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Green Party National Convention - One TN Delegate's Experience

Hippie Rick, 03.07.2004 23:42

The TN delegation assembled a caucus just prior to the meeting and the outcome was that with the exception of the uncommitted delegate, all delegates would support David, as we were representing the outcome of the state convention, (not our own interests). Until, that is, if and when David was eliminated. Then it would be up to each delegate to vote their own conscience. We were also reminded at that time to stay on a positive level and not get mixed up in any negativity that might go on inside the convention hall...

Communal Bikes During the DNC

Bl(A)ck Tea Society, 03.07.2004 22:59 Imagine streets clogged with traffic, unending train delays, parts of our city under martial law, and random ID checks and searches by police on public transportation. This is the city we'll be living in during the week of the Democratic National Convention and Mayor Menino along with DNC organizers are making no qualms about it. It's obvious that we won't be able to rely on public transportation or cars to get around during the DNC. Those who do ride public transport will face random bag searches and ID checkpoints. There is an alternative though, Biking. Biking is fast, fun, and environmentally friendly. For these reasons we will be collecting and fixing up bikes to be used during the DNC by activists, medics, food providers, and Bostonians who just need to get around. This is a call to everyone from bike mechanics to hobbyists, from folks who have a bike they'd like to get rid of to people with a dozen to help us create a communal bike system for use during the DNC. This will include bikes with carts for available for medics, media, and food. The bikes will be available at the convergence center for anyone to use. After the convention the bikes will be donated to local bike programs.

Lynne Stewart Trial Underway

sf-imc, 03.07.2004 22:50

Trial of Lawyer Accused of 'Providing Personnel to Terrorists' Underway in New York

Maarten wordt uitgeleverd aan Zweden

Netherlands, 03.07.2004 21:37

Maarten wordt uitgeleverd aan Zweden. Afgelopen donderdag ontving de 23-jarige fietsenmaker het definitieve besluit van minister Donner van Justitie. Op 29 juni 2004 besloot deze om Maarten aan de Zweedse justitie te overhandigen zonder zijn zaak inhoudelijk te bekijken.

Om te protesteren tegen deze beslissing werd vrijdagavond in Amsterdam een manifestatie gehouden door verontwaardigde sympathisanten. Schrijver Geert Mak, zanger The Lau, GroenLinks-politica Kathelijne Buitenweg en Maartens moeder spraken de ruim honderd aanwezigen toe. Daarna liep iedereen achter de sambaband Rhythms of Resistance naar de Vrankrijk, waar Maarten zelf de tap bediende.


Indymedia Uruguay, 03.07.2004 20:56

Los estudiantes en la calle

&quot;Liberty Bound&quot; goes even further than &quot;Fahrenheit&quot;

Kalitara, 03.07.2004 20:33

Liberty Bound - A US Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11.

With all the recent press about Michael Moore���s new documentary Fahrenheit 911, very few people have yet to hear about a powerful independent film called Liberty Bound. Very few, that is, except for the large crowd that attended the premiere of the film in Paris on June 23rd.

Christine Rose, the documentary filmmaker, was present to answer questions about the film for over an hour after the screening to an inspired audience of young and old. This is Ms. Rose���s first film; and yet she couldn���t have picked a more powerful subject, or for that matter, a more controversial one. Even though there are similarities among the two films, Rose gets very personal with her investigation. She takes us to her home town and allows us to accompany her on her trip across the US to discover the great loss of liberty the American people have suffered since 9/11. She at once shocks us with her observations, and leaves little doubt that we are living in a different world: a world where the freedoms we once took for granted are becoming more tenuous and harder to hold onto day by day.

With the tremendous success of Moore���s film, which grossed over $21M it���s first weekend out, it's becoming obvious that people all over the world are wanting and needing to see and hear the truth, which is every bit as entertaining and shocking as anything Hollywood releases.

Carta al pueblo de prisionero pol��tico viequense

PR IMC, 03.07.2004 19:01

Sigamos luchando por el rescate de nuestra isla y la soberan��a de nuestro archipi��lago

Carta al pueblo de prisionero pol��tico viequense

PR IMC, 03.07.2004 19:00

Sigamos luchando por el rescate de nuestra isla y la soberan��a de nuestro archipi��lago

In Arcata, CA with Green Party Presidential Nominee David Cobb

Jim George, 03.07.2004 19:00

Baltimore IMC reporter Jim George visits with Green Party Presidential Nominee David Cobb at home in Arcata, CA. Cobb shares his clear, pragmatic vision for growing the Green Party, and comments on his new celebrity status.

Prisoners still held in Guadalajara, International Protests

imc-features, 03.07.2004 18:59

Monday June 28th was an international day of action to demand the liberation of the people who are still being held one month after they were arrested in Guadalajara during the third gathering of heads of state from the EU, Latin America, and the Caribbean (ACLUE). There was a march in Mexico, D.F. to demand that the people who were arrested in Guadalajara exactly one month before be set free. Photos: 1 Report: 1 Read more about the Caravana Libertaria action on Mexico Indymedia. Also planned for that date in Guadalajara were a Forum about Human Rights, Constitutional Legality, and Freedom for All Political Prisoners and a Silent March. An action was also planned for that day in Madrid.

Thirty-three people have been imprisoned in Guadalajara since May 28th. Those who are residents of the state of Jalisco, of which Guadalajara is the capital, have to pay 25,000 pesos ($2,500). Those individuals not from Jalisco are expected to pay 50,000 pesos-- these fees are only the bail that allows them to be released from jail.

Earlier features: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | Mexico Indymedia | Guadalajara Indymedia]


Indymedia Uruguay, 03.07.2004 18:27

Los estudiantes en la calle

Donate Bone Marrow to a Soldier With Leukemia

Fernando Suarez, 03.07.2004 18:04

Josue Molina Bonilla, USMC, 24 years old, originally from Honduras, fought in the war in Iraq. Upon his return last November he was diagnosed with leukemia. Doctors told him there is little hope for his survival without a bone marrow transplant.

5 Years after J18 in London�s Square Mile - Is Anti-Capitalism Dead in the Water?

Indymedia Ireland, 03.07.2004 15:56

'On June 18th the traders ran away. They fled the buildings' In Genoa we sprayed the Carabineri vans with the slogan �We are winning�. But increasingly it seems like we�re not winning. Where next? From The Newswire: In Genoa we sprayed the Carabineri vans with the slogan �We are Winning�. But increasingly it seems like we�re not winning. Where next? "Its been five years since the global street party in London on June 18th 1999 brought the fight to where it mattered � the square mile, the heart of the City. Much as North American activists would like you to believe that the �Battle of Seattle� was the first major anti-capitalist street demonstration to hit the western/northern world, they�re just practising their usual cultural imperialism again (presumably they�re blinded to the reality of it with an inflated impression of their own self-importance) � now all the world can share in Michael Moore, Eric Schlosser, Greg Palast, Naomi Klein, etc, instead of hearing a range of global voices fighting against capitalism (someone referred to it as �McActivism� the other day)." Related Links/Materials Photograps from the June 18th action in London Why London Mayday was cancelled this year Reclaim The Commons in San Franscisco G8 Fix Shit Up! Another article on the possible end of the anti-capitalist movement Discussion thread of the article on Urban75 Despite the heralding of a new dawn by neo-liberal prophets, history had not ended, and down in the global south popular people�s movements had been organising autonomously in their communities for five years prior to 1999. In the rich north, where the quality of life is considerably better, but still many problems exist in society, this movement took its time to get started. But when it did, it arrived with a bang. On June 18th the traders ran away. They fled the buildings. They shit their pants, the cops were caught on the hop and the London financial district was well and truly fucked over good and proper. There was a real sense of danger, excitement, and opportunity. The capitalists had never seen anything like it. They were used to seeing the lefties selling papers and collecting signatures for petitions, but the willingness of the crowd to engage in large scale direct property damage took everyone by surprise (including many of the protesters!). The crowd, with no central hierarchy or leadership, stayed one step ahead of the cops for most of the day, making it a success. The cancellation of the autonomous Mayday events in London this year coupled with the recent failure of large scale street resistance to emerge against the G8 meeting in the USA seems to spell something of an end (or perhaps a refractory period) for the anti-capitalist movement in the �first� world. The Mayday Collective put out a long and detailed statement on their reasons for not calling the weekend or day of actions which had been a high point on the calendar for the past four years. There was the usual standard trade union/reformist march, populated with paper sellers from Stalinist/Trotskyist parties, reminiscent of the late 80�s. Perhaps it is that the element of surprise is gone � and the capitalists are used to us taking our confrontations to their front door (or attempting to). The WTO delegates huddled together in fear in November 1999 in their conference centre, with the smell of tear gas coming in the ventilation shafts. This year at the �Reclaim The Commons� action in San Francisco, there were reports of biotechnology conference delegates laughing as police cut demonstrators out who were locked down at various traffic junctions, while others strode confidently with police escorts through groups of shouting demonstrators, not batting an eyelid. They know now that any time we try to organise a spectacular summit crash, they will have the forces of law and order on their side, and the cops will have done their intelligence homework. Another argument runs that the anti-capitalist movement in the north failed to provide any coherent workable alternative economic model to capitalism when it was taking hold of people�s imaginations. There never was any one single answer � what gives the movement its energy is its diversity. There are a myriad of answers to the worlds problems, and asking people will give no one single ideology to follow. But the continuing hypocrisy of anti-capitalists in everyday life stripped the movement of widespread credibility. At this stage we ALL know about sweatshop labour, yet how many people running in the streets still wear Nike or Adidas shoes? Likewise we campaigned against the likes of McDonalds & Burger King, but many happily go home and eat meat from the supermarket. There are ethical alternatives out there; we cannot be expected to exist in a vacuum free from the market, but people are not seeking everyday solutions out and acting practically on their beliefs. The G8 protests this year in the USA attracted very few people on the streets � at one point it was estimated that there were 50 law enforcement officials for each protester. But the anarchists there decided that they wanted to try and step beyond the simple �shut it down� ethos that had dominated the tactics of street confrontations with the state. Their action was called �Fix Shit Up!� and was an attempt to repair derelict houses in the economically depressed town of Brunswick (which is a first hand victim of the effects of globalisation). Again their efforts were hampered by police harassment but this was a valiant effort to take the ideals of DIY, anarchism, and autonomy to communities affected by poverty. Perhaps this is what is needed for a couple of years in order to reinvigorate the movement. Bringing the ideas of a mostly street/summit based movement into local communities and applying the ethos of direct action to smaller, more manageable goals. Running around in circles with the cops may be fun, but unfortunately it seems to be getting us nowhere, with every summit seeing a drop in protester numbers and a massive increase in policing (often with violent oppressive consequences for those that do show up to demonstrate). Its not about diluting the message of our movement but applying it to situations where the effects of globalisation are immediately visible and tangible. Reaching out into communities and developing links with other groups wont be half as much fun as smashing windows or setting police cars on fire. It will be tough work, lots of negotiation and discussion, and often boring as hell. But if we are serious about revolution, we will need a much higher level of support then the one we have now. This may take a few years to build (and again it is questionable how much potential support there is in the developed world), but at least in a few years time when we take to the streets again, other people who are not directly involved in summit confrontations will understand our means and methods, and hopefully lend us moral and logistical support. A revolution is certainly not just around the corner as some over-excitable politicos would have you believe. But it can happen any time, now is always the best time. As Bob Black says, �You want revolution now? I wish I had your patience.� We will have to be patient though � as well as engaging in direct actions and summit crashes, we will need to constantly be re-evaluating our every move over the next five years if we are to achieve something lasting from the last five years. We need to step back and work beyond protest as protest. Otherwise it will all become another brief period in history for academia to pour over, or fodder for countless products for the market to consume (already happening) instead of a vibrant political alternative to capitalism, the state, and corporate monopolies.

nato ��zet

Istanbul IMC, 03.07.2004 15:41

Zirve D��nemi Anti NATO Eylemleri

Immigration Bureau Orders Deportation of Ansar Mahmood

Chatham Peace Initiative, Democracy Now, 03.07.2004 15:20

Ansar Mahmood, a Pakistani immigrant and pizza deliveryman detained almost three years ago after taking autumn photographs near the Hudson Reservoir lost a final appeal on Tuesday and faces deportation. In the end, dozens of members of Congress, an international circle of supporters and a flurry of petitions could not stop the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement from issuing a deportation order for Ansar Mahmood, 27. Mahmood is one of the longest-held detainees from a roundup of Arab and Muslim men in the days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

june 30

Houston Indymedia, 03.07.2004 14:59

New New Iraq Has Arrived!!!

tiger tiger

Houston Indymedia, 03.07.2004 14:59

Exxon vs. Greenpeace

Michael Moore

Houston Indymedia, 03.07.2004 14:58

Houston Cheers Fahrenheit 9/11

Help Stop Genetic Engineering in Portland TODAY!!!

03.07.2004 11:08


8 Sq. Miles to Be Logged on Mt. Hood!

03.07.2004 09:06

C��rdoba: Familias campesinas amenazadas por el desalojo

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 03.07.2004 04:47

Viernes 2 de Julio
C��rdoba: Familias campesinas amenazadas por el desalojo

Aubonne Bridge Court Case

03.07.2004 03:35

Coinciding with the beginning of the Genoa G8 2001 court cases in Italy, in Lausanne (Switzerland) the activists Martin Shaw, Gesine Wenzel and Olivier stood trial on Monday 28 of June charged with blockading the road and endangering life, in what has been known as the Aubonne Bridge case.

Following a call by the Aubonne Bridge Campaign, around 100 activists from all over Europe came to support Martin, Gesine and Olivier last Monday. Banners were unfurled outside the court, food was cooked for lunch whilst a sound system put some flavour to the solidarity action. At some point, a theatre group performed outside the court house entertaining the crowd that could not get into the packed public gallery. Although the activists were finally found guilty of "blocking the public way and endangering life'", Martin Shaw will not face any sentence, whilst Gesine Wenzel and Olivier were given a 10 and 20 day suspended sentences.

[ Watch Aubonne Bridge Action Video | Press release 30 June | photos 1 | 2 | 3 ]

[see archive pics 1| 2| 3| video | collected reports]

Terra, Alimento, Dignidade e Vida

03.07.2004 00:07

Terra, Alimento, Dignidade e Vida

The John Kerry Has Been Fumbled!

Ted Forsyth &amp; Big Muddy IMC, 02.07.2004 23:02

The Sport of Boston���s Labor Woes ���The John Kerry has been fumbled!��� Menino has dropped the John Kerry! And right there to pick it up is Thom Nee��� he���s got a good line of BPPA defenders and��� they're taking it down the field��� to the Mayor���s 20��� the 30��� and Menino���s got him now! Down at the Mayor���s 42-yard line. More of the big game after this message������ At first, the frat-like chanting coming from the BPPA informational picket in front of the Mayor���s conference last Sunday sounded ���like a football game,��� as one of the attendees of the conference put it. But this was no football game. Or was it? Maybe the situation in Boston IS a game: a big, expensive, ego-jostling, contest. One team is comprised of star quarterback Mayor Thomas Menino and city hall, arguing that Boston lacks the funds for a 17 percent pay raise for the police and playing a great defensive game. The other team, with coach Thomas J. Nee of the Boston Police Patrolmen���s Association (BPPA), BPPA union members and other city unions without contracts, is arguing that the police have gone long enough without a contract and won���t be silenced any longer.

PART THREE OF A THREE PART SERIES: ��The BOregonian Bamboozle: the Newhouse Clan of New York and the Corruption of Monopoly Publishing��

02.07.2004 22:57

violencia cual

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 02.07.2004 22:34

Jueves 1�� de julio de 2004
��Cu��l violencia?

Another World IS Possible!

Jan Kruse, 02.07.2004 21:17

Calling all Community Activists! The AWARE Float is almost ready for the parade this Sunday the 4th of July! You are invited to join us and march along side...... Another World Is Possible!

Earth First &quot;Decomissions&quot; Kelsey-Whisky Road

Beargrass, 02.07.2004 20:09

Locals Blockade Logging Road with Giant Slashpile to Protest the Proposed Destruction Within Zane Grey Roadless Area. Early Friday morning, July 2, distraught area citizens erected a towering mound of slash blocking road access to a previously unlogged watershed within the proposed Kelsey-Whisky timber sale. The group also hung banners supporting protection of old-growth forests and their dependent species.

The Indypendent: New York Gets Ready for the Republican National Convention

NYC, 02.07.2004 19:03

The first in a series of issues on the RNC. Featuring interviews with anti-RNC organizers , an article by the noRNC Poster Collective and the analysis of A.K. Gupta. Other articles include a report from the floor of the Green Party Convention and interviews with Tom Hayden and Rosa Clemente. We also have dueling reviews of Fahrenheit 9-11, here and here , and a review of What's the Matter with Kansas? || Download the PDF || Read the cover story The Indypendent is distributed throughout the City. To get involved, call 212-684-8112 or email or come to one of our weekly meetings (Tuesdays 7 p.m.) at our office on 34 East 29th St.

Manifesta����es contra a Nato reprimidas em Instanbul

02.07.2004 18:39

Manifesta����es contra a Nato reprimidas em Instanbul

Radio Indymedia Buenos Aires

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 02.07.2004 17:49

Radio Indymedia Buenos Aires

violencia cu��l

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 02.07.2004 17:44

Jueves 1�� de julio, 2004
��Cu��l violencia?

ACT 47

Pittsburgh Indymedia, 02.07.2004 17:28

ACT 47 Plan Becomes Law

A Heartfelt Address by Granny D.

Arkansas IMC - Address by Doris &quot;Granny D.&quot; Haddock, 02.07.2004 14:36

Doris D. Haddock, otherwise known as Granny D, is no stranger to activism. Born in Dublin, New Hampshire in 1904, Granny D has been involved in a number of important issues; from working with her husband Jim in 1960 to stop atmospheric testing of hydrogen bombs in Alaska, to her legendary fourteen-month walk across the country which began in 1999 in support of campaign finance reform. Currently, she is in the middle of a trek which has taken her over 20,000 miles, through most of the states east of the Mississippi, in an effort to register people, women in particular, to vote. She took some time off from her busy schedule recently, to attend and address the Heartwood Forest Council, which was held this year in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. What follows, is her stirring and insightful address to this group of forest defenders which she delivered on May 29.

Manifestaci��n contra el ALCA

PR IMC, 02.07.2004 13:19

ALCA nunca

Manifestaci��n contra el ALCA

PR IMC, 02.07.2004 13:18

ALCA nunca

David Cobb Wins Green Party Nomination

Walt Sheasby, GPUS, Glick, Counterpunch, 02.07.2004 12:47

Texas lawyer David Cobb, now living in California, won the Green Party nomination at the national convention in Milwaukee, defeating the endorsement request of Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo on the second round of balloting with 53% of the vote. Many Greens voted for Cobb out of a desire for a candidate to build the green party; not only did Nader not want the nomination of the Greens, he failed to show at the convention. Others supported Cobb due to his Safe State Strategy of not campaigning hard in swing states in order not to undercut Kerry and the Democrats. Many Greens - including much of the grassroots members - apparently will continue to work for the Nader / Camejo ticket.

Contact Congress to Stop AUSFTA!

Family Farm Defenders, 02.07.2004 12:06

As occupied Iraq becomes a Vietnam-style quagmire, Congress faces yet another foreign policy fiasco spawned by the White House in its effort to win its oil war. President Bush promised the Australian government an economic sweetener in exchange for support of the U.S. led invasion, and under fast track authority Congress must vote up or down on the Australia U.S. Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) by early July. For citizens in both countries AUSFTA will be an unmitigated disaster and this is why it is so strongly opposed by family farm groups, healthcare supporters, labor unions, environmentalists, and fair trade advocates. While Sen. Feingold and Rep. Baldwin (D – Madison) are to be applauded for having taken a public stance against AUSFTA, Wisconsinites have yet to see the same leadership in defense of food security, consumer safety, and democratic sovereignty from the likes of Rep. Kind (D – La Crosse) or Sen. Kohl.

Seattle Grand Jury Imprisons Kim Berardi!

02.07.2004 10:39


Indymedia Uruguay, 02.07.2004 06:22

Mejor puto que fascista


Indymedia Uruguay, 02.07.2004 06:13

Mejor puto que fascista

Art is not Terrorism

02.07.2004 05:26

On May 11, Steve Kurtz, professor of art and member of the Critical Art Ensemble (USA), was arrested on charges of bio-terroism, after he called the emergency services because his wife had died from a cardiac arrest. Now his charges have been downgraded from "bio-terroism" to "mail fraud."

When the police arrived on May 11, they became suspicious of Kurtz's art supplies and called the FBI. Soon agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force and FBI detained Kurtz, cordoned off the entire block around his house, and later impounded Kurtz���s computers, manuscripts, books, equipment, and even his wife's body for further analysis. Dr. Kurtz and CAE are internationally recognized lecturers in the areas of biotechnology, information technology and media studies. Nine artists and one book publishing company, Autonomedia, were subpoenaed in this case.

[ Critical Art Ensemble Defence Fund | background 1, 2 | Sunshine Project ]

Arresto domiciliario para caso UFRO.

IMC Santiago, 02.07.2004 03:12

Arresto domiciliario para caso UFRO.

C��rdoba: Familias campesinas amenazadas por el desalojo

Argentina Indymedia (( i )), 02.07.2004 03:12

Viernes 2 de Julio
C��rdoba: Familias campesinas amenazadas por el desalojo

Back to the Land: Letting land rest as an act of love, independence and Gaia worship

Dr. Glen Barry, 02.07.2004 02:09

Gaia is the global ecosystem in total and it is alive, with the biosphere maintaining conditions conducive for life. Cataclysmic destruction to the Earth's land ecosystems threatens these processes. They are not making much new land, and much of what exists is in a poor state. Millennia of poor land management practices which have intensified in the past few centuries have degraded or even made uninhabitable huge swathes of land. Gaia is not dead yet - but she is hemorrhaging badly.

Santa Cruz Indymedia is Having an OPEN HOUSE!

lisam, 02.07.2004 01:08

Santa Cruz Indymedia is having an open house at our new home at Barrios Unidos! On Saturday, July 10, from 3-6pm come and see what resources are available to you for producing indymedia, find out about upcoming production workshops, watch audio, video, photo and text uploading demos and pick and watch any indynewsreal segment you may have missed on Community TV. Hands on media making. Free food. Free from corporate control. That���s Saturday, July 10, from 3 to 6pm at Barrios Unidos, 1817 Soquel Avenue For more information, call 425-8848 xt. 318 See you there! Audio: PSA for Santa Cruz Indymedia Open House Flyer: Half Sheet .pdf Flyer

dia orgullo

Peru, 02.07.2004 00:40

¿Que recuerdan el 28 de junio de 1969 lxs GLBT?

No to fake sovereignty

sf-imc, 02.07.2004 00:38

Hundreds Rally Against Iraqi Sovereignty

What's worse: Republicans helping get Nader on the ballot, or Democrats keeping him off?

02.07.2004 00:33

Hamilton Group Opens Media Activist Space

Strypey, 02.07.2004 00:28

A collective of Waikato artists and activists have come together to open a free media workshop in downtown Hamilton under the working name 'the Commons'.

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