zeigten die Aktionen eine neue Qualität des Protests. Abends wurden in zig Städten die seit 22, bzw. 23 Wochen laufenden

[Auswertungen: Überblick bei Labournet | Überblick bei der FAU | Artikel: "Agenturschluss" mit mässigem Erfolg | Agenturschluss? eine vorlaeufige Bilanz ]

Massive Global support for Disaster relief effort

06.01.2005 00:48

Banda Aceh after the earthquake and tsunami Over the final days of December there has been massive community support for aid agencies in the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster. The United Nations has had promised from Governments more than $US2billion for disaster relief, with a similar amount likely to be raised by private and business contributions. This level of global support is unprecedented, raising more in a period of about a week than all humanitarian fundraising programs in 2004.

The international labour movement is assisting Tsunami fundraising appeals, such as in Australia, to assist such programs as the Norwegian People's Aid already operating in Sri Lanka, and Non Government relief efforts in Aceh.

Medical aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Greenpeace are working together to bring desperately needed medical aid to survivors in Aceh by using the Rainbow Warrior to ferry supplies on the west coast of Sumatra.

[Jakarta IMC | India IMC blogforsrilanka.com | Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI) | Labourstart | Stop Funding Hate]

January 6th: Electoral College Votes to Be Certified and Protested

03.01.2005 23:50

On January 6th, 2005 there will be a "Block Bush Insurrection Rally" at the U.S. Capitol. That day is when the electoral votes, which will have been sealed and sent to the President of the U.S. Senate, are to be read aloud to both Houses of Congress. The No Stolen Elections campaign says that if one member of the House and one member of the Senate object to the certification of the vote, then all members of Congress will finally discuss these issues so they are urging people to call their Congresspeople and Senators. Locally and nationwide, voters are concerned about voter suppression and disenfranchisement, especially in African-American and Hispanic communities.

[ US Voting Integrity Project | 51 Capital March.com | Contest the Vote | Voter Bill of Rights |

Recent government & elections features on indybay.org 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 10 | 11 ]

UK taking over G8 presidency

03.01.2005 11:30

As 2005 begins, the UK takes over the Presidency of the G8 in a flurry of media coverage about Aid, Trade, Debt and Climate Change, in advance of the G8 Summit scheduled for July 2005 in Scotland. Jan 1st was also the official launch of the Make Poverty History coalition campaign, which is part of a wider campaign - the Global Call to Action against Poverty (see also the UN listed initiatives around the Millennium Development Goals).

The UK Government has recently launched it's official G8 website complete with the much criticised 'thistle' logo and a special message from Prime Minister Tony Blair (see alternative message from the PM).

Tony Blair recently rejected the request from Italian Prime Minister Silio Berlusconi to convene a special G8 ministers meeting about aid for the Tsunami disaster (link to come), however several meetings in the UK are planned before the G8 Summit, including a meeting of G8 Finance Ministers in London in February and another of G8 Justice and Home Affairs ministers in Sheffield in June.

The Assembly of the Social Movements at the European Social Forum in London Oct 04 stated in their declaration: "We oppose the G8’s self-assumed task of global government and neo-liberal policies, and therefore we pledge to mobilise massively on the occasion of the G8 summit in Scotland in July 2005".

Other links: Anti-Capitalist Symbols 'Hijacked' for G8 2005 (J18 and Ya Basta!) | Media War Against G8 Protestors Begins (secret anarchist training camps) | Bono praises Brown - Clinton praises Blair - global poverty love in! | ID Cards for G8 Locals | International Dissent!/Anti-G8 Meeting in Feb 2005 | Alternative Versions of Band Aid 20 - Do they know it's christmas | Tsunami

Africa is Waking: Africa Social Forum

03.01.2005 01:41

Africa "The story of the poor goes round and round. But what about the story of the rich? The story not being told is that of the beneficiaries of slavery and colonialism. The story of exploitation that put us into this dispensation, commodified our own life for profit. They divided and ruled. Can we unite and live? Can we unite for the world that will be our
world? Let us rise up and begin to tell this story* of why they continue to be rich, continue to plunder." -- Wahu Kaara, Kenyan feminist activist speaking at the ASF opening

At the opening plenary of the Africa Social Forum in Lusaka, Zambia (10-14 December, 2004), delegates from across the continent gave varied testimonies that coalesced around a single truth: recolonisation is worse than slavery.

Activists noted Africa's history of injustices and
oppression through colonialism, slavery and apartheid, but swiftly moved on to the injustices of present-day, post-colonial Africa: privatisation and cost-recovery, wars fought over Africa's natural resources, heavy debt burdens and conditionalities, unfair trade and disease. Contrary to dominant accounts of the continent as an almost biblically
'cursed' 'basket case' and Africans as helpless victims, delegate after delegate emphasised that Africa's poverty, wars and disease pandemics are causally related to a global economic system that is predicated on the poverty of the many.

Earthquake and Tsunami Tragedy: how many lives could've been saved?

31.12.2004 10:26

At moment of this posting, the death toll from the earthquake and the tsunami costed already 125.000 lives. Somebody did write that's it "Whites-only 'aid' to tsunami disaster areas".
Features: Darwin IMC | Manila IMC | Melbourne IMC

Was warning of civil population possible?
In September there was an AGSO(Australian Government, Geoscience Australia) Report On Tsunami-Quake Danger . The American Government send a warning for a tsunami to a military base in Diego Garcia. Scientists in USA saw the tsunami coming but failed to warn the local governments they claim.

Use of the disaster for extending USA global hegemony
The Pentagon Scrambles to Reenter its Old Thai Air Base. Bush said on 29-12-2004 that: "The US, Australia, Japan and India have formed an international coalition to lead aid efforts after the Indian Ocean sea surges".

Lessons for the future: climate change, ecological collapse, etc
Science, tsunami and other Global Warming Threats |Asian Tsunami Hails Ecological Collapse |Putting a Disaster in Context ]

Links: Worl d Health Organisation | Relief Web latest News | Wikiped ia | Tsunami News Updates

Deaths rise in Earthquake and Tsunami Tragedy

29.12.2004 17:14

Foto korban bencana alam tsunami di Aceh

On December 26 an underwater earthquake, later measured at 9.0 on the Moment Magnitude scale, occurred off the coast of Aceh on the island of Sumatra, in the Indonesian Archipelago. The resulting tsunamis have killed tens of thousands, with many more people missing, feared to be washed out to sea and drowned. The final death toll, taking into account missing persons, is likely to exceed 100,000 with up to two million people displaced and made homeless. (See Wikipedia article on Damages and casualties)

Much of the affected coastal regions in Indonesia (id) (Photos from Aceh), Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma) (UNICEF report), Sri Lanka (UNICEF report), India (UNICEF report), Maldives, and as far away as the coast of Africa, have poor communications and infrastructure which have hampered a full assessment of the disaster and immediate disaster relief.

According to UNICEF Children account for one third of tsunami dead. The UN Population fund warns that women and girls are especially vulnerable to the "second wave" of the disaster as millions of people face health risks due to contamination of drinking water, and devastation of health infrastructure.

IMC Stories: Barcelona IMC (ca) | Italy IMC report 1, 2 (it) , Audio (it) , Jakarta IMC (id) , Aotearoa (en), Melbour ne IMC (en)

Links: World Health Organisation | Relief Web latest News | Wikipedia | Tsunami News Updates

15.000 orang tewas

27.12.2004 12:00


Sedikitnya 15.000 orang tewas akibat gempa tektonik dan Tsunami yang berpusat di selatan Meulaboh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), Minggu (26/12) pagi. Gempa berkekuatan 9,8 pada Skala Richter (SR) itu mengakibatkan kerusakan serius di 15 negara di Asia Selatan, Asia Tenggara, dan Afrika Timur.

Sementara itu, Pusat Penanggulangan Masalah Kesehatan (PPMK) Departemen Kesehatan (Depkes), Senin (27/12) pagi, menyebutkan, hingga Senin pagi korban tewas di NAD sekitar 4.500 orang. Dengan perincian di Banda Aceh 3.000 orang, Aceh Timur 26, Lhokseumawe 157, Kabupaten Bireuen 90, Kabupaten Pidie 165, dan Aceh Utara 619 orang. Korban hilang di Aceh Timur lima orang, dan Aceh Utara 303 orang.

Sedang korban tewas di Sumut sedikitnya 83 orang dengan perincian di Kabupaten Nias 75 dan Pantai Cermin 8.

Greece - Conscientious Objector Convicted

26.12.2004 13:15

[fr // espanol] Conscientious objector Lazaros Petromelidis was convicted to the exterminating sentence of 2,5 years imprisonment on Thursday 16 December. The military court did not allow the suspension of the sentence in case of appeal and ruled that it can be bought off for 10 Euros/day (instead of the "usual" price of 4 Euros/day).

Lazaros Petromelidis publicly stated his refusal to serve military service in March 1992; eversince he has been under prosecutions and trials by military courts, reaching the ultimate with his three imprisonments. Only in the last three months the police have attempted to arrest him four times.

Lazaros has been adopted by Amnesty International and War Resisters’ International for being prosecuted on grounds of conscience. His case has also been raised by the Council of Europe, the Greek Ombudsman, the Greek National Commission for Human Rights and several other institutional bodies for the protection of Human Rights. Lazaros did not appear in the court as a protest against the continuous and selective prosecutions against him.

[ Association of Greek Conscientious Objectors | protest letter to the greek prime-minister | indymedia archives on conscientious objectors ]

Peaceful Demonstration in Cap Haitien a Success Despite Ongoing Repression

24.12.2004 17:10

On December 16, 2004 10,000 people flooded the streets of Cap Haitien chanting and dancing for over four hours as they risked their lives to peacefully commemorate Jean Bertrand Aristide's 1990 electoral victory in Haiti's first democratic elections [ see the video ]. Organizers stated that their two primary demands of the demonstrators were the return of the constitutional government of Haiti and the release of all political prisoners. This week Jean Charles Moise will speak on the radio to thank the demonstrators for their courage and commitment and to thank the Chilean UN and Haitian National Police for having done their job as peacekeepers. During the meeting with the UN on the 13th one official remarked "neither side likes us, no one ever says thank you." Well here is the thank you they have been waiting for, now let's see if mutual respect and gratitude can make a difference. [ read more... ]

Jean Charles Moise grew up in Milot, a rural town on the outskirts of Cap Haitien. He was elected mayor in 1995 at the age of 27 by an overwhelming 85% of the vote and was re-elected for a second term in 2000. He served as mayor until he was thrown out of office following the coup on February 29, 2004. During his tenure as mayor Moise redistributed state landholdings to many landless peasants in the area, earning him great respect among the poor and powerful enemies among the elite who had previously controlled the land. Following the overthrow of the elected government, Moise and over 400 other duly elected mayors were forced out of office for their affiliation with Aristide's Lavalas party, Moise had not been in public since August 14 when he made a brief appearance at the first Lavalas demonstration in the north of Haiti since the coup. [ read more... ]

While accompanying Moise in the week leading up the December 16 demonstration, I had the privilege of visiting a handful of the schools that Moise founded during his tenure as mayor. We visited 9 community schools built during the last decade to serve poor families that are unable to afford the few state run public schools that exist in the area. [ read more... ]

previous reports about Haiti by Zoe Moskovitz and Sasha Kramer: [ The Politics of Injustice in Haiti: The Cases of Auguste and Chamblain (2004.09.01) | Hard hit Municipalities:The Attempt to Destroy Lavalas and the Consolidation of the Coup (2004.08.21) | The Dismantling of Popular Education Under the new U.S-backed Regime in Haiti (2004.08.21) | Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup (2004.08.21) ]

More info: [ HaitiAction.net ]

2004 the Fourth Warmest Year Globally

24.12.2004 02:00

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has determined that 2004 was the fourth warmest year since accurate records commenced in 1861. The last 10 years (1995-2004), with the exception of 1996, are among the warmest 10 years on record.

The Tenth Session of the Conference of Parties (COP 10) of the Framework Convention on Climate Change has just completed meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The USA continues to obstruct Climate talks, along with Saudi Arabia. For the first time Australia distanced itself slightly from the United States' hardline attempts to stall international action to stop global warming.

COP10 Report (es), Photos: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9, Audio: Moira Millan (es).

The United States is about to be charged with human rights violations for contributing substantially to global warming, by the Inuit, whose homeland stretches from the northeastern tip of Russia across Alaska and northern Canada to parts of Greenland. The Bush Administration Shuns Latest Global Warming Studies.

[Argentina IMC | Melbourne IMC | Sierra Club: Bush Fiddles]

Street Art dibubarkan Aparat Kota

team indymedia jakarta, 23.12.2004 13:08

Jakarta Street Art Festival jakarta (5 dec 2004) Jakarta Street Art Festival (SAF) yang digelar mulai dari kemarin (04/12), ternyata tak berlangsung mulus seperti yang telah harapkan sebelumnya. Gangguan datang oleh Pihat PEMDA DKI dan Aparatur lainnya, yang telah membubarkan secara paksa acara yang telah berlangsung dengan lancar sejak pagi hari tersebut.

Gangguan tersebut datang kira-kira menjelang tengah malam. PEMDA DKI dalam hal ini Petugas Polisi Pamong Praja, dengan beberapa dari oknum aparatur lainnya, dan beberapa oknum preman, mulai mengganggu jalannya acara SAF ini pertama-tama dengan menurunkan beberapa "baleho" yang didatangkan dan dibuat dari beberapa daerah, dan kemudian dilanjutkan dengan pengusiran secara paksa kepada para peserta yang hadir dalam acara ini dalam hal ini adalah para peserta yang berasal dari kawasan Jakarta, beberapa peserta yang berasal dari luar Jakarta pun ikut terkena imbasnya mereka diusir secara paksa dengan tanpa mau tahu bahwa mereka berasal dari luar Jakarta.

Foto Dokumentasi Jakarta Street Art Festival - [Jakarta Indymedia]

Assembleia da UE tenta silenciosamente adotar leis de patentes de software

( ( i ) ), 22.12.2004 00:56

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Hoje, a Assembléia da UE para Agricultura e Pescaria possivelmente pode adotar as diretrizes do Parlamento Europeu sobre patentes de invenções de computadores (“patente de softwares”). Essas diretrizes altamente disputadas, foram adicionadas no ultimo minuto para o fim das deliberações, quebrando as Regras de Procedimento da Assembléia, diz o grupo civil de liberdade de informação, Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, em uma carta aberta

Atualmente, mais de 30.000 patentes, concedidas contra as leis existentes, estão a espera de serem legalizadas. Caso essa lei passe, espera-se um significativo prejuízo para os projetos de código fonte aberta e para pequenas e medias empresas de software. “Quando os softwares são patenteados, qualquer coisa é patenteada”, diz a FFII.

Anteriormente, o governo Polonês esteve sobre pressão diplomática do Presidente Holandês por causa da sua posição de, cada vez menos, apoiar patentes de softwares. De acordo com o FFII, “O Presidente Holandês insistiu que, devido a certas razoes formais, a Polônia deve votar “Sim” ou concordar uma adoção formal, sem votação”.

[ FFII | nosoftwarepatents.com | CMI Barcelona | CMI Germany | Artigos anteriores: Nao a patentes de Software na EuropaNO Software Patents in Europe | Netwide Protests Against EU Software Patents | Maiores informacoes sobre patentes de softwares: FFII: Logic Patents in Europe | Wikipedia: Software patent | União Européia: FAQ de Patentes de Softwares | No Software Patents! | Campanha contra Patentes de Softwares]

NYC IMC Alleges Pattern of Harassment

21.12.2004 11:02

The New York City Independent Media Center filed a response December 14 in United States District Court to a subpoena from the New York City Law Department.

The subpoena, part of a civil suit in which New York City is a defendant, demands voluminous information, including all of the Independent Media Center's news reporting, emails, internal documents, and web pages relating to the World Economic Forum.

As the NYC IMC detailed in its response, the request violates reporter's privilege as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution by seeking information that is available through other sources and that is not highly relevant to the claim.
"Why doesn't the City ask the New York Times for all of their articles and emails relating to the World Economic Forum?" Arun Gupta, an editor of the NYC IMC newspaper, The Indypendent, said.

The subpoena is the fourth time since August 2004 that US law enforcement has taken legal action against the Indymedia network. Three of the four subpoenas have focused on the NYC IMC.
"Four legal actions in as many months is a lot for any organization, but especially a news outlet. This is a pattern of harassment," said Joshua Breitbart, Director of Allied Media Projects, which is advising the NYC IMC.

[ Full Record of NYC IMC Subpoenas and Responses | Complete article ]

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