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IMC Italy threatened by Italian government

IMC Italy, 05.05.2005 20:51


Latest news

A public prosecutor from Rome, Salvatore Vitello, charged Indymedia Italy with crimes of offence to catholic religion and personal offences to the Pope, asking for the shutdown of the IMC, for having published in the open publishing newswire a fake picture of the pope in a Nazi uniform. At the moment, Indymedia Italy site can be accessed even if the italian press agencies are claiming the site has already been seized. In a separate incident, the FBI seized the hard disks of the server that hosted IMC Italy in October, 2004, but those disks have been returned. Indymedia's investigation into that seizure continues.

Protesters Occupy University of Hawaii Admin Building

04.05.2005 15:16

Since 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 28th, a coalition of Native Hawaiian groups, students, faculty, anti-war activists, environmentalists, and religious organizations have joined forces to occupy the University of Hawaii administration building, to demand the University cease all work on a secret Navy research project, UARC. This research is for the development of space-based laser systems, surveillance technologies, and sea-based mines. 

Since September 11, 2001, the US military has embarked on the largest expansion onto Hawaiian land, since World War II. The Army plans to take 28,000 acres of this precious land to station a Stryker Brigade.

Live Webcam | Story on Indybay Indymedia [1] [2] | Images on New York Indymedia | Story on US Indymedia | Story and Images on Not in Our Name | DMZ Hawaii

May day Parade

Imc Italy, 28.04.2005 21:04

Euro Mayday 2005 Precarity is the most widespread condition of labour and life in Europe today. For the fifth time, the first of may, the worker's day, unenployed people, temporary workers, work on call people, chain workers, part timers, university researchers, which are part of the growing net of precarious work and which signed the Middelsex declaration, will recall to everybody that precarious work is actually the keystone of the production process. Street actions, and a big parade will be held in many europan towns: Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Barcelona , Hamburg, Liege, Ljubjana, Sevilla, Milano, Roma, Copenhagen , Leon, Paris, Amsterdam, L'Aquila, Marseille, Wien, London, Stockholm, Viterbo, Napoli and Palermo.

The unbeateable heroes of uncertainty are struggling for collective rights and social cooperation, because "atypical workers" are going to be very typical.

[ euromayday.org | MayDay Netparade ]

Bil'in, Palestine, 21.4 - Non-Violent Peace Demonstration Becomes a War Zone

27.04.2005 17:37

Over the past 2 years the popular non-violent resistance movement to the construction of the separation wall on Palestinian lands has been growing, establishing grounds to Palestinian-Israeli-international grassroots popular cooperation. Vilagge after village along the root of the wall has risen to non-violently protest the construction of a wall, which separates them from their lands and creates conditions for forced transfer and internal displacment. Solidarity, although constantly proclaimed, is very difficult to realize, as the Israeli army do not allow the freedom of movement from vilage to vilage.

The last focal place of protest is the vilage of Bil'in, where yesterday (21.4.05) a non-violent protest of the whole vilage population with the support of Israeli and international peace activists, encountered armed response. As army response is escalating over the past 6 months, with media coverege in Israel concetrated on the “peace” proccess of Sharon and Bush, the outcomes of yesterday were again unexpected. The army has raided the village, and put demonstrators under attack of tear gas and smoke granades and live bullets covered with rubber (which the army does not consider as “live ammunition”).

Read here the report on the event Bil’in - a war zone For more reports on the weeks of ongoing non-violent struggle againts the construction of the wall in Bil’in read here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

IMC Isra-hell

Coca-Cola Sucking India Dry

27.04.2005 06:38

The people of Plachimada, in Kerala Southern India, rallied together on Friday April 22nd, for the third aniversary of the Plachimada Coca Cola plant, and an accompanying 3 year, 24hrs a day 7days a week, protest vigil outside it's gates, to publicly show it's opposition to the corporation's existing and planned environmental degredation in the area.

This has been the most recent of ongoing opposition to Coca-Cola's inethical conduct in India, where they have been alleged to have caused severe water shortages, water and land pollution, the distribution of toxic waste as fertilizer, and for the sale drinks containing high levels of pesticides | 1 | 2. Coca-Cola is further negligent as it has not reported any of the damages it has made, continuing operations. Tens of thousands of community members, have been participating in and International Campaign to Hold Coca-Cola Accountable for it's conduct, with plants in Mehdiganj, Uttar Pradesh, Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu Kaladera, Rajastan, facing increasing resistance to their operations as community members demand they are shut-down.

[ India Resource Centre | Take Action | Coca-Cola in India [PDF] | killercoke | India Indymedia | Stolen Generation ]

Another Attack on Zanon Occupied Factory

<a href="http://www.alavio.org">Grupo Alavío</a>, 24.04.2005 06:57

The workers of Zanon factory, in Argentina, and other social organizations mobilized in front of the central courthouse on April 21 to defend their factory against mounting attacks. At a moment when the courts and government must make a “political and legal decision” concerning the ceramics factory that has been producing under worker control since 2001 – legal attacks, death threats and physical attacks against the workers have increased.

A delegation of 30 workers traveled some 1,200 kilometers to manifest their determination to defend the factory at all costs. Inside the courthouse a small delegation of workers presented a petition with thousands of signatures from all over the world in support of the workers of Zanon who have set an example that workers can produce and manage even better without a boss or owner.

Zanon Kidnap/Torture: [ en | es | fr | de | gr ] March for Expropriation Law: [ en | es | it ]

Links: [ Zanon/FaSinPat Site | Grupo Alavío | Argentina Indymedia | WorkersWithoutBosses.net | Zmag: Argentina ]

Stop torturing prisoners in jail in Europe

22.04.2005 09:49

On June, 28 2004, four people were arrested in Aachen, Germany, after a shooting with the police and hostage-taking, while attempting to escape a police control. These four persons are Bart De Geeter, José Fernandez Delgado, Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Begoña Pombo da Silva.

Bart De Geeter is a Belgian anarchist, 26 years old, active within the movement for several years, particularly within the solidarity work with prisoners (as a member of the Anarchist Black Cross - Gent, Belgium) and people without papers. Gabriel Pombo da Silva is a well-known Spanish anarchist, 36 years old, who spent 20 years in prison of which 14 in the infamous FIES isolation regime. In October last year he escaped from prison and ran away from Spain. Gabriel is one of the social rebels/anarchists who struggled for years against the brutal conditions, the isolation, torture and mistreatment within the Spanish prisons. The 44 year old José Fernandez Delgado is another Spanish anarchist who escaped from prison recently after spending 24 years in prison. Begoña is 34 years old and is Gabriel’s sister. She lives in Germany and has a 7 year old daughter. Except for being the sister of Gabriel, she has no relation to the anarchist movement.

Their trial started at 23rd of March 05 and on April 20th was already the eight processday. At that day, seven people took all there clothes of in the courtroom and had slogans written on there body to so protest against the extreme security-matters three of the four have to go every processday. On of the seven refused to take back his clothes on and was put in jail for three days, the six other had to leave the courtroom.

More in: Englisch | Deutsch | Spanish | French | Dutch

Information about the F.I.E.S: Short history of the struggle against the FIES | Prisoners
Writing Prisoners | Prisonerslist
ABC-International | ABC-Gent
Overviews on www.escapeintorebellion.info | Call for Action Day

Uprising in Ecuador: Gutiérrez, Gone! All of them, Out!

21.04.2005 21:52

Lucio Gutiérrez, who was elected President of Ecuador with the support of the social movements and the indigenous CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador) but subsequently turned his back on them, has been forced out by the Ecuadorian people after a week of massive protests. Gutiérrez abandoned campaign promises of broad social reform in order to kiss up to the IMF, back 'free trade' agreements with the US, allow increased US military presence, and generally sell out the Ecuadorian people to neoliberalism.

Street mobilizations began last week in the capital, Quito, then spread to Guayaquil and other cities across the country. Gutierrez tried to institute a State of Emergency, which the people of Quito ignored in defiance. A huge march on the presidential palace where Gutierrez was holed up was met by police repression [ story | photos ].

While the focus of media attention has been on the capital city of Quito, the southern city of Cuenca has been in open rebellion against its former president for the past week. The discontent had been simmering for some time but in the weeks and days before the ouster of Gutierrez it reached a boiling point. Daily, students manned street blockades and fought pitched battles with police over control of the streets while across town the main park overflowed every night with a diverse array of people who had come to protest the president and government. [ read the full story of Cuenca ]

Many in Ecuador, including the CONAIE, see the removal of Gutiérrez as the first step, not the end goal; they are urging the mobilizations to continue until the entire corrupt political class, neoliberalism, the Free Trade Agreement, Plan Colombia, and multinationals are all gone. They have taken up the cry of the Argentinean social movements, 'Que se vayan todos!' (They all must go!).

background in english: ZNet | from indybay.org: 1 | 2 | 3

Full coverage at Indymedia Ecuador

photos: Final march on the palace | March on 19th | Police repression | from Flickr | Audio (Spanish): Collage by RADIALISTAS | live radio streams: Radio La Luna, Quito | Púlsar Information Agency | radio.indymedia.org

related: IMC Ecuador | Radio La Luna | CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador)

G8: Genoa: Police on Trial for Brutal Diaz Raid

21.04.2005 16:55

The trial in Genoa Italy of almost 30 police officers accused of various offences following the brutal raid on the Genoa Social Forum and Indymedia buildings during the Genoa 2001 G8 Protests began on Wednesday 6th April.

In the raid on the Diaz school over 90 people were arrested. At least 62 people suffered injuries after police savagely beat people, some still in their sleeping bags - 31 people were taken to hospital, three of them in a critical state. Some are still receiving medical treatment.

Almost four years after the raid various high ranking police officers stand accused of fabricating evidence (eg planting molotov cocktails) and trying to cover up the responsibility for the attack. Many of the police who took part in the raid are still not identified since they wore masks and no identification numbers.

The trial is expected to resume later towards the end of the summer.Meanwhile the trial of officres accussed of torture at Bolzaneto detneion centre, were those arrested were taken, continues.

With the latest G8 Summit due in July this year in Scotland, civil liberties groups will be watching the behaviour of the authorities very closely indeed.

Reports: Diaz Victims Group Statement
Amnesty International Statement Re Genoa Police Trials
Genoa G8 Trials: Laptop Seizure And Punishment | (2)
Inhuman And Degrading Treatment" Of Bolzaneto G8 Detainees

Links: Genoa Supporto Legale (en) | Italy Indymedia Genoa Pages | Genoa Justice Campaign | The Committee for Truth and Justice for Genoa

Indymedia 2001 Coverage:
Indymedia Genoa Newsblast - IMC Compilation Reports: one | two
IMC UK Genoa 2001 Timeline | Genoa Features

See also: PGA reports page | PGA pictures page | Collected Reports (various sources) | Horrific Raid at GSF / IMC Account | UK G8: Cases dropped against G8 arrestees

Post-RNC Fallout

19.04.2005 00:13

Over seven months after last summer's protest against the Republican National Convention in New York City, the truth is finally coming out about how the City treated protesters. The charges against Josh Banno, wrongly arrested in connection with the "green dragon fire", were dropped on Friday, April 15. As well, The National Lawyers Guild announced on Friday that the city is to pay 230, 000 dollars in contempt of court charges for their slowness in releasing arrested protesters. Evidence provided by video activists has cleared over 400 of the 1806 arrestees, including some non-protesters caught up in police sweeps. And a front page story in the New York Times largely confirmed 4 months of postings to NYC IMC documenting police perjury and the doctoring of evidence.

However, the Times has yet to investigate the questions raised on NYC IMC about Pier 57, or "Guantanamo on the Hudson", primary city detention center during the RNC. Documents obtained by imcistas show both the City's use of Pier 57 violated its written lease agreement and that the Hudson River Park Trust, controlling authority for the Pier, was aware that the pier contained asbestos, lead and fire hazards. Arrestees posting to the NYC IMC newswire have claimed to be suffering from chemical burns and other ailments as a result of their detention at Pier 57.

More about the RNC at:: Indymedia.us | Portland IMC

Fighting for Free Radio in Mexico City

Onto and Kev - imc reporters in Mexico City, 18.04.2005 07:16

Radio Zapote, a free radio transmitting from the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) in Mexico City, received word from a school official that they were to be evicted in two weeks.

The news came as a surprise to members of the radio's collective, who, in constant dialogue with the school, were only incidentally informed of the intention of eviction. Tuesday, Thomas Stanford, a professor at the ENAH who has been harassing Radio Zapote for years, arrived in the radio's space with an engineer to take measurements for his furniture, as if the radio was on the way out.

Audio: Interviews and Meetings of Radio Zapote | Photos: Radio Zapote and the meeting

Stories of Free Radio repression and resistance: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED by the FCC and US Marshals | Knoxville First Amendment Radio (KFAR 90.9) Raided by the FCC | Members of Community Radio in Oaxaca Beaten and Jailed | Fighting the National Association of Broadcasters in San Diego

Other Free Radios and Independent Media in Mexico City: Radio Ke-Huelga | Radio Sabotaje | Mexico Indymedia | aire

More Than 15,000 In The Streets Despite State Of Emergency

16.04.2005 06:40

Lucio Gutierrez declara el estado de sitio y deja cesantes a los magistrados de la Corte Suprema de Justicia.

Lucio Gutierrez has declared a state of emergency firing the topmost parts of government.


Live radio:

A report that he has declared himself dictator cannot yet be confirmed. Developing...

Villagers pray to stop Salween Dams

14.04.2005 23:12

On a hot April morning, wearing rich traditional costumes, over 160 villagers from a village called Weigyi on the Thai-Burma border, gathered at the Salween River bank to conduct the annual traditional land veneration ceremony.

They chose the ceremonial site opposite the point where the Thailand electrical power organization, Electric Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), plan to construct the dam wall for the Upper Salween Dam, in order to supply electricity to Thailand and other ASEAN countries.

Whilst mumbling prayers, the community elders prayed to the land spirits to help them protect their land and river from destruction. The participants also believe that through praying to the land spirits, they will be protected from harm within their community.

Related links: Saleen Dam background documents

Bomspotting XL

10.04.2005 08:31

Op 16 april 2005 is het weer zover, voor het zevende jaar op rij gaan burgerinspecteurs uit heel Europa op zoek naar kernwapens tijdens Bomspotting XL.

Na vier jaar bomspotting in Kleine Brogel, de bomstopping actie van "Get In Shape" en de Bomspotting Small van 2004 is het tijd voor de volgende grootscheepse actie. Wat zeven jaar geleden als klein initiatief van 20 mensen is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot de grootste directe actie van de Europese vredesbeweging met als hoogtepunt de laatste bomspotting in Kleine Brogel waaraan 2000 mensen deelnamen.

[Bomspotting][Oudere features: Achtergrond BomSTOPping|Verslag BomSTOPping|Global]

A Rising Movement Against Borders

07.04.2005 18:05

All over Europe, movements came together on April 2nd to demand Freedom of Movement and the Right to Stay and to act against migrant detention centers. UK Reports | More European Reports.

Meanwhile in the US, what better place than Tombstone, Arizona, where gun-toting actors dressed like sheriffs and outlaws keep the nostalgia of the Wild West alive, to be the focal point of yet another vigilante convergence. The Minuteman Project, as it is called, is being organized by two of southern Arizona's most notorious and outspoken border vigilantes: Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist. Their plan is to place "observers" every quarter mile along a 20-mile stretch of border from Douglas to the San Pedro River during the month of April.

However, their actions will not go unopposed. Legal observers are being trained to watch over and document the Minutemen. Counter protests, vigils and other border activities are also planned to take place throughout April. ( April Unity Events )

500 Protest at Baxter Refugee Prison in the South Australian desert

04.04.2005 02:14

"Hundreds of ordinary Australians have trekked across the continent to show their solidarity with those inside and their opposition to the detention centres. In the true Easter spirit they sacrificed their holidays and braved police violence to try and help the wretched people behind the razor wire," said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

Activists from all around Australia traveled for up to 3 days to converge in protest of Australia’s Mandatory Detention Policy for Asylum seekers, at Baxter [1|2] Refugee detainment centre, north of Port Augusta in the dusty red South Australian desert.
There are currently 913 people in mainland detention centres, in Australia. With 53 children still in detention, in Australia and offshore on Nauru. Refugees have been detained for more than 6yrs, with a child being detained for as long as 5 yrs.

Roughly 500 Refugee rights activists and community members met for Baxter 05,taking up residency for the weekend on the hill over looking the faccility, whilst Refugee rights activists staged solidarity protesters across the country, at Perth Detention Centre and Maribyrnong Detention Centre, west of Melbourne.

Protesters walked repeatedly to the Baxter centre,3.5 kms away, to make themselves heard to the public and the detainees. What was for all intentions to be a passive protest was met with excessive police force of 400 officers, and resulted in a number of clashes.

During the protest contact was made with the hidden detainees, who had been in lock down, inside the inner compounds of the complex. A detainee managed to climb on the roof of his demountable to be seen and cheered by protesters keeping vigil, and chanting azadi in turn with detainees, at the usually silent Baxter.
Audio: [Detainees make contact across the wire|Eyewitness Account]

Selected Photos: [1| 2] [ Peter Qasim Over 6yrs in Detention | 33 People unlawfully detained | Inside the detention centres | Refugee Accounts | Baxter 05 | Write to People in Baxter | Baxterwatch | Project Safecom ]

Marcha Indígena contra modelo desarrollista neoliberal

03.04.2005 21:26

Con la asistencia de alrededor de dos mil personas, entre ellas familias indígenas Wayuu y Bari, se realizó en Caracas la marcha nacional contra la explotación del carbón en la sierra del Perija en el estado Zulia. La concentración ni pudo llegar a Miraflores (casa de gobierno) ni su delegación fue recibida por el gobierno venezolano.

Más de 250 mil hectáreas del piedemonte de la Sierra de Perijá, brazo occidental del final de la Cordillera Andina, han sido otorgadas por el gobierno venezolano en el Zulia a grandes multinacionales energéticas para poder satisfacer la inmediata demanda de 36 millones de toneladas de carbón anuales de Brasil, Europea, pero principalmente de los Estados Unidos. Esta tragedia se inscribe en el plan imperial de dominio, llamese Plan Puebla Panamá, IIRSA y Plan Colombia, a través del complejo vial y multimodal Puerto América que financia el Gobierno de Holanda, el Banco Mundial, la empresa holandesa Alkyon, PDVSA y CORPOZULIA, sólo para complacer intereses foráneos energéticos a costa del dolor, el desplazamiento de indígena y campesinos, la muerte y la desgracia del Zulia.

Fotos | Movilización Contra Modelo Desarrollista Imperial | Cobertura Especial Venezolano (CMI-Puerto Rico)

Anarchist Websites And Forums Under Attack

01.04.2005 15:10

The FBI has recently sent two subpoenas to the website administrator of the flag.blackened.net webserver. Recently there have been rumours circulating in anarchist circles the flag's webmaster had been contacted by the FBI, he has released this press release to notify the wider activist community on what has been going on. The Flag server hosts many of anarchism's most widely viewed websites and the removal of this sever would be a major blow to anarchist organising worldwide.

He has been ordered on two separate occasions to submit IP information of people using certain subdomains hosted on the flag server one of which was the popular Infoshop News. These relate to people claiming responsibility for "propaganda by the deed". The moderator believes at least one of these cases are by people trying to make the flag server "vulnerable to government intrusion".

The FBI in recent years, has gone after a number of radical/revolutionary left wing websites, most notably are the shutting down of the raise the fist website and subsequent jailing of it's webmaster Sherman Austin and also targeting many websites on the Indymedia network.

FBI investigation info: on flag.blackened.net | on milwaukee imc | Audio Press Release

Greve Etudiants Quebecois

30.03.2005 17:53

Plus de 230 000 etudiants sont maintenant en greve au Quebec, en opposition avec la recente coupure de $103 millions du gouvernement liberal Jean Charest dans les programmes de bourses . La demande etudiante inclu aussi la fin des hausse des frais d'admission pour les etudiants etrangers et l'opposition a la privatisation d'universites et de Cegeps.

[ Quebec IMC I Dominion Report (en) I Articles de la Greve (fr) I Striker Info (fr/en) ]

Der Kampf um autonome Räume in Wien

29.03.2005 01:50

Das Ernst Kirchweger Haus (EKH) in Wien, Österreich, wurde 1990 als internationalistisches, antifaschistisches, selbstverwaltetes Zentrum besetzt. Mit autonomen Wohnbereich und zahlreichen politischen wie kulturellen Gruppen und Initiativen hat es über die Jahre eine wichtige Rolle in der radikalen Linken in Österreich und darüber hinaus eingenommen.

Seit 20. Oktober 2004 ist bekannt, dass die bisherige Besitzerin, die Kommunistische Partei Österreichs (KPÖ) das Gebäude weit unter dem Wert an rechtsextreme Spekulanten verkauft hat. Kurz darauf wurden alle NutzerInnen mit 31. Dezember 2004 gekündigt, obwohl diese über gültige Mietverträge verfügen oder durch über Jahre hinweg geleistete und überhöhte Betriebskostenzahlungen Mietrechte erworben haben. Die neue Hausverwaltung Gustav Petri & Co. gibt vor, beim Verzicht auf rechtliche Durchsetzung der Mietrechte durch die BenutzerInnen eine Übergangsfrist bis Sommer 2005 einzuräumen. Das Ziel der Hausverwaltung ist, das Haus bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt bestandsfrei zu bekommen. Einige InhaberInnen von Mietverträgen haben dem Druck nachgegeben und einen Räumungsvergleich unterschrieben, es wird aber weiterhin versucht, das EKH zu halten. Eine Räumungsklage von Seiten der Wielandgasse 2-4 Vermietungs Ges.m.b.H wurde mittlerweile eingeleitet. Die Verhandlung begann und stellt für die Leute im EKH den ersten Schritt einer länger andauernden Auseinandersetzung auf gerichtlicher Ebene dar. (siehe Berichte vom ersten und zweiten Verhandlungstag)

Kommende Aktivitäten: Vom 11. bis 18. Mai 2005 (Pfingsten) wird Wien zum Schauplatz des internationalen linksradikalen Wiener Kongress 2005 mit verschiedenen politischen und kulturellen Veranstaltungen und Aktionen.

LINKS: EKH webpage | ekhbleibt.info | at.indymedia.org | Liste mit Protesten (en) | Newsletter | kanalB Videos | Musik, Plakate and Termine

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