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fábricas autogestionadas

Argentina, 24.11.2004 15:39

fábricas autogestionadas de Andres Lofiego

ΕΣΤΙΑ Δ' - ΤΕΙ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ: Η κατάσταση στο απροχώρητο

Thessaloniki, 24.11.2004 15:28

Κατάληψη διαρκείας στην Εστία των ΤΕΙ

N27 Squat For Housing

Maritimes, 24.11.2004 14:23

N27 Squat For Housing

SOA Action

Maritimes, 24.11.2004 14:02

School of Americas Action:
Protesting School of Assassins

CWI statement on resignation of Sheridan as SSP convener

Ireland, 24.11.2004 13:16

Philip Stott, cwi Scotland Scottish socialist Party (SSP) members were stunned to learn of the resignation of Tommy Sheridan as national convenor of the party on Wednesday 10 November. ...

Civil Servants Transported!

Ireland, 24.11.2004 12:52

Minister for Finance publishes two reports from Decentralisation Implementation Group The Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Cowen T.D., today (24 November 2004) published two reports submitted to him by the Decentralisation Implementation Group (DIG) chaired by Mr Phil Flynn. The recommendations in both reports have been accepted by the Government. ...

Critical Mass 9th Birthday

Melbourne, 24.11.2004 12:51

Police to Mount Massive Operation Against Critical Mass

Civil strife feared in Ukraine as 200,000 join protest

Ireland, 24.11.2004 10:15

"on the brink of civil conflict" Ukraine's opposition leader Mr Victor Yushchenko warned yesterday that the country was "on the brink of civil conflict" as 200,000 supporters jammed the centre of the capital Kiev to protest against disputed presidential election results. ...

Anti-war Protestor Cleared

Melbourne, 24.11.2004 09:23

Peace Activist Acquitted


San Diego, 24.11.2004 07:00

Do you listen to pirate radio in San Diego? Do you appreciate commercial free, honest, real radio from real people like you? Do you like hearing anti-war voices on the FM dial?


Colombia, 24.11.2004 05:49

Nov. 30 - Dic. 4:
Sexta ronda de "negociaciones" del TLC en Tucson

All the Fixin's But No Turkey on a &quot;Cruelty-free&quot; Thanksgiving Table

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 05:10

Vegetarians to Celebrate Thanksgiving Turkey-free

Programa de Actuação para Reduzir a Dependência de Portugal face ao petróleo

Portugal, 24.11.2004 03:52

Programa de Actuação para Reduzir a Dependência de Portugal face ao petróleo

Wednesday peace vigil

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 24.11.2004 03:25

Wednesday peace vigil Wednesday, November 24, 2004 4:30 - 5:30PM Lake Street/Marshall Ave. Bridge Over the Mississippi River between Minneapolis & St. Paul.

HIMC radio program exceeds goals!

Houston, 24.11.2004 03:22

Houston Indy Media Center Radio Program scores during KPFT pledge drive

Prison conference excludes ex-prisoners

Michigan, 24.11.2004 02:15

DETROIT — The only people missing from the panels of illustrious scholars, politicians and law enforcement officials at a national conference on reforming the U.S. criminal justice system Nov. 16 in Detroit were those most affected: prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families.

Sponsored by Wayne County Community College in collaboration with The Detroit News, WDIV Channel Four and the City of Detroit, the sparsely-attended conference was invitation-only.

Endangered species to be used as State Fair side show

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 01:48

Elephant Rides Proposed in Sacramento

Endangered species to be used as State Fair side show

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 01:48

Elephant Rides Proposed in Sacramento

Glorifying the Europeans, it accepts the oppression of people of color

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2004 01:28

Rethinking the Thanksgiving Holiday

Officer Mike Smith Fatally Shoots Bank Robbery Suspect

Portland, 23.11.2004 23:06

Officer (Ofc.) Mike Smith of the Portland Police Bureau fired 4 shots on monday morning wounding and eventually killing a bank robbery suspect. Four officers were involved in the confrontation. Ofc. Mike Smith did not carry a Taser, and it is unclear at this time if any of the other officers at the scene had a Taser availiable. [ read more and discuss... ]
previous feature & story: Report on Police Shooting in NE Today Officer involved Shooting Info. pulled out of Quick Phone interview with P.P.B. P.I.O. B.S

copwatch: Portland Copwatch I CopWatch Explosion in the U.S.A.

portland police deck: Version 2.0 I other stories

UPDATE: Emergency Planning for Bush Visit

Maritimes, 23.11.2004 21:27

UPDATE: Meetings being held across Canada for local action and in Ottawa

City plays catch-up with Boston's bicycle activists

Boston, 23.11.2004 21:23

Back in September city councilors appeared surprised by the number of attendees at a hearing for crosswalk safety and the amount of anger they brought to the meeting. After last nights hearing, called to consider both bike safety in general and the appointment of a “bike czar” for the city, they should now realize that they have awoken a sleeping monster. Activists and citizens packed the Ianella chamber and instead of a line of individuals sounding off the hearing began with a well-organized power point presentation to the councilors by an informal organization of bicyclists and pedestrians. A comprehensive bike safety plan was requested and drawn out in detail for the councilors.

Soldier Opposes Unofficial Draft Policy

Tennessee, 23.11.2004 21:11

This press release is about my refusal to go fight in the Iraqi war. I was recently visited by the Knoxville City Police but was not arrested as there was no warrant out for me. It seems my unit hasn't reported me missing yet.

No Bush -- No APEC

Colombia, 23.11.2004 20:18

Nov 17 -22: ChIle protestó contra Bush y la APEC

Nederlands Sociaal Forum in teken van antiracisme

Netherlands, 23.11.2004 20:11

In de Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam vindt komend weekend het Nederlands Sociaal Forum plaats [ voorbeschouwend artikel, video en audio ]. Onder de leus "een andere wereld is mogelijk" wil het NSF mensen bij elkaar brengen die zich verzetten tegen neoliberale globalisering, oorlog en tegen alle vormen van uitsluiting en achterstelling, maar dat valt in de praktijk van het Sociaal Forum nogal mee.

Zo zegt het Sociaal Forum ernaar te streven een ontmoetingsplek te zijn voor allen die zich wil inzetten voor een "andere globalisering". Het organiseren van een workshop op het NSF stond weliswaar open voor alle organisaties, maar wel tegen betaling. Ook als een organisatie de NSF-oproep wilde ondertekenen moest daarvoor betaald worden, net als de entree. Zo laagdrempelig is het NSF dus niet.

Op de lijst van ondertekenaars preek tot vandaag de multinational uit de reisindustrie Thomas Cook, maar dat blijkt een hoax te zijn geweest.

De totstandkoming van het Sociaal Forum ging dan ook niet zonder slag of stoot.

Nederlands Sociaal Forum in teken van antiracisme

Netherlands, 23.11.2004 20:11

Dutch Social Forum and its discontents

Aquí se tortura

Euskal Herria, 23.11.2004 19:00

Una vez más, la incomunicación a la que se le ha sometido a las diversas personas detenidas en las ultimas semanas ha dado lugar a una serie de denuncias de torturas. Así lo ha hecho saber recientemente Torturaren Aurkako Taldea. La ley de enjuiciamiento criminal , que permite la incomunicación por periodos de 120 horas, se ha venido utilizando para someter a interrogatorios con sospechas de torturas, con algunas condenas firmes, y así lo denuncian los informes de Amnistía Internacional, el Relator de la ONU contra la Tortura, y el CPT.

Esta situación es conocida por médicos forenses, abogados de oficio, jueces de la Audiencia Nacional, periodistas y muchos de los presuntos defensores del los derechos humanos, pero nada se hace para erradicarla. Los últimos testimonios recogidos son de Aitziber Sagarminaga, Gaizka Larrinaga, Andoni Cobos e Izaskun Villanueva.

Más información: | Dossier Gara| | Amnistía Internacional| |TAT| |Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de Euskal Herria|.

Desde la verde cordillera

Argentina, 23.11.2004 18:49

Martes 23 de Noviembre 2004 | REPRESAS EN EL PUELMAPU
Desde la verde cordillera

Desde la verde cordillera

Argentina, 23.11.2004 18:38

Martes 23 de Novimebre de 2004
Desde la verde cordillera

New Hampshire recount update from Nader campaign

Portland, 23.11.2004 18:26

In a letter we received on Friday, the Secretary of State of New Hampshire has required us to provide $12,000 by this Wednesday to continue the next phase of the recount effort. We plan to send the requested funds in the next day. The next phase of our recount in New Hampshire will begin on November 29 and should take two days to complete. We will report the outcome to you early next week.

Like many Americans we have questions about the vote for president in 2004. There are more irregularities reported every day. We have been closely following these reports, especially in Ohio and Florida.

Nader-Camejo believes every vote should be counted correctly. Unlike the Democratic Party's abdication here, those are not just words for us - they require action to ensure every vote - be it write-in, provisional, absentee, paper or electronic -- is counted regardless of whether it affects outcomes at the national, state and local levels. Therefore, we are looking at reports of irregularities in the vote count not just in New Hampshire but in other states to determine what steps, if any, are possible or required to protect the vote.


previous: [ Nader volunteers work on New Hampshire recount (11/18/04) | Nader/Camejo Challenge Electronic Voting Results in New Hampshire (11/6/04) ]

J20 Anti-Inauguration in Portland! Dec. 5th Spokescouncil -- visit

Portland, 23.11.2004 16:57

NEW Portland Anti-Inauguration Day of Action organizing Website ONLINE now ---!
Spokescouncil planning meeting at Liberty Hall: Sunday December 5th -- Noon.

Whether you're a progressive democrat, a green party activist, a secessionist, or an anarchist one thing should be clear: the Bush cadre is our greatest enemy. No hope for improving, changing, or eliminating the current system can exist as long as they hold power.

On January 20th people around the country and the planet will be organizing a day to fully manifest the ongoing and daily growing resistance to their global tyranny. Through both street protests and autonomous, decentralized direct action around Portland, let's mark the inauguration with a day that challenges of the supremacy of the Empire.

Let this day serve as a wake up to liberals, Democrats, and others opposing Bush: the time for escalating resistance is upon us. This day will not be a about a singular protest in the streets, but about creating a rallying cry for the long struggle ahead of us.

Another revolution in Ukraine?

Ireland, 23.11.2004 16:55

The road to democracy in Eastern Europe has proved longer than many thought .Fifteen years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent speedy collapse of the Soviet Union, the unfolding turmoil in Ukraine is a sobering reminder that democracy is a fragile work-in-progress ...

Immigrant Workers Call for National Movement to End Exploitation

DC, 23.11.2004 15:29

Saturday almost a hundred immigrant day laborers and their supporters marched and rallied in Woodbridge Virginia, protesting recent police harassment and arrests of their community. Following the passage of the new bill HB 570 in Virginia this summer, police are mandated to enforce immigration rules. Several organizers and community leaders from across the nation also came out to support the local workers, and call for a national movement to end exploitation and harassment of immigrant workers. Audio (Spanish & English): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Information for Activists

Melbourne, 23.11.2004 13:37

Making Repression Backfire

Human rights abuse

Melbourne, 23.11.2004 10:35

Minister Deported Sick Man Against Medical Advice

Indybay Print Collective Presents: Fault Lines Issue 6

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.11.2004 10:26

The new issue of the monthly newspaper of the SF Bay Independent Media Center, Fault Lines is out. Coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday, the theme of the sixth issue is Indigenous People; read about the Occupation of Alcatraz that took place 35 years ago, the indigenous struggle in Brazil and the origins of Thanksgiving.

Eddie Yuen analyzes the implications of the U.S. election and Kevin Keating provides readers with a historical overview of mutiny during the Vietnam War. In the Arts and Action section you can read how cinema has penetrated the abyss of electoral politics.

Other articles include, letter from Angola 3 political prisoner Herman Wallace, insight into the next 5 years in the Middle East by Immanuel Wallerstein, Bay Guardian lawsuit against SF Weekly publisher New Times, US approved carnage in Haiti and life after the oil peak.

PDF of the Sixth Issue | Distribution points | Subscribe and help our all-volunteer collective put out FL.

Federal Refusal Clause Says, &quot;Collect Federal $, Don't Provide Abortions&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.11.2004 09:16

Omnibus Spending Bill Flies Through Congress

Santa Cruz 9/11 Truth Network Events at the Vets Hall

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.11.2004 09:13

If you question "the official story," don't miss these events!!

Tuesday, November 23 – Film.
“The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.”
Toronto journalist Barrie Zwicker’s well-researched film traces the background of other 9/11 type events in recent history and reveals numerous anomalies that would lead any reasonable person to question the veracity of the "official story.”

Wednesday, December 1 – Speaker / Multimedia Presentation.
Ken Jenkins’ “Perspectives on 9/11: Exposing the Lies of the Official Story and Seeking the Truth.”
Using excerpts from eleven videos, the award winning Bay area media producer explores the historical context as well as what really happened on September 11, 2001.

Where and When: 7:30pm - Veterans' Hall, 846 Front St., S. C.
Donation of $5. (no one turned away).
Discussion after events.

see related: [ NO EVIDENCE OF 757 HITTING PENTAGON I Portland IMC's 911 Investigation I Mike Ruppert: The Truth and Lies of 9/11 ]


Houston, 23.11.2004 09:12

The Ohio recount is going on now and needs help

RNC Films

Houston, 23.11.2004 07:38

Battle of New York: Indymedia from the RNC

RNC Films

Houston, 23.11.2004 07:34

Battle of New York: Indymedia from the RNC

Newspaper of Indybay sizzles

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.11.2004 07:30

Fault Lines #6 is Out

Condenaron al escuadron de la muerte

Argentina, 23.11.2004 06:13

22 y 19 años a Cáceres y Puyó

Culminó el I Congreso de laS LenguaS

Argentina, 23.11.2004 04:49

Culminó el Congreso de laS LenguaS

Repudio al Rey

Argentina, 23.11.2004 04:47

Hartos de que nos saquen la lengua

Chile: Manifestações anti-APEC

Portugal, 23.11.2004 04:36

Chile: Manifestações anti-APEC

Culminó el I Congreso de laS LenguaS

Argentina, 23.11.2004 03:59

Culminó el Congreso de laS LenguaS

Carpa ceramista frente al Congreso

Argentina, 23.11.2004 03:42

Lunes 22 de Noviembre 2004 | ANTE EL ATAQUE DEL GOBIERNO
Carpa ceramista frente al Congreso

Indigenous Rights

Perth, 23.11.2004 03:32

Homeless Swan Valley Community: Let the truth be heard

Indigenous Rights

Perth, 23.11.2004 03:32

Homeless Swan Valley Community: Let the truth be heard

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