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Statement On the Plight of Filipino Teachers of Maryland’s PGCPS

DC, 17.07.2011 19:36

Lured by the American dream, non-immigrant workers here in the US have been subjected to different forms of exploitation, manipulation and abuse. The complexities of the recruitment process are being taken advantage of by placement agencies and sometimes with the collaboration of representatives of US employers. Oftentimes foreign workers leave their country deep in debt in raising money needed to cover for exorbitant placement and other fees.

Lucha de comunidad Las Mareas

Puerto Rico, 17.07.2011 19:35

Comunidad Las Mareas: Ejemplo de Lucha y Resistencia

Oxford's early summer round up

United Kingdom, 17.07.2011 16:37

Asylum has been high on the agenda recently as 24 Iraqi refugees went on hunger strike in Campsfield House. This was followed up with a blockade of Heathrow Airport [ 1 | 2 ] by No Borders.

Anti-military action has also been around recently. First, a group of Oxford-based campaigners managed to force the the British Government to admit that it was still training Bahraini officers, despite the brutality going on in that country as part of the 'Arab Spring.' This was followed by an apparently unconnected act of resistance against the military as the armed forces building in Oxford was daubed with red paint.

Fighting the cuts continued with the return of the Big Society Hospital, the launch of the Save Garsington Buses Campaign, and the continuing refusal of the City Council to listen to the public.

Education was on the agenda as activists told Grayling exactly want they thought of his plans for private universities, whilst locally based NGO - People & Planet published the Green League asking 'how green is your university?'

Climate change concerns raised their head again as the defendants from the Ratcliffe 114 (many from Oxford) launched an appeal against their convictions, and Oxford-based Campbell Road Productions announced their new film investigating the Tar Sands.

In other news, the summer also saw the fourth happening of the Oxford Radical Forum.

Don't forget to keep posting your news here on Oxford Indymedia.

La juventud en lucha y el PPT

Puerto Rico, 17.07.2011 15:23

Los ataques hacia la juventud y la construcción de un nuevo partido


Colombia, 17.07.2011 07:53

Reportback from Mt Pleasant vigil for Haitian immigrant killed by police

DC, 16.07.2011 18:25

Jean Louis, a long time Mt. Pleasant resident was killed on June 14th by DC police. He was reputed to have mental issues, but was armed only with a screwdriver killed by police. One month later, a vigil was held at the location where he was killed. Video featuring Jim Graham let's hold him to hist words!

Earth First! Dances on Governor's Table in Tar Sands Protest.

Portland, 16.07.2011 17:35

Helena, MT - On the morning of July 12th, six activists from Earth First! and Northern Rockies Rising Tide have risked arrest by occupying Governor Schweitzer's office in an act of non-violent civil disobedience. The activists have locked their arms in a mock oil pipeline made out of PVC plastic pipe. In the wake of the Silvertip spill, Governor Schweitzer has publicly chastised Exxon Mobil, while simultaneously continuing to promote the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, megaload shipments bound for the Alberta Tar Sands and other extreme fossil fuel projects throughout the state.

"If the Governor has his way, Montana will be transformed into what is essentially an energy extraction colony for Big Oil. The Silvertip spill is simply a short preview of what this would mean for the lives and livelihood of all Montanans," says Great Falls native Peter Dolan, one of the eight occupying the office. Activists wearing "lock boxes" at office of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. Activists inside the Capitol are also demanding that Schweitzer stand up to TransCanada and other international criminal organizations by publicly opposing Alberta Tar Sands exportation.

Full Story at:

Check out the [U Tube] video!

Memetic Cascadia (class 2) the History of Propaganda

Portland, 16.07.2011 16:59

Class Two (Monday July 18th 2011): In this session, we will explore the works of Edward Bernays and others. We will look at how psychology was used by various elite to control the "bewildered herd." We will examine how the very concept of democracy was undermine so as to shift societies from active citizenry to desire driven consumers. This "class" or actually "think tank" requires interaction between members within the group. This course is FREE as it is part of Portland Free School. The goal is to create a bioregional awakening (Cascadia) that becomes widespread and very contagious and then create a "culture of active social change.

For this class I request all to watch part one of Century of the Self [at:]

Portland State University Library
1875 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97201

'Só minimizo impacto', diz chefe do IBAMA

Brasil, 16.07.2011 13:51


Chicago Independent TV for July: Palestine/Walk With Israel, Immigration Myths, Single Payer

Chicago, 16.07.2011 06:06

The July 2011 episode of Chicago Independent Television features a protest staredown of Palestine supporters and the Walk for Israel in Chicago, a feature on debunking myths about undocumented immigration, and an interview with a member of the Chicago Single Payer Action Network about single payer health care in the United States.

Read more about Episode 69 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube | CITV on Free Speech TV | CITV on iTunes

Casa Pueblo en Florida

Puerto Rico, 16.07.2011 03:21

Optimista Casa Pueblo ante reunión con cuerpo de ingenieros en Florida

Gentech-Zentren (Lüsewitz/Üplingen) zerstört!

Germany, 15.07.2011 20:34

Ein Genversuchsfeld derKWS war schon im Juni beschädigt worden. Doch jetzt folgteein schwarzes Wochenende für die deutsche Gentechnikmafia: Ihrwichtigster Versuchsstandort am AgroBioTechnikum (Groß Lüsewitzund Sagerheide östlich von Rostock) und ihr Propagandagarten (Schaugarten Üplingen in der Börde) wurden von Unbekanntenweitgehend zerstört. Der Sachschaden geht in dieHunderttausende, denn hinter den Feldern stecken etliche Konzern- undSteuergelder – ergaunert durch Anträge voller Lügenund Fälschungen. Mit den Attacken geraten die Seilschaften derGentechnik erneut in den Fokus, haben die doch gerade bei den beidenbetroffenen Standorten ihre Finger im Spiel. Ihr Pech: Den offenbarsehr strategisch vorgehenden TäterInnen fielen auch brisanteDienstunterlagen in die Hände ...

En crisis la Tarjeta de Salud

Puerto Rico, 15.07.2011 17:59

Reaccionan ante descalabro de la Tarjeta de Salud

Finalmente Ustra - coronel ditador - será confrontado com as testemunhas da morte do jornalista Merlino

CMI Brasil, 15.07.2011 14:55


baner Zumba

Argentina, 15.07.2011 12:13

baner Zumba


NYC, 15.07.2011 04:12

New York's unionized construction workers didn't break the economy - but we're sure as hell being expected to pay for it!

California Prisoners' Hunger Strike, day 15th.

NYC, 15.07.2011 04:12

Nancy Kincaid, spokeswoman for federal prison health care receiver J. Clark Kelso, said nurses were making four cell checks per day on the hunger-striking inmates at Pelican Bay and other prisons.

Kincaid said one inmate required fluids and had been treated for dehydration, yet none had fallen gravely ill.

Doctors will not force-feed striking inmates, all of whom reserved the right to refuse meals and medical treatment, she said.

"They have the right to choose to die of starvation if they wish," Kincaid said.

Breaking: Public Safety Chair says &quot;The City of Rochester has lost control of its police force.&quot;

Rochester, 15.07.2011 00:45

On June 29, 2011, City Council member Adam McFadden wrote a memo to Mayor Thomas S. Richards, Police Chief James Sheppard, and City Council President Lovely A. Warren warning them that the "City of Rochester has lost control of its police force."

"From my first day in office almost eight years ago and long before I became Chair of City Council's Public Safety Committee, an overwhelming number of calls to my office were the complaints of private citizens about their treatment by the Rochester Police Department. The overwhelming majority of these complaints were made by people of color; and overwhelmingly, these complaints were ignored by various administrations and police chiefs," wrote McFadden.

Further down the memo, McFadden goes on to say that, "Our policing system is broken," and that "We are on the verge of a public safety disaster."

He called it "shameful" that the RPD has done little to "improve minority hiring practices."

The memo: Adam McFadden's memo to Mayor Richards, Chief Sheppard, and City Council President Warren

JPEGs of the memo: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Caso de bienes inmuebles en UPR

Puerto Rico, 14.07.2011 18:48

UPR: Comunidad universitaria diligencia orden contra demandados de la administración

Estudiantes en defensa de la EAP

Puerto Rico, 14.07.2011 16:57

En Riesgo la Autonomía Universitaria de la Escuela de Artes Plásticas

Crisis alimentaria en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 14.07.2011 15:31

Advierten que crisis alimentaria expone a miles de familias a pasar hambre


Athens, 14.07.2011 14:07

Η κρατική τρομοκρατιά ξαναχτυπά


Colombia, 14.07.2011 04:12

Nueva canción de Lady M

Puerto Rico, 14.07.2011 02:28

Esta voz gritará

Solidaridad con estudiantes de Chile

Puerto Rico, 13.07.2011 18:34

Convocan piquete en solidaridad con Paro Nacional en Chile

La Guerra Actual

Puerto Rico, 13.07.2011 17:59

La Guerra Actual

US Economic Crisis and the revolving dynamics of the classes

DC, 13.07.2011 14:15

There are two incontestable facts about the United States : the economy and the working class are experiencing a prolonged economic crisis which has lasted over three years and shows no signs of ending; there has been no major revolt, mass national resistance or even large scale protests of any consequence. Few writers have attempted to address this seeming paradox and those who do, have provided partial answers which in fact raise more questions than they answer. On June 8, 2001, after a seven-month trial, the Cuban Five were unjustly convicted in a courtroom in Miami. By the end of that month, the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five was formed, signaling the start of the political battle to free Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René. Shortly thereafter we produced the very first brochure (shown at right) explaining the case of the Five. Included in the brochure was the "Message to the American People", which the Cuban Five Heroes wrote together in Miami prison on June 17, nine days after their conviction. Since the start of that very first committee, hundreds of other committees have been formed around the world, and the struggle to free the Five continues.


Argentina, 13.07.2011 06:31

Denuncian a Gerardo Martínez, secretario general de la UOCRA, como personal civil de inteligencia durante la última dictadura


Argentina, 13.07.2011 06:31

Denuncian a Gerardo Martínez, secretario general de la UOCRA, como personal civil de inteligencia durante la última dictadura

Bussi y Menéndez fueron procesados como “partícipes necesarios” por la violencia de género

Argentina, 13.07.2011 03:02

La violencia de género como arma de tortura

Рабы и тунеядцы или Кто есть кто в Беларуси?

Belarus, 13.07.2011 02:43

Государство постоянно стремится доказать нам, что мы должны быть благодарны за то, как мы живем: мол, и медицина у нас бесплатная, и образование, и для работы все возможности. Реальную ситуацию власти никак не комментируют: то, что все больше людей вынуждены обращаться в платные клиники или пользоваться платными услугами государственных больниц, то, что количество студентов-платников вот-вот превысит количество обучающихся за счет бюджетных стредств, а плата за образование постоянно повышается и т.д.
Люди смутно догадываются, что деньги на дороги, автобусы, фонари и больницы берутся из наших налогов, но все равно не чувствуют себя хозяевами в стране. Почему в Минске освещаются даже крыши домов, а в близлежащих городах фонари горят через пять, хотя налоги и минчане, и провинциалы платят одинаковые, мы обсудим как-нибудь в другой раз. Сегодня нам более интересно, чем еще питается гидра власти и куда любит тратить эти деньги.

Сегодня ситуация в стране такова, что нарушением закона…

Outspoken Community Activist Passes Away

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.07.2011 02:20

Skidmark Bob writes: "With great sorrow I must report that local activist Richard Snow died over the weekend. According to Senior programs at Louden Nelson Community Center he died at a meditation retreat. He was an outspoken community activist and a regular listener of Free Radio Santa Cruz."

Bussi y Menéndez fueron procesados como “partícipes necesarios” por la violencia de género

Argentina, 13.07.2011 01:49

La violencia de género como arma de tortura

Bad Cop Santa Cruz to Report on Cops

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.07.2011 00:55

Bad Cop writes: "Bad Cop focuses on police accountability, know your rights education, and the dissemination of effective tactics to utilize while documenting police in Santa Cruz County. We seek to document the abuse of authority and highlight the double standard that some grant to those with badges. By documenting police actions - whether they are illegal, immoral or just a waste of time and resources - we encourage transparency and hold police accountable."

Read more | Bad Cop Santa Cruz

Debate sobre derechos y cultura

Argentina, 12.07.2011 21:50

Presentación del libro "Argentina Copyleft"

Recorrido en kayaks en Ceiba

Puerto Rico, 12.07.2011 20:43

Ecoturismo comunitario en Ceiba

Federal Court Rejects Media Consolidation in Prometheus vs. FCC

Portland, 12.07.2011 15:30

PHILADELPHIA - On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued its long-awaited verdict in Prometheus Radio Project v. the Federal Communications Commission, rejecting the FCC's attempt to further deregulate media ownership. The Court threw out FCC rules that would have allowed one company to own a newspaper and broadcast stations in the same market. The Court also upheld the FCC's other limits on local broadcast ownership, and agreed with Prometheus and other public interest groups that the FCC failed to consider the impact of its rules on women and people of color.

"We won on almost every point. This decision is a vindication of the public's right to have a diverse media environment," said Andrew Jay Schwartzman of Media Access Project, who argued the case on behalf of Prometheus. This is the second major victory this year for the Prometheus Radio Project, whose ten-year effort to pass legislation expanding community radio succeeded when President Obama signed the bipartisan Local Community Radio Act into law on January 4. The law will result in thousands of new community radio stations, and the FCC will be accepting applications for stations as early as next summer.


Argentina, 12.07.2011 14:58

Evo Morales paso por Córdoba

Entrega del Doctorado Honoris Causa

Argentina, 12.07.2011 14:16

Evo Morales paso por Córdoba

4 arrested at White House protest of Colombia free trade deal

DC, 12.07.2011 12:09

On the 11th of July, 4 people were arrested in front of the White House during a protest of the US/Colombia Free Trade Agreement that Obama may soon introduce to Congress. They stayed put after perhaps 100 people crossed from Lafayette Park to deliver 51 cardboard coffins to the street in front of the White House. Video-two speeches by Colombian trade unionists plus civil disobediance

Nuevo plan represivo de Santini

Puerto Rico, 12.07.2011 06:19

Fascismo democrático

Nombramientos en Educación

Puerto Rico, 12.07.2011 06:19

Depto. de Educación viola procesos de nombramientos y derechos de estudiantes

Video de La Perla y Ricardo Alegría

Puerto Rico, 12.07.2011 06:19

La Perla se Defiende y Despedida a Don Ricardo Alegría


Colombia, 12.07.2011 00:23

Proyecto para extraer arena en Piñones

Puerto Rico, 11.07.2011 22:39

Alarma ante proyecto de extracción de arena en Piñones, Loíza

Interview with a Young Greek Communist

Portland, 11.07.2011 16:36

The following is an interview with Melina, a twenty-one year old member of the KOE's youth organization (KOE, pronounced "Koy" on the streets of Greece, stands for Communist Organization of Greece). Melina comes from Patras, a city with an occupied square simlar to that of Athens. Patras is also home to great polarization around the question of immigrants in Greece.

 link to

The Man Who Never Died: The Life, Times, and Legacy of Joe Hill

Portland, 11.07.2011 16:36

Joe Hill "labor organizer, musician, song writer, revolutionary" was executed in 1915 by the state of Utah for a crime that many believe he did not commit. Now there's proof.

Big Bill Haywood used to call revolutionary industrial unionism, the organizing philosophy of the Industrial Workers of the World, "socialism with its working clothes on." Writing for the "International Socialist Review" from his prison cell, Joe Hill offered an example of such hands-on belief. Hill had recently arrived in Utah from the docks of California where many of the jobs were temporary. Therefore it was "to the interest of the workers 'to make the job last' as long as possible," Hill wrote in his article, "How to Make Work for the Unemployed."

Portland, 11.07.2011 16:36

Environmentalism is the defining issue of our times. The ecological crisis is touching all of our lives. The environmental movement is engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the forces of industry; at stake is the planet that gives us life.

Sycophantic environmentalists regularly dismiss the ELF as "ineffective" in the capitalist press. An odd invective indeed given that if we have different goals we are going to have different ideas of what "effective" means... The first guideline is "to inflict maximum economic damage to those who profit from the destruction and exploitation of the environment." This is the essence of ELF strategy, to force their targets to perform a cost benefit analysis, in which the target arrives at the decision that they should stop what they are doing because it is more expensive to continue than it would be profitable.

The ELF's greatest strength is that it cannot be physically destroyed, in past years the US government has had a certain amount of success in finding and imprisoning ELF soldiers. But ultimately it doesn't matter if they catch all members of the ELF because the group is not so much an organization as it is the living embodiment of an idea (the use of sabotage in defense of the Earth) and ideas cannot be jailed or killed.

Solidarity Actions for Assange. Extradition Appeal This Week.

United Kingdom, 11.07.2011 14:45

Julian Assange takes his appeal against extradition to Sweden to the High Court in London this Tuesday and Wednesday 12 and 13 July. Assange has been electronically tagged and required to sign on daily at a police station for over six months since being released from Wandsworth prison in December 2010 prior to the extradition hearing which took place in February this year. In the two weeks leading up to this appeal hearing, solidarity actions and events have taken place in London. Supporters of Julian Assange will maintain a presence outside the Royal Courts of Justice from 9am on Tuesday 12 July and throughout the two day appeal hearing. Please come and show your solidarity if you can, for an hour or two, a day or for the whole hearing.

Assange has been the victim of smear and character assassination in Britain, Sweden and in the US where there have been many calls for him to be killed including some by high profile political and media figures. There is plenty of evidence that the demand for Assange's extradition is politically motivated and part of an attempt to have Assange ultimately extradited to the US where he is likely to feel the full wrath of the Empire, an Empire comprehensively exposed by WikiLeaks revelations. His life and liberty are both at risk.

On the newswires (previous): Persecution of Assange | Statement of support from IMC Brazil | Analysis of case against Assange | Activist speaks out as Assange jailed | SchNEWS Feature | Free Assange! Hands off WikiLeaks! | Australians in London demand Assange's immediate release | Armed police called as Australians occupy Embassy | Solidarity at Australian Embassy | Report from Australian Embassy protest | Assange victim of politically driven bail decision | Assange released from custody; Manning buried alive | How they plan to break Manning to get Assange. How we plan to stop them | US demands Twitter account information | John Pilger's analysis | The Empire is trying to Transport Assange | International call-out: Free Manning! Free Assange! Free Speech! | Aussies go to High Commission for Assange | Extradition hearing resumes Friday, Manning's buried alive and we're on the streets | Anti-war solidarity with Assange | Catholic Workers blockade court after extradition verdict | Defend Julian Assange | Robert Stevens on WikiLeaks Witch-hunt | The Guardian's hatchet job on Assange | Assange receives gold medal for human rights |

On the newswires (re. current hearing): Call-out for support at extradition appeal | Call-out for solidarity protest in Dublin | Assange Subterranean Homesick Blues |

Elsewhere: 'Collateral Murder' footage of US war crimes released by WikiLeaks | WSWS: WikiLeaks founder jailed on bogus charges | WikiLeaks Central: Open letter to those inciting murder of Assange | Democracy Now: Feminists Debate allegations against Assange Part 1 | Part 2 | Media Lens - Collateral Damage: WikiLeaks in the Crosshairs | WSWS: Secret US Grand Jury to investigate Assange | Assange - Trial by Media in Sweden? | Pilger: How the so-called guardians of free speech are silencing the messenger |

Flash Mob Targets Hyatt Hotel

Boston, 11.07.2011 04:11

July 10, 2011 - Today at 5:00 PM, activists hit the Cambridge Hyatt with a flash mob protest to draw attention to the unfair labor practices of the hotel chain. Led by Boston Sass Attack, Boston's radical cheerleading squad, protesters performed a song and dance routine titled "Boycott Hyatt" to the tune of Beyonce's Single Ladies.

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