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Heridos y muertos en desalojo

Argentina, 28.07.2011 17:54

Desalojo de tierras en Libertador General San Martin / Jujuy


Argentina, 28.07.2011 16:34

La Primavera: los únicos acusados son los qom

Eliminación de permanencias a maestros

Puerto Rico, 28.07.2011 13:44

Inician consulta al magisterio para detener medidas abusivas del Secretario


Argentina, 28.07.2011 01:37


Argentina, 28.07.2011 01:37


Argentina, 28.07.2011 01:37


Argentina, 28.07.2011 01:37

Uruguay y Perú

Argentina, 28.07.2011 01:37


Argentina, 28.07.2011 01:37

Concluyó la primera jornada del juicio por lesbofobia

Starving for Justice-CA Prisonners Still Need Support

NYC, 27.07.2011 23:35

After three weeks of refusing meals, the prisoners at Pelican Bay started accepting food through their cell doors. It is certainly not a defeat. The prisoners' hunger strike allowed mass media and people around the USA to acknowledge the horror of solitary confinement, a major human rights abuse that needs to be stopped throughout the prisons industrial complex. Prison spokeswoman Terry Thornton says more than 400 inmates remain on hunger strike at the California State Prison in Corcoran, more than 100 at the California Correctional Institute in Tehachapi and about 29 at Calipatria State Prison.

Irish Political Prisoners Escalate Their Protest In Maghaberry

Ireland, 27.07.2011 21:51

After long history of resistance and broken agreem ...

Disabled and Proud March Through Downtown San José

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.07.2011 19:48

The Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SLIC) drew people from up and down the West Coast to its second annual Disability Parade and Festival in San José this year. Several hundred parade participants walked and rolled down N. First St. on Saturday morning, many with signs decrying proposed government budget cuts to social services.

Tim DeChristopher Solidarity Rallies in DC, elsewhere protest 2 year term for stopping oil/gas leases

DC, 27.07.2011 18:33

On the 26th of July. protesters showed up at the DC courthouse to show solidarity with Tim Dechristoper, who was sentenced at that very time to 2 years in prison for bidding against oil and gas companies for public land in the waning days of George W Bush's presidency. Video of the DC Solidarity protest intercut with scenes from Salt Lake City (sentencing)

Activists blockade Elliott State Forest in Coos County

Portland, 27.07.2011 18:26

From a media release: Early Tuesday morning a number of activists with Cascadia Forest Defenders, and Cascadia Earth First! unfolded a series of road blockades in the Elliott State Forest, located in Coos County, closing access points to timber sales along the west fork of the Millicoma River. The blockades consist of an array of Tree-sits and ground level locking devices. The activists are prepared to block logging in this sensitive eco-system for as long as necessary.

The sales are all slated for clear-cut logging, and are areas of native forest that have never before seen a chain saw. They exist on steep slopes where erosion from logging threatens to further damage Salmon habitat, as well as devastate already dwindling numbers of protected species such as the Marbled Murrelet and the Northern Spotted Owl.

"The Oregon Department of Forestry's 2011 Implementation Plan aims to increase clearcutting in the Elliot from 500 acre to 850 acres per year," says Meredith Cocks of Cascadia Forest Defenders. "The clearcutting in the Elliot is the worst in the state. They would never allow cuts like this on federal forest." ... "Some of the biggest trees in the state and some of the last native forests are on the chopping block here in the Elliot. Oregonians would be horrified if they saw the wholesale massacre that happens in this public lands year after year," says Ben Jones of Cascadia Forest Defenders.

Please see for regular updates on this developing situation.

“Después de la condena tenemos que seguir luchando”

Argentina, 27.07.2011 16:32

Concluyó la primera jornada del juicio por lesbofobia

Sec. de Educación visita Las Mareas

Puerto Rico, 27.07.2011 12:57

Secretario de Educación visita comunidad Las Mareas de Salinas

Resist the Dale Farm Eviction

United Kingdom, 27.07.2011 08:32

On 4 July 2011, some 90 families at Dale Farm, the UK's largest Traveller community, were hand-delivered a final notice of eviction giving families until midnight on 31 August to abandon their homes, or face their entire community being bulldozed. The central government and Basildon Council have set aside over £18m for the eviction battle that could last three weeks. It will be the biggest clearance of its kind, involving the ploughing up of 54 separate plots created on a former scrap-yard purchased by the Travellers ten years ago.

Urgent Call-out for Support: Supporters are urgently needed to help the community resist the eviction. Come to the camp for one of the activity weekends any Saturday between now and the end of August, and join Camp Constant from 27 August.

On the newswires: Dale Farm Info Night, 2 Aug, Bristol | Resist Ethnic Cleansing | Eviction notice served | Previous feature
Elsewhere: Dale Farm Travellers | The University of Esssex Human Rights Clinic | Susan Craig-Green, Advocacy Project

The Pink Ruler Boys, The Parking Violations Bureau, and a Tale of Corruption...

Rochester, 27.07.2011 02:21

I took in my somewhat crumpled ticket. It's taken me awhile to decide how to handle my anger over this petty bullying. Finally, with some good advice from Rochester Police Accountability Coalition friends, I pleaded not guilty and asked for the supportive deposition in the case so I could see how the cops had written their complaint. A hearing time was set for this afternoon and I was surprised to be called up in a matter of minutes. As you can see on the paper they handed me, the case was dismissed. "Good news!" the clerk exclaimed. Not because it was unjust. Not for illegal selective reinforcement. Not because the chief understood that his men were scoundrels, intimidating citizens doing nothing more than questioning injustice.

But because they wanted to hide the truth.

Video: Davy V. Exposes Rochester Police Intimidation Tactics in front of 285 Clarissa St.

Additional Information: Rochester Police Arrest Citizen for Taping Traffic Stop | Police Harass Community Members Attending Meeting in Support of Emily Good | Breaking: Public Safety Chair says "The City of Rochester has lost control of its police force."

[BH] Homens encapuzados armados ameaçam ocupação

Brasil, 27.07.2011 01:16


(SP) Copa para quem? Ato dia 30 de julho.

Brasil, 27.07.2011 01:16

Copa 2014

Solidarity and Action for Tim DeChristopher sentencing hearing

Portland, 26.07.2011 20:40

On July 26th, climate activist Tim DeChristopher will be sentenced at the Salt Lake City federal courthouse - after being found guilty of 2 federal felonies for peacefully disrupting an oil and gas lease auction. By raising his bidder paddle that day, Tim actually shed light on the illegality of a rushed auction, clearly a parting gift from the Bush administration to the fossil fuel industry.
Yet during his trial, Tim was was never allowed to tell the jury about the illegitimacy of the auction or about his attempts to raise the funds to pay for the land he had won. Furthermore, he was strictly forbidden from even mentioning climate change and the moral imperatives motivating his action!

Tuesday, July 26 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Pioneer Courthouse Square
700 SW 6th Ave in Portland

General information about Tim Dechristopher at:

Tim DeChristopher has been found guilty of two felonies by a jury that
wasn't allowed to hear his defense. He has ignored his legal team's
advice and remained outspoken about why it was necessary to stop an
illegal auction of our public lands to the fossil fuel industry. He
has used his platform to call others to action; to remain united and
powerful in the face of intimidation; to follow his lead.

&quot;Scleroderma? Yes, I know something about it.&quot;

Portland, 26.07.2011 17:17

More often than not, news of local scleroderma people in any Oregon newspaper is found only in the obituaries.

Unlike most of us, I know more about scleroderma than I ever desired or imagined. This autoimmune disease that touches an estimated 300,000 in America alone comes in two forms, localized and systemic, and generally afflicts four times as many middle-age women than men. Children, however, are not immune. [...]

Scleroderma affects everyone differently. My wife Fay has lived with the misery and pain of this disease for the past 20 years, manifesting itself in several ways, [...]

Scleroderma also means Fay has to avoid direct sunlight, as well as being hypersensitive to hot and cold extremes. Gloves are a constant, even during the summer when air conditioning gets really cranked up in many public venues. [...]

Although the Oregon chapter's volunteer activists regularly have to work through their own health challenges, they rarely tire or fail to remain optimistic. Only a few weeks after her surgeries, my wife Fay found the strength to meet with US Congressman Earl Blumenauer as part of an awareness team effort. Perhaps the most striking chapter example, though, is that of Maria Rivelli of Portland, organizer of the chapter's "Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma" benefit walk set for this July 30 in Multnomah Village and Gabriel Park.

Portland Joins Anti-HLS Global Day of Action – Friday, July 29th

Portland, 26.07.2011 17:17

Portland Joins Anti-HLS Global Day of Action - Friday, July 29th

On Friday, July 29th, PDX ADL and Anti-HLS PDX will join in the fight. HLS can only continue to torture and abuse animals if they have customers to pay for the experiments and we need to build on the pressure of the recessation and Fortress stopping their loan to HLS. Please continue to support the goals of closing this hell-hole down, together we can and will make a difference.

PDX Activists Join the SHAC Global Day of Action against customers of HLS

Lunch Time Demos
Meet Up - Friday July 29th at 12:30PM SHARP

Meet at Tom McCall Waterfront Park
on the SW Side of the Hawthorne Bridge near the brick outdoor theater

Demo locations will be announced during the meet-up solidarity discussion. Each demo will last approximately 30 minutes. Please bring comfortable walking shoes.

homepage: blocked by Multnomah County Library internet computers

Portland, 26.07.2011 17:17

Think it could only happen in Red China? Think again.
If you're not familiar with you should go there and look around. Every resource you can imagine for free.

I just went over to the Gresham Branch of Multnomah Library and tried to get on like I've been doing for years and got the message that the site was blocked by their "Commercial Filter".

NO. I did not forget to the check the NO FILTERING on login (Which should not have mattered anyway). Brought it to the librarian's attention, a pretty computer literate man, and showed him the problem. He was stumped and got his supervisor and she was stumped also. The said they would look into the problem. We will see what we will see and I will let you know the results later.

My concern was that if there is anywhere left for freedom and speech and information, it's I told the librarians that they too should be concerned and suggested take a look at when they go home and see if they can think of a reason for it being blocked.

Publica tu noticia

Argentina, 26.07.2011 14:18

Resumen de Noticias


Argentina, 26.07.2011 14:18

Concentración por justicia para Natalia

Video de implosión de Las Gladiolas

Puerto Rico, 26.07.2011 13:50

Derrumbe del residencial Las Gladiolas

Banner Drop In Solidarity with Seattle Anarchists

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.07.2011 07:12

Surf City Revolt writes: "There is something deeply troubling about the events in Seattle over the past couple of days. 26 comrades, anarchists of all kinds, were arrested. The first night was in what seems to be a coordinated attack by the police during a social gathering at a private residence. The second in a solidarity noise demonstration in which friends and comrades of those arrested the night before stood strong outside of the jail their friends were stuck in, making noise to show that those locked behind bars were not alone."

Implosión de Las Gladiolas

Puerto Rico, 26.07.2011 04:18

El fin de una etapa en Las Gladiolas

Ashland Annual Hiroshima/Nagasaki Vigil

Rogue Valley, 26.07.2011 04:18

Annual Hiroshima/Nagasaki Vigil to be held in Ashland, August 6-9

“Hiroshima to Fukushima – Lessons from Disaster”

Films, speakers, music, dance and the “Nuclear Maze”

The nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in northern Japan earlier this year and the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 66 years ago will be commemorated and the dangers of nuclear weapons and power plants displayed during the annual Hiroshima & Nagasaki Vigil in downtown Ashland from August 6 through 9. This will be the 26th year for the vigil in Ashland.

Prisoners' Hunger Strike Solidarity March in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.07.2011 22:24

On July 23rd, about twenty people rallied and marched in downtown Santa Cruz in solidarity with prisoners at Pelican Bay who have ended their hunger strike and declared it a success. Their act of refusing to eat for four weeks has put the issues of torturous isolation units and California's debriefing program in the international and national media, boosted a growing movement for the rights of prisoners, and is unifying prisoners of different racial groups for a struggle against their real and shared enemies: the unfair policies and practices of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

Ryan Harvey and Nomi in Santa Cruz and San Francisco

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.07.2011 21:07

Santa Cruz Indymedia & SubRosa are pleased to present Ryan Harvey from Baltimore, MD, an engaging folk singer, incredible story teller, organizer and writer. He will be joined by Nomi, a fabulous folk from the Bay. This event is a record/CD release tour for Ryan Harvey's new album "Ordinary Heroes." It starts at 8pm on Wednesday, July 27th at SubRosa in downtown Santa Cruz. Ryan and Nomi are performing on Thursday in San Francisco at a benefit event called Operation Recovery.


NYC, 25.07.2011 14:50

Call to Action - Sept. 17th

On September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices.

33 Aniversario de asesinatos en Cerro Maravilla

Puerto Rico, 25.07.2011 11:54

Exigen justicia para jóvenes asesinados en Cerro Maravilla

Video: Papa Murphy's Protest 2. - Portland Oregon pizza workers Rise Up

Portland, 25.07.2011 07:37

Filmed on July 22 2011 in Portland Oregon on NE 15th and Fremont This is the second protest that is been organized in the last month, regarding these pizza workers. Young people are standing publicly to expose the unfair treatment of workers at the pizza restaurant in their community. Demanding justice, the management ignores their demands. his is protest is number 2# outside Papa Murphy's Pizza on NE 15th and Fremont in Portland Oregon.

"Wanna Know what all the Fuss is? ... Were Standing up for Justice".

The 15 minute video of Protest #2 is on YouTube here:
Papa Murphy's Pizza Protest #2 Portland

The number of protesters grows to 5o at the height of their 4 hour protest on Friday July 22.

Over 200 hundred flyer's were handed out.

Food, chanting , speeching and community interaction.

Related links:
Protest Two announcement on PIMC
Protest One on PIMC

Report back for : Portland demonstration for the Spanish 12!

Portland, 25.07.2011 07:37

Report back for the demonstration that happened 7/23/11 as part of the International Day Against Repression of the Animal Rights Movement.

Yesterday in Portland, 14 activists came out to show their solidarity with the Animal Rights Activists in Spain on the International Day Against Repression of the Animal Rights Movement. Since we do not have a Spanish Consulate, we had a demonstration and did outreach in Pioneer Square, the city's centre. We handed out hundreds of fliers and talked to the public about the recent arrests and repression of the activists in Spain. Overall we had a great response.
In Solidarity!

Websites to check out:

Protest over the role played by TIAA-CREF in the Israeli occupation of Palestine

United States, 25.07.2011 07:26

Protesters discussed the role of investments in the Israeli occupation in Palestine in 100 degree heat.

Anarchist General Assembly (July 30th)

Portland, 25.07.2011 05:20

Call for anarchists of all stripes to assemble on Saturday July 30th at 6pm at the BlackRose infoshop. General assembly from 6-8 followed by capture the flag in the park!

For the past year there has been a lack of discussion throughout the body of the Portland anarchist community. Without the intensity of events to propel us toward gathering and communicating we have let our cohesion whither and return to a state of disinterested and fractional friend groups. This meeting is being called to reaffirm our interest in a broader anarchist community, and cooperation within it.

Aniversario de invasión yanqui a Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 25.07.2011 03:02

Solidaridad desde Panamá con la lucha por la independencia de PR

Fairford Air Tattoo - Scarring for Life

United Kingdom, 24.07.2011 20:09

Gloucestershire's skies were darkened again by the Royal International Fairford Air Tattoo as some of the world's worst climate criminals and human rights abusers compared their best killing machines. This is an event about the glorification of everything that a civilised society should feel repelled about. Despite this, virtually every single newspaper, TV and radio show lavished it with praise. In so doing, they justified the entertainment budgets that the military industrial complex lays on at our expense.


Protests Against Police Brutality Spread Across Central Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.07.2011 18:57

This week, protests took place in Stockton, Manteca, and Sacramento around incidents of police brutality and murder. On July 19th, family, friends, and community members marched on the Manteca City Council, demanding answers concerning the shooting death of Ernesto Duenez Jr. In Sacramento on July 20th, people rallied against Sacramento police who brutality beat one man while responding to a fight. On July 22nd, family members, friends, and supporters demonstrated against the brutal shooting death of James Rivera in 2010. Protesters rallied outside of the Stockton Police Department HQ and then proceeded to march through Downtown Stockton to the DA's office.

Shell Starts Work on Onshore Pipeline for Corrib Gas Project

Ireland, 24.07.2011 16:21

Come up to Mayo! Friday 22nd July Shell brough ...

Building Bridges Radio: The Chronic Black Unemployment Crisis

NYC, 24.07.2011 16:12

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

Looking at:
+ how even though the Labor Department released the latest figures on unemployment and payrolls, the figures were dismal for the working class, however what isn’t delineated & probed within that general dilemma is the unemployment rate for black workers, almost double the percent rate for the rest of the population...

+ the acclaimed public intellectual and author of "Democracy Matters" and "Race Matters", Cornel West, as he spoke recently at a youth teach-in continues to stir us to organize.

South Africa: ANC Frame-Up of Abahlali baseMjondolo Militants Thrown Out of Court

NYC, 24.07.2011 16:12

In September 2009 Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM) were attacked by an armed ANC mob in the Kennedy Road land occupation in Durban, South Africa. After the attack 12 members of the movement were arrested and charged with a range of offenses including murder. All charges against the 12 comrades have now been thrown out of court and the state severely censured by the judge for an obvious attempt at a frame up.

Hip-Hop huelguista desde la UPR

Puerto Rico, 24.07.2011 12:36

Precinto 801

SFPD Kill Kenneth Harding After Fare Inspection

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.07.2011 09:06

Nineteen year-old Kenneth Harding was approached by San Francisco police officers doing fare inspections on the Muni platform at Third and Palou on Saturday, July 16th, 2011. Within a half block of running from police through a plaza, he was shot down on Oakdale Street and left to bleed to death as police offered no medical assistance and crowd-control police arrived to hold back a growing mass of angry residents well before any emergency paramedics reached the area. Numerous gatherings, marches, rallies, and vigils have challenged SFPDs evolving version of events and protested police who continue to kill with impunity.

Allston DIY Fest a Success

Boston, 24.07.2011 02:14

The 2011 Allston DIY Fest came off with hardly a hitch today. Featuring live music, workshops, a really, really free market, and vegan meals from Food Not Bombs, the festival brought punks, hippies and other Allston residents to Ringer Park for an afternoon of fun unencumbered by authoritarians.

Borran mural de Filiberto en la UPR

Puerto Rico, 24.07.2011 01:14

Denuncian vandalismo del mural de Filiberto Ojeda Ríos en la UPR

En contra de la violencia hacia las mujeres lesbianas

Argentina, 23.07.2011 16:29

Movilización por Natalia

Why was Johntue Caldwell, Oscar Grant's best friend, murdered?

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2011 05:54

Oscar Grant's best friend, Johntue Caldwell, 25, was shot dead in his Cadillac on July 15, 2011. He was the godfather of Oscar Grant's daughter, Tatiana, and was one of the young men on the Fruitvale BART platform on January 1st, 2009 when Oscar Grant was killed. Johntue Caldwell was unarmed and killed at a Hayward gas station at around 5:35 p.m., when "someone" walked up to his car and fired several times at him. His assailant has not been identified or located yet. He leaves behind two young sons.

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