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Рабы и тунеядцы или Кто есть кто в Беларуси?

Belarus, 10.07.2011 21:07

Государство постоянно стремится доказать нам, что мы должны быть благодарны за то, как мы живем: мол, и медицина у нас бесплатная, и образование, и для работы все возможности. Реальную ситуацию власти никак не комментируют: то, что все больше людей вынуждены обращаться в платные клиники или пользоваться платными услугами государственных больниц, то, что количество студентов-платников вот-вот превысит количество обучающихся за счет бюджетных стредств, а плата за образование постоянно повышается и т.д.
Люди смутно догадываются, что деньги на дороги, автобусы, фонари и больницы берутся из наших налогов, но все равно не чувствуют себя хозяевами в стране. Почему в Минске освещаются даже крыши домов, а в близлежащих городах фонари горят через пять, хотя налоги и минчане, и провинциалы платят одинаковые, мы обсудим как-нибудь в другой раз. Сегодня нам более интересно, чем еще питается гидра власти и куда любит тратить эти деньги.

Сегодня ситуация в стране такова, что нарушением закона…

Video: Portland Rising - June 30 2011 - 7 Actions with JWJ and many others

Portland, 10.07.2011 18:28

The 7 action bus tour with Job With Justice and many others in Solidarity for workers cotracts and rights.

3 buses go to seven stops .. The longer version video will be coming soon (15 min video)


Memetic Cascadia: A knowledge sharing course on building a contagious Cascadia

Portland, 10.07.2011 18:28

We will examine ways to transform the abstract idea of Cascadia, the bioregion, into a contagious idea associated with our regional identity. The class will consist of knowledge-sharing as well as creating a functional workspace from which to spread the meme of being "Cascadian." The intent of the class is to eventually become a "think tank." This course is FREE as it is part of Portland Free School. The goal is to create a bioregional awakening (Cascadia) that becomes widespread and very contagious and then create a "culture of active social change."

Time: Mondays (starting July 11th) 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: In front of Millar Library at PSU - [future locations TBA]
1875 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97201

It's Criminal to Profile

Rochester, 10.07.2011 16:37

On June 27th, 2011, Rochester police chief James Sheppard held a press conference to answer questions about the unlawful arrest of local Rochester resident Emily Good while she was filming a traffic stop in front of her home in the 19th Ward in May of this year. During the conference, the chief maintained that his officer was not using racial profiling, but was instead using "criminal profiling" to determine if the black man in the traffic stop should be detained. Sheppard asserted that there was nothing wrong with criminal profiling and that the RPD would continue the practice with his support.

Rochester Indymedia Coverage of Emily Good's Case: Racial Profiling and the Emily Good Case: We Need Discussion Not Defensiveness | Rochester Police Arrest Citizen for Taping Traffic Stop | Police Harass Community Members Attending Meeting in Support of Emily Good | Good's Home Broken Into on Same Day as Community Member Intimidation by RPD | VIDEO: Rally In Rochester, NY for Police Accountability on 6/27/11 | DA Drops Charge Against Good! | VIDEO: Emily Good Walks Out of Court to Applause By Community | VIDEO: Chief Sheppard Press Conference, June 27, 2011 | Police Union Responds to Good Case with Inaccuracies; Bars Indymedia Access | VIDEO: Emily Good Press Conference July 5, 2011

Additional Information: ACLU's page on racial profiling | Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center

SW Oregon Proposed Pubic Land Privatization

Rogue Valley, 10.07.2011 14:27

Eco Advocates NW (formerly known as Cascadia’s Ecosystem Advocates) has been tracking and dogging the Oregon Department of State Lands and the Oregon State Land Board since a concerned citizen brought this privatization of Public Lands issue to us back in September of 2010.

Currently the Oregon Department of State Lands is proposing to privatize approximately 4,920 acres of Common School Fund lands throughout Josephine and Jackson counties in southwest Oregon. The Department of State Land website states that the auctions are to be carried out in 2012. The initial Josephine and Jackson land disposal plan was announced at the State Land Board meeting in December 15, 2010.

Astonishingly some of the land parcels proposed for sale by the Oregon Department of State Lands is ancient forests literally along the banks of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River which is visited by thousands of rafters, fisher people and travelers every summer.

The 334 Acre Galice #1 Parcel pictured here is directly across the river from the resort destination of Galice, Oregon. The state managed public land is located across the Rogue river at Galice Creek then proceeds NW 1 mile along the banks of the river just past Maple Gulch to the top of the mountain ridge above.

Eco Advocates Northwest has recently received some inside information that the Governor and the Department of State Lands is sick of hearing about the southern Oregon Public Land Privatization controversy. The rumor is that they are looking for an easy way out and are in the process of approaching federal agencies to acquire some sensitive parcels. However, it is now crucial to increase the pressure just a wee bit until this rumor becomes a reality. Eco Advocates NW is asking, especially those of you that haven't written yet, to write a letter to Governor Kitzhaber and/or other officials listed below and consider submitting a letter to the editor now while the controversy is still brewing.

In addition to asking for the cancellation of the privatization of all 4920 acres Common School Fund lands in Josephine and Jackson Counties continue to request that all entities involved especially the Oregon Board of Forestry be mandated to adopt a Code of Ethics. Also, urge for the initiation of an investigation of ethics violations in past Common School Fund land privatization transactions by Oregon Board of Forestry members.

Together we can make this a story with a happy ending and give us reason to celebrate the protection of these priceless public lands.

For more information go to

Organizaciones de Derechos Humanos piden urgente intervención judicial

Argentina, 10.07.2011 06:41

Fabián Sampietro cumple tres días de huelga seca sin recibir respuesta

La Plata

Argentina, 10.07.2011 06:41

Fabián Sampietro cumple tres días de huelga seca sin recibir respuesta


Colombia, 10.07.2011 04:53


Colombia, 10.07.2011 03:39

Marcha de comunidad La Perla

Puerto Rico, 09.07.2011 18:24

Marcha La Perla defiende su perla

ALF / ELF Fugitive Justin Solondz Arrested

Portland, 09.07.2011 17:36

After three years in a Chinese jail, Justin Solondz is taken into US custody Justin Solondz spent years on the run before being arrested in China three years ago. This week, years in a Chinese jail, he was deported and taken into US custody at a Chicago airport. He is being charged with a role in two actions: the 2001 University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture arson (claimed by the Earth Liberation Front), and the arson and attempted animal release at the 2001 Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Corral in Susanville, California (claimed by the Animal Liberation Front).

Recently, Solondz's former girlfriend, Briana Waters, entered into a plea deal in which she agreed to testify against Solondz at his upcoming trial. A search for his name on the BOP Inmate Locator did not give any results, and his current jail address is not known. With several cooperating witnesses, he faces a hard legal battle ahead. I will be posting his jail address as soon as it is available. For now, give your silent support to the three remaining fugitives from this FBI sweep dubbed the "Green Scare case". They are somewhere out there tonight, continuing to be hunted as "terrorists" by the FBI. - Peter Young


Argentina, 09.07.2011 09:11

Se conmemoraron los diez años de La Toma


Argentina, 09.07.2011 09:11

Se conmemoraron los diez años de La Toma

ЕВБ в Михайловском сквере нужны люди.

Belarus, 08.07.2011 22:02


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

На Михайловский сквер срочно нужны люди, которые смогут готовить еду у себя. Раздачи проходят каждую субботу в 13:20.

Пишите или приходите на раздачу 9 июля – будем рады знакомству!


Наши контакты:

7 años de VLM

Argentina, 08.07.2011 21:47

7 años de VLM

ЕВБ в Михайловском сквере нужны люди.

Belarus, 08.07.2011 19:36


Нажмите, чтобы увеличить

На Михайловский сквер срочно нужны люди, которые смогут готовить еду у себя. Раздачи проходят каждую субботу в 13:20.

Пишите или приходите на раздачу 9 июля – будем рады знакомству!


Наши контакты:

Wobbly skit is a Tombstone Tales hit!

Rogue Valley, 08.07.2011 13:56

1911 IWW Free Speech History Told with Tombstone Theatrics

The early reviews are in and this year's Tombstone Tales in Ashland, Oregon puts the spotlight on a skit that is timely, educational and fun! The Wobbly Free Speech theatrics take place in the Ashland Cemetery (right next to Safeway) with a five minute-long skit that tells the story of what happened 100 years ago...

It was February, 1911 when determined men, over 100 members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, nicknamed "Wobblies") road the rails in boxcars south from Portland, Oregon. After being kicked off the train in Ashland by the Railroad Police the Wobblies in an extreme act of bravery took off on foot marching up and over the Siskiyou Mountains on the Oregon and California border.

Bound for Fresno, California to support striking farmworkers the Wobblies marched up to 150 miles in an incredible act of solidarity which is not going to be forgotten. So say's Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice who have embarked on a campaign to create a Wobbly Free Speech Monumentl to honor these brave men of one hundred years ago.

Photo by Alice Mallory (click for larger view)

&quot;Stop the Stagecoach&quot; - Call on Wells Fargo to Divest from Private Prison Industry

United States, 08.07.2011 11:01

Texans United For Families (TUFF), a local human rights group working to end immigrant detention and deportation, protested at the Austin Wells Fargo headquarters on Friday, July 1st as part of the National Private Prison Divestment Day. TUFF held the protest to call on Wells Fargo to cease all investments into the private prison industry.

July 1st was a national day of action targeting the companies and investment firms which make the private prison industry possible. The Austin protest was one of over a dozen actions held across the United States calling for an end to an unjust system of profit over people.

Hunger Strike Carries On After Reaching 6,600 Prisoners

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2011 10:44

Thousands of California prisoners have come together in solidarity with the prisoners at Pelican Bay SHU. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's own figures acknowledge 6,600 prisoners participated in the hunger strike across 13 prisons in California this past weekend. Solidarity actions were held on July 1st on both sides of the SF Bay. Further solidarity actions are planned for Oakland on July 8th and San Francisco on July 9th.

(NCM implosión)

Puerto Rico, 08.07.2011 07:11

Implosión en el noreste del Caribe

Fallece Don Ricardo Alegría

Puerto Rico, 08.07.2011 07:11

El Ateneo ante el deceso del Maestro Ricardo Alegría

Freedom Flotilla II Hampered by Israeli Interference and Greek Coast Guard

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2011 05:22

Thus far, working against the 2011 Stay Human Freedom Flotilla have been repeated threats and admonishments from the U.S. and Israeli governments, the pullout of the Turkish contingent, meddling from Zionist law firms, sabotage to the propellers of the Greek and Irish boats by underwater divers, and an order from the Greek government banning the flotilla from embarking on the journey to Gaza from Greece. At this point, it remains uncertain how many boats will be able to set sail for Gaza.

&quot;Air Flotilla&quot; Exposing Israeli Blockade of West Bank

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2011 05:22

A "Welcome to Palestine" campaign scheduled for July 8th through July 16th has begun at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. It is intended to draw attention to the Israeli blockade on the West Bank. As part of the campaign, hundreds plan to arrive in Tel Aviv and openly declare their intentions to travel to the West Bank to support peaceful Palestinian efforts for human rights. Already, numerous activists and journalists have been denied entry to Israel or have been deported.

Ley aprobada en Bolivia con polemica

Argentina, 08.07.2011 04:08

"Ley de Revolución Productiva Comunitaria"

Homes Not Jails Takes Hotel Sierra

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2011 02:59

Homes Not Jails took over the former Hotel Sierra at 20th and Mission streets in San Francisco on July 4th. The Hotel Sierra has been vacant for nearly 20 years. Almost 50 rooms have been empty on the building's second floor. The action began in the afternoon with a rally in Dolores Park, then a march right into the Hotel Sierra, which had its doors wide open. There was music, food, sunbathing on the roof, and dancing in the streets. Police reportedly assaulted and hauled away one man without provocation.

Video: Portland Rising - June 30 2011 - 7 Actions with JWJ and many others

Portland, 07.07.2011 21:31

The 7 action bus tour with Job With Justice and many others in Solidarity for workers cotracts and rights.

3 buses go to seven stops
The longer version video will be coming soon
(15 min video)

actividad en la casa

Argentina, 07.07.2011 19:42

actividad en la casa

Protesta de comunidades Mapuche

Argentina, 07.07.2011 17:07

Mapuches afectados por erupción volcánica acusan abandono en Puelmapu

Apropiarse de las nuevas tecnologias es la consigna

Argentina, 07.07.2011 16:31

Convertir en debilidad la fuerza del enemigo‏

Sa mergem sau nu la Pride?

Romania, 07.07.2011 09:27

O privire critica asupra evenimentelor, a felului in care se desfasoara acestea si a atitudinilor din cadrul GayPride din Budapesta si Bucuresti.

Posible apoyo federal al Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 07.07.2011 05:46

Posible acuerdo dará espaldarazo federal al Gasoducto

Ultimas ediciones

Argentina, 06.07.2011 15:42

La Plata

Argentina, 06.07.2011 15:00

Nuevas denuncias a la Policía de Buenos Aires por torturas y golpizas


Oost-Vlaanderen, 06.07.2011 10:09

Climate Action Camp : 6-11/07 in Antwerpen

RIP: Simon Levin 1974 - 2011

United Kingdom, 06.07.2011 08:16

Friends and family will gather in Brighton on Thursday 7th July to celebrate the life of Brightonian activist, Simon Levin. who passed away on Friday 24th June, aged 36.

Simon was an enthusiastic supporter of the Palestinian struggle for justice, and travelled to Palestine where he spent some months in the Balata refugee camp outside Nablus. He returned several times with the Brighton Jordan Valley Solidarity Group and in 2008 he was involved in the building of a new school at Fasayil

Back in Britain Simon was involved in Direct Action Campaigns against Caterpillar, Agrexco and the SmashEDO camapign. He was a defendant in the Decomissioners trial where activists were acquitted for their part in smashing the EDO arms components factory during Israel's onsaught on Gaza

Friends of Simon have suggested that those who want to remember Simon go to their local arms factory, importer of Israeli goods or oppressor of workers and "do a vigil, noise demo or action. Have a beer. He would have liked that". On Monday Rossport Solidarity Camapigners dedicated their Blockade of Shell offices to Simon.

From the newswire:
Caterkiller activist defends right to protest | 5 EDO decomissioners found NOT GUILTY!!! ! RIP Simon Levin - EDO Decommissioner

Blog Posts by Simon
Jordan Valley 2008 | Resourcefulness and tenacity | Transference

Protesta de comunidades Mapuche

Argentina, 06.07.2011 01:52

Mapuches afectados por erupción volcánica acusan abandono en Puelmapu

Anti-HLS Lunch Time Demos This Thursday July 7th - Join Us!

Portland, 06.07.2011 01:47

Lunch time Demos on Thursday July 7th will target major shareholders of AstraZeneca, the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences customer whose contracted experiments have exposed horrific animal cruelty.

Hello Friends,

Join the Portland Anti-HLS Customer Campaign this Thursday afternoon as we target two major shareholders of AstraZeneca, the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences customer whose contracted experiments have exposed horrific animal cruelty. If you are unfamiliar with the murder paid for by AstraZeneca, please visit for more information and to view the undercover video investigation of AstraZeneca's bloody experiments at HLS.

Join us and together we can SHUT DOWN HLS for good!

Lunch Time Demos
Thursday July 7th at 12:30PM SHARP

Meet at Tom McCall Waterfront Park
on the SW Side of the Hawthorne Bridge near the brick outdoor theater

Demo locations will be announced during the meet-up solidarity discussion. Each demo will last approximately 30 minutes.

Entrevista a um indignado da Espanha

CMI Brasil, 06.07.2011 00:17


Voices With Vision 2011-07-05 July 4th Special-Obama Pride Syria No2War on Iraq or Lybia

DC, 05.07.2011 18:34

This is a weekly 1 hour program airing Tuesdays 11am EST on, 89.3FM in DC.[plus a bonus] On July 4th, independance and a Just Peace; on Pride, LGBT and Obama; the US economy and war costs; the US funded coup and oppression in Honduras; Syria's ambassador's message; Al Tahrir-the Flotilla boat towards Gaza stuck in Greece; Code Pink call for Peace and a call to rally against the war on Libya with reports back from this country.

Caso de Piculín Ortiz

Puerto Rico, 05.07.2011 16:43

Héroes nacionales

Sigue vigente el discurso de Mike Prysner

Colombia, 05.07.2011 15:25

Sigue vigente el discurso de Mike Prysner

Millions March In Harlem Gears Up!

NYC, 05.07.2011 13:24

The heinous bombing of Libya by the US and NATO, illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe by the West, and the Bloomberg administration’s destruction of housing, jobs, education, health care and police abuse, are all a systematic assault on African communities.


Colombia, 05.07.2011 05:33

July 4 cannibis legalization parade meets Mall checkpoints

DC, 05.07.2011 01:11

Every July 4th since 1969, there has been a rally in front of the White House followed by a march to the Mall for a concert, both demanding legalization of marijuana. Beginning in 2002, marchers have had to pass through checkpoints to enter the Mall concert, shrinking turnout from thousands to a few hundred.Video of the 42nd anuual Pot Parade

Portland Police Officer Dane Reister

Portland, 04.07.2011 21:17

Link to "Get to Know your Police Officers" page about Officer Dane Reister.

On June 30, 2011, Officer Dane Reister, along with other police officers, responded to a call about a man harrassing kids at a park. The cops found a 20-year-old man some distance away. When they tried to approach him, he fled. Officer Reister fired 4 times at him with a bright-orange-colored shotgun that is supposed to be loaded with less-lethal "beanbag" rounds. Instead, live lethal rounds were loaded. As of this writing, the kid is in the hospital in critical condition and Officer Reister is on paid leave
Officer Reister is also the cop who took a video camera away from a citizen who was observing police officers approaching two men in downtown Portland. According to the Oregonain article, "on the nine-minute video, one of the officers can be heard accusing one man of being a drug dealer and the other a drug buyer. He repeatedly asks one of the men for his ID and to allow himself to be patted down. At one point, the officer - identified by Tabor as Reister - tells the man to back away. And when the man takes a step back, Reister takes two or three steps forward and shoves the man in the chest."

Officer Reister is also named in a lawsuit (MARBET v. CITY OF PORTLAND) alleging police misconduct at an anti-Bush rally in Portland that included firing rubber bullets at a crowd of protesters.


Video; Papa Murphy's Workers Protest 7.1.11

Portland, 04.07.2011 20:03

Employees and friends of the workers, of Portland pizza company, protest on 15th and Fremont.

This was filmed on NE 15th and Fremont in Portland.

These workers and friends were protesting the management of the Papa Murphy's pizza company.

In frustration on trying to work any resolution to unfair labor conditions the workers are taking it to the streets.

This was their first day out telling the community how their working conditions have deteriorated. [6 minute video]

Seattle: Noise Demo in Solidarity with Pelican Bay Prisoners and Youth Prisoners

Portland, 04.07.2011 20:03

On the night of July 2nd, in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Pelican Bay State Prison, CA, a group of roughly 30 people equipped with a mobile sound system met in front of the King County Juvenile Detention Center in the Central District of Seattle.

On the night of July 2nd, in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Pelican Bay State Prison, CA, a group of roughly 30 people equipped with a mobile sound system met in front of the King County Juvenile Detention Center in the Central District of Seattle.

The police response to this demo was large, most likely due to the recent disturbances on Capitol Hill during the Pride weekend. Despite this, the group proceeded to blast music, bang on pots and pans, and make speeches through megaphones in front of the prison cells. At one point, every occupant in the cells along the southern end of the Detention Center was banging on the walls and windows of their cells, responding to the cheers and words from outside.

Instead of the normal oppressive routine of lights-out, the prisoners were able to spend the night acting wild, defying the terrified screws, and listening to the words of rebellion and freedom being blasted from outside. Once night had fallen, a large mortar firework was shot into the air, the green round exploding in the air over the Detention Center.

The event lasted for an hour and there were no arrests.

Towards the destruction of all prisons!

Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers!

Text handed out and read aloud at demo:

On July 1, 2011 prisoners in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) at Pelican Bay State Prison in California will begin an indefinite hunger strike to protest the conditions of their imprisonment. The hunger strike is being organized by prisoners in an unusual show of racial unity, their five key demands are:

BMedia and friends Variety Show #3: Earth Day Inc.

Portland, 04.07.2011 20:03

EPISODE #3 of B Media's monthly variety show was inspired by GREEN CAPITALISM and connects indigenous and environmental struggles at Hood River, the Bank of America's financing of the Alberta Tar Sands, City Repair's Earth Day festival, the economic justice rally in solidarity with Wisconsin, and ties it together with Slingshot's radical history of April (the cruelest month), an unexpected visit by a cadre of Unemployed Superheros... and YouTube cat videos.

View episode here

This episode explores the connections between environment destruction and the economic and cultural systems that enable it. Movements and actions by groups like Rising Tide North America, City Repair, the PDX Climate Justice Coalition and the alternatives they advocate for are contrast with the banking system and unchecked capitalism, the increasing atomization of American life, and the Tea party. Our goal was to highlight the people doing important work in our communities, and single out the elements distracting us from that work on a daily basis.

From The Trenches Radio for June: Chicago Slutwalk, Corporate Media History

Chicago, 04.07.2011 18:08

The June 2011 episode of From The Trenches, the monthly radio show of the Chicago Independent Media Center, features voices from the streets of the inaugural Chicago Slutwalk against sexual violence, and a presentation on the history of U.S. corporate media control and media reform struggles. Plus headlines from the worldwide Indymedia network.

Download June 2011 episode | Chicago Indymedia's radio page | CIMC / FTT Radio podcast feed | From The Trenches on iTunes

Agenda agosto 2011

Argentina, 04.07.2011 16:20

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