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Cynthia McKinney in Vancouver, B.C. Tuesday 8/9: Report from Libya

Portland, 06.08.2011 20:48

A special public event and discussion with Cynthia McKinney, former US Congresswoman for 6 times and Green Party Presidential candidate in 2008. Currently Cynthia is on a 19 city tour across the US, which includes a lone stop in Canada, in Vancouver, to talk about her recent fact finding mission to Libya on the impacts of the US/Canada/NATO War in Libya and Africa. The 19 city tour is organized by the International Action Center ~ IAC ( ), with collaboration of Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) in Vancouver.

TUESDAY August 9 @ 7:00pm
Vancouver Heritage Hall
3102 Main St. (at 15th Ave.)
[Vancouver, B.C. - CANADA]

MAWO ~ Mobilization Against War & Occupation
P 604-322-1764 || F 604-322-1763

Amnesty International Launches Global Angola 3 Campaign

New Orleans, 06.08.2011 17:55

Amnesty International Launches Global Angola 3 Campaign

Did New Orleans Media Ignore Police Violence After Hurricane Katrina?

New Orleans, 06.08.2011 17:55

Did New Orleans Media Ignore Police Violence After Hurricane Katrina?

Danziger Officers Found Guilty - Statements of Madison Family

New Orleans, 06.08.2011 17:55

Danziger Officers Found Guilty - Statements of Madison Family

Hundreds block 8th st protesting Wal-Mart at their lobbying HQ

DC, 06.08.2011 14:40

On August 5, hundreds of people from Walmart Watch, Making Change at Walmart, Jobs with Justice, and Respect DC blocked 8th st in front of Wal-Mart's DC lobbying headuarters. Wal-Mart, knowing they wanted to deliver a petition for a community benefits agreement, simply ran away, closing the office at 1 PM. (video will be uploaded tomorrow)

Tormenta Emily

Puerto Rico, 06.08.2011 04:00

Ensayo de catástrofe en Puerto Rico

Drought and Death in the horn of Africa

NYC, 05.08.2011 15:24

29,000 dead. 12 million at risk from East Africa famine. And the world does nothing

Respuesta del CAH a Chaar

Puerto Rico, 05.08.2011 08:38

Respuesta particular (e inconclusa) al texto ''Cartografía de un movimiento estudiantil''

New Prison Action News Out

Boston, 04.08.2011 17:06

Download the PDF

Video/Photos--Boston Protests Cuts To Social Programs In US Deficit Budget

Boston, 04.08.2011 16:27

A small but intense group of progressive activists protested Congress' and Obama's deficit social programs cuts; in front of the JFK Federal Building where Republican Senator Scott Brown's office is located in Boston, Mass. Video:


Argentina, 04.08.2011 03:50

La lesbofobia apuntó, Daniel Torres disparó

El lunes se conocerá la sentencia

Argentina, 04.08.2011 00:43

La lesbofobia apuntó, Daniel Torres disparó

RAMPS treesit update: One arrested, one holding out, mine still shut down

DC, 03.08.2011 16:17

On August 2, after two weeks of being hammered by record, global-warming driven heat and storms, one of the two treesitters blocking blasting at the Bee Tree Surface Mine (MTR coal) in West Virginia has descended.

Entrevista al dirigente boricua Edwin Rodríguez

Puerto Rico, 03.08.2011 14:23

Resistencia Deportiva: Entrevista a Edwin Rodríguez

Solidarity and Support Needed at Huntington Lane Protest Camp

United Kingdom, 03.08.2011 08:28

The protest camp at Huntington Lane near Wellington in Shropshire, which has been protecting woodland in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) against the ravages of UK Coal since March 2010 and preventing the building of a road which would give access to a second area for opencast mining, has been on eviction alert since court papers were served on 15 July and has issued a call-out and invitation for new people to get involved in defending the site. More people are urgently needed to stay on site ready to resist any eviction attempt, as well as people to visit for a few hours or days to show support and carry out solidarity actions.

On the newswires: Don't Quarry - Be Happy! | Peace News Camp Visit to Huntington Lane | Huntington Lane Facing Eviction - An Invitation | Court Papers Served - Eviction Imminent | Activists stop work at Huntington Lane
Elsewhere: Protest Camp Website | Directions and Maps

Se conmemoraron tres años del ataque a chicos en situación de calle

Argentina, 03.08.2011 05:58

Jornada por la niñez en La Plata

Fuerte respaldo a la lucha por la niñez

Argentina, 03.08.2011 05:23

Jornada cultural a 3 años de la golpiza en Plaza San Martin

From The Trenches Radio for July: Mujica on immigration, Scahill on foreign policy

Chicago, 03.08.2011 04:02

The July 2011 episode of From The Trenches, the monthly radio program of Chicago Indymedia, features immigration rights activist and organizer Jorge Mujica in an interview recorded on Mayday 2011, and a recent speech by journalist and author Jeremy Scahill on U.S. foreign policy.

Download July 2011 episode | Chicago Indymedia's radio page | CIMC / FTT Radio podcast feed | From The Trenches on iTunes

Organizadxs y en las calles

Argentina, 03.08.2011 00:19

Пикет анархистов в Тель-Авиве.

Belarus, 02.08.2011 20:47

Солидарность не знает границ. Пикет анархистов в Тель-Авиве.

Вечером в среду из жаркого Тель-Авива были слышны песни Цоя в знак солидарности с белорусским народом. Израильскими анархистами был проведен пикет/концерт возле белорусского посольства, в поддержку белорусских граждан решивших сказать ”Нет” режиму Лукашенко, а так же с требованиями освобождения белорусских анархистов

Мы требуем освобождения политзаключённых анархистов! В солидарности наша сила!

Революционная конфедерация анархо-синдикалистов им. Н. И. Махно. Израиль.

Se realizarón marchas en todo el país

Argentina, 02.08.2011 20:28

Enégico repudio contra la represión en Libertador Gral. San Martín

Se realizarón marchas en todo el país

Argentina, 02.08.2011 20:28

Enégico repudio contra la represión en Libertador Gral. San Martín

Пикет анархистов в Тель-Авиве.

Belarus, 02.08.2011 20:06

Солидарность не знает границ. Пикет анархистов в Тель-Авиве.

Вечером в среду из жаркого Тель-Авива были слышны песни Цоя в знак солидарности с белорусским народом. Израильскими анархистами был проведен пикет/концерт возле белорусского посольства, в поддержку белорусских граждан решивших сказать ”Нет” режиму Лукашенко, а так же с требованиями освобождения белорусских анархистов

Мы требуем освобождения политзаключённых анархистов! В солидарности наша сила!

Революционная конфедерация анархо-синдикалистов им. Н. И. Махно. Израиль.

Juicio al gatillo fàcil y repudio a la represiónn

Argentina, 02.08.2011 17:52

Repudian presidente UPR en Rep. Dominicana

Puerto Rico, 02.08.2011 17:20

Rep. Dominicana: Repudian presencia de presidente UPR en la UASD

Forest Defensers Lockdown In Oregon Dept. of Foresty Office

Portland, 02.08.2011 04:54

forest defenders lock themselves inside oregon department of forestry office in protest of new clear cut plan

August 1, 2011

Mollala, OR- As a culmination of the annual Trans and Womyn's Action
Camp, activists occupied the regional Oregon Department of Forestry office.
Three members of the camp have locked themselves together inside the
office using modified pipes. Currently the trio is refusing to leave
until the Oregon Department of Forestry revoke their support for the
2011 Elliott State Forest Management Plan.

Today is the last opportunity for citizens to comment on the plan.
Activists involved in the action criticized the plan for opening up
areas to logging which were previously off limits. They also
criticized the plan for increasing clear cutting to boost local
timber jobs while not making any decisive moves to regulate or even
monitor the large timber export industry which ships logs and jobs

Meredith Cocks of Portland, OR said, "It's absolutely devastating to walk
into the middle of a clearcut in the Elliott and know that after decades
of fighting for forest protection this sort of logging is still accepted
on public lands. This is some of our last intact coastal rainforest, a
precious place that deserves our respect, not to be decimated by the ODF."

Onsite Press Contact: Maya Andrews (413)695-2249
Offsite Press Contact: Timothy Swenson (703)994-6359

Related PIMC links:

Jail Support needed:

Eviction Blockade Successful, At Least Until Tomorrow

Boston, 02.08.2011 02:21

Over 100 people gathered at 197 Normandy St. at noon to stand with Drusilla Francis. We chanted and sang and gave testimony. The constable summoned the police to arrest people blocking the door. The police, to their credit, asked the constable for papers showing he had the right to evict that day. He did not have such papers. The eviction was called off for today! As Melonie said in summation, this would NOT have happened without the boisterous protest we mounted today.


Colombia, 01.08.2011 23:02

Dredging Up the Past on Police Union President Mike Mazzeo

Rochester, 01.08.2011 20:17

Police union president Mike Mazzeo is no stranger to police corruption, the violation of citizens' civil rights, or media attention. Back in the late 80s and early 90s Mazzeo was a vice squad officer with the Highway Interdiction Team—a squad that used to rough up and bust up alleged low-level drug dealers. For all of his trouble, he and five other officers—including the police chief—were federally indicted on 19 counts alleging police brutality, conspiracy to violate the civil rights of suspects, embezzlement, falsification of government documents, falsification of employee time cards and other corruption. While he and his four colleagues were acquitted, officer after officer—in both high and low places in the RPD—admitted to the same abuse of power that Mazzeo was charged with. In today's world, when one sees our bold police union president rattling off his rendition of events and forcefully grasping his podium at the Locust Club, it just makes good sense to hear everything he says "with a grain of salt."

Additional Information:
Rochester Police Arrest Citizen for Taping Traffic Stop | Police Union Responds to Good Case with Inaccuracies; Bars Indymedia Access | Breaking: Public Safety Chair says "The City of Rochester has lost control of its police force."

Other Investigations into Police Misconduct and Conspiracy: Historic conviction of cop torturer only partial justice, say activists | "Kicking The Pigeon"—a 17-part series on police corruption and brutality in Chicago | Q&A: Feds Investigating Portland Police Department | New Orleans police face trial in post-Katrina killings | Feds launch investigation of Newark police dept. | San Francisco District Attorney’s Office turns police investigation over to feds | Feds launch civil rights investigation of Seattle Police

Prometheus Radio Project in Portland

Portland, 01.08.2011 17:56

Prometheus's National Organizer Jeff Rousset is arriving in Portland Monday. Jeff and Prof. Steve Levinson will be talking with groups in the region about the chance to start a low power community radio station.
If you want to learn about the opportunity to start a station then please RSVP by email to Jeff (, cell: 845-642-8145) for one of the following events. If you can't make either of these you can email or call Jeff to set up a meeting, speaking engagement, or workshop.

Tuesday 8/2, 10am @ Sisters of the Road, 133 NW Sixth, Portland, OR (see map), with Jenka Soderburgh of KBOO (Portland full power community station)

Thursday 8/4, 4pm, @ Helios 120 W. Broadway, Eugene, OR

Thursday 8/4, 7pm @ CALC 458 Blair Boulevard, Eugene, OR

Wednesday 8/10, 6pm @ Hollow Earth Radio, 2018 E. Union St., Seattle, WA

Contact us to set up more events!
Prometheus Radio Project
P.O. Box 42158
Philadelphia, PA 19101
United States

One million deported by Barack Obama: immigration religious leaders and Congressman Luis Gutierrez arrested at White House

DC, 01.08.2011 04:07

July 27: Congressman Luis Gutierrez and ten immigrant rights activists and religious leaders were arrested at the White House, for protesting against mass deportations and incarcerations of immigrants, being executed by the Obama administration. Since Barack Obama took office in 2008, more than one million migrant workers and their families have been incarcerated and deported. Most of them had no criminal records, whatsoever. President Obama doesn’t intend to stop his repressive policies, thus really tough times are coming ahead for our immigrant communities. ONE MILLION workers, parents, students, veterans and children have been imprisoned and deported since 2008 in the United States by Homeland Security Department. Ice Total Removals

200 pro-choice supporters, NO anti's at Dr Carhart's clinic on Day 1

DC, 01.08.2011 04:07

On July 31, just under 200 people participated in the "Summer of Choice" kickoff walk, a fundraising walk around the area of Dr Carhart's clinic in Germantown, MD. No anti-choicers seemed to be present. Video of the kickoff/fundraising pro-choice walk

Campamento de La Perla

Puerto Rico, 31.07.2011 20:17

Campamento de Verano: "La Perla no se deja"

Jornada de la APDN

Argentina, 31.07.2011 07:21

A tres años del ataque en Plaza San Martin a chicos y chicas

Análisis sobre Barea

Puerto Rico, 31.07.2011 04:28

Barea y la desesperanza de un pueblo

Problemas con transporte marítimo

Puerto Rico, 31.07.2011 03:47

Nueva crisis de barcos de carga de islas municipales

El lunes continua el juicio

Argentina, 31.07.2011 03:39

Justicia para Natalia Gaitán

Soon To Be Displaced Residents Protest Outside of Housing Authority

United States, 30.07.2011 20:14

As Ed Bland arrived at work on Wednesday morning, July 27, 2011, he was greeted by a group of protesters. Residents at two public housing units, Dunbar Court and Joann Dorsey Homes, stood outside of the offices Champaign County Housing Authority calling on Bland, executive director, to answer their questions. They chanted, “Mr. Bland, What’s Your Plan?” The coming demolition of Dunbar and Dorsey signals the end of traditional public housing in Champaign-Urbana.


Athens, 30.07.2011 14:59

Εκκένωση της πλατείας Συντάγματος


Athens, 30.07.2011 06:35

Εκκένωση της πλατείας Συντάγματος

Building Bridges Radio: Nurses Prescribe Tax Wall Street to Heal America

NYC, 30.07.2011 05:52

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

Nurses Say Lady Liberty Is Sick, But A Wall Street Financial Speculation Tax Could Heal Her

Marching with S.A.M.E. at the San Diego Pride Parade

LA, 30.07.2011 05:17

A lot of progressive Queers and Queer-friendly allies have written off the annual Pride events as overly commercial, corporate and mainstream. But that's not what it felt like to me when I marched with the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (S.A.M.E.) in San Diego's Pride Parade July 16. In a mixed contingent that also included members of the Bradley Manning Support Group and the International Socialist Organization, I felt like part of a movement, participating in an island of militant political awareness that asserted the values on which Pride was founded that have largely got lost in the overall celebration.

Story and photos: Marching with S.A.M.E. at the San Diego Pride Parade by Mark Gabrish Conlan/Zenger's Newsmagazine

Marcha nacional en repudio a la represión y asesinatos en Jujuy

Argentina, 29.07.2011 21:05


Athens, 29.07.2011 18:28

Εισβολή εκκένωσης στην κατάληψη Σκαραμαγκά και επανακατάληψή της

Mudan campamento de San Sebastián

Puerto Rico, 29.07.2011 16:40

Vecinos de San Sebastián mudan campamento a oficina de permisos

GOP Budget bill torn up, teabag burned at Capitol Hill debt ceiling protest

DC, 29.07.2011 14:23

On July 28, unions and even Democratic members of Congress spoke out at a Capitol Hill rally opposing GOP plans for force a massive austerity program down everyone's throat in the place of taxing the rich. Video highlights including both the bill being torn up and the teabag burning

Banner Drop in Solidarity with Comrades in Seattle

Portland, 29.07.2011 03:33

Hey Seattle, We dropped off this 18 foot banner for you before the morning commute. Hope it brightens your day. Glad you're out!

Special thanks to the SCPD for donating materials.

Solidarity with prisoners everywhere, - some santa cruz anarchists

Video Report Back: Portland Solidarity and Action for Tim DeChristopher

Portland, 29.07.2011 03:33

Portland Solidarity and Action event supporting Tim DeChristopher sentenced to a two year Federal prison term for bidding on Bush Administration BLM oil and gas contracts, thereby stalling their sale until the Department of Justice found that the sale was illegal. The sale was eventually rescinded by the Obama Administration.


This action was in solidarity with other actions across the country, including Salt Lake City Utah, where the sentencing took place.
In Portland a handful of supporters met at Pioneer Square, walking across the street to Pioneer Courthouse to hold a vigil and educate citizens about the issue.

Event Facebook Page; Event organized by Peaceful Uprising | | Activist gets 2 years prison for thwarting auction

For further information on Tim DeChristopher.

The following is an update by

Tim's Sentencing Statement - This is What Hope Looks Like

represion y muerte en ledesma

Argentina, 29.07.2011 03:03

Heridos y muertos en desalojo

Argentina, 28.07.2011 18:30

Desalojo de tierras en Libertador General San Martin / Jujuy

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