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WCAL Thanksgiving Concert headlined by Butch Thompson

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 23.11.2004 03:28

A concert celebrating the history and public service of radio station Classical 89.3 WCAL and its listeners will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 28, at Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis. The event is free and open to the public.


Argentina, 23.11.2004 03:26

Lunes 22 de noviembre del 2004| Festival de Cine y Video

&quot;Village of Hope&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.11.2004 02:45

Fresno Homeless Moved into Tool Sheds

SOA/WHINSEC acronym for torture

Madison, 23.11.2004 01:12

Vignette reflection on vigil at SOA/Whinsec written while in fear that the murder of Danilo Anderso, State Prosecutor in Venezueala, may have been committed by an Soa/Whinsec graduate and thus is my fault for paying taxes. I wish I had a government I could trust to do the right thing, but I don't.

Report on Police Shooting in NE Today

Portland, 22.11.2004 23:33

At approxiately 11:00a.m. today (11/22/2004), a call was placed to Portland police regarding a bank robbery at 9th & Halsey. A person matching the bank robbery suspect's description was confronted and a foot chase began to happen. At one point the officer confronted the suspect again and fired 3 to 5 shots at the suspect. The officer's name will be announced tomarrow between 9am and 11am, the name of the person shot is not known at this time. No Press Conference is scheduled at this time and According to Portland Police Bureau (P.P.B.) Public Information Officer (P.I.O.) Brian Schmautz(B.S.) there is no need for a Press Conference in these type of events. In general, the Portland Police Bureau does not do many Press Conferences. read more>>

other recent police shootings: [James Jahar Perez] [Kendra James] [Jose Meija Poot]

interesting articles related to this topic: [Portland Pigs Spamming Deonte Keller Website] [REMINDER: 8PM, Day of the Dead of the Dead Event Remembers Jose Mejia Poot]

tactics: [Why Argentine police are being so extreme] [Should Street Medics Treat Cops At Protests?] [Obligated to present ID if stopped by cop?]

What I Tried to Say to Major League Baseball

DC, 22.11.2004 22:49

I was thrown out of Major League Baseball's naming of DC new baseball team today for just trying to speak (from the podium ;-) )

21 Hens Liberated from a Battery Egg Farm in South Auckland

Aotearoa, 22.11.2004 22:38

Auckland Animal Action (AAA) have been informed that early yesterday morning, animal rights activists liberated 21 hens from Somerdale Poultry Lodge, a battery egg farm located at 4 Logan Road, Buckland, south of Auckland. Activists took video footage and photographs of the farm, detailing the horrendous conditions that 2.8 million hens are forced to endure in New Zealand every year. Documents taken from a shed on the farm, show that this is a Golden Harvest Poultry farm, owned by Gerade Van Den Bogart, who has previous convictions for animal cruelty.

Campaign to challenge Grand Rapids TV FCC license renewals

Michigan, 22.11.2004 22:12

With the 2004 elections over we are now able to provide the community with some initial data on the amount and type of Election Coverage on the three Grand Rapids-based TV stations - WOOD TV 8, WZZM 13 & WXMI 17 [read the Election Coverage 2004 Summary].

This year’s data reflects what we have been documenting for six years, that when it comes to local races or races not deemed as “high profile” or “hotly contested,” limited or no coverage is provided. Plenty of attention is given to the Presidential race, but that information can be found in almost any media outlet. Where local TV news plays it’s most important role is in covering the local races and ballot initiatives.

25 de Noviembre, Día Internacional por la No Violencia Contra la Mujer

Euskal Herria, 22.11.2004 22:00

El 25 de noviembre de 1960 sigue vivo en nuestro recuerdo.

El 25 de noviembre del 2004 las mujeres caminamos con la cabeza erguida y continuamos mirando al frente; encaramos el futuro con las palmas de las manos extendidas. En este día renovamos nuestras fuerzas y con un gran NO dejamos constancia de nuestro rechazo:

al femicidio,
a la violencia intrafamiliar,
a las violaciones,
a los maltratos,
a los secuestros,
a los abusos,
al acoso sexual,
al machismo,
al sexismo,
y a todas las demás agresiones que vulneran los derechos humanos básicos,
los derechos sexuales y los derechos reproductivos.

Porque seguiremos luchando hasta que consigamos vivir en tolerancia, en igualdad de hecho, en igualdad de derecho, en igualdad de oportunidades y en igualdad de género.

Con motivo de la celebración del día internacional contra la violencia hacia las mujeres, la Plataforma 25 de Noviembre de Bilbo ha organizado numerosas actividades.

Irak y Chile : Dos pueblos que resisten

Argentina, 22.11.2004 21:49

Domingo 21 de Noviembre 2004 | RESISTENCIA ANTI-IMPERIALISTA
Irak y Chile: Dos pueblos que resisten

Cobertura APEC.

santiago, 22.11.2004 21:20

Tercer día de la cumbre económica.

Cobertura APEC.

santiago, 22.11.2004 21:20

Segundo día de la cumbre.

Enfrentamientos Masivos contra la APEC

santiago, 22.11.2004 21:19

Enfrentamientos masivos contra la policía en el primer día de la cumbre

Cobertura APEC.

santiago, 22.11.2004 21:06

Tercer día de la cumbre económica.

Fixing Broken Promises; City calls hearing on Bike Safety

Boston, 22.11.2004 20:42

The flowery, warm prose of the Bicycle Friendly Communities 2003 awards report would make a Boston bike commuter’s heart skip a beat. “The [bike path] network grew to over 240 miles… More than one-quarter of the city’s arterial streets have striped bike lanes or shoulders… bicycle access is fully integrated into the city’s light rail and bus system... Bicycle parking is provided [everywhere]… Motorists and bicyclists are educated to share the road…” What kind of utopian village is this? Well it’s not in Scandinavia, but it is in Boston’s U.S. polar opposite attitude-wise, Portland Oregon, land of the smiley happy people. It may be hard to view the streets of Boston through the golden lenses of Portland’s bicycle La-La land, but there are still a few folks who can catch a wink of it if they squint and throw off their eye focus on a bright sunny day. These are Boston’s bike visionaries. They see Boston in terms of how it could be. Some have 10, 20, 30 years of advocacy under their belts, and precious little city-built biking infrastructure to show for it. “Getting a few ribbon racks takes ten years.” Says Carl Kurz, Organizer of Bikes-not-Bombs, “In the twenty years that I’ve been here there’s been a little over two or three blocks of bike lanes put in on the actual streets.” Back in 1999, Boston was rated the least bike friendly city in the country by Bicycling magazine. The city council reacted. Mayor Menino jumped. The mayor vowed to fix the problems by instating a “Bike Czar” to address pedaler’s grievances. But the title wasn’t official. And other responsibilities were folded into the job description. Paul Shimeck, the man with the job, felt like his hands were tied. Then he was laid-off. Now Maura Hennigan, Boston City Councilor at-large and Menino-critic number one, wants the mayor to fulfill his original promises. Tonight, [Monday Nov. 22nd 5:30pm-see below] Councilor Hennigan and the rest of the Council will hear the communities problems, misgivings and suggestions on the topic of Bike safety and whether t reinstate the Bike Czar.

Labour Youth says no to Rabbitte's election strategy

Ireland, 22.11.2004 19:47

Labour Youth has overwhelmingly rejected the party leader's electoral strategy. At its annual conference in the Mansion House, Dublin, at the weekend, the majority of delegates backed a motion opposing any "rigid pre-electoral pact or voting arrangement" which would compromise the party's core values. ...

Fallujah - Horrors

Victoria, 22.11.2004 19:40

Horrific scenes from the ashes of Fallujah

FFF vs PPP: Fight For the Flats or Public Private Partnerships?

Ireland, 22.11.2004 19:15

Dublin City Council to sell off housing stock. Sale of the Century... ...

Corporal Punishment

Ireland, 22.11.2004 19:14

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Is corporal punishment for children resurrecting itself in a new form? What are the aims and objectives of child and adolescent psychiatry anyway? ...

Amy Goodman Returns to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, 22.11.2004 19:09

Amy Goodman Returns to Pittsburgh

Prawa kobiet i mniejszości seksualnych : wydarzenia, perspektywy, działania

Poland, 22.11.2004 18:47

W ostatnim czasie problemy kobiet i mniejszości seksualnych zajmują coraz więcej miejsca w debacie politycznej, przestrzeni publicznej i medialnej oraz w indymediach. Postanowiliśmy tę tematykę oraz związane z nią wydarzenia ostatniego miesiąca podsumować w jednym artykule.

{LIVE}11/22 Mediapower debate: AlJazeera a.o.

Netherlands, 22.11.2004 18:46

Int.Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam videostream

Carpa de obreros de Zanón

Argentina, 22.11.2004 18:18

Lunes 22 de noviembre del 2004 | ANTE EL ATAQUE DEL GOBIERNO
Carpa ceramista frente al Congreso

Organise! -Response to WSM paper on the north

Ireland, 22.11.2004 17:15

Crossing the Border: Organise!, Class Unity and the Partition of Ireland -a response to the WSM position paper on partition ...

Ohio recount update

Michigan, 22.11.2004 16:46

Did you know that there is going to be a recount in Ohio that could reverse the presumed but not yet official results of the presidential election?

David Cobb and Michael Badnarik raised $150,000 in 4 days in order to make this possible and now they need help in the form of 1400 additional volunteers to make it happen!

Green party David Cobb needs help with recount in Ohio

Portland, 22.11.2004 16:46

I write first to thank you for your financial donation which will support our efforts to ensure that every vote is counted and to instigate a grass-roots movement that can restore public confidence in electoral democracy. We need voter verified paper ballots, publicly financed elections, proportional representation and instant run-off voting, open access to the ballot, the enforcement and extension of the Voting Right Act and non-partisan election officials.

In this letter we want to (1) update you on recent developments and our plans for the recount effort, (2) invite you to subscribe to new list serves designed to keep you in the loop or even actively engaged as we move this campaign forward, (3) ask folks who are willing to fill some critical volunteer roles, (4) ask you to spread the word about our efforts and (5) inform you that unless you confirm your subscription invitations described below, you will not see any further email from us again until we have a final report to share with you after Congress certifies the election on January 6th.


[ Map: Ohio Election Incidents | Ohio High Court On Election 2004 ]

Litigating the ElectionFrom the open publishing newswire: Without much fanfare, a number of lawyers are busy mounting court challenges to the election. Lawsuits have been filed and other actions are being taken in Ohio and Florida, the two key electoral states. Members of Congress have demanded a General Accountability Office investigation of the election. The largest Freedom of Information Act request in the nation's history has been launched, and other efforts are in the works. read more >>Local activists thank Indymedia for sElection Fraud stories; Invite others to join their fightFrom the open publishing newswire: Given the certainty that Diebold has been rigging American elections in the past, the extreme likelihood that election fraud occurred on November 2nd becomes an absolute certainty. Indymedia is therefore to be complimented for its seminal valiance in reporting what the rest of the media are attempting to cover up. Indymedia is a friend of the people in their effort to restore the conditions of independence upon which this country was first founded. Indymedia represents the true America. Until the rest of the media follow the lead of such valiant champions of the people as Indymedia and the SF Bay View, the cravenly unresponsive rest of the media are to be held in contempt by the sovereign American people.

Join us at Action Speaks in our intensely urgent struggle to restore the defrauded American people to its rightful, very American position of sovereignty.


[ Nationwide Map of "Smooth Election | Bush reveals how he rigged the vote, "How I Stole Your Election" | pdx indy Election Fraud stories ]

SOA protest swells to an estimated 15,000 with 15 Arrested for Civil Disobedience

Atlanta, 22.11.2004 16:26

#media_7427;right# Thousands have assembled at the gates of Ft. Benning GA for the second day of protests against the School of the Americas/WHINSEC, with as many as 15,000 present by 10:30 a.m., according to SOA Watch. In a written statement read to the crowd, Sr. Diana Ortiz recalled that this month is the 15th year anniversary of her own abduction and torture in Guatemala. A graduate of the SOA who has been found guilty of her torture was honored by the SOA, she said, and the impunity continues with the evidence of torture at Abu Ghraib. Sr. Helen Prejean, Rev. Graylan Hagler, UFPJ, [Bio & Audio], Celeste Zappal of Military Families Speak Out [Audio],Rev. John Dear, former executive director of FOR[Bio & Audio], SOA Watch founder Fr. Bourgeois, and actor Martin Sheen were among others who addressed the crowd. #media_7506;left#The day culminated with the tradition memorial procession [Puppet Photos],[Pagan Cluster Participation] and civil disobedience action [CD Photos] as the the names of SOA graduate victims were chanted from the stage. 15 Arrested for CD [Story] CD Participant Faces Legal Discrimination [Story and Photos] Analysis of Weekend Events. Sunday Press Conference with Martin Sheen [Article,Audio] Interviewswith different organizations represented at the SOA protest. Report from SOA Watch. Links to Additional Coverage.

New student newspaper on the block

Ireland, 22.11.2004 16:17

Just here to promote the release of a student based newspaper from Griffith College Dublin 'The Circular,' (first edition) is made by the journalism students of Griffith College. It will be distributed to various places around the city centre including colleges, pubs, cafes and shops alike. Includes mainly feature articles on politics, health, Iraq, film & music and various others. Its unconvential front page will surely grab some attention! Be sure to check it out. Thanks for your time! ...

&quot;Election Fraud - Southern Oregon Speaks Out&quot;

Rogue Valley, 22.11.2004 15:36

towne hall meeting @ the Medford Library on 11/8/04
broadcasts on Rogue Valley Community Television

11/24/04,11/26/04 and 12/1/04 ALL @ 6 PM
Wednesday, Friday and Wednesday

Cable Channel #31 - Jackson County
Cable Channel #15 - Josephine County

CLICK "Read more" for photos and video trailers

Carle Foundation Hospital Guilty of Discrimination For Firing Lesbian Nurse Lynn Sprout

Urbana-Champaign, 22.11.2004 15:35

The Urbana Human Relations Commission ruled on November 17 that Carle Foundation Hospital violated the city of Urbana’s Human Rights Ordinance when it unlawfully fired nurse manager Lynn Sprout on the basis of her sexual orientation after she came out as lesbian while caring for her dying same-sex partner of 18 years.

Prelude to the Vote

Ireland, 22.11.2004 14:59

A week to go, who will crack first? ...


Brasil, 22.11.2004 14:28

Pistoleiros matam cinco sem terra e ferem vinte em MG

Prawa kobiet i mniejszości seksualnych : wydarzenia, perspektywy, działania

Poland, 22.11.2004 13:22

W ostatnim czasie problemy kobiet i mniejszości seksualnych zajmują coraz więcej miejsca w debacie politycznej, przestrzeni publicznej i medialnej oraz w indymediach. Postanowiliśmy tę tematykę oraz związane z nią wydarzenia ostatniego miesiąca podsumować w jednym artykule.

Estudo publicado comprova perigo dos transgénicos

Portugal, 22.11.2004 11:58

Estudo publicado comprova perigo dos transgénicos

terror fascista

Colombia, 22.11.2004 10:41

Fiscal venezolano asesinado buscaba
castigo para los golpistas

Scientists warn on climate change

Melbourne, 22.11.2004 10:36

Climate change: a significant threat to Australia

Repression at APEC

Melbourne, 22.11.2004 10:22

Chile says No to APEC

Paro en el subte

Argentina, 22.11.2004 09:14

Lunes 22 de noviembre del 2004 | EN RECLAMO DE MEJORES SALARIOS
Contundente paro de los trabajadores de los subtes

Presente! 16,000 Protesters Gather to Close the School of Americas

Tennessee, 22.11.2004 07:09

Over 16,000 people from across the Americas — including actors Martin Sheen and Susan Sarandon — gathered this weekend outside the gates of Ft. Benning, Georgia in the most diverse demonstration yet of opposition to the School of the Americas/ WHINSEC! Stories by SOA Watch, Atlanta IMC and Tennessee Indymedia . . .

Irak y Chile: dos pueblos que resisten

Argentina, 22.11.2004 05:38

Domingo 22 de noviembre de 2004 | RESISTENCIA ANTI - IMPERIALISTA
Irak y Chile: dos pueblos que resisten

Homophobia: A Social Disease

Portland, 22.11.2004 05:12

There are no queer teen suicides, only queer teen murders. Anyone who espouses anti-gay rhetoric, anyone who says it's unnatural to love someone of the same sex, anyone who calls someone a faggot or a dyke maliciously, anyone who does not challenge heterosexuality as a cultural norm, is implicated in the deaths of queer teenagers who take their own lives. Those deaths are not suicides, they're murders. The young people are just doing to their bodies what others have already done to their souls. They don't kill themselves. Christians kill them. Television writers kill them. Big Red gum commercials kill them. Their parents kill them. Their schools kill them. I kill them and so do you.

We need to move beyond confronting homophobia to challenging heterosexism. When we don't challenge exclusionary sex education lessons, when we don't cross dress, when we don't act on our sexual desires and curiosities, when we are ignorant about intersexuality and transgenderism, we are braiding the nooses upon which queer teens hang. [ add a comment... ]

[ Listen to "Not Gay Like Happy," web radio show discussing this issue ]

Ohio Recount Update

Urbana-Champaign, 22.11.2004 04:21

Did you know that there is going to be a recount in Ohio that could reverse the presumed but not yet official results of the presidential election? David Cobb and Michael Badnarik raised $150,000 in 4 days in order to make this possible and now they need help in the form of 1400 additional volunteers to make it happen!

First Avenue Reopens

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 22.11.2004 03:53

Long time bartender states "I don't think anybody knows we're open yet, unfortunately."

La toma sigue

Argentina, 22.11.2004 01:30

Sábado 20 de Noviembre 2004 | 24 DÍAS DE LUCHA CONTRA LA CONEAU
Continúa la toma de la Universidad del Comahue

Springfield Protest Denounces Police Brutality

Boston, 22.11.2004 00:41

The vicious beating of an African American school principal by four white cops is bringing to the surface long-held feelings of anger in this city’s oppressed communities and is compounded by the city’s serious economic crisis.

Encubrimiento publicitario de expropiasiones en Santurce

Puerto Rico, 22.11.2004 00:09

"Santurcino y Cangrejero hasta la muerte"

Apuntes ecológicos: Natural y Orgánico

Puerto Rico, 22.11.2004 00:04

A lo Natural

Encubrimiento publicitario de expropiasiones en Santurce

Puerto Rico, 21.11.2004 23:54

"Santurcino y Cangrejero hasta la muerte"

Encubrimiento publicitario de expropiasiones en Santurce

Puerto Rico, 21.11.2004 23:53

"Santurcino y Cangrejero hasta la muerte"

SOU vs. Higher One: call for action

Rogue Valley, 21.11.2004 23:14

Students will confront administration and corporate representatives over privatization of Financial Aid services at a Student Government-sponsored forum at noon Monday in the SU Rogue River Room. Students will demonstrate Tuesday at noon in solidarity with 2000 PSU students who have agreed to walk out in protest of the new mandatory debit/ library/ student ID card.

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