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Police Union Responds to Good Case with Inaccuracies; Bars Indymedia Access

Rochester, 04.07.2011 14:47

On June 30, 2011, Rochester Indymedia was turned away from a police union press conference at the Locust club. The press conference was called to publicize the police narrative of what happened between Emily Good and members of the RPD on May 12 2011. Members of local media were invited to cover the event. Mike Mazzeo, Police Locust Club Union President, delivered the statement just 3 days after Emily Good's Obstruction Charges were dropped by the District Attorney. His statement is riddled with inaccuracies and attempts to muddle the facts of what is clear in the original arrest video.

Video Clip of Press Conference (Democrat and Chronicle)

Greve do magistério de Santa Catarina

Brasil, 04.07.2011 14:24


AMSTERDAM - updates over de demo, Kraken draait door

Netherlands, 03.07.2011 23:33

Op dit moment vindt er in Amsterdam een demonstratie plaats die vanaf de Dam zal vertrekken. Er wordt gedemonstreert tegen de ontruimingsronde van aankomende dinsdag. Via dit topic zal zo veel mogelijk info gepubliceert worden over het verloop van de demo.

At the moment a demonstration against the next evictionwave(coming tuesday) is going on in Amsterdam, which will depart from the Dam. Via this topic we will publish as much info as possible about the developments in the demo.

Ceintuurbaan 207 gekraakt
AMSTERDAM - updates over de demo, Kraken draait door
Kraken Draait Door Videos 1,2,3... DIY
Fotos kraken draait door 2011

Steve Long DC's Metro Musician Extraordinaire

DC, 03.07.2011 17:34

If there were a chart for DC street musicians Steve Long would be near the top.

Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project: Gaza and Beyond

DC, 03.07.2011 17:34

The Charity and Security Network held a forum at the National Press Club on June 21, 2011, exploring the ramifications of the Supreme Court decision in Holoder v. Humanitarian Law Project. This decision provides sweeping authority for the government to go after peace, aid and political groups under the charge of providing "material support" for designated terrorists. One of the key issues highlighted was the decision's effect on humanitarian assistance to Gaza, including the ongoing campaign of Gaza flotillas.

Ashland Stop for the Cuba Caravan

Rogue Valley, 03.07.2011 16:20


On Thursday July 7 the 22nd Caravan bound for Cuba, organized by Pastors for Peace, will arrive for an overnight stay in Ashland. This project of friendship and solidarity with the Cuban people takes US citizens and humanitarian aid to Cuba every summer, and provides a unique opportunity to experience Cuba and to discover what life is like in our neighbor nation. The Caravan advocates for an end to the fifty-year-old economic blockade of Cuba and for normalizing relations between the US and Cuba, with a US foreign policy based on justice and mutual respect.

Various segments of the Pastors for Peace Caravan travel through the US, stopping each night in a different city and gathering people and supplies bound for Cuba. They converge in Texas and then travel together into Mexico and fly to Cuba for nine days. Several Rogue Valley residents will participate this year, either leaving with the bus on July 8 or flying to McAllen, Texas by July 17.

The Caravan's arrival July 7 will include two buses and eight to ten participants from points north, including British Columbia. The event will be hosted by local supporters at the Presbyterian Church, corner of Siskiyou and Walker, Ashland. The social hour begins at 6, a pot luck dinner at 6:30, and a program about events in Cuba and the Caravan at 7:30.

The featured speaker is Alicia Jrapko, who fled her native country, Argentina, in 1976 during the military dictatorship. She first traveled to Cuba in 1994 with Pastors for Peace, and has been active since then in the Bay Area, supporting their projects and helping to recruit US students for the Latin American School of Medicine scholarship program in Havana. Alicia was instrumental in establishing the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, which includes activists from the US, Latin America and Europe.

The public is invited; all are welcome. Music will be provided by the Modern Prometheus Jazz Company under the direction of Don Monjure.
Co-sponsors of the evening are Peace House, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Ashland), Jackson County Pacific Green Party and Rogue Valley Peace Veterans. For local information call 541-482-8915.

Se sucedieron dos casos una semana atrás en pleno centro

Argentina, 03.07.2011 06:02

Nuevas denuncias a la policía por torturas y golpizas

Reportback and interview from Greek Embassy/Freedom Flotilla II flotilla vigil

DC, 03.07.2011 04:25

On Saturday, July 2, Code Pink wrapped up their 5 day vigil outside the Greek Embassy, shortly after the Greek government arrested the captain of the Audacity of Hope, the US boat to Gaza. From the Greek Embassy VigilWSQT Interviews vigil participant From Greece:Video of the confrontation between the US boat to Gaza and the Greek coast guard Second video shot from the bow of the Audacity of Hope

Video de piquete frente a aseguradora MCS

Puerto Rico, 03.07.2011 02:40

Piquete a MCS: Socializa mi salud

The Business Run Society

Ireland, 02.07.2011 21:40

Reflections on the corporate takeover of society < ...

Campaña contra la homofobia

Puerto Rico, 02.07.2011 19:48

Lanzan campaña de servicio público para concienciar en contra de la homofobia

División legal de Educación contra Maestros

Puerto Rico, 02.07.2011 19:13

Denuncian división legal de Educación es paredón contra el magisterio

Plan &quot;Such is Life&quot; para Ceiba

Puerto Rico, 02.07.2011 19:13

Limitan Revisión del Plan “Such Is Life” para los Terrenos de Roosevelt Roads

A un año de los sucesos en el Capitolio

Puerto Rico, 02.07.2011 19:13

A un año del Capitolio 30 de junio 2011: ¡Prohibido olvidar!

J30: Generalise the Strike

United Kingdom, 02.07.2011 07:39

Read full article for a round-up of J30 action: a day of protest against pension cuts and more

See also regional features (links below) and the J30 topic.

All newswire posts on J30: J30 Topic | Indymedia features: Sheffield: [ 1 | 2 | Bristol | London 1 | 2 | Northern
Website: J30 Strike | Twitter: J30 Strike


Argentina, 02.07.2011 07:39

Elecciones en La Primavera: "Ganamos todos"

Audiência pública sobre armas menos letais termina em bate-boca e com pouco avanço

Brasil, 01.07.2011 23:41

Por: João Peres, Rede Brasil Atual

Sheffield J30 Strike

United Kingdom, 01.07.2011 22:35

On June 30th thousands of strikers and their supporters gathered in Sheffield for a protest against the governments cuts to public sector pensions and public sector cuts in general. following a rally in Barkers Pool there was a short march down the Moor and back up to Division Street and back to Barkers Pool for a second rally.

Earlier in the day there was a Sheffield Uncut action and there is a Uncut - 'Teach In' planned for Saturday 2nd July, 12pm, City Hall steps.

Newswire: Sheffield Rally at start of March | Sheffield March Against Cuts | Sheffield Rally at the end of the March | Public sector strike hits across Britain | More rally pics

Video: Honduras Coup Anniversary Action in DC

DC, 01.07.2011 22:03

Beth produced a great video from the action/ street theater we held in Washington DC on the 2 year anniversary of the coup. Without subtitles for the moment... Photos by Ted

Manifestações contra o aumento de passagem também em Teresina-PI

Brasil, 01.07.2011 18:10


Meaner Tougher IMF with Lagarde

Boston, 01.07.2011 15:09

financial terrorism


Colombia, 01.07.2011 13:59



Colombia, 01.07.2011 13:59


Tombstone Tales: 1911 IWW Free Speech Skit

Rogue Valley, 01.07.2011 13:28

* Tombstone Tales *
Labor history in focus with 1911 Wobbly Free Speech Skit

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice is presenting an original labor history skit for Tombstone Tales - 2011 in Ashland, Oregon
See Tombstone Tales webpage

click photo for large view

UK: 24-godz. strajk i protesty przeciw cięciom socjalnym

Poland, 01.07.2011 13:24

30 czerwca w całej Wielkiej Brytanii doszło do strajków pracowników sektora publicznego i wielotysięcznych demonstracji przeciw oszczędnościowym reformom rządu, w tym planom podniesienia wieku emerytalnego i zwiększenia składek emerytalnych, których skutki odczuje ok. 5,5 mln osób. Akcję protestacyjną ogłosiły 4 związki zawodowe zrzeszające nauczycieli, pracowników akademickich i urzędników administracji publicznej (główne centrale związkowe nie przystąpiły do protestu). W 24-godzinnym strajku wzięło udział ok. 750 tys. zatrudnionych. W Londynie do protestów dołączyli cywilni pracownicy policji metropolitalnej, w tym osoby obsługujące linie alarmowe, w Birmingham, Doncaster i Southampton – pracownicy lokalnych samorządów. W całym kraju zamknięto wczoraj 12 tys. państwowych szkół, nie działała większość sądów. W Londynie, w związkowej demonstracji wzięło udział ok. 20-30 tys. osób.


Argentina, 01.07.2011 05:45

A 9 años de los asesinatos de Darío y Maxi


Argentina, 01.07.2011 05:45

A 9 años de los asesinatos de Darío y Maxi


Argentina, 01.07.2011 05:45

A 9 años de los asesinatos de Darío y Maxi

Día del Orgullo

Argentina, 01.07.2011 05:03

Distintas actividades en el pais en el Día del Orgullo

Dia del Orgullo

Argentina, 01.07.2011 04:21

Hablando sobre prostitución en la La Plata y Día del Orgullo

Benetton y Martires

Argentina, 01.07.2011 03:46

Elecciones en La Primavera

Argentina, 01.07.2011 03:46


Argentina, 01.07.2011 03:46

Congreso de ADOSAC decidió suspender las medidas de fuerza


Argentina, 01.07.2011 03:46

Congreso de ADOSAC decidió suspender las medidas de fuerza

Social Welfare - The Real Fraud

Ireland, 30.06.2011 22:56

Below is the first in a series of articles rel ...

The FRU: Ireland, Iraq and Libya - Britains dirty wars

Ireland, 30.06.2011 22:56

The Force Research Unit (FRU) was a covert militar ...

Reclamo frente a la municipalidad

Argentina, 30.06.2011 21:03

Tres carreros detenidos

Lead informant in ALF / ELF Cases Sentenced to 5 Years

Portland, 30.06.2011 19:03

Infamous snitch Jacob Ferguson arrested on drug charges, sent to prison

p>From Voice of the Voiceless

Infamous snitch Jacob Ferguson arrested on drug charges, sent to prison

The man who wore a wire for the FBI and sent over a dozen people to prison for ALF / ELF actions is himself now going to prison. Jacob Ferguson was sentenced this week to 5 years for ?manufacturing, possessing and selling heroin?, according to court records.

Ferguson rose to infamy after becoming the lead informant in the ?Operation Backfire? FBI sweep. The arrests led to prison sentences for over a dozen people on arson charges for ALF / ELF actions going back almost 10 years. Three of those charged ? Joe Dibee, Josephine Sunshine Overaker, and Rebecca Rubin ? are still on the run.

His role in over a dozen arsons claimed by the Animal Liberation Front / Earth Liberation Front made him a valuable asset for the FBI. When he secretly began cooperating with the government in 2004 to send many of his former friends to prison, he accepted a plea bargain which called probation only and no prison time.

That ended this week when a recent drug bust finally led Ferguson to prison. He is also expected to receive a federal prison sentence in addition to his 5 year state sentence.

Ferguson sent people to prison for the following ALF actions (in addition to numerous other ALF / ELF actions):

Video: Protesting The War On Libya At Senator Kerry's Office

Boston, 30.06.2011 01:25

About 25 peace activists protested against the US wars on Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan in front of Sen. John Kerry's Boston office.

SEIU Rally June 30 at Portland State Office Building

Portland, 30.06.2011 01:24

BREAKING: Big Business Lobbyists Trying to Pass Last-Minute Corporate Tax Break in Salem Oregon Senate Bill 817 gives 78 million to corporations and balances the budget on the middle class working folks. We have just learned the Oregon Senate might vote TODAY on the creation of a new tax credit being pushed by an out-of-state venture capital firm. It could cost the state a whopping $78 million over five years. It would be FAR better to invest those millions on schools and healthcare!

Sisters & brothers: Save the Date! Join us for a rally, visit from Portland Rising, and an informational picket* Governor is asking us to take 10% to 20% pay cuts SEIU 503 --sublocal OHA 219 --AFSCME and other unions are invited to let the state know we are united

Portland State Office Building Rally for a Fair Contract
June 30 (contract expiration date)
Noon - 1 PM, PSOB main entrance
800 NE Oregon Street (near Lloyd Center off max)

Videos sobre os impactos das obras da Copa 2014 em Fortaleza disponíveis no CMI

CMI Brasil, 29.06.2011 23:50

COPA 2014

#J30 March Together, Strike Together!

United Kingdom, 29.06.2011 23:36

On June 30th over 800,000 public sector workers will be on strike against attacks on their pensions. This is a key fight for everyone who wants to defend public services and oppose cuts to pensions, benefits services and our communities. Strikers and anti-cuts campaigners from across South Yorkshire will be marching through Sheffield, please join them.

Thu 30 Jun 2011, 12 noon assemble at Peace Gardens; 1pm rally Barkers Pool, organised by Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance, supported by Sheffield Trades Council.

Other protests listed on are, a student march around the pickets, meet on Howard Street (Sheffield Hallam Uni main entrance) at 9am and Sheffield Uncut action, meet at tram stop outside the Cathedral at 10am.

Newswire: J30: Building up for the next “big one”? | J30 List of UK Protests | Sheffield Trades Council March and Rally Tomorrow

Links: | |

O #foramicarla das redes às ruas!

Brasil, 29.06.2011 22:56


Operativo federal en La Perla

Puerto Rico, 29.06.2011 22:31

Califican operativo en La Perla como bola de humo ante ola de asesinatos

3rd Annual Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair

LA, 29.06.2011 21:10

This year's Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair occurred on Saturday June 25 at Art Share L.A., a public space in downtown L.A.'s Arts District. (The event changes locations every year--last year's venue was Barnsdall Park-- but, of course, it always remains in L.A.) The event included information exchange vis-a-vis books and speakers, as well as art and food.

This year's speakers included “indigenous elders speaking about take-back-the-land struggles and resistance to a lot of colonial politics and institutionalized forms of racism that are implemented in Arizona as well as here in L.A.,” reported Liz, one of the organizers (as seen in one of the videos at the link below).

Also, “[T]here's a workshop going on about how to build an alternative economy,” said another event organizer.

She continued: “The Bookfair is organized by the L.A. Anarchist Bookfair Collective. It's a collective of different folks interested in putting the collective on for different reasons: some folks are artists, some folks are activists, some people are educators and coming together in a non-institutionalized environment to organize the event.”

Coverage: Videos from Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair by anarcho vegan paparazzi | | Photos from the L.A. Anarchist Bookfair by organic vegan yoga

Dwudniowy strajk generalny w Grecji

Poland, 29.06.2011 20:45

Od wczoraj w Grecji trwa 48 godzinny strajk generalny połączony z masowymi protestami przeciwko przyjęciu drakońskiego planu oszczędnościowego przez grecki rząd. Demonstracje odbywają się w wielu miastach jednocześnie, często przybierając gwałtowny charakter.

Homelessness in California is Now Punishable by a Year in Jail

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.06.2011 20:05

For protesting on the county steps against Santa Cruz laws that make it illegal for the homeless to sleep at night, homeless activists Gary Johnson and Attorney Ed Frey were sentenced to 6 months in jail on June 10th. Bail was set for Ed Frey at $50,000. Their only act of civil disobedience was sleeping. Revealing the political nature of the draconian sentences, Judge Gallagher told homeless activist Gary Johnson that he "could get some sleep in jail" before they were dragged away in chains for their 6 month sentences.

Jim Cusack does it again: the case of the wrong video tape

Ireland, 29.06.2011 17:43

Crude attempt by Sunday Independent to downplay Ga ...

NCM: Barco 2

Puerto Rico, 29.06.2011 16:02

Barco científico hunde prestigio de Puerto Rico

La larga lucha estatal

Argentina, 29.06.2011 13:33

Trabajadorxs estatales continuan con medidas de fuerza

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