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Argentina, 11.08.2011 17:40

Lone Vet Report

Portland, 11.08.2011 17:34

News from Portland, Oregon -- We are in the streets in Portland, Oregon. There are small demonstrations in a number of places on Fridays and Saturdays and sometimes during the week. We stand the watch for all those who can't or are too fearful to hold a sign saying something about War and Peace.

Most protest/vigils are quiet but a few are noisy, to the annoyance of the business community. One protest on the Hawthorne Bridge now has a running battle with a restaurant that complains because we ring cow bells and the management of the restaurant does not want their outside customers disturbed while drinking and eating. I wonder what these people do with their heads when they hear that we are bombing over six countries and murdering civilians at alarming rates. How do they sleep at night knowing that America is the arms dealer of the world. We sell to anyone who has the money to buy war planes, tanks or ships. Sometimes we have a special sale on Wednesdays, buy one war plane, get your choice of free bombs or rockets. Is it not special that we rank number one in killing children and 34th in successful *child births?

Overview of Current Issues City Hall has been presented with lately | Amanda Fritz' response to Lone Vet's letter about covering the Reservoirs | Friends of Reservoirs

California Prison Crisis Sparks Statewide Hunger Strike --interview w/ Critical Resistance

Portland, 11.08.2011 17:34

We discuss the recent statewide hunger strike initiated by prisoners at Pelican Bay State Prison. The strike is put in context, alongside a statewide grassroots movement calling for cuts in prison spending to address California's budget crisis, and a recent US Supreme Court ruling that calls for the reduction of California state prisoners by at least 30,000, in response to overcrowding.

Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

Portland, 11.08.2011 17:34

Tonite held the opening of Columbia River International Film Festival at Kiggins Theater in downtown Vancouver WA.

Over 300 films of all kinds, lengths, & topics will be shown in many venues. Festival runs thru sunday. Free, but donations are appreciated.

NEST seeks volunteers!

Portland, 11.08.2011 17:34

NEST is an all volunteer group of tree climbers & wildlife surveyors who work to stop logging in ancient forests! NEST conducts wildlife surveys in timber sales, with the intention to cancel sales that are valuable habitat to rare species of plants and animals. We seek field volunteers for summer 2011!

If you would like to join NEST in the field, please contact us by email ( or phone (to be posted on the website soon!)

Fur Free Friday

Portland, 11.08.2011 17:34

This year, join Portland Animal Defense League as we carry the torch and illuminate this abhorrent industry and its presence all throughout the Northwest. Although sporadic fur protests against department stores were carried out in the early 1980's, none employed coordinated campaigns or strategies against the fur industry, and, as a result, failed to create the intensity needed for successful protests.

Fur sales slumped in the late 80's-early 90's as increased pressure and focus on the fur industry heightened awareness about the cruelties of the trade. However, as a result of recent fur fashion trends starting in the mid 90's, fur sales have been increasing and topped over $11 billion worldwide in 2003.

Fur-Free Friday is one of the few nationally recognized days in the animal rights movement and involves numerous animal activist groups nationwide.

Summer of Unrest: an indymedia overview of the 'riots'

United Kingdom, 11.08.2011 07:53

The fiery unrest which ignited in Tottenham a few days ago, and which has rapidly spread through London and to other towns and cities across the country, has been largely and predictably condemned by politicians and the mainstream media as mindless violence, arson, theft and thuggery. While there is no denying that a number of the attacks have badly affected local people in local communities, some of whom have lost their homes and possessions and in one case their lives, blanket condemnation of those involved in the unrest is inappropriate and conveniently draws attention away from the context in which these events are taking place.

Britain's cities, towns and rural areas alike now boast record numbers of young unemployed people, often denied benefits, with few prospects, with many of those living in urban areas facing constant harassment by the police, especially if they happen to be black, with public services being cut all around them, and quite possibly with a growing mass awareness - thanks to movements like UK UnCut - of government support for super-rich corporations at the expense of the already impoverished. The fatal shooting of Mark Duggan and subsequent police lies might have been one trigger for the 'riots' in Haringey; another is almost certainly the decision of Haringey local authority to close the majority of the borough's youth clubs in a round of public spending cuts. In any event and whatever the triggers, the roots of the unrest are deeply embedded. No amount of repressive policing and overkill sentencing is going to solve this crisis, even if it succeeds in silencing dissent in the short term.

This feature draws together and links to eye-witness accounts and independent analysis, alternative voices offering a range of views and opinions. Read indymedia features from London, Nottingham and Bristol, opinion from SolFed, Fitwatch and individual commentators, and accounts from the streets as events have unfolded.

Features on the newswires: London - Unrest Spreading | London's Burning | Tottenham riots | Bristol - feature | Nottingham - feature
Reports and analysis on the newswires: Manchester and Salford | St Pauls - police state | Tottenham: community pulls together | Corporations and the London Riots | Going off in Birmingham | Birmingham's Militant Consumer Tour | Birmingham, West Brom, Salford | Gravesend | Oxford | Britain's Burning | Too far - a site to identify and incriminate | Riot as a sign of desperation | UK Riots and Capitalism's Decay | Woolwich trashed | Criminality and Rewards | Unrest spreading to Hackney, Lewisham, Peckham | Peckham building on fire | A costly mistake... but we are people too | Eyewitness account from Edmonton | Stokes Croft to Tottenham | Focus on Holloway | Brixton Road pics | Fire Sale in Brixton | Tottenham Burning
Reports and analysis elsewhere: Fitwatch 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | North London SolFed | Pennie Quinton | Dan Hind | Finian Cunningham | RiotWiki Collective Analysis | Christian Fuchs | Robert Stevens | Mick Hall


Argentina, 11.08.2011 06:31

Crecen las actividades culturales en Punta Querandí


Argentina, 11.08.2011 06:31

Momento histórico para la comunidad La Primavera


Argentina, 11.08.2011 05:51


NCM: Gobierno de PR contrata mercenarios

Puerto Rico, 11.08.2011 05:12

Armas y caudales juntos

PPT y juventud

Puerto Rico, 10.08.2011 21:26

La Juventud Junto al Pueblo, en Defensa de Nuestra Cultura, Recursos y Comunidades

Campaña contra reclutamiento en escuelas

Puerto Rico, 10.08.2011 21:26

Campaña anual de orientación contra el reclutamiento militar en las escuelas

Video FMPR piquete

Puerto Rico, 10.08.2011 20:42

Video - Piquete FMPR: en defensa de la educación pública

Demanda pro-CEN

Puerto Rico, 10.08.2011 19:59

Ofensiva legal en defensa del Corredor Ecológico del Noreste

Video: Papa Murphy's Protest 3. - Portland Oregon pizza workers continue protest 8.5.11

Portland, 10.08.2011 19:51

This is the third protest for the workers at the 15th and NE Fremont street Papa Murphy's Pizza. With management ignoring the vast majority of the requests by the workers ... the protest continue.
This was pizza workers protest #3 with no progress to speak of from management at Papa Murphy's in Portland Oregon. Around 40 young people organizing through Y.E.R. met for a few hours to alert their community of their struggle. A struggle for dignity, respect, laws and workers rights. (Video 10 minutes)

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Al fin y al cabo, la justicia

Argentina, 10.08.2011 18:02

El gatillo fácil goza de impunidad


Argentina, 10.08.2011 16:40

La Primavera reorganizada

Argentina, 10.08.2011 16:40

Punta Querandi

Argentina, 10.08.2011 16:40


Argentina, 10.08.2011 16:40

Zoos humanos

Argentina, 10.08.2011 16:40

Memorias del Viento

Argentina, 10.08.2011 16:40

London Riots

Germany, 10.08.2011 07:31

Massivste soziale Unruhe in London – Dezentrale Ausbreitung von kollektiver Aneignung und Konfrontationen mit der Polizei – Ausweitung auch auf andere Städte wie Liverpool, Birmingham und Leeds – Bilder von brennende Gebäude erzeugen durch die Presse ein Klima der Angst, Rufe nach dem Einsatz der britischen Armee werden immer lauter.

Unidad Penal N°9 de La Plata

Argentina, 10.08.2011 06:06

700 presos llevan una semana en huelga de hambre

Unidad Penal N°9 de La Plata

Argentina, 10.08.2011 06:06

700 presos llevan una semana en huelga de hambre


Athens, 09.08.2011 09:52

Οι σφαίρες των μπάτσων ξέρουν να σημαδεύουν τις "επικίνδυνες τάξεις"

Chicago Independent Television for August: Bradley Manning at Pride Parade, Water Privatization, Dumping GMOs

Chicago, 09.08.2011 05:28

The August episode of Chicago Independent Television includes a visit to the 2011 Chicago Gay Pride Parade where activists raise awareness to the plight of alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning, a segment about forthcoming attempts to privatize Chicago's public water and grassroots efforts to oppose that, and a protest against Whole Foods raising awareness of the controversy of genetically modified organisms in Whole Foods foods.

Read more about Episode 70 | CIMC TV Podcast | CIMC Video Page | CITV on YouTube | CITV on Free Speech TV | CITV on iTunes

Chicago Federal Court Rejects Rumsfeld’s Attempt to Dismiss Torture Suit

Chicago, 09.08.2011 05:28

From the Newswire: "CHICAGO, August 8, 2011 ― A federal appeals court today rejected former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s attempt to dismiss an anti-torture suit against him. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Federal Judge Wayne R. Anderson’s March 2010 decision to allow the suit over Rumsfeld’s orders which allegedly led to the 2006 torture of two military contractors, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, U.S. citizens who were working in Iraq. The Appeals Court is now the highest court to have upheld the right of citizens to pursue an anti-torture claim against a federal Cabinet-level official." Read more

Past Chicago Indymedia Coverage: Chicagoan Tortured and Imprisoned Without Charges by U.S. Forces in Baghdad | Court Allows Torture Suit Against Former Defense Sec't Rumsfeld

Other coverage: Interview on Current TV with Donald Vance | Part 2 of Vance Interview

Inicio curso escolar 2011

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2011 23:08

Unas mil plazas sin nombrar a inicios del curso escolar

Privatización lanchas de ATM

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2011 23:08

Denuncian la privatización del transporte marítimo de Vieques y Culebra

Sigue la lucha por las escuelas de Cidra

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2011 23:08

Siguen estudiantes y maestros de Cidra en la incertidumbre

Boston: Emergency Protest in Solidarity with Chilean Students

Boston, 08.08.2011 21:36

Hundreds of Chilean high school and university students have been arrested during protests against neoliberal reforms and cuts to public education throughout the country. President Sebastián Piñera has responded by declaring the protests illegal and violently repressing the students and their supporters. Piñera is the first right-wing President of Chile since the fascist dictatorship of Pinochet from 1973-1990, and the repression faced by students looks more and more like the crack-downs of 35 years ago than a real democracy.

Coalition of Immokalee Workers protests at &quot;Traitor Joe's&quot;

DC, 08.08.2011 21:08

On August 3, the Coalition of Immokalee workers, supported by School of the Americas watch,plus a few other supporters turned up outside a Trader Joe's in DC. They are demanding that Trader Joes sign the same contract Burger King and so many others have signed to pay just one penny per pound more for tomatoes. Short video of the protest

Antichoice rally in Germantown disrupted

DC, 08.08.2011 21:08

On August 7, the antichoice protesters "besieging" Dr Carhart's Germantown clinic got more than their normal tiny numbers, getting a substantial turnout for the end-of-week wrapup rally. Just one problem, someone was able to infiltrate it with a huge pro-choice sign! Video of Sunday's events near the clinic

Photo/Video Essay-Verizon Union Rally 8/4

Boston, 08.08.2011 16:34

Thousands of Union members held a rally thursday 8/4 at Verizon Boston offices. Verizon wotkers are now on strike as of 8/7.

Mentiras del director de la AEE

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2011 15:28

Piden la destitución de Miguel Cordero, director de la AEE


Argentina, 08.08.2011 15:21

Análisis sobre cierre de Borders

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2011 14:53

El Apocalipsis de Borders

Solidaridad con estudiantes chilenos

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2011 04:56

Solidaridad con l@s estudiantes chillen@s en lucha

Jan Perry Proposes Waiver of Green Space Requirement for South Central Farm Land

LA, 08.08.2011 02:53

In an apparent attempt to make the 14-acre space at 41st and Alameda more attractive to developers, city councilmember and mayoral candidate Jan Perry is trying to waive the requirement that 2.6 acres be devoted to green space. Instead, seller Ralph Horowitz would pay about three million dollars to existing park services nearby.

A petition against this proposal is being circulated. People are encouraged to print out the petition featured here and collect signatures.

On Thursday August 4, the Harbor Commission in San Pedro held a public hearing to consider Perry's proposal (announcement).

Report and photos: Jan Perry Proposes Waiver of Green Space Requirement for South Central Farm Land By RP


Argentina, 08.08.2011 01:45


Argentina, 08.08.2011 01:03

Organizaciones sociales se solidarizan con la CCC Rosario


Argentina, 07.08.2011 23:40

Guandacol, cautivos en su propio territorio


Argentina, 07.08.2011 23:03

Organizaciones sociales se solidarizan con la CCC Rosario

Explotación minera en La Rioja

Argentina, 07.08.2011 23:03

Guandacol, cautivos en su propio territorio

Is Hydrofacking in New York State really a foregone conclusion?

Rochester, 07.08.2011 13:46

“Fracking is going to happen!” says Pittsburgh Authority at Rochester Medical School Talk.

Dr. Bernard Goldstein, an environmental health researcher and professor of public health at the University of Pittsburgh, spoke in Rochester about the potential health implications of Marcellus Shale gas development. The talk, sponsored by the University of Rochester Medical Center, took place on July 20th and was well attended by students, faculty and community members. “This fracking issue is the most contentious public health concern that I have seen in my long career, says Goldstein. I don’t take a position on it but I will say I think they are going too fast and are doing things that are not backed up by research. We don’t know the effects of much of what will occur.”

Filling Prison Beds for Profit

Boston, 07.08.2011 07:11



Colombia, 07.08.2011 04:44

Veterans for Peace National Convention PUBLIC events Aug. 3-7 in Portland, OR

Portland, 06.08.2011 21:29

Free public events including films, an art exhibit and rally and presentation are part of Veterans for Peace National Convention being held at Portland State University Wed. Aug. 3rd- Sun. Aug. 7th.
2011 Veterans for Peace National Convention

As part of the Veterans for Peace and concurrent Iraq Veterans Against the War National Conventions being held in Portland from August 3rd through 7th, there are public events that are open to the public. Events and films listed below are free except were noted. Donations welcome.

For more information go to and look under convention public events.

video coverage info at:

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